08.10.16 Gettysburg Battlefield Resort in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

This is the office which is much more beautiful right now than this picture shows. Flowers are hanging and blooming everywhere!
The park map – click on it to enlarge it

TRG-Main entrance_fullAugust 10, 2016 – If you remember recently I wrote about the challenges we’ve had RVing in the Northeastern part of America.  Today it happened again but the outstanding front desk staff at Gettysburg Battlefield Resort really came through for us.  Mary Ann and Lisa we thank you!

Two days without satellite television and/or 50 amps can be tolerated, but the potential of 14 days without satellite and 50 amps doesn’t work at all for us. I won’t explain here because I explained in detail in the previous post.

Gettysburg Battlefield Resort is a Coast to Coast resort so our stay here is free which is definitely a plus.  It is perfectly located near everything we want to see here in Pennsylvania and to be able to stay for two weeks without traveling the highways made it absolutely perfect for us.

Some of the sites here are 50 amp with water and sewer, some are 50 amp with water only, some are 30 amp with water and sewer and some are 30 amp with water only.  It’s $8 for one of those lovely honey wagons to “visit” and pump out our “stuff”.  Next year all the sites are to be upgraded to include sewer service.

When we checked in we were given site 240 which is only a 30 amp with water only.  She thought we should get satellite there.  We let her know we really need 50 amp so she contacted her boss to see if they could do something and they did so we went to check out site 209 which was a 50 amp with water site.

After checking out the satellite situation at the site Roy determined we wouldn’t get satellite.  He walked over to the original site and there was no satellite there either.  Roy has this neat phone app that he points up to the sky and can see if there is service or not so that’s what we’ve been using.   Roy determined that there were three empty sites that were 50 amp that got great satellite and wrote them down.

Back to the office we drive in Dora.  The very friendly front desk lady Mary Ann called her boss Lisa to come to the front desk.  We showed them the sites we found but we learned that all were booked during our time.  They did a lot of searching and who knows what they had to do in their system but they came up with three different sites with 50 amp, water and hopefully satellite.  Roy jumped on a golf cart with a staffer and went to check out the locations.  Turns out site Y was perfect for us!!!!!!!!  Yay!  I could almost see Roy with a happy step coming back in to declare we were set!

We are here for 14 days with 50 amps of electricity, water and great satellite.  No sewer still but they have that adorable “Honey Wagon” to come service us once a week or so.

We both appreciate the outstanding customer service they provided us to get us situated.  I recommend them to anyone who is traveling in the area.

There are several beautifully landscaped cabins around the park.  These are photos I found on the web which doesn’t show all the flowers blooming.

DSC004421_full cabin-lincoln This week we plan to go to Hershey, Pennsylvania to tour the Hershey factory and see a 4D Hershey movie.  We will also go to the Gettysburg Battlefield and Eisenhower’s home.  Next week seems a long way off so these two are what we are focusing on right now!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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4 thoughts on “08.10.16 Gettysburg Battlefield Resort in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

  1. Rosalyn we tried to get in at GB Battlefield as that is our C2C home park and they were full this weekend. So we are going to another park instead. 😦 GB Battlefield is a great place to stay. If you take the battlefield tour get the cd that goes into your car player and drive around at your leisure. It is well worth the money and you can stop and finish another day if you are tired . Very informative. We stay at GB Battlefield Cg when we attend the Hershey RV show in September and drive up to the show. Enjoy your stay there.


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