08.26.16 Hershey’s Chocolate World in Hershey, Pennsylvania

20160815_153353 20160815_153408Friday, August 26, 2016 – These first two photos are of the Hershey’s Kisses street lights in the town of  Hershey!

The most delicious place we’ve visited is Hershey’s Chocolate World in Hershey’s Pennsylvania.  We stuck to just Hershey’s Chocolate World and did not go over to Hershey’s Park where the roller coasters, water rides, etc. are located but I’d think a young family could have several days of fun here!

We were quite happy to take the Hershey’s Tour and to watch the 4D Movie, where we got a sample of Hershey’s at both attractions!!!

The Chocolate World  building is huge with several different sections inside.

20160815_123629 20160815_124550 20160815_124712 20160815_124859 20160815_124903


When standing or walking through the main area you can almost feel a sugar rush coming over you without eating anything!

20160815_125347 20160815_125441 20160815_130047

The creations in the Bakery Shoppe are amazing.


20160815_125838 20160815_125848 20160815_125853 We did some shopping in the massive shopping areas.  Hanging silver things shaped like Hershey’s Kisses were everywhere!

20160815_130217 20160815_130605

A treat we’re bringing back for Madisyn and Kallie!20160815_130826

We took the Hershey’s Tour which is not your usual factory tour.  It is much more of a Disney type ride through It’s a Small World.  Roy and I took videos and he put them together to create one which we’ll share here.

20160815_134054 20160815_134159 20160815_134424

Click here to view the Hershey’s Tour Video


The walls in the big room whee we gathered before the 4D movie were lined with pictures from around the world that Reese, Kisses and Hershey have traveled to!76548-Hersheys-Chocolate-World 4d-theater-art-museum index

 These are the characters in the movie.

images image-experienceAt the end of the 4D movie green and red streamers shot out of the ceiling as part of a celebration.  Roy and I scopped up a bunch and that’s what’s around my neck.  They are on their way to Madisyn to enjoy creating smoething with.    20160815_150202

Madisyn’s Kisses Doll  20160815_162743

We had a great time here, felt like a couple of kids!  Ya’ll come back now, Ya hear!1

psalm 25 5


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