04.18.16 Madisyn’s softball scrimmage last Thursday!


Monday, April 18, 2016 – On Thursday we arrived back home in Amite and almost immediately headed straight to Ponchatoula to see Madisyn play softball!

We use to be pros at this ballgame watching business! We will have to work some to get back to that. We always sat in comfortable lawn chairs and were prepared with everything possible to wear. This game we sat on in the bleachers and suffered through cold and wind with nothing correct to put on! But we were there and were soooooo happy we came home for this! I had shorts on and Roy went to the car and brought me back a big beach towel which I was not too proud to wear!!

Madisyn ran to meet us and was very happy we were there. Seeing her face so happy that we came was what really mattered most. Misty, Kallie, us, and all of    20160414_174214 (Large) 20160414_173607 (Large) 20160414_173542 (Large)

20160414_174702 (Large) 20160414_183403 (Large)20160414_180712 (Large)20160414_180621 (Large)Liz’s family (Liz is Madisyn’s mom) were there to cheer Madisyn on! She’s so new at this playing the game, has so much energy and just loves to have fun doing it! Her daddy Chip use to pick clovers in the outfield when he was little and Madisyn did her own version of being antsy and wanting to do something when she was on defense in the field!

Rarely is the ball hit out of the infield so all the little girls playing the outfield are brought in to right behind the baseline. No one is out in the true outfield. It’s a very crowded and busy field with all those little girls in their fuchsia (deep hot pink) uniforms.

Okay now for Madisyn’s apparel! First she has a hot pink Easton bat, a hot pink glove and best of all, wait for it………………………. Her very own Monogrammed hot pink batting helmet. No one wears it but her and I honestly have to say I’ve never seen a monogrammed on before in my life. They team is sponsored by C & W Dozer Service and I have to say their team having fuchsia as their color is sooooo very Madisyn!

The first two games were actually scrimmages so winning or losing didn’t matter. It was all just a good learning experience for the girls. One little girl on the other team ran into the dug out after she rounded third instead of going to home plate so it was apparent that these scrimmages were needed! Some of the girls played previously but this is Madisyn’s first year so she has a lot to still learn. Her hitting is quite good already since Daddy Chip worked with her on that for some time now. He says she swings with her hips which seems to be a good thing. Roy and Chip both are trying to help her realize that in order to hit the ball you need to see the ball. Chip use to have that written in his ball cap “See ball, hit ball” and it served him well!

No one is putting any pressure on Madisyn because this just needs to be fun and man is she having fun! They just want her to be educated in how to do it right.

Her second at bat she hit one so hard that it went straight to the pitcher who threw it well to the first baseman and she was out! That happens! Seeing how much fun she is having makes us terribly happy we came home to be a part of it. When she comes off the field with her arms a swinging and just so happy we know this is great for her and it is certainly great for us!

indexDaddy Chip got us all matching shirts with our names on the back!  Madisyn’s first real game is this week on Wednesday at 5:45.  If any of you locals want to come see her play and we can visit, we’ll be at the Ponchatoula  Area Recreation Park on Hoover Road.  She plays Wednesday and Thursday this week at the field named Wadesboro.  Here’s the map to where the fields are within the park.

park map (800x598)

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!



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