04.30.16 Three Years Living On The Road!

dora sign on rvSaturday, April 30, 2016 –  Wow, it’s almost May already!

Roy and I have been full timing on the road for three years now!  And we’re still married!!!  I actually think our marriage is better than ever since we started this “Thinking Outside the Box” lifestyle. I’m going to try to summarize the last three years in one blog today.

If you’ve been following this blog you will know everything I’m going to say, in great detail!  If you’re new to following our blog this will kinda, sorta catch you up to date on what’s been going on in the Chauvin’s life the last three years.

The heroic Conroe, TX police department!
The heroic Conroe, TX police department!

After a hair raising experience trying to purchase a motor home in Conroe, TX,, in October 2012 we purchased Dora our Motorhome in Louisiana in November of 2012.  We lived in it in the driveway of our sticks and bricks, waiting for the house to sell.  Roy retired from Southeastern in January of 2013.

When the house stubbornly didn’t sell we rented it out, I retired, and we headed north in April of 2013, three years ago.  We traveled through and saw lots of beauty in Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota and North Dakota before landing in Minnesota.  While in South Dakota we became South Dakota residents which helped us reduce our automobile insurance by almost half.

We lived in Minnesota for several months right on the Canadian border at Northern Lights Resort as workampers.  Workampers are people who live in any type of RV and want to work a bit rickspic4while in a specific area.  We chose Minnesota because it was as far away as we could get from the summer heat in Louisiana.  Summers in Minnesota are blissfully wonderful! It was still snowing there when we arrived in early May – weird for two Louisiana kids!

We left Minnesota in October of 2013 headed south towards Louisiana for Christmas.  We traveled through and saw a lot of wonderful things in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Mississippi.

We enjoyed Thanksgiving and Christmas in 2013 with our families.  We decided that future visits home needed to include a more permanent place for us to park Dora, our motorhome than hopping from local RV resort to another local RV resort.

http _99designs.com_attachments_32835390~7f1482ef84aa335d9d2430b0efa8abf95d3ff21b_viewI started an online administration job with a company called RVillage.com where I still work.  It allows me to work while on the road, on my own schedule for much less than full time hours.

2014-01-18_11-01-31_397We spent January and February 2014 traveling along the Gulf Coast and through Florida seeing Disneyworld, St. Augustine where we visited some great friends and had our windows redone so we could see clearly through them!

In March we headed to San Diego, Texas where we took care of a Ranch there for two months while the owners were in Europe.   We returned home in May where we learned our sticks and bricks house renters were going to move out since their lease was up.

We worked hard getting the sticks and bricks ready to put back on the market and we finally did that.  During summer 2014 Roy took a temporary job at Southeastern (where he retired from) doing computer hardware work, just like he did before retiring.

In December 2014 our house finally sold!  We found a beautiful piece of land in Amite, Louisiana about 30 miles from Hammond.  We bought it, did lots of work on the property, built a small 20150325_130951house and created a parking pad with adjoining cement patio for Dora’s new home!  We have full hookups and a beautiful garden here to enjoy while we’re home.  We rented out the house to a wonderful couple who take care of it like it’s their own.  God’s blessing abound!

In May 2015 we headed west and saw the majestic beautify of the west, north west and south west.  We traveled through Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado (oh wow!), Wyoming, Montana, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, 20151002_150710 (Medium)Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.  We saw so many amazing sights during this 6 months of travel!  I’ve uploaded thousands of photos to this blog site so if you want to see them check out May 2015 to October 2015 blog posts.

By the time we got to Texas in October 2015, we were fairly homesick and drove straight through Texas to get home to Louisiana in late December.  We will make a trip just through Texas sometime in the future.

We stayed home for a few months this time since there was Thanksgiving, Christmas, our son Chip’s wedding in January 2016, and 20160116_174808two granddaughter’s birthdays in March as well as a family gathering for the St Patrick’s Day parade in Metairie. Living in an RV we can travel when we want, so staying home for these important events was a no brainer!  In between the family events Roy had full knee replacement surgery near Memphis Tennessee in January where we stayed for two weeks after so he could recover.

