10.01.16 A Sentimental Journey to Turner Field in Atlanta, Georgia

20160928_215649October 1, 2016 – The Atlanta Braves have been a favorite of the Chauvin family for many years.  We’ve watched several Braves games at Turner Field over the last two decades.  Earlier this year I learned that a new stadium is being built for the Braves and that this would be the last year they play in Turner Field.

That immediately made seeing the Braves play at Turner Field a must do, while on this year’s Northeast journey. After leaving Myrtle Beach we went to North Carolina to meet Deborah, my boss.  From there we went to Cleveland, Georgia which is north of Atlanta.  This week is their last week to play in Turner Field so we made plans to go there on Wednesday.

We parked in the Green parking lot which is where the old Fulton County Stadium stood.  The place that Hank Arron hit his 715th home run out of the park is marked as you see in the photo below. 20160928_182430 20160928_182824Walking in through the front entrance way you see a large courtyard with statues and large baseballs honoring some of the legendary players including Chipper Jones, #10, our favorite Brave!20160928_183054

20160928_183319 20160928_183529 20160928_183720Here’s me in front of the Chipper Jones #10 statue proudly wearing my own Jones #10 Jersey! 20160928_183233 20160928_183244 20160928_183305We walked around the stadium one last time just capturing the sounds and sights underneath the stadium seats in “Scouts Alley.”

20160928_18402520160928_185912 20160928_190153We walked through the Braves Hall of Fame.  Normally there is a charge to do that on this last homestand it was free


20160928_184353TOM GLAVINE – PITCHER20160928_184416GREG MADDUX – MY FAVORITE ALL TIME PITCHER.  THEY CALLED HIM “THE PROFESSOR” HE WAS SOOOOO SHARP AND KNOWLEDGEABLE ABOUT PITCHING.20160928_184427 20160928_184449 20160928_184516 20160928_184550 20160928_184832When the game began we went to our seats and enjoyed seeing the Braves beat the Philadelphia Phillies 12 to 2.  What fun that was!!!!  Unfortunately all of the players we loved are all gone, mostly retired, except for the first baseman Freddie Freeman #5.  Here are some photos of the game, the stands and their jumbo outfield screen.

20160928_190836 20160928_192442 20160928_193341 20160928_200440This is Freddie Freeman, #5, at first base.20160928_210704 20160928_210813 20160928_213024

The video below is of the 7th inning stretch when everyone at every ball park sings “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”.  Lots of fun!

On the top level is a neat area where children can run the bases, sit in these huge Coca Cola chairs and play.

Capturefile: E:IMGP3050.PEF CaptureSN: --.000000 Software: Capture One LE for WindowsAfter the game we stopped in the Club house, the Braves store.   We picked up a few souvenirs and Roy found this Braves keyboard.  Oh how I would have snatched one of those up back when we worked in an office.  How cool is that!!!!!

20160928_214428This is the other massive screen that greets you when arrive and leave.  What a sight that is!20160928_215344The sign as we exited the field.  A little sad knowing that is our last time we’ll visit there.  But I’m very happy we did it that night!!20160928_215616

Turner Field is expected to remain standing and be converted into a football stadium for Georgia State University, which along with its development partners plan a mix of student housing, apartments, classroom space and retail around it.

This is what the new Sun Trust Park will look like.  They will host their first regular season game in it next April 15th!


It’s October ya’ll!  And that means that our Chauvin family pumpkin has made its appearance once again!  We’ve had him since our sons (who are now in their mid 30s) were much younger.  He needed a bit of surgery before displaying him but Roy fixed him up and here is Mr. Pumpkin!

That wraps up our time in Georgia.  We’ve traveled on to Dandridge, Tennessee where we will stay for a week.  Tomorrow we will go play at Dollywood, hoping to hear some great Gospel music!  If the leaves start changing colors while we’re here that’s a bonus!  It has been nice and cool outside all day today so that should start the leaf color change soon!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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09.28.16 The unique Alpine like town of Helen, Georgia

Wednesday, September 28, 2016 –  Strolling around Helen, Georgia before we headed to Anna Ruby Falls was a delight and a bunch of fun!  First up are photos of the towns beauty.  From the creek running through the town to the unique Alpine buildings all throughout the town the place is really nice!

