09.01.16 Virginia to South Carolina, What’s been happening??!!

Thursday, September 1, 2016 – The last couple of weeks we’ve taken a step back from being so active.  Part of it was me not feeling too great due to some diabetes and brain problem clashes.  That being figured out and hopefully behind us we can now get on with the adventure.  We also just needed some down time after going non-stop for several weeks.

We had the perfect place to do that in Suffolk, Virginia at Kent and Cindy’s beautiful homestead they call Desert Winds Farm.  All of the photos below are clickable to enlarge them!

20160826_165002Peace and quiet, wide open spaces, peanut fields, beautiful manicured lawns and homes all around the area.  We truly loved it there and could imagine making it our home.  Few places have captured our heart like this one did.

20160823_191950 20160823_192008 20160826_114706

Roy really loved being able to walk out Dora’s door and fly his remote control plane right there!  He flew it so much he burned up the motor!!  Never fear, two replacement motors are on their way!

20160824_183544 20160825_185058 20160825_185107 20160825_185201

The kitty’s there visited us and loved getting scratched with our shoes!


Since we were right next to a multi acre peanut field we were able to pull up enough to boil a whole crock pot of the most delicious Virginia peanuts!  We’ve boiled store bought in a bag peanuts before but there was something special about these that came straight out of the ground to the pot!!

20160826_195800 20160826_195611 20160828_095313 20160827_184501Near our RV was a cleared piece of land with  a fake bear, deer, owl, bunny and gopher.  By the deer and bear were tubes filled with wild animal feed.

20160824_142717 20160824_142739 20160824_142848 20160824_142906 20160824_143054After staying inside for several days not feeling well I got so antsy that we went out for some fresh air and some retail shopping therapy.  We’ve needed a new bedspread since we purchased the RV and today we found one we both like! It is sort of grey but picks up the sage color in our bedroom and looks great with everything in that room.

20160827_123350 20160827_123315One day Roy went out for something and came across this nice old man named George.  He has a good sized farm and one of his crops is watermelons.  He was plowing under some old ones.  Roy offered to buy one from him and George gave him two for free!!!  Here we go with the free fruits and vegetables again!  Loved it!  George came to visit us one day after that.

20160824_151917 20160824_151207Before leaving Virginia we thanked Kent and Cindy for their gracious hospitality letting us stay there for a week.

We then traveled through North Carolina to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina where we will live for two weeks!!  It was a very long drive and both Roy and I arrived there pretty tired.  Roy does the driving but sitting in the passenger seat is tiring too!!! Even if I did spend the first two hours of the trip sleeping in bed while Roy drove!!!  He’s great like that!!

20160830_145730We drove around Myrtle Beach yesterday and saw some of the beautiful beaches here.  We bought a discount coupon book (at a local church) that is filled with buy one get one free dinners and entertainment in this area.  One of the restaurants is Simply Southern Smokehouse, which is where we ate yesterday.  Delicious southern buffet here these two little piggies filled up quite nicely!  All for only $11.95 with the coupon!  Wow!!

20160831_190043 20160831_171127 20160831_170930 20160831_170923The park we are currently in is Briarcliffe RV Resort and is a really nice place.  Cement parking and patio sites all throughout.  About half permanent residents and half folks like us how come for a while.  We drove around here yesterday and checked out the beautiful swimming pool and clubhouse.  We may go to church in the clubhouse Sunday if Trinity’s WiFi is not back up.

briarcliffe-rv-resort-myrtle-beach-sc-map briarcliffe-rv-resort20160831_145704 20160831_145610

20160819_125516I still haven’t written about our amazing time in Washington, DC.  I did on narrowing down the photos and plan to write it in three parts – one part on the Smithsonian Museum of Air and Space, one on the buildings around Washington other than the famous ones and one on the awesome buildings such as the White House, the Capitol, Washington Monument, and the Lincoln Memorial.  Before going there I thought Washington would be just one blog post but after seeing how much more there is there it’s now three!!

While we are in Myrtle Beach we set up appointments to have Dora’s front end aligned, 2 to 6 tires changed, her transmission serviced and an electrical surge protector replaced.  Mega bucks expenses but they are all needed.  We’ll spend a day in the transmission shop and a day at the tire center while we’re here but we get to stay in Dora and just live our regular life in there while they work!  RV life is cool like that!!  You know photos will accompany that story!  Stay tuned!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

snowy boots scripture picture


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