Before leaving home Roy designed and ordered online transparent signs to adhere to Dora’s back side and to Boot’s (our truck) tailgate.   People ask us about them while we’re on the road and it’s turned out to be a great way for folks to learn about our blog since they both have rosalynandroy.com at the bottom!


We left Louisiana in late March  2016 traveling along the Gulf Coast headed for several months traveling up the East Coast.  Well,  after one month on the road we learned that Madisyn (our 7 year old granddaughter) was going to play softball.  After loving seeing her dad and his brother play ball for so many years, we just couldn’t miss this opportunity to have fun seeing Madisyn play.  This meant packing up and heading back to Louisiana about 3 weeks ago.  We’ll be here until after her last game, end of May.

That wraps up our last three years, quite summarized.  I’ve written over 500 blog posts during this time so you can see that this is truly just a summary!

We’ve been blessed to have a family and church family back home that makes returning a joy .  We make an effort to spend quality time with Chip and his family while we’re home.  Lots of memories for us to look back on!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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04.26.16 Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone), Traylor Trio singing, Crawfish $1.99 a pound, Eating crawfish while watching TV outside!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016,  That is probably the longest title I’ve ever given a blog post, but it will be a shorter than usual blog posts!!

We attended church at our home church Trinity Baptist Church on Sunday and were treated to three special things.  First the choir sang Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) amazingly, here is a link to Christ Tomlin singing it.

Chris Tomlin is the writer of the song and while his version is great I absolutely loved the Choir singing it this morning.  Such a true and mighty witness!   Chris, in his version, provides a lot of the backstory to the song Amazing Grace as well as some extra verses.  I highly recommend listening to the You Tube video!  It’s long but so worth it!

Then the Traylor Trio (better known by Trinity folks as Spot, Ashley and Leanna) sang “There is a Fountain” and that made me so thankful that we were home to hear it.

Third, our Youth Minister, Derek Wall preached a wonderful sermon in the absence of our pastor, Bro. Bob Adams.  We’ve listened to Derek preach many times and have enjoyed seeing him grow in his ability to preach God’s word.


After church we went to our favorite seafood store, B & J Seafood, in Hammond where we got 10 pound of crawfish and boiled potatoes.  This is the time of year when it’s really nice to be in Louisiana because seafood, especially crawfish, is a great price.  $1.99 a pound when you get 10 or more pounds and we did!



Roy spent yesterday (before and after the fishing fun) connecting a television outside to the bedroom inside television and a television mount for the outside television so we can enjoy TV outside.  We really think that watching Saints games outside with family might be a thing in our future!

20160423_145106 20160423_154416

Roy working behind the bedroom television where the cable starts.20160422_143124 (Medium)

He removed part of the floor to run the cable to the outside.20160422_143135 (Medium) 20160422_143141 (Medium)

The television mount outside in the compartment it will live in


Side view of the television on its mount.


The finished product!!


He finished it yesterday Saturday evening late and we took good advantage of it after church today while enjoying our boiled crawfish sitting in front of it!


Ya’ll have a wonderful week!  We have Monday and Tuesday which will peaceful and we will go no where.  Then Madisyn’s softball games on Wednesday at 5:45 and Thursday at 7:15!!!  Here’s a better video of Madisyn’s base hit on Thursday, couldn’t not share this with ya’ll!


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04.25.16 Chauvin Family Fun!

13083290_10153612372207029_1035924775327657336_nMonday, April 25, 2016 – Madisyn played two games this week, won one and lost one!  She thinks they win them all and for now that’s a good thing!

One of the teams they played against wore red long baseball pants with red and white striped socks.  Sort of looked like they should be in a Christmas movie!!  Madisyn has been playing right behind first base these last two games and is doing a really good job backing up first.

Madisyn is the center girl


Daddy Coach Chip by the dugout gate and Madisyn getting ready to bat20160421_180212One of the players on the other team with their cute red and white outfits!20160421_180423

Madisyn on first base!20160421_181231 That’s the softball fun we had as a family this week.  On Saturday Chip, Kallie and Madisyn (Misty had to work) came to visit us in Amite and we went fishing down at the pond.  Here’s some photos and videos of our fun! Chip and I got to visit which was great while the others fished!

