07.09.16 MLB Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York – Part Two


Saturday, July 9, 2016 – On to the rest of the second and third floor of the National Baseball Hall of Fame! Here’s the map of the three floors.  Click on it to see the full size map.  They recommend that you start on the second floor, go to the third and then end at the Hall of Fame on the first floor.  That is what we did and that is why the floor maps are not in order like you’d think they would be.

halloffameguide_floormap2 halloffameguide_floormap3halloffameguide_floormap1

20160708_160641These fabric-mache sculptures of baseball fans, represent one of the greats of the National Pastime: the love of the game by their fans!  Most of these portray specific people, but they also honor every fan who loves the game.   20160708_160521As baseball reached the last 20 years it seemed to become a whole new ballgame.  The love of baseball was renewed and new fans like us came into the baseball fold!


As America reeled from the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, Commissioner Bud Selig suspended the baseball season.  Play resumed six days later – not because America had recovered but precisely because it had not. When the teams returned, they bore special caps and jerseys with American flag patches and the date “0-11-01.”  Mike Pizza of the Mets signed his Jersey from that date and it is now in the Hall of Fame.


The Atlanta Braves are our family’s favorite MLB team.  The amazing men who played for them in the good old days have some of their memorabilia here in the Hall of Fame.  Click on the three photos below to see what some of those things are. Tom Glavine’s shoes, Bobby Cox’s Atlanta Cap, John Smoltz’s game winning ball, Greg Maddux’s shoes. 20160708_160115 20160708_160102 20160708_160056

Baseball grew twice in the 1990s, and all four new clubs quickly earned postseason success.  The Arizona Diamondbacks took just four seasons to with their first World Series.  The Florida Marlins accomplished the feat in five, the Tampa Bay and Colorado Rockies teams made multiple playoff appearances and won a pennant during their first fifteen years, feats that have eluded many established clubs.  Three of the newer team’s caps are below. 20160708_160032My favorite hunk of a player was Jose Canseco.  My sons and hubby put up with my crush and have had a lot of good natured fun at my expense reminding me that a ball bounced off his head in the outfield causing a home run for the opposing team!20160708_155848

Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa home run race kept America watching every game they played in . Click on the second photo below to learn more about “Chicks Dig The Long Ball”20160708_155841 20160708_155825

Some of the interesting exhibits about what make baseball great.  The Field of Dreams poster is in the upper left corner of the first exhibit below.  We visited the site of the Field of Dreams movie a few years ago and loved it!20160708_155639 20160708_155527Chipper Jones’ jersey he wore in 2012, the last of his 19 big league seasons.  The jersey you see me wearing is a Chipper Jones jersey!!!   He was an amazing player and man.  We loved watching through the years!20160708_155445

Stan Musial’s Locker – you know you’re something when they have your locker here!20160708_154812 The Yankee Jersey Lou Gehrig wore in his final year, 1939. 20160708_154709 Women’s Baseball had its own area which was really interesting to walk through. 20160708_154420 20160708_154314To Ted Williams, hitting was a science.  On each of the 77 baseballs displayed below he has assigned a batting average.  Each indicates what he believes his own average would be, if pitches were delivered in those areas of his strike zone. 20160708_154044The New York Yankees launched a new dynasty that saw them win 15 pennants in 18 years.   This is the 1950 team. 20160708_153949

Cy Young’s memorabilia20160708_153731

20160708_153326 Back in 1949 this was how flip down sunglasses were worn – bolted to the cap!!


Here’s for my friend Cat who is an avid Chicago Cubs fan! I thought I had another pic for ya but I don’t. 20160708_152441

One of my favorite exhibit was the large glass case with baseball gear from the 1800s and early 19002.  I encourage you to click on this picture to see all these cool things in a larger form. 20160708_151952 Me, wearing my Chipper Jones jersey, checking out the different team’s cages.   20160708_151348

I end this blog post with the first thing we saw when starting our tour.  Each Major League team has a cage holding information on the team and some of that team’s memorabilia. 20160708_151149Close up of some of the Brave’s information including those players whose jersey’s have been retired.


Ya’ll come back now for Part Three, ya’ hear!!



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