06.07.16 Paula Deen’s Savannah Restaurant, the Lady and Sons! and Forrest Gump’s bench!!

lady-and-sons-logo-1000Tuesday, June 7, 2016 we went into Savannah to eat at Paula Deen’s restaurant in Savannah called the Lady and Sons.  The restaurant is located at 102 West Congress Street in Savannah.  Here’s the Lady, Paula Deen, and her sons!  And then the outside of the restaurant.

footer-photo lady-and-sons-paula-deen.0

We both enjoyed the delicious buffet!  I love Paula Deen and her Southern charm.  Getting to eat here was a major item on our must do list!

We started off with a hot cheese biscuit and a hoecake (small thing kind of like a pancake).  On the buffet there was fried chicken, 20160607_144541 (Large)spare ribs, lasagna, mashed potatoes, green beans, collards, amazing fresh yams, black eyed peas, macaroni and cheese, lima beans, corn on the cob,  and cornbread.  Maybe some other stuff too but that’s what I remember.

We had a choice for dessert of peach cobbler, banana pudding and ooey gooey butter squares.  Roy got the peach cobbler and I got the banana pudding.  Mine was very good but his was hot and delicious!!  The lunch buffet was only $16 a person so it was a really good meal for the price!  Dinner buffet is the same food but is $18 a person.

20160607_144327 (Large) 20160607_144447 (Large) 20160607_144529 (Large) 20160607_145100 (Large)

A very happy Rosalyn20160607_145141 (Large) Outside by the front door – notice the Hey Y’all!!  20160607_152946 (Large)

After leaving fat and happy we headed over to Chippewa Square several blocks away in a different part of Downtown Savannah.  This is the site of Forrest Gump’s famous bus bench scene where he met different people and told his story along throughout the movie.  What we found was that the original bench was no longer there and had been replaced by a large concrete bench.  Here’s the new bench.

20160607_155838 (Large) 20160607_155641 (Large)

Where the Chippewa Square sign above is located was the front of what was suppose to be the roadway next to which Forrest Gump sat in the movie.  His bench was where the concrete bench is now. Anyhow!  Here’s my greeting from one of the benches in Chippewa Square!

Not exactly my best performance but it is what it is!!

Some more photos of Chippewa Square.

20160607_154406 (Large) 20160607_154822 (Large) 20160607_154846 (Large) 20160607_155542 (Large) 20160607_155551 (Large) 20160607_155616 (Large)  Boots (our truck) at Chippewa Square 20160607_160005 (Large)

First Baptist Church of Savannah20160607_160049 (Large)Today’s adventure wraps up our stay in Savannah!  I have to say that the most challenging thing we encountered here was parking.  It’s very hard to come by and we spent a good bit of time searching for parking!

We will leave here in the morning. We will stop for a night or two at various RV parks along the way in North Carolina, Virginia and Delaware.  We’ll stay in New York City for a week and then on to Connecticut for a week and then on to Maine for several days and some much awaited lobsters.  This will put us as far north as we can get in late June and July.

We’ll go from Maine and New Hampshire over to upper Vermont and New York where we will boondock for a while in the mountains before going to Niagra Falls for a week.  We will see all the things on our way back that we missed by going straight to New York City. Hopefully by then the warm weather will be starting to give way to cooler temperatures!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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