20160423_123529 (Medium) 20160423_123300 (Medium) 20160423_123218 (Medium)20160423_123215 (Medium) 20160423_131457 (Medium) 20160423_130036 (Medium)

20160423_124805 (Medium) 20160423_124638 (Medium) 20160423_124230 (Medium)

The weather right now is sooooooo perfect, beautiful clear skies, light breeze, highs in the 70s and the humidity is low! We are enjoying spending every minute we can out on our RV patio under the awning!  Roy just finished putting in an outdoor television in one of our outside compartments and I’ll share that soon.  I just saw one of the fig trees has little figs starting to form!!!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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04.24.16 Flowers, fruit trees and bushes – updates!!

13062186_865388300239011_7653678677924921637_nSunday, April 24, 2016 –  We were gone a month and the plants at our house have grown well!  First are the beautiful Iris planted next to our RV’s patio.  We haven’t been home when they bloom to enjoy them before now!  They were planted about a year ago and have already doubled themselves.   20160415_141750 (Medium)

20160417_123006 (Medium)20160417_123023 (Medium)

The blueberry bushes we recently planted already have a bunch of blueberries starting on them!  I do hope they get ripe before we leave again!

20160415_144212 (Medium)

20160419_160913 (Medium) 20160419_161038 (Medium)

Next the figs were leafless when we planted them and are both full of leaves, no figs yet but maybe that’s a next year thing!20160415_144330 (Medium) 20160415_144338 (Medium)

The satsuma trees have a ton of new leaves!20160415_144347 (Medium)

Walked out the RV one day and there was this very large cow with horns visiting!  I always talk to them and sometimes they even look my way!20160418_133315 (Medium)

Ya’ll know I’m a sucker for free food and almost free things.  We were in Lowe’s getting the two big bags of garden soil you see in our truck bed.  Two of our friends, Teddy and Wanda, came out with a cart loaded with plants and said they got it all for $6.  I thought I heard them wrong but I didn’t.  Everything on several rack was reduced to $1 or $3 but it was all really reduced to 25 cents a pot.  Even plants that were originally $6 were 25 cents.  I bought and bought and only spent $4.25.  Here’s whee a few were planted and some of the ones yet to find a home.

20160420_171128 (Medium)

The bags of garden soil was to replant Roy’s mama’s bay leaf plants that have followed us wherever we’ve lived.  When we moved her they were large and full.  When we came back in November they were very sad looking.  We pulled off all the dead leaves and some new growth started but never kept going.  Roy dug all the existing soil creating a hole a couple of feet deep and 4 feet wide and 8 feet long.  He mixed the new soil in with a little of the old and replanted the bay leaf plants cutting them down to about only 6 inches high.  20160421_114713 (Medium) 20160421_114725 (Medium)

After Roy replanted the bay leaf plants, he re-positioned the rocks we brought from out west and I put some of my potted plants back out!  20160421_132327 (Medium)

I planted some of the quarter plants (coleus, petunias, marigolds and liriope) in the bed with the bay leaf, some (geranium, zinnia, marigolds) are planted elsewhere and a few (milkweed and something else!) are awaiting their new home.

20160422_183711 20160422_183727

That’s it for the flowers, bushes and fruit plants!  Do ya’ll see that Roy is constantly working while we’re home.  I’ve made him promise he will not work tomorrow so we can go to church.   Today he spent most of the day installing outside the television that I use to have in the bedroom.  We’ve always wanted to be able to watch TV outside and now we can!!  Pictures, etc. on that will be coming soon!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!

jeremiah 29 ``


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04.23.16 We have a lot of holes in the ground!

Saturday, April 23, 2016 –  Within 24 hours of us arriving home last Thursday Roy was digging holes in the ground!  He has a list of projects he wants to take care of while we’re home.  This was number one on the list!

When we are home, Dora is parked on the gravel pad we created for her.  Her heaviness causes the tires to sink down in the gravel which isn’t a good thing for Dora’s tires to sit on for any length of time.  Roy felt that by burying railroad ties a couple of inches inches into the dirt the tires would have a better base, for while we’re in town.

