07.04.16 Ben & Jerry’s Factory Tour in Waterbury, Vermont

imagesMonday, July 4, 2016 –  Ben & Jerry’s factory is located at 1281 Waterbury-Stowe Road, Route 100, Waterbury, VT 05676.  It is a very cool place to visit, to tour and to enjoy their ice cream.  The cost was $3.50 for Seniors.

We visited there last Thursday.  We have ever eaten Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and we found we liked it, especially the chunks of things in it.  Blue Bell is still the best but this was a cool tour and we loved that they gave us samples.

They do not allow photographs to be taken of the actual factory but I took photos when I could in the public areas.  Here they are!

20160630_140905 20160630_140949 20160630_141129Gift Shop


You can buy these for only $13.  Cool ice cream spills!!20160630_141307

This is where you gather for the tour20160630_142102

The video room where we learned all about their history  20160630_143302

The stairway down to the sampling room20160630_145237

Here we enjoyed their generous samples, Roy got two of them!!20160630_145013


Their new flavors on display20160630_145056

 This is their Phish Food flavor which of course sounds like Fish Food when you say it.  We bought some of this at the grocery today(Monday) for Roy to try and a pint of Cherry Garcia for me to try20160630_145407

 When we finished the tour we went on to see Cold Hollow Cider Mill and then to see Braggs Farm Sugarhouse where they make maple syrup. More on those places next!



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