20160926_14172820160926_14182620160926_141922 20160926_132845 20160926_132010 20160926_130534 20160926_131518The neat and sometimes odd things we saw in the many shops we strolled through deserved being shared! First was inside the Hansel & Gretel Candy Kitchen.  Talk about luring this little boy and girl in and we went sooo willing

20160926_13185720160926_131652 On we went to other shops where we found pretty drug paraphernalia labeled “For Smoking Cigarettes” Right!

20160926_133425Tben there was Moonshine scented candles!

20160926_132425One Christmas shop had an amazing Santa and one that was right up us RVers alley!

20160926_141333 20160926_141213The same shop had amazing cuckoo clocks at amazing prices – like $800 each!

20160926_141540 20160926_141553Real Alpine clothing and decorations were found in other stores.

20160926_141639 20160926_141631My dear wonderful loving husband said this might be a tshirt I needed to buy!   Hummmmm, haven’t seen him lately have we!20160926_132651Next I’ll write about our visit to one of my bucket list places – Seeing the Atlanta Braves play  one last game at Turner Field in Atlanta, Georgia.  Checked that one off the list and I’ll share our fun there with ya’ll next.  We are leaving Friday headed to Tennessee for three weeks! I am really hoping I’ll have lots of photos of fall leaf color changing to share!!  And of course there is also Dollywood!!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!




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09.27.16 Anna Ruby Falls in Helen, Georgia

20160926_150944Tuesday, September 27, 2016 – During our return visit to Helen, Georgia on Monday we drove out to Anna Ruby Falls.

These beautiful falls are located in the Chattahoochee National Forest. There is a $3 per person park entry fee wich we did not have to pay because we have a Senior Pass for National Forests and Parks. The water cascading over the drop offs is created by two creeks. The Curtis Creek falls drop 153 feet and the York Creek falls are a much shorter but still spectacular 50 feet. The water at the bottom of the falls is then considered to be part of Smith Creek which flows into and forms Smith Lake – the centerpiece of Unicoi State Park.

To get to the visitors center you will need to drive through Unicoi State Park which is quite pretty in itself.

20160926_145854 20160926_145912It is a bit of a hike to get to the falls, but I have to tell you, people of ALL ages were doing it. So off Roy and I went along the almost half mile hike to the Falls.  There were plenty of places to rest along the way, and the park is very well cared for.  20160926_152229 20160926_152240 20160926_152420 20160926_152617This is worn out old Rosalyn halfway up the hike taking advantage of one of the many stone benches along the way!  Even though the hikes are difficult, even the easiest of hikes, what we’ve gotten to see always more than makes up for the exhaustion!!  20160926_153103 20160926_153725_001 Majestic Anna Ruby Falls – Tumbling down from Tray Mountain, Curtis and York Creeks flow over exposed granite to form two extraordinary waterfalls.  The taller of the two, drops 153 feet, while York creek joins it with a 50 foot drop.  Together they form Smith Creek at the base of the hills.  Colonel Jon H Nichols found the water falls and named them Anna Ruby, after his only daughter. 20160926_154521 20160926_154523 20160926_155032I’ve resized my photos in this blog to where they start out larger than before.   I’m hoping just seeing them here like this gives you a better idea of the beauty we’re seeing without having to click to enlarge.  They are clickable still in case you really want to wow and ooh and ahhh!!

Next I’ll be writing about the time we spent strolling through downtown Helen, Georgia.  The other day I wrote about our drive through there and what we saw around there on Monday.  On Tuesday we spent time exploring the shops and all there is to see!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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09.22.16 Cabbage Patch Kids in Cleveland, Georgia

cpklogoThursday, September 22, 2016 –  First, big thanks to Rhonda Smith for letting us know about this adorable place.  We came to Georgia to see one last Atlanta Braves game at Turner Field.  Didn’t even know about this!  We so very much appreciate our friends sharing their cool experiences in place we are traveling to!  Every photo in this blog post is clickable to enlarge.