20160415_143538 (Medium)  20160415_143837 (Medium)

Roy started first by pulling Dora up to the front of our property and hole after hole was dug.  The holes actually looked like we were planning to bury someone!  But instead Roy planted railroad ties he bought from Abita Springs Lumber yard.  He bought four at first and then went back for five more a couple of days later.

The original railroad ties he buried several months ago around our RV parking pad started to move out an inch or so from the weight of the rocks being pushed against them when Dora is parked there.  I would have ignored an inch of movement but Roy saw it as a potential future disaster, so fix it he must!  I never mean to sound like I’m making fun of him but a wife finds humor in some things her husband does and I, of course, share them!

20160415_144641 (Medium)20160415_144657 (Medium)

After digging out dirt and burying one tie next to the original ties he proceeded to pull Dora forward and dig two holes, one twice as wide as the other.  The two wide railroad ties were to hold the back set of four tires on and the single railroad ties are for the jacks that are lowered when we park to level us.

20160416_125232 (Medium) 20160416_125333 (Medium)  20160416_133456 (Medium)

Our neighbor Kevin graciously offered to help Roy dig which was a lifesaver!  Not only did digging out gravel and dirt need to be done but then wheelbarrows of dirt needed to be dumped in the rear of our property where there is a hole that needed filling.  Pushing a wheelbarrow is one thing but when you have to go down a slope like we have makes it especially hard.   Thanks so much Kevin for giving of yourself to help us out!  You and Shannon are the best neighbors and renters we could ever ask for!

20160416_144901 (Medium) 20160416_144932 (Medium)

I’ll pause here before sharing with you the thrilling conclusion of this amazing tale to show you how brilliant my hubby is about moving these extremely heavy railroad ties around!  He said his dad taught him that.  Misty says our son Chip moves things around on the desk chair that has swivel legs.  Must be a Chauvin man thing!

Okay on to the good stuff!

Back to the lumber place he went, coming back with the last five (I’m really hoping it’s the last ones)!  Dora gets moved way back on the pad till her tail is hanging over the end.  This happened with all the slides out and me still in bed one morning!  I knew when I didn’t roll off the bed on the side that he didn’t go over the edge and went peacefully back to sleep!

Another large hole and one half that size was dug for the front tires and jack.

20160417_123603 (Medium)

20160417_123845 (Medium)20160417_173940 (Medium)20160418_122720 (Medium)20160418_133334 (Medium)

20160417_131305 (Medium)

One of the railroad ties was sawed into two pieces.  One piece was put at the end of the first tie that was buried so it would match the original ties length.  Same on the opposite side.

20160419_141541 (Medium)

THEN…….  Roy realized that the spacing of the two ties and the one tie in the back was off by enough that the jack didn’t sit correctly on the single tie.  Digging began and it got moved!

20160419_141516 (Medium)20160419_141532 (Medium)20160419_142545 (Medium)

That’s one project Roy could scratch off his list.  Next he goes onto several more projects which I’ll entertain you with as I find time to write!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!



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04.18.16 Madisyn’s softball scrimmage last Thursday!


Monday, April 18, 2016 – On Thursday we arrived back home in Amite and almost immediately headed straight to Ponchatoula to see Madisyn play softball!

We use to be pros at this ballgame watching business! We will have to work some to get back to that. We always sat in comfortable lawn chairs and were prepared with everything possible to wear. This game we sat on in the bleachers and suffered through cold and wind with nothing correct to put on! But we were there and were soooooo happy we came home for this! I had shorts on and Roy went to the car and brought me back a big beach towel which I was not too proud to wear!!

Madisyn ran to meet us and was very happy we were there. Seeing her face so happy that we came was what really mattered most. Misty, Kallie, us, and all of    20160414_174214 (Large) 20160414_173607 (Large) 20160414_173542 (Large)

20160414_174702 (Large) 20160414_183403 (Large)20160414_180712 (Large)20160414_180621 (Large)Liz’s family (Liz is Madisyn’s mom) were there to cheer Madisyn on! She’s so new at this playing the game, has so much energy and just loves to have fun doing it! Her daddy Chip use to pick clovers in the outfield when he was little and Madisyn did her own version of being antsy and wanting to do something when she was on defense in the field!

