07.06.16 Happy 35th Birthday Chip and Independence Day Parade in Plattsburgh, New York

Wednesday, July 6, 2016 – Thirty five years ago a handsome baby boy named Chip Matthew Chauvin joined our family.  While we are not with him for this birthday we send lots and lots of love his way! We are so proud of the Godly man he’s become.  Happy Birthday Chipper!!

tbt little chip


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On Monday, July 4th, Roy and I went to the nearby town of Plattsburgh for their Independence Day Parade.  Plattsburgh has a population of 20,000 and sits on Cumberland Bay. Here’s a couple of photos of the town.



Plattsburgh is the location of the American victory in the War of 1812, Battle of Plattsburgh. The Thomas MacDonough Memorial commemorates that victory.



The theme for the parade was Adirondack Pride.  We’re right next to the Adirondack mountains and they all love that!  I would too if I lived here.  The parade crowd was quite large where we watched the parade near City Hall. Lots of families gathered for the event.

Here’s some of the parade sights!


20160704_125126 20160704_131602 20160704_131937 20160704_132159 20160704_132308 20160704_132449 20160704_132945 20160704_134028 20160704_134520 20160704_134855

We are going to drive around as much of the Adirondack Mountains as we can on Wednesday.  On Thursday we’ll leave this area going south to Cooperstown, NY where we’ll tour the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame on Friday!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!



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