From their website:  “Pack the ‘Kids™ up for a trip to the new BabyLand General® Hospital in Cleveland, Georgia, voted one of the Travel Channel’s Top Ten Toylands. Beautifully situated on 650 acres in the North Georgia Mountains, this Southern Style home filled with Cabbage Patch Kids will capture the imagination of your entire family. ADMISSION IS FREE.

Mother Cabbage is always on display beneath the branches of the Magic Crystal Tree. 20160922_125736

Pollinated by fanciful Bunnybees®, our magical Cabbage Patch is tended by our Licensed Patch Doctors and Nurses. Babyland General Hospital is the only place in the world where you can witness the birth of a hand-sculpted Cabbage Patch Kid.

With thousands of Cabbage Patch Kids throughout the hospital, you are sure to find your perfect match. Take the Oath of Adoption and your new baby will give you unconditional love.

Babyland General Hospital is located at 300 N.O.K. Drive • Cleveland, Georgia. Visiting hours are Monday – Saturday 9 – 5 and Sunday 10 – 5″

After a really nice day of rest on Wednesday, catching up on a lot of things, we headed out to visit the BabyLand General Hospital where Cabbage Patch Kids are born!

It is a beautiful large home that inside looks like a maternity ward with babies all around!  Driving up to it, it looks more like a colonial mansion than a hospital!


In the front room is a large velvet cabbage which I plopped down on for a photo!  There are large display cases of old Cabbage Patch dolls some of which are now worth $15,000.

20160922_124948 20160922_125101 20160922_125107In cribs, in rockers, in incubators and all throughout you can hear sounds of babies cooing or crying softly!  Too precious.

20160922_125500 20160922_125336 20160922_125314 20160922_125259 20160922_125202 20160922_125141 imagesimg_3301-1024x768

After looking around a while I found Roy watching a Cabbage Patch birth.  Under the Magic Crystal Tree there are many Cabbages growing in the Cabbage Patch.

A family already adopted the one that was being born (we did not see the adoption process).  The doctor attending the birth explained all about it and sure enough out came a little red haired Cabbage Patch baby.  It was wrapped in a pink blanket and showed off proudly.  The adopting family was just tickled at their new born.  Yes they were a real family.  Each adoption gets this elaborate birth display.



20160922_12563720160922_125620 After everyone oohed and aahed at the new baby, the family adopting the baby were asked for a name and a few suggestions were give.  The baby was allowed to pick the name she liked which was Stephanie Annie.

The doctor left with Stephanie headed to the baby nursery where we watched her through the viewing window.  Just like in a real hospital everyone gathers to see the baby being measured, weighed, and her heart checked.  This was too cute as well.

20160922_125932 20160922_125942 20160922_125951

This one was suppose to be some sort of scan showing a strong heartbeat but it didn’t show up in the television screen in the photo!  The baby did have a strong heartbeat which we saw with our eyes, just not in the photo!20160922_125956 20160922_130034

The doctor came out and presented the mama with her beautiful bouncing baby girl!  I took photos of them and gave the grannie our card so they could read about and see our photos as well as having their own.20160922_13005820160922_130205

We had fun shopping in the Cabbage Patch store.  Little girls would just have such a great time in this place!  The ones there were just giggling and smiling while they strolled their newly adopted babies in tiny strollers.  Quite a sight to see!


Out front there are several large concrete white cabbage patch kiddos.  Here’s two out front!

20160922_132853 20160922_132837 20160922_124604

We drove through the town of Shelby to check things out and found an Ingles grocery (never been to one before) and we bought some Blue Bell Camo and Cream  ice cream


and a 5 pound bag of green peanuts to boil.  I am trying out various seasonings in the pot of peanuts to see which turns out most flavorful without adding salt.  We’ll see!

Our New Orleans Saints will be playing on Monday Night Football against our arch rivals the Dirty Birds of Atlanta (Falcons).  We are representing our Saints proudly here in Dirty Bird territory with our Drew Brees Tin Can Man.  We’re hoping no Falcons fans take him out!


Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!



