06.29.16 Seaport RV Resort in Connecticut, Saddleback Campground in New Hampshire, and a lovely home in Vermont

Wednesday, June 29, 2016 –  Seaport RV Resort in Connecticut and Saddleback Campground in New Hampshire couldn’t be more different but we really liked them both.  When I like a park I take pictures.  I took too many of both places not to share them so here goes!

Vermont Covered Bridge

Most of the time, when I remember to do it, the photographs in our blog posts are all clickable so that you can see them in their full size if you would like to.  If you want to see something larger and I didn’t do the thing that causes this let me know and I’ll add it!  It use to be an automatic thing in WordPress but recently they made it into a manual two step process that has to be done to each photo.  Go figure, that doesn’t sound like progress to me but it is what it is!!

Seaport RV Resort is in Old Mystic, Connecticut.  It is a Coast to Coast resort under their category of Good Neighbor Parks. They had a Laser Tag area, community campfire area, beautiful Mini Golf area and swimming pool. Here are some of our photos.


20160621_144800 20160621_144832 20160621_144946 20160621_144955 20160621_145026 20160621_145123 20160621_145135 20160621_145156 20160621_145328 20160621_145436 20160621_145815 Saddleback Campground is in Northwood, New Hampshire.  It is an independent park that accepts Passport America memberships which means we stay there at half their normal price.  Here are some of our photos while there.  They have created such cute wood decorations around the place, makes it a fun place to roam around and enjoy!

20160627_153854 20160627_153933

20160626_162716 20160627_153123 20160627_153142 20160627_153320 20160627_153347 20160627_153537 20160627_153605 20160627_153651 20160627_153713 20160627_154058 20160627_154126 20160627_154138 20160627_160007We are now in Vermont staying at Lee and Marj’s home.  They are Boondockers Welcome hosts.  That means they open their outside parking area to RVers for a night or a few nights.  Some have no hookups but we’re blessed to have full hookups while here.  After staying at two parks that did not have sewer hookups we’re happy to have it here!  They are also members of RVillage which makes them especially great folks!  They have 18 acres of beautiful woods with a nice amount cleared out for the house and driveways.  Several walking trails have been cleared through the woods and we walked some of it yesterday.  Here are some photos of our walk and where Dora is staying this week.
20160629_19572520160629_195945 20160629_195936  20160629_195637 20160629_195352 20160629_195338I hope this gives RVing Dreams (what we call those who haven’t started RVing yet!) an idea of the various types of parking places we encounter.  We may not travel like everyone else but this seems to work for us both budget wise and accommodation wise.   Also, we love for our friends and family to get to see where we are living while on the road.  It’s not always all about the things we see or do, it’s also about the places we stay!

We’ve already visited some cool places here in Vermont and are leaving in a bit to see more today.  Friday will be a day of rest for us before we get back on the road Saturday headed for northern New York state for a week.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!



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