08.23.16 Cajun Navy, Donald Trump visited and helped out in Louisiana last Friday, and Recovery reports

14068277_1056850881073537_5343893679193624620_nTuesday, August 23, 2016 – First a word of encouragement from our pastor, Bro. Bob Adams

For those who minister on this Sunday, August 21st – but especially for those trying to recover from the devastation of the flood: The people of Ezra’s day were discouraged about rebuilding the temple the Babylonians destroyed. The Lord sent this message through Haggai to those weary from the devastation and painful work of rebuilding. “Who is left among you who saw this temple in its former glory? And how do you see it now? Does it not seem to you like nothing in comparison? But now, take courage and work for I am with you . . . My Spirit is abiding in your midst; do not fear! Once more in a little while I am going to shake the heavens and the earth, the sea and also the dry land . . . I will fill this house with glory . . . The latter glory of this house will be greater than the former, and in this place I will give peace.”
And from the words of the New Covenant found in I Corinthians 3 “What! Do you not know that YOU are the temple of God!”
Walking in the rubble of the flood I see everywhere beautiful children of the Father, filled with His glory! Amen.


First I want to point out that our President did not interrupt his vacation to make a message to the nation about the flood, nor did he take time out to come to Louisiana.  Our governor, told him not to because of the disruption it would cause.  Really, seriously?  Our Democratic governor should never have said that, and our Democratic President shouldn’t have listened.  He should have stepped up and done the right thing,  along with the Denocratic candidate HC and come here to be with the people of Louisiana.  They haven’t been here almost 2 weeks after the flooding started.  Where is their love for the common man throughout the biggest devastation since Superstorm Sandy.  I believe the President is coming today and who knows when HC will step up for the common people like she says she does.

On the other hand Donald Trump, came LAST FRIDAY, today is Tuesday.  He sent supplies well before then and brought more with him when he came.  He helped distribute the supplies and gave his own money to one of the local churches to help others.  I am absolutely a Donald Trump supporter and even more so now.  Actions speak so much louder than words.  He came, he helped, he contributed.  That is the mark of a leader that I would want leading this country. 


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This morning leaders from our state met with Donald Trump as he landed in Baton Rouge to meet with folks on the ground and assess flood damage.

Thank you, Mr. Trump for taking time to visit Louisiana in this difficult time.




Cajun Navy came through in full force well before any outside help was received.  Anyone and everyone with a boat rescued people from rooftops, front porches, up in trees, wherever.


Volunteer ‘Cajun Navy’ Rescues Fellow Community Members Trapped by Louisiana Floods


An article and photos of the Cajun Navy at work




Samaritan’s Purse at work in Louisiana – giving opportunity here.

A great article:  https://www.samaritanspurse.org/article/louisiana-at-work-in-the-heart-of-the-crisis/


Some things posted by Facebook friends:


Gateway Church in Texas:

Deborah Thompson shared Gateway Church‘s photo.

August 21 at 12:01am ·

This is my boss Deborah’s home church!

A team from Gateway Outreach is currently in ‪#‎BatonRouge‬ right now to help with the disaster relief efforts and figure out strategically how ‪#‎GatewayChurch can help the most.

We’ll have more information next week on ways to volunteer, but for now, if you want to donate towards the crisis relief efforts in Louisana, you can do so by going to giving.gatewaypeople.com and designating your gift to crisis/disaster relief.

Also, to follow along with what’s happening in #BatonRouge today, follow Gateway Outreach’s Instagram Stories at: instagram.com/gatewayoutreach


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Casey Parker

From the front door of a home I worked in this afternoon. You can’t understand until you witness it.


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From the City of Denham Springs:
This wonderful group of people have set up on the side of Healing Place Church, located at 600 Florida Blvd., Denham Springs. They are serving three meals a day:


The very front of Acadiana subdivision in Watson, Louisiana.