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09.20.16 A couple of GREAT days in Shelby, NC

Tuesday, September 20, 2016 – The last two days of our stay in Shelby, NC were great and I want to share them with ya’ll!

Sunday morning we followed Dorothy (our Boondockers Welcome host) to their church, First Baptist Church Shelby, in downtown Shelby.  Very large old church, established in 1847.  I don’t believe I’ve ever attended a Worship service in a church building that old.  The building itself was beautiful but the Worship service (the whole thing, music, sermon, more music!) was much more beautiful!  You know me and snapping pictures everywhere, well I behaved at their church Sunday and took no photos.  These are photos I found on the internet.

dc212bf6-82ff-48a0-9a31-4dd1f89fcbe4  2015-10-06_0002

They have a much larger choir than we do at home.  They sang an amazing song along with a soloist.  The song is “We Are Not Alone” by Pepper Choplin.  I can’t stop hearing it play.  What a beautiful thought that with Christ as our Lord and Savior we are truly never alone.  One of their church members, her sister and a friend sang as a trio, “I’m Gonna Make It”, by Garon Davis.

I hope to have a link to Sunday’s Worship Service soon.  Check back if you are interested.

Not only was the music totally Worshipful but the Sermon about “Can we be honest about grief” was perfect.  I needed to hear a lot of what their pastor, Tony Trench had to say.  I’ve never heard a choir praise the Lord like our own church choir at Trinity.  This one was up there with our gang.  Anyone singing anything to the Lord is beautiful no matter how they actually sound.  But when the music being sung gives you a feel of being in the presence of our Lord, that’s special.

Their daughter Katie Graves was in church Sunday and we got to meet her.  Her dad, Tommy, send me a link to her blog which is great and I’d like to share with ya’ll.  Click on Katie’s photo to get to her blog. meet_katie2A young, much loved Shelby Police officer was killed last Monday, the day before we arrived.  Officer Timothy Brackeen was killed while trying to serve a warrant on someone.  They apprehended the killer in another state, later in the week.  All over town were signs about prayers for the officers family.  Please be in prayer for Officer Brackeen’s family.  This was in front of their church:


Tommy and Dorothy are quite active in their church.  One of the things they do that I found exceptional is this.  On many acres of land in the area they grow white potatoes and sweet potatoes to give to needy people.  Through Salvation Army, Food Banks, etc.  They’ve done this for several years and I feel like that is such a great ministry that helps so many.

We talked to Tommy throughout the week and one day he invited us to eat dinner with them our last night there, Monday.  That was Day 2 of our GREAT last two days!


They cooked an amazing North Carolina Style BBQ dinner for us topped off by the most amazing banana pudding!!!  We got to enjoy several local food items with them.  We must have visited a couple of hours before dinner and maybe just as long during dinner.  I honestly could have stayed all night at their dinner table visiting with them.  We enjoyed talking about RVing, gospel music, their church, ministries and our lives.  I truly feel like we’ve got two very special people in our life now!  Their RV is this massively large Prevost which is truly amazing inside.   If you’re ever in the New Orleans area, be sure to stay in your RV at Pontchatrain Landing, that’s his park.

We pulled out from their home Tuesday morning.  We headed to Cleveland, Georgia but had an unexpected detour along the way.  Our GPS decided to pull a sneaky trick on us and redirect us down a dirt road with many pot holes which turned out to dead end at a junk yard.  We tried to turn around after we realized there was no RV Resort anywhere around there.  Having a tow vehicle (Boots) attached to Dora makes backing up almost impossible.  Roy got out to detach Boots from Dora.  As he was doing this a man came out of now where and offered to help.  God definitely did provide for us at that moment!  Here’s the road and a couple of pictures of the junk yard (actually more of a junky yard than anything official).


20160920_124155 20160920_125050

That was our special adventure for the day.  Roy and “the man” were able to get us headed in the right direction before long.  When reentering the Yohan Mountain RV Resort’s address in our GPS we learned it was almost an hour away.  That made our day’s drive much longer than we thought it would be.

Along Interstate 85 in South Carolina was a town’s water tower shaped like a Peach. Super cool!


