06.27.16 – Kennebunkport, Maine Lobsters – My, Oh My!!

Monday, June 27, 2016 – Saturday we went to Portsmouth, New Hampshire and then on to Kenneybunkport, Maine to eat lobsters.  It is a beautiful area, very New Englandy and nautical being right on the Atlantic Ocean.  Here’s some of the town.

We saw several of these tall directional signs throughout the area.

20160625_192000 20160625_191946 20160625_191853 20160625_191815 20160625_173909

The official welcome to Kennebunkport20160625_173903

Look at the little rooftop seating area!20160625_173729 20160625_173719 20160625_173250 20160625_162707

Even McDonald’s sells Lobster Rolls up here.  We planned to get a couple for Sundays lunch on our way back home from Nunan’s but we went a different route and didn’t see another McDonald’s.  Shucks….20160625_172142

The restaurant we chose to eat at was Nunan’s Lobster Hut.  We chose them because they catch their own lobster and cook them right there at the restaurant on the ocean. And they were close enough that I wouldn’t be away from work for too long.

20160625_174605 20160625_174732 20160625_174742 20160625_175207 20160625_175305

Lobster is pretty pricey but we figured this was definitely a once in a lifetime experience eating Lobster in Maine so we splurged.  We each ate two lobsters, Roy’s were a pound and a half each.  Mine were a pound and a quarter each.  They are served with Lays potato chips which seems to be the normal side dish to lobster up here.

We started off with their own brand of Root Beer.  Quite delicious.


Then the main course, Main Lobsters!

20160625_181926 20160625_181901 20160625_182136 20160625_182143 20160625_182148

We were quite full after eating the lobsters and chips.  But we saw the folks at the next table get blueberry cobbler a la mode………………Maine has tons of tiny blueberries and that’s what was in our cobbler.   Hot blueberries in cobbler and cold delicious vanilla ice cream.


When we were leaving the restaurant Roy discovered the outside screen door to the room where they store the lobsters until they are needed.  We went in and they let us take a coy of some of the live lobsters.

20160625_190547 20160625_190549

Some things we do make me happy and some make Roy happy.  This adventure made both of us very happy.  What a blessing to be staying all the way in New Hampshire and getting to go into Maine to enjoy their lobsters.  Life is so good and God is so great!

The weather here is also amazing.  During the evenings and night it’s in the low 50s and during the day in the low 70s.  It just doesn’t get any better than that!

Next I’ll share with ya’ll our adventure into Portsmouth, New Hampshire where we saw Strawbery Banke Museum.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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