04.24.16 Flowers, fruit trees and bushes – updates!!

13062186_865388300239011_7653678677924921637_nSunday, April 24, 2016 –  We were gone a month and the plants at our house have grown well!  First are the beautiful Iris planted next to our RV’s patio.  We haven’t been home when they bloom to enjoy them before now!  They were planted about a year ago and have already doubled themselves.   20160415_141750 (Medium)

20160417_123006 (Medium)20160417_123023 (Medium)

The blueberry bushes we recently planted already have a bunch of blueberries starting on them!  I do hope they get ripe before we leave again!

20160415_144212 (Medium)

20160419_160913 (Medium) 20160419_161038 (Medium)

Next the figs were leafless when we planted them and are both full of leaves, no figs yet but maybe that’s a next year thing!20160415_144330 (Medium) 20160415_144338 (Medium)

The satsuma trees have a ton of new leaves!20160415_144347 (Medium)

Walked out the RV one day and there was this very large cow with horns visiting!  I always talk to them and sometimes they even look my way!20160418_133315 (Medium)

Ya’ll know I’m a sucker for free food and almost free things.  We were in Lowe’s getting the two big bags of garden soil you see in our truck bed.  Two of our friends, Teddy and Wanda, came out with a cart loaded with plants and said they got it all for $6.  I thought I heard them wrong but I didn’t.  Everything on several rack was reduced to $1 or $3 but it was all really reduced to 25 cents a pot.  Even plants that were originally $6 were 25 cents.  I bought and bought and only spent $4.25.  Here’s whee a few were planted and some of the ones yet to find a home.

20160420_171128 (Medium)

The bags of garden soil was to replant Roy’s mama’s bay leaf plants that have followed us wherever we’ve lived.  When we moved her they were large and full.  When we came back in November they were very sad looking.  We pulled off all the dead leaves and some new growth started but never kept going.  Roy dug all the existing soil creating a hole a couple of feet deep and 4 feet wide and 8 feet long.  He mixed the new soil in with a little of the old and replanted the bay leaf plants cutting them down to about only 6 inches high.  20160421_114713 (Medium) 20160421_114725 (Medium)

After Roy replanted the bay leaf plants, he re-positioned the rocks we brought from out west and I put some of my potted plants back out!  20160421_132327 (Medium)

I planted some of the quarter plants (coleus, petunias, marigolds and liriope) in the bed with the bay leaf, some (geranium, zinnia, marigolds) are planted elsewhere and a few (milkweed and something else!) are awaiting their new home.

20160422_183711 20160422_183727

That’s it for the flowers, bushes and fruit plants!  Do ya’ll see that Roy is constantly working while we’re home.  I’ve made him promise he will not work tomorrow so we can go to church.   Today he spent most of the day installing outside the television that I use to have in the bedroom.  We’ve always wanted to be able to watch TV outside and now we can!!  Pictures, etc. on that will be coming soon!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!

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