08.13.16 Update on the flooding at our home church, Trinity Baptist in Hammond Louisiana

The Christian music group Casting Crowns song

Just got an update on the flooding situation at our home church, Trinity Baptist in Hammond Louisiana. Worship services tomorrow were cancelled and now we can see why. Watching the flooding in other places has been bad but this has me crying. Our previous pastor, Randy and his wife Barbara’s house is flooded.  So many of our friends and families houses are flooded and now our home church. All buildings have water in them now. Photos and video below. I will update as more come in. The waters are still rising. It’s around 4:30 pm there now on Saturday and these were just taken.





The video I had is not working on here.  I’ll keep trying.  Please pray for this wonderful group of believers.  Bad things do happen to good people.  God never promised it wouldn’t.  I can guarantee that turn this terrible event (being lead by God) into a blessing in some way.  My son Chip just wrote to me that “God has plans bigger than what we can see!”  We serve an awesome God who truly will see our church through this.

Love and prayers to all those affected, from the Chauvins in Pennsylvania.



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