Rarely is the ball hit out of the infield so all the little girls playing the outfield are brought in to right behind the baseline. No one is out in the true outfield. It’s a very crowded and busy field with all those little girls in their fuchsia (deep hot pink) uniforms.

Okay now for Madisyn’s apparel! First she has a hot pink Easton bat, a hot pink glove and best of all, wait for it………………………. Her very own Monogrammed hot pink batting helmet. No one wears it but her and I honestly have to say I’ve never seen a monogrammed on before in my life. They team is sponsored by C & W Dozer Service and I have to say their team having fuchsia as their color is sooooo very Madisyn!

The first two games were actually scrimmages so winning or losing didn’t matter. It was all just a good learning experience for the girls. One little girl on the other team ran into the dug out after she rounded third instead of going to home plate so it was apparent that these scrimmages were needed! Some of the girls played previously but this is Madisyn’s first year so she has a lot to still learn. Her hitting is quite good already since Daddy Chip worked with her on that for some time now. He says she swings with her hips which seems to be a good thing. Roy and Chip both are trying to help her realize that in order to hit the ball you need to see the ball. Chip use to have that written in his ball cap “See ball, hit ball” and it served him well!

No one is putting any pressure on Madisyn because this just needs to be fun and man is she having fun! They just want her to be educated in how to do it right.

Her second at bat she hit one so hard that it went straight to the pitcher who threw it well to the first baseman and she was out! That happens! Seeing how much fun she is having makes us terribly happy we came home to be a part of it. When she comes off the field with her arms a swinging and just so happy we know this is great for her and it is certainly great for us!

indexDaddy Chip got us all matching shirts with our names on the back!  Madisyn’s first real game is this week on Wednesday at 5:45.  If any of you locals want to come see her play and we can visit, we’ll be at the Ponchatoula  Area Recreation Park on Hoover Road.  She plays Wednesday and Thursday this week at the field named Wadesboro.  Here’s the map to where the fields are within the park.

park map (800x598)

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!



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04.13.16 Roy’s Pot of Gumbo and We’re Heading Home!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016 –  Remember a few days ago I shared our travel plan for the next few weeks.  Well scratch all of it!!!  I’ll tell you why we are scratching it, after I share what my amazing husband has done!

I’ve been the gumbo cooker our whole married life.  I’ve downsized the recipe to fit into our RV lifestyle but it still had most of the same flavor.  Roy decided recently he was going to make a pot of gumbo himself, for the very first time, EVER!!!

After he researched his mom’s recipe which is what I follow and some ideas from the internet, he put together a list of ingredients we needed to purchase.  We did that Sunday after church.

This morning I woke up around 8 am and the aroma of cooking gumbo filled all my senses!  He had all the chopping done before I got up.  If you’ve been the gumbo cook forever you can imagine what a wonderful experience that was to me!!

20160413_090804 (Medium) 20160413_090755 (Medium) 20160413_090729 (Medium) 20160413_090715 (Medium)

He did things a little different than I do but what I am now smelling at 2 pm is magnificent!!!  I think we now have a Chauvin household King of Gumbo making!!!!  Roy loves gumbo, as do I, and we like to have it often. It is not a quick, simple, nor cheap thing to make.  If he’s willing to take this over I’m more than happy to relinquish that honor!!!

20160413_100801 (Medium) 20160413_100920 (Medium) 20160413_113711 (Medium) 20160413_113715 (Medium)The larger induction pot we have is an 8 quart so that’s the biggest gumbo I can make now.  After Roy cooking this today he decided we need a bigger one so off to Wal-Mart he went.  Got a phone call from him that he found a 16 quart one so he got it!!   We’re going to pour  whats in this pot into the 16 qt. one and add some more broth so we can have more!!!

Here’s the old and the new pots!


Here’s a photo of the finished gumbo in the 16 quart pot!  He’s already thinking of things he’ll tweek for next time.  Yes, I’m one happy lady!!



Okay for why we are scratching the travel plan for the next few weeks.  See this precious, adorable young girl?  Yes, Madisyn Ann Chauvin.  She played in her first ever softball game last night.  These are photos her dad and Misty sent to us along with a videos of her two at bats. Also some photos I grabbed from her mom’s Facebook page.