We’re settled at the RV Resort now.  Two things we know we’ll be doing while here are:  1) Go to an Atlanta Braves ball game for the last time in Turner Field. 2) Go to Babyland General Hospital where Cabbage Patch babies are born.  Other local places we’re looking into are: Tallulah Falls, Tallulah Gorge, Jaemor Farms and Loganberry Heritage farm. 

It is hot here in Georgia but we will be here for 10 days so I am hoping it cools down a bit.  We should get to see a lot and get a lot of good resting in as well.  We finally are in an RV park where our RV was easy to level, we have 50 amp, our statellite picks up High Def channels, we have water and are hooked up to sewage!!!  We love the South so much because of this!!  We may never again go above Virginia on the east coast because of all the difficulties with those things.  Because we’ve been able to stay at parks longer and not travel (using diesel) so often it is costing us much less to live.  Yay!!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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09.19.16 What is Boondocker’s Welcome???

bdwnewlogotagMonday, September 19, 2016 – Once upon a time, not so long ago, I did not have a clue what “Boondockers Welcome” was.  Nor did I know what a wonderful thing it would turn out to be! I always want to share RV knowledge with other possibly new RVers to help in their journey so that’s why I’m writing today. A little summary of what it is all about:

Since 2012 Boondockers Welcome has grown to over 1000 North American locations (hosts) that offer RVers free overnight parking on private property.  There are hosts all over the world also.

The host (owners of the property) are asked to offer a legal, free parking space.  Many of them provide electric and water hookups but some don’t.  On the Boondockers Welcome website, we (as guests) can search by state and will find many hosts.  Once we narrow it down to an area within that state, we click on the best location to see the host’s criteria, such as size of RV accepted, whether pets are welcome, as well as if there are any utility hookups available.  They tell a bit about themselves and may post photos of their property and where we would park.

This wonderful site is open to all RVers.  After we find hosts on the map in the area we are looking for and checked out their amenities, we contact them securely through the site.  Host’s true names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses are not provided on the site so the privacy of the host is protected.

We check out any recommendations the host has received to see, if they are people we’d like to stay with!  While writing to them introducing ourselves I usually provide this blog’s web address so they can really check us out. They also check out the recommendations other hosts have left of our visits with them.  I’m happy to say we’ve always gotten great recommendations.  Yes we managed to behave long enough while we were there!  You’d never think that could happen right??!!  When leaving a recommendation for a host, we are instructed to not use the host’s real names or reveal any information that would affect their privacy.

Once they’ve accepted our request to stay we’re set.  We always communicate with them before we arrive to obtain their address, phone number, email and their real names.

Annual membership for Boondockers Welcome is $19.95 for the hosts that can offer an overnight parking location.  It is $24.95 for those who cannot, like us.   Our RVillage Gold Level membership gave us 50 percent off of the $24.95 so for only $12.50 annually we have access to over 1000 homes to park out throughout the United States.

The website address is Boondockers Welcome website.  Here’s a link to a page of testimonials, Boondockers Welcome Testimonials

Roy and I have been blessed enough to stay at four different Boondockers Welcome homes throughout this Northeast journey.  All have allowed us to hook up to 50 amp electricity and most have provided water as well. Even if their host profile showed less than a week long stay, twice we’ve requested to stay a week and both times were told yes.  In both cases we offered to pay for the electricity we used since we were staying longer.

Because our Coast to Coast RV park system requires us to be out of the “system” for 7 days in between free stays at Coast to Coast parks we are always looking for at least one week a month to do that.  Sometimes finding someplace to stay for a week (especially this Northeast journey) this has been difficult to do for us.  Each time we reached out to a Boondockers Welcome family and their willingness to let us stay there was so appreciated!

I won’t use their real names below and will use the state only in the information below.  The actual city/state is usually a few miles from what is shown in Boondockers Welcome to protect their privacy.

First we stayed with Terry and Malcolm in Delaware.  We only stayed one night there but they offered to let us stay longer.


