08.12.16 President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Home and Farm in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

20160811_124016Friday, August 12, 2016 – Thursday Roy and I headed over to the Gettysburg Battlefield Visitors Center planning to see the battlefield and then go to President Eisenhower’s home.  When we arrived we found out that the shuttle bus going to Pres. Eisenhower’s home was leaving in 10 minutes so we bought tickets for that and headed to the bus stop.  The tickets for Eisenhower’s home and farm are $7.50 each for adults. No Senior discount 😦


20160811_124227You have to take the shuttle from the Visitor Center to the home or you can’t go.  You cannot just pull up there at the Eisenhower home and see it. You have to buy that ticket at the Visitors Center and then take the shuttle.

20160811_125358We started our time there attending a 15 minute presentation by a young lady about the history of the Secret Service and their relationship with the Eisenhower family.  Very interesting presentation.  We learned a lot and enjoyed being in the shade of a big tree with a nice breeze going by.

20160811_134655This is the guest house where famous dignitaries would stay when they visited President Eisenhower at the farm.


We then joined a small group outside of the Eisenhower home where we learned a lot about the home before going inside.

20160811_135110 ENHS-slide10 They say that most everything in the house is in its original form.  It is very well preserved and looks like an ordinary family’s large home.  It was so very cool to know we were walking through rooms and up/down stairs that the President and his family walked through and lived in for many years.


Living room20160811_140640 20160811_14061920160811_140014The porch room2013-04-18-EisenhowerPorchRoomEisenhowerHistoricSiteGettysburgPADining room  20160811_140423Bedrooms and one of the bathrooms20160811_140913 20160811_140845 20160811_140817 20160811_140755Wallpaper on the stairwell was the state seal of all of the states.  This was the original wallpaper.20160811_140710 20160811_140705The casual Den20160811_141606 20160811_141552Laundry and sewing room along with Ike’s golf clubs20160811_141436Kitchen20160811_141358 20160811_141345More bedrooms20160811_141251 20160811_141204 20160811_141154This was Pres. and Mrs. Eisenhower’s bedroom.  She loved pink and that can be seen throughout the house.20160811_141057

President Eisenhower was in office when I was born so I’ve always felt a connection to him.  He was a much loved President which was nice to hear compared to the feelings for recent Presidents now.

We toured a good bit of the property on foot and saw barns and crops being grown.  The grounds are beautiful.  They have a big windmill similar to the one we had on Hinson Road in Hammond.


Ending our time there, in the Reception area, Roy found a Rosie the Riveter puzzle for me and we got it! There was a nice display of artifacts and memorabilia there.20160811_144455 20160811_144604We took the shuttle bus back to the Visitors Center where we did some shopping and purchased the CDs for the Self Guided Audio driving tour.   We started along the path for the tour but soon realized that if the tour is 2-3 hours long we wouldn’t end it until really late, and we were hungry!

We ganged up on old Abe Lincoln at the Visitor Center for a little one on one time!

20160811_153556 20160811_153715We ate a delicious buffet dinner at General Pickett’s buffet.  Little piggies that we are we filled up well!!!

We’ll get up early tomorrow and be on the road for the battlefield tour by 9 when we’re fresh and perky!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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