Chip and Madisyn – Chip is one of her coaches

13010736_852085681584818_1856597853344198228_n 12993563_852085651584821_4495882660453651145_n


Madisyn’s first at bat video

Madisyn’s second at bat video

About halfway through the game it hit me.  We have no business being away from home while she’s playing ball.  We loved so much the many years our sons played ball and have always hoped she would follow in her daddy’s footsteps and play ball.  Now she is and we’re going to be many states away.  My Grannie heart just broke and I went into the living room and told Roy,  “We have to go home.  This is just not right.”  If you’re a grandparent you can certainly understand.  We discussed it an are planning to leave here early Thursday morning so we can be home before her 5:45 game on Thursday evening!

Yes we have shirts being printed with Madisyn’s Grannie and Madisyn’s Paw Paw on them!  Gotta do this right!!

We’ve cancelled our RV park reservations except for the one at Myrtle Beach.  That one we moved to end of the first week in June for two weeks.  We can still travel the east coast but we just can’t miss her first softball season!

That’s it for a while folks about our travels.  I’ll of course be writing about Madisyn’s games so if 7 year old coach pitch ball appeals to you, stay tuned!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

psalm 118 24


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04.12.16 Dora’s blowing cold air, Liquidation, RV and Fireworks browsing!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016 –  5 am is not a time I normally choose to wake up.  Since that time was when I use to wake up on workdays, I choose to not wake up then in my retirement.

Monday morningbandd.banner Roy woke up at 4 and I woke up at 5 so we could take Dora to B&D Truck and RV Repair Service.  Her dashboard air conditioner has been 20160411_104946putting out only coolish/warmish air since we got back on the road.  Roy added freon before leaving Louisiana but it didn’t do any good.  We found B&D in the Marketplace in RVillage where someone else previously recommended them.

Dora arrived there a little before 7 and we picked her up around 11 am, all fixed and blowing cold air!! Yay for a wonderful RV service business!!! We have an extended care RV warranty which we’ve used a few times and covered most of this expense!

We  couldn’t stay in Dora while she was being checked out and worked on so we went roaming!  Almost 20160411_104942nothing is open at 7 am so we went to Waffle House where we enjoyed Pecan Waffles for me and a whole plate of breakfast foods for Roy!

20160411_081942We checked out the Foley Flea Market where all we found was an awesome three wheel motorcycle Roy’s drooled over!

Roy has decided he is going to make his first pot of gumbo so we went to Walmart and bought everything he’d need to do that.  I’ll be snapping photos and taking notes for a blog post devoted to this major event  in our married life!!  We think Wednesday will be “Gumbo Day”!

We had all sorts of things planned to do to occupy ourselves but we were told we could come pick Dora up much earlier than we thought so we’ll have to do those great things another day!

Monday’s night sleep time was over 12 hours for me trying to catch up for the previous night!

We went out for a while on Tuesday to check out Liquidator Outlet in Foley which we visited last time we were here.  It’s just a huge building with discounted new stuff laying on tables.

Next on our outing was Camping World where we did some shopping and then went outside to check out some brand new small and large motor homes (Class A and Class C).  Even though they were new we’re still in love with our Dora, she’s the best!

We wrapped up this fun exciting outing by checking out this monster fireworks store, Shelton Fireworks, we pass every time we go in and out of our RV park.  We found out that in Alabama you can buy fireworks seven days of the week which is very different from in Louisiana.  We enjoyed browsing all the different types of fireworks they offered.  Check out this place!

20160412_152719  20160412_152058 20160412_151939  20160412_151727 20160412_151703 20160412_151645 20160412_151626 This is a dream place for a kid to go shopping!  It’s not so far away from Louisiana for folks to come over here to shop!  They told us their inventory is low.  During the summer the stacks of boxes will go to the ceiling.  Wow!