Next we stayed with Marjle1 in Vermont

20160629_195945 20160629_195725 20160629_195352 20160629_195338

Third stay was with Desert Winds in Virginia

20160825_185201 20160823_191950


Right now we are at the home of TCamperman (his display name) in North Carolina

20160916_164845 20160916_164810


All of the hosts are RVers like us.  The ones we’ve stayed with, so far, have not been full timers like we are.  One thing they’ve all had in common was that their properties have all been quite expansive so that we are not parked right by their house.  They’ve all shared with us things to do in their area which is much more meaningful than the list of things to see you may receive in an RV park.  Locals know the right places to visit!!   We’ve also been allowed to roam around their property which has been quite a nice treat!  It is very different from staying in an RV park where there is always activity around us.  The peace and quiet of staying on private property is quite enjoyable!

If you are an RVer this is an absolute must join website.  Next to RVillage.com it is the best resource that has improved our RVing life!  And if you are a Gold Level Member in RVillage.com you can join for under $13.00!  RVillage is free!!!  If you join RVillage.com let us know so we can be friends on the site!!

Here’s another link to Boondockers Welcome if you would like to check it out!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!12321338_1262241907180829_5003690046696591129_n


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09.17.16 Charlotte, North Carolina – The Thompsons and the Billy Graham Library

Saturday, September 17, 2016 – Thursday was a very happy day for Roy and I.  We drove to Charlotte, North Carolina to meet my RVillage boss, Deborah and her husband Aaron!  We’ve worked together for several months but have never been in the same room together!!!  All of the photos in today’s blog can be enlarged by clicking on them.

rvillage_badge_300x200-findusThey live in a 5th wheel in Charlotte, NC which is a little under an hour from where we are staying in Shelby, NC.  We made a detour from driving straight to Atlanta to be close enough to meet them in person. From the minute we first hugged until we said goodbye I felt like I was with a life long friend!  We visited and worked together which was really cool!  She is a very hard working lady and is quite dedicated to RVillage.  I admire that dedication.  Mostly I admire her obvious love for our Lord.


They cooked a delicious lunch for us which we all ate together before Aaron had to leave for work.  While Deborah and I were working and having fun, Roy and Aaron visited and put up with our giggling!  Not really giggling but we were happy to be together!  Roy even took a nap with their precious little doggie, Porsche on his lap.  Porsche is a one of a kind dog!  Precious, tiny, wears cute clothes and is very loved!


Deborah realized as we were leaving that we hadn’t taken any photos of she and I together so we got this one!


We had no idea that Billy Graham’s Library was in this area.  When I found that out we immediately planned to visit the Billy Graham Library after our visit with Deborah and Aaron and left their home around 3 to head over there.


Wow, wow!

If you are not a Christian you might not appreciate the impact this man’s ministry has had on the world.  He spoke the truth in a way that everyone could understand.  His message was always simple and quite clear about who God is and how we can all come to know Him.

If you are a Christian this may need be on your Bucket List!  I am so thankful we had the opportunity to visit there.

I’ve grown up listening to Billy Graham preach. While walking through the Library (which is not really a Library) I was reminded of all those amazing sermons and the words of God that he proclaimed so well in his Billy Graham way. He was so clear and his messages so simple that the world could grasp the love of God.

The tour is free and we were greeted by two ladies opening the door for us which is very appropriately at the foot of a glass cross at the entrance.

The first photo shows the path the tour takes throughout the building.


Aerial view of the Graham home and the Library


Please note the cross in the front of the building below.  The bottom part is the glass door you enter through. It’s almost chilling walking through that door with what “Standing at the foot of the cross” represents


As you walk up to the library you pass through several beautiful gardens all while listening to Just As I Am playing over outdoor speakers.  I wanted to cry tears of joy it was so special!20160915_151309

The tour is partly tour guided and mostly self guided.  The first few rooms are narrated either by the cow talking, a video on the screen or television. Plenty of places to sit down and rest tired feet in these rooms.  bessie-at-billy-graham-library1


One of the guided areas we toured was this old time Billy Graham tent revival.  First picture is the new stand outside the tent.20160915_153210 20160915_153203 20160915_153148