Southeastern Louisiana University (where Roy and I worked and I graduated from) has some great student athletes who helped many families by gutting their homes.



First Baptist Church of Ponchatoula serving as a distribution location for all the things kind folks are contributing

A great article about FBCP.


A video about the media not covering this disaster like they should.


An article in the Baton Rouge newspaper about the devastation in Denham Springs, Louisiana



University of South Carolina delivering to LSU’s Tiger Stadium


An article about USC helping by sending supplies. http://www.wbrz.com/news/returning-favor-usc-truck-arrives-in-br-with-supplies


Marvin Poole, pastor at Chip’s church The Harbor in Hammond – a contribution opportunity here as well.  The video will not show up unless you click on the words “Watch on facebook” in the middle of the big black box.


First Baptist in Ponchatoula is serving as a distribution center for supplies for cleaning up and necessities for l ife.



Ponchatoula High, where Chip and our oldest son graduated from, is also serving as a distribution center.  Many of the high schoolers have pitched to help with this.


Mormon Helping Hands. 500 men and women gathered at the Church on Old Baton Rouge Hwy and received work orders for gutting houses in flooded areas on Saturday and Sunday. Churches at three other nearby locations were doing the same thing: Baton Rouge, Gonzales, and Zachary. Workers will come for each upcoming weekend until all orders for help are complete. Workers are mostly Mormons from surrounding states. But some have flown in at their own expense to help from the mountain west and other areas. Some were former missionaries who served here. Heartwarming Christlike service. .

14068125_10102111835991044_2932972818774998656_n 14064218_10102111836140744_6889927450291652305_n


13921056_10102022373150270_8627122088080324154_n 14054079_10157265428855551_175451759605783912_n 14053957_1082476365175230_1970227944024008884_n 14080005_1076793922406827_7453052325077191727_n 13920919_911963908936183_3409924979788767121_n


One thing that shouts out to me big and strong is that Christians are stepping up, being God’s Hands and Feet throughout the disaster and recovery of Louisiana.  We serve a very Big God and I believe His people’s actions have put a huge smile on His face!


Contribution opportunities:

This first is a message to those in need but you can use the information here to contact the churches who are giving need if you wan to contribute to them to help others,

Image may contain: text

BaptistAssociations Southeast Louisiana

Our voicemail for the office is locked so we are unable to check messages and respond. We are trying to reply to all who have contacted our office by phone or email. We are very grateful to the volunteers currently helping us answer phones and emails.

Please help us by sharing the following information:

For those who need assistance with clean out from the flood, can apply for assistance at the location nearest to you. These 5 locations are open today and you can fill out an application:

1) The Lord’s Church 1936 Hwy 440 Kentwood, LA 70444 Phone: 985-229-8521

2) First Baptist Church, Zachary 4200 Main Street Zachary, LA 70791 Phone: 225-654-2755

3) Istrouma Baptist Church 10500 Sam Rushing Drive Baton Rouge, LA 70816

4) Zoar Baptist Church 11848 Hooper Rd., Baton Rouge, LA 70818

5) Woodland Park Baptist Church, Hammond 1909 J W Davis Dr, Hammond, LA 70403

If you need help with other needs, please visit: www.lbc.org and click on “Looking for Disaster Relief Updates & Forms” and Scroll down to “Find Help Near You”. Or you can email my Administrative Assistant at missions@basela.org


Roy and I visited Washington, DC and enjoyed it tremendously.  It wore both of us out and I believe I had heat exhaustion because I couldn’t get around well for a couple of days after being in high 90 degree heat and full sunshine all day Friday.  I feel better today which is Tuesday.   We are on our way to Suffolk, Virginia to stay at a Boondocker’s Welcome couple’s home for 7 days.  A lot of rest and relaxation is all we are planning for now!

I do plan to share with ya’ll our adventures in Gettysburg, Hershey and Washington.  I’ve been working on sifting through the hundreds of photos we’ve taken and will publish them one at a time when ready!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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