06.17.16 Woodstock Festival Site and Museum PEACE, LOVE AND MUSIC!!!

peace-love-musicJune 7, 2016 – Wow, wow, wow!  Growing up in the 60s and early 70s, the slogan “Peace, Love and Happiness” was everywhere.  We were the “Flower Children” and very happy to carry that name!

When Roy and I made our plans for what to see in southern New York we didn’t know that the site where the 1969 Woodstock was held, was anywhere around 20160616_155733here.

The address for the museum is: Bethel Woods Museum, 200 Hurd Rd, Bethel, NY.  The admission is $15 each.  Military, ex-military and those 65 and over get in free.  The monument desigating the property as the site of the festival is on down the road.  You turn right at the first street after the museum and there it is on the right.

The Woodstock Music and Art Festival, held Aug. 15-18, 1969 in the Sullivan County town of Bethel, was planned as a three-day concert, which got extended into a fourth day.

Expecting to just see a big field, maybe maintained by someone we were quite surprised with what is there.  A beautifully manicured lawn, a lovely memorial stone and a terrifically great museum.  Great old music, lots of old 45s and albums, videos of music, clothing, family living in the new suburbs and radio stations.  A lot of what we saw was related to Woodstock but most was about everything that made the 60s unique.

Roy and I both wore bell bottoms and flower child clothing. Roy’s mom even made us each a pair out of green jeans materials!!  We were not really all the way to hippie with all that entailed, but life was very different back then for all of us!

First some photos of the Woodstock Festival site.

20160616_155720  20160616_155815 20160616_160035 20160616_160101 20160616_160144 20160616_160151 20160616_160735

Christmas like trees across the street.  I love these trees!20160616_160742

The stage at Woodstock was at the top of this hill.20160616_161040 20160616_161118 20160616_161153

An ariel view of all the property that the festival, the museum and the pavillion is on.

aerial of bethel woods

Then photos of the Bethel Woods Museum outside and the awesome Gallery inside.20160616_161811 20160616_161836 20160616_161907

20160616_170556 20160616_165331 20160616_164848 20160616_164752 20160616_164735

This photo is now my Facebook cover photo!20160616_164725 20160616_164658 20160616_164623 20160616_164553 20160616_164110 20160616_164145 20160616_164301 20160616_164312 20160616_164535 20160616_164016 20160616_163903 20160616_162706

In this little area we viewed and listened to wonderful videos of various aspects of that culture.20160616_162823 20160616_162618 20160616_162345 20160616_162353 20160616_162450 20160616_162517 20160616_162551

Some of the old 45s, transistor radios and other music from the 60s.

20160616_16320020160616_162523 20160616_163208 20160616_163200 20160616_16255720160616_164029 The Orange County Choppers gang built a motorcycle for the museum.  It is great!


They continue to have music greats sing at the Pavilion on the old festival grounds.  Greats like Journey, Hall and Oates, the Doobies, the Temptations, Steely Dan, the Beach Boys come here to perform.  We’ll be gone before any of them play here but I can just imagine how cool it would be!

Ya’ll come back now, ya hear!!



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