06.25.16 Saddleback Campground and our weekend plans in New Hampshire and Maine

Saddleback Campground102750500Saturday, June 25, 2016 –  We arrived at a delightful RV park in Northwood, New Hampshire on Thursday.  Saddleback Campground is its name.  It is amazingly comfortable here.  We are parked next to a large pond with water spraying in the air.  Lots of trees, rocks, frogs to catch in the pond, great kids playground, and very quiet.  All those trees provide a lot of shade but they also mean that we don’t get any satellite channels.  Normally that would spell disaster for us but since we were able to get several channels on antenna television which include the local and national news we’re happy.  Just watched a Superman marathon from back in the black and white days to more recent color television days.

portsmouthThey also do not have a sewer hook up…………………….  The last resort didn’t have it but they did have a free service (called a Honey Pot……….  which I think is just awful) that comes by and sucks out your black and grey tanks.   I asked the owner of this campground why there is no sewer hook up.  She told me that we are the “Granite State” and that laying down pipes for sewage  is not cost effective because they have to blast out the granite to run pipes.  We haven’t figured out how the folks who live here in the resort handle that but we are trying very hard for our water supply to last and our tanks not fill up before we leave Tuesday morning.  I won’t describe what those measure are.

Thank goodness the Boondockers Welcome family we will be staying with next have full hookups at their home!!!!!

We originally planned to take one day to see Portsmouth, NH and another day spent in Maine where we would20160625_173903 eat Lobster.  Things changed when my work load grew considerably since we are having a photo contest featuring RVing Pets.  It seems everyone (except us) has a pet and of course they are all worthy of being entered in the contest!  So many cute ones whether dog, cat, fish, bird, whatever!  We rearranged our exploring time to just one afternoon and evening.  We went to Portsmouth, NH located about 30 minutes from our park and Kennebunkport, Maine is another 30 minutes north of Portsmouth, NH.

I’m taking a break from working to catch up a little on my blogging.  We’ll be leaving here Tuesday morning on our way to Orange Vermont for 8-10 days.

Next I’ll write about Saturday’s adventure when we went to Portsmouth, NH where we focused on Strawbery Banke Museum which is a collection of actual houses from the 1700s and 1800s.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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