06.08.16 to 06.12.15 On the road to New York City

Wednesday, June 8, 2016 to Sunday June 12, 2016 – We are trying to make it to Maine as quickly as possible in order to get out of the heat in the south.  Saying good bye to South Carolina on Wednesday, June 8th we traveled through North Carolina where we stayed for one night at Four Oaks RV Park in Four Oaks, North Carolina.  welcome to north carolina

Yellow daylillies lined a lot of the sides of Interstate 95.

20160608_134317 (Large) 20160608_131032 (Large)We saw a cool Taco place called South of the Border. There was a huge tower with a Mexican sombrero on top!

20160608_124248 (Large) 20160608_124255 (Large)

Four Oaks is a tiny, rather old RV park that accepts Passport America.


We left there Thursday morning and traveled out of North Carolina and into Virginia.  Two of our very good friends live in Virginia and we were hoping to see them but they are in another state visiting right now!

My wonderful hubby let me sleep this morning while he got Dora ready and then a couple of hours down the highway.  I’ve gotten pretty good at sleeping while going 60 mph!

We went over a neat suspension bridge like none we’ve ever seen.

20160609_120809 (Large)

We made our way into Virginia.

20160609_105106 (Large)

Dora and Boots are happy to be in Virginia, can’t you tell!!20160609_105314 (Large)We stayed two nights (Thursday and Friday) at Hidden Acres Family Campground a nice, quiet  park with lots of oaks and pines.  We didn’t get very good television reception so we watched Green Acres,  Threes Company and whatever else we could get!

This is Hidden Acres on Highway 301.  Another Passport America park.  It has a beautiful pool, lots of things for children to play on and a nice wooded area where we parked.  There is a Christmas tree farm next door that we can see from our parking spot!20160609_132339 (Large) 20160609_134444 (Large) 20160609_134508 (Large)

We finally enjoyed sitting outside here in Milford, VA.  Nice and pleasant with a light breeze. The temperatures are getting more to our liking as we travel north!

On Friday we went into Fredericksburg, Virginia which is about 30 miles north of here.  Fredericksburg is 47 miles south of Washington, DC.  Fredericksburg, VA, population 23,000 has lots of historical interest.Here’s a link to the post we created about our visit to Fredericksburg!

Historic Fredericksburg, VA

We will visit Washington, DC when we are on our way back south.  Can’t wait to see where Donald Trump is going to be living!

Saturday morning we left Hidden Acres traveling to Townsend, Delaware.  This took us through Maryland which we hope to come back to on our way back down south.20160611_095003 (Large)

This is the Potomac River!!!20160611_094855 (Large)

20160611_094712 (Large) We stopped, as usual, at the Visitors Center, this one for Maryland.  Hubby Roy had to try out the froggy children’s bouncer as soon as we got there!  I went into the Visitors Center an got some info about Maryland for a possible visit back here in a few weeks. 20160611_095601 (Large) 20160611_095419 (Large) 20160611_095423 (Large)

Dora and Boots in Maryland!20160611_095928 (Large)Then on into Delaware we went.  Some of the sights along the way to Townsend!

20160611_150152 (Large) 20160611_123536 (Large) Really odd red windmill food joint! 20160611_122807 (Large)20160611_104814 (Large)

Washington Nationals and Baltimore Oriole’s baseball teams are really close to here so bulletin boards show support for them!20160611_111148 (Large)

20160611_104513 (Large)

We don’t have Snow Evacuation Routes in Louisiana so this was cool!20160611_110959 (Large) Saturday night we stayed at our first Boondockers Welcome host’s house.  It’s a lovely big home with lots of land and a pond.  We are hooked up to a 30 amp outlet and they also have water and internet.  We have our own water and internet but it is certainly a very nice thing that they offer it.

terry malcolm townsend delaware (Large)

dora delaware (Large)

Thanks to Terry and Malcolm, our hosts!  We’re now on our way to New York City for a week!

pennsylvania signnew jerseey sign new york sign Don’t know if ya’ll remember how much I love being in the mountains.  When we started seeing this sight below I got tingles and got so happy!!rock mountain in new york We’re trying to learn as much as we can about transportation in NYC and so far we’re learning a lot.  Can’t wait to see how this goes when we’re actually there.

After New York we head to Connecticut where we will stay a week before heading to Maine!!!  Yay for hopefully cooler temperatures!!

trinity june 12th
Trinity’s Live Streaming Worship Service Sunday June 12th. So thankful that Bob Anderson sets this up each week. We get to stay connected and hear awesome sermons and music! God is soooo Good!

I don’t feel like I saw this often enough but living and traveling throughout our country is absolutely a blessing that God has given to Roy and me.  I think Him every morning and every night for allowing us to do this.

We are far from wealthy people and know our travels have to include a lot of free things.  However, its getting to see the amazing things in this country that is most important to us.  We don’t have to eat at fancy restaurants, see Broadway plays, stay in fancy places or do everything there is to do.  We are simply happy with what we can see and do what we can do!  We will do this as long as we can.  When He starts showing us signs that it’s time to stop, we will.  Just glad He isn’t showing us those signs yet!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!



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