The last rooms were self guided with lots of information and related scriptures on the walls and screens.  20160915_160920 20160915_160153 20160915_160114 20160915_155631Billy Graham reached millions not only in the stadium crusades but on television and radio.  Listening to his interviews with several prominent television hosts was amazing.  His style was always simple and bold! 20160915_154717 20160915_154708Old time television station set up20160915_154636Hour of Decision Radio Studio20160915_154620 20160915_154607rbg 2014-anniversary-bg-rbgOne room was dedicated to his late wife Ruth Bell Graham who passed away several years ago.  These next photos are from that room.  Her parents were missionaries in China (when she was born) which is why they have a Chinese entrance way featured. 20160915_154030 20160915_153820 20160915_153754 Other rooms in the building were the bookstore, restaurant and great country barn scenes

bgruthsattic_0120x920160915_16132020160915_161223After the Library we went to check out a local Farmer’s Market mostly looking for green peanuts to boil.

20160628-100339-largejpg20160915_162724They had rows after rows of amazing produce but we were primarily looking for green peanuts to boil.  Several places at the market we saw dry peanuts but only one with green peanuts and they wanted $5.99 a pound.  Even us newbie peanut boilers knew that was way too high so we didn’t buy anything.

We needed a few things at Walmart so we went there and lo and behold we found a box of green peanuts for only $1.98 a pound and we liked the way they looked.  We bought almost 4 pounds worth. 20160915_180118I cooked the first batch last night in the crock pot with just a bunch of fresh garlic and no salt.  Very easy on the blood pressure and since peanuts are a brain healthy food I can feast away!!

We are use to people thinking we’re weird for taking photographs in the grocery. I know ya’ll are use to it, so here’s one with Roy very happy finding his beloved Bunny Bread again.  We also found Blue Bell for the first time in months!  We are back in the south for sure! Amen!!!

20160915_180312I plan to write next about Boondocker’s Welcome so if you are an RVer I hope this help you some!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!



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09.13.16 Finally! We’ve done it!!

091316-visited-states-mapTuesday, September 13, 2016 – We’ve finally done it.  We’ve visited all of the 48 connected states (or to use a big word, contiguous states) in the United States.

We left Hammond, Louisiana in early May, 2013 and it is now September, 2016.  We’ve taken it slowly and have enjoyed everything we’ve been blessed to see and do.  The people we’ve met along the way were the best part of our travels.

This years journey has taken us 4,635 miles so far (that’s just in Dora.)  We’ll add close to 1,000 more miles to that before we reach home in November.

Our current travel plans have us staying in Shelby, NC for one week at the home of a Boondocker’s Welcome couple.  We won’t be totally boondocking since we’ll have 50 amp service.  A highlight of our time in Shelby is that we’ll get to meet my boss Deborah and her husband Aaron on Thursday!  We’ve only worked together through Skype and email before now.  Ill bring my computer with me and we’ll get to work together in the same room! We have so much in common, our love for our Lord being a big one and I really enjoy working with her.

When we leave Shelby, NC we will go to Cleveland, GA (north of Atlanta) imagesfor 10 days and go to see an Atlanta Braves baseball game.  One of the last games they will play in Turner Field, ever.  A new ballpark is being built for the Braves opening next year!  We’ve loved the Atlanta Braves for years and have visited Turner Field a few times over the years.  They are in last place in the standings this year but that’s okay, it’ll make it easier for us to get tickets!

aa-fall-leaf-changingFrom GA we will go for a week to Dandridge, TN which is near Pigeon Forge, Sevierville and Gatlinburg.  We especially want to go to Dollywood to play while we’re there!  Then on east of there to Crossville, TN for a week. We chose to go to Northern Georgia and Tennessee end of September through mid October because that is when the leaves will be changing colors and I LOVE TO SEE THE LEAVES CHANGING COLORS.

2452452679526b1757a61bc02d6c33b7Our plans past there are open.  We have about a month before we need to be home to go to a Cajun RV Rally in Lafayette, Louisiana so we’ll see where life takes us!  We may go down to the Gulf Coast and hang out there for a while!

Future travels will be short enough to take our granddaughters with us, or for just Roy and I to go for two to three months during the summer.  Our health and our funds will be big factors in how our future travels go!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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