06.10.16 Historic Fredericksburg, Virginia

Friday, June 10, 2016 – We drove the 30 miles from our RV park to explore Fredericksburg, Virginia today.  It’s a neat old colonial town with nice history to explore, which we did.  With a guide printed off the internet we set off to see Fredericksburg.

The beautiful Virginia highway on the way there.

20160610_132153 (Large)

I love the architectural design of this period in history.  Many of these homes are over 100 years old, some over 200 years old.  Here are some of the cool houses and landscapes we saw while walking around town.

20160610_142119 (Large) 20160610_142129 (Large) 20160610_142258 (Large) 20160610_143424 (Large) 20160610_143505 (Large) 20160610_144035 (Large) 20160610_144200 (Large) 20160610_145656 (Large) 20160610_145832 (Large) 20160610_145950 (Large) 20160610_150018 (Large) 20160610_152505 (Large)

Fredericksburg Baptist Church

20160610_150254 (Large)20160610_150232 (Large)

20160610_150538 (Large) 20160610_150414 (Large) 20160610_150402 (Large) 20160610_150330 (Large) Mary Washington’s home.  She’s George Washington’s Mom

20160610_142422 (Large) 20160610_142441 (Large) 20160610_142652 (Large) 20160610_142756 (Large) 20160610_142759 (Large)

A couple of quirky places we saw.

20160610_152651 (Large)

If you can’t read this one it’s called When Pigs Fly20160610_153023 (Large) Masonic Cemetery with really old graves.  Look at the dates on some of these.  It was a lovely cemetery in the middle of downtown Fredericksburg.  I love seeing tombstones with dates back in the 1700s and 1800s. 20160610_140423 (Large) 20160610_140940 (Large) 20160610_140909 (Large) 20160610_140826 (Large) 20160610_140747 (Large) 20160610_140735 (Large) 20160610_140656 (Large) 20160610_140637 (Large) 20160610_140610 (Large) 20160610_140526 (Large) 20160610_140508 (Large) That wraps up our adventure into Fredericksburg, Virginia!  I’ve been writing a post about our travels between Georgia and New York and hope to publish that once we reach New York on Sunday!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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One thought on “06.10.16 Historic Fredericksburg, Virginia

  1. I love the photos of the church and of the homes there. Architecture had so much character back then. I am so glad that ya’ll are enjoying this trip. Thank you for letting us travel vicariously through you!


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