Well that’s it for our always exciting life, this Monday and Tuesday!  Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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04.04.16 to 04.10.16 Alabama Gulf Coast – Week One

alabama-welcome-signMonday, April 11, 2016 – Alabama Gulf Coast – Week One

We arrived here on Monday, April 4th in the late afternoon. We settled in and stayed around the park our first two days. We like to just stay put when we first get somewhere if we can. Check the park and the area out a bit before we go exploring.

On Wednesday we went to Orange Beach and Flora Bama which I wrote about in other blog posts. Here’s links to those:

Orange Beach, Alabama

Flora Bama on the Florida Alabama state line

Thursday and Friday we stayed home. Roy worked on cleaning up the headlights on our truck and I worked. I cooked a big pot of gumbo which we enjoyed for dinner for a couple of days!

Saturday we went to the strawberry festival. This happens to be the same weekend as our Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival back home! Here’s a link to that blog post: Baldwin County Strawberry Festival

Sunday we went into Mobile to church at Dauphin Way Baptist Church. This church has an interesting history, part of which I saw when I attended church there with my son several Dauphin_Way_Baptist_Churchyears ago. The church split that day with the Reformed members going with their Reformed pastor to a new church. The traditional Baptists remained and make up the church membership today.

I truly love the simplicity of the interior (no matter what the size) dwbc3751of all of the Southern Baptist Churches we’ve visited. Some may be grand in size but the interior has no statues, paintings and other decorations which is what I mean by simplicity. Dauphin Way is the absolute largest church I’ve ever been in.

We were treated to hearing a young man from University of Mobile sing The Holy City Jerusalem. I don’t even know how to classify his voice, just that it was strong in both bass and tenor. I wouldn’t have known the song by the name but as soon as I heard him sing I knew I’d heard it many times. The lyrics are as follows:

Last night I lay a-sleeping,
There came a dream so fair,
I stood in old Jerusalem,
Beside the Temple there.
I heard the children singing,
And ever as they sang,
Methought the voice of angels
From Heav’n in answer rang.
Methought the voice of angels
From Heav’n in answer rang.
Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
Lift up your gates and sing;
Hosanna in the highest,
Hosanna to your King.
And then methought my dream was changed,
The streets no longer rang.
But with a glad Hosanna
The little children sang.
The sun grew dark with mystery,
The morn was cold and chill,
But the shadow of a cross arose
Upon a lonely hill.
But the shadow of a cross arose
Upon a lonely hill.
Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
Hark, how the angels sing
Hosanna through the ages,
Hosanna to your King.
Then once again the scene was changed,
New earth there seemed to be.
I saw the Holy City
Beside the timeless sea.
The light of God was on its streets,
The gates were open wide;
And all who would might enter
And no one was denied.
No need of moon nor stars by night
Or sun to shine by day,
It was the new Jerusalem
That would not pass away.
It was the new Jerusalem
That would not pass away
Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
Sing for the night is o’er;
Hosanna in the highest,
Hosanna for ever more.
Hosanna in the highest
Hosanna for ever more.

That wraps up our first week in Alabama. I have to say that it is quite hard being here with all the Alabama sports stuff everywhere so we just look away when we pass it!!!

If you want to learn more about this part of the Alabama Gulf Coast you can read the blog post I wrote back in 2014 of our first stay here: 2014 Visit To Alabama

We’ve planned out our travels through the end of May and made our reservations at the parks along the way.robertsdale to myrtle beach

Sometimes the planning is my least favorite part of this as it requires a lot of research and time. For those times I call in Roy’s great thinking through things skills!

One week in Fountain, Florida (near Panama City, Florida) April 18 – 25
Two weeks in Unadilla, Georgia April 25 – May 9
One week in Hinesville, Georgia (near Savannah, Georgia) May 9 – May 16
11 days in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina May 16 – May 27
We do not usually make reservations this far out. We did this because we really want to stay at Briarcliffe RV Resort in Myrtle Beach and we couldn’t get reservations there until May 16th so we worked backwards from there. We also want to spend time in the Savannah area so this travel plan takes care of both of those. We’ve also driven through the Florida panhandle dozens of times before we are choosing to skip that route and go through the middle of Georgia then to the Georgia coast, skipping going through Jacksonville.
So that’s our first week in Alabama. We’ve already started the second week with a trip to the RV service shop, but more on that later!
Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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