04.07.16 Flora Bama on the Florida Alabama state line

maxresdefaultThursday April 7, 2016 – After playing on the beach we went as far as the Alabama and Florida border where we enjoyed dinner at Flora Bama Restaurant.  We enjoyed  eating our chicken tenders and fried shrimp on the second floor overlooking the beach!  Amazing scenery! The photo on the left was taken from the internet because I think it shows more of the large size of this place than my photo down below from the front. The interior seems to be built mostly of sheets of plywood.

20160406_17075320160406_173423 20160406_172101 20160406_171852 20160406_171848 20160406_171430

They actually have a Worship service on Sundays here!20160406_171424 20160406_171404 20160406_175653Flora Bama is actually several different businesses along the highway but we ate at the Restaurant Bar one.  It truly looks like a beach shack mansion. It’s huge and almost every wall, shelf, etc. are covered with people’s signatures and other writings. It is way casual and I was probably over dressed

20160406_17435120160406_17490220160406_17513520160406_174330After eating we walked through some of it and came across a couple of guys playing music and several clothes lines crisscrossing the room with women’s bras on them, piled on top of each other.  Never have I seen anything like that in my life!  We listened to the music (which was really good) and stared at the bras for a while before moving on! We did not see anyone adding theirs to it while we were there, whew!!


Another room had someone else playing and the crowd was singing along with him, Battle Hymn of the Republic,and we joined them in singing.20160406_174201

After working our way through the maze of rooms we browsed the gift shop and headed home.  Lots of our friends have visited these Alabama beaches and now we have also!  I am so glad we are here on Orange Beach and at Flora Bama to see what all the fuss is about.  The sand is beautiful and I even scooped up some seashells to put in our gardens when we get home! The restaurant is such a laid back, beach bum kind of place.  If I was younger I’d probably see it a little differently but

We’ve been through this area before so we are trying to do and see different things this time.  We’ve eaten at Lambert’s Cafe where they throw the rolls to you so this time we chose to eat at Flora Bama!


Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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