09.19.16 What is Boondocker’s Welcome???

bdwnewlogotagMonday, September 19, 2016 – Once upon a time, not so long ago, I did not have a clue what “Boondockers Welcome” was.  Nor did I know what a wonderful thing it would turn out to be! I always want to share RV knowledge with other possibly new RVers to help in their journey so that’s why I’m writing today. A little summary of what it is all about:

Since 2012 Boondockers Welcome has grown to over 1000 North American locations (hosts) that offer RVers free overnight parking on private property.  There are hosts all over the world also.

The host (owners of the property) are asked to offer a legal, free parking space.  Many of them provide electric and water hookups but some don’t.  On the Boondockers Welcome website, we (as guests) can search by state and will find many hosts.  Once we narrow it down to an area within that state, we click on the best location to see the host’s criteria, such as size of RV accepted, whether pets are welcome, as well as if there are any utility hookups available.  They tell a bit about themselves and may post photos of their property and where we would park.

This wonderful site is open to all RVers.  After we find hosts on the map in the area we are looking for and checked out their amenities, we contact them securely through the site.  Host’s true names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses are not provided on the site so the privacy of the host is protected.

We check out any recommendations the host has received to see, if they are people we’d like to stay with!  While writing to them introducing ourselves I usually provide this blog’s web address so they can really check us out. They also check out the recommendations other hosts have left of our visits with them.  I’m happy to say we’ve always gotten great recommendations.  Yes we managed to behave long enough while we were there!  You’d never think that could happen right??!!  When leaving a recommendation for a host, we are instructed to not use the host’s real names or reveal any information that would affect their privacy.

Once they’ve accepted our request to stay we’re set.  We always communicate with them before we arrive to obtain their address, phone number, email and their real names.

Annual membership for Boondockers Welcome is $19.95 for the hosts that can offer an overnight parking location.  It is $24.95 for those who cannot, like us.   Our RVillage Gold Level membership gave us 50 percent off of the $24.95 so for only $12.50 annually we have access to over 1000 homes to park out throughout the United States.

The website address is Boondockers Welcome website.  Here’s a link to a page of testimonials, Boondockers Welcome Testimonials

Roy and I have been blessed enough to stay at four different Boondockers Welcome homes throughout this Northeast journey.  All have allowed us to hook up to 50 amp electricity and most have provided water as well. Even if their host profile showed less than a week long stay, twice we’ve requested to stay a week and both times were told yes.  In both cases we offered to pay for the electricity we used since we were staying longer.

Because our Coast to Coast RV park system requires us to be out of the “system” for 7 days in between free stays at Coast to Coast parks we are always looking for at least one week a month to do that.  Sometimes finding someplace to stay for a week (especially this Northeast journey) this has been difficult to do for us.  Each time we reached out to a Boondockers Welcome family and their willingness to let us stay there was so appreciated!

I won’t use their real names below and will use the state only in the information below.  The actual city/state is usually a few miles from what is shown in Boondockers Welcome to protect their privacy.

First we stayed with Terry and Malcolm in Delaware.  We only stayed one night there but they offered to let us stay longer.


Next we stayed with Marjle1 in Vermont

20160629_195945 20160629_195725 20160629_195352 20160629_195338

Third stay was with Desert Winds in Virginia

20160825_185201 20160823_191950


Right now we are at the home of TCamperman (his display name) in North Carolina

20160916_164845 20160916_164810


All of the hosts are RVers like us.  The ones we’ve stayed with, so far, have not been full timers like we are.  One thing they’ve all had in common was that their properties have all been quite expansive so that we are not parked right by their house.  They’ve all shared with us things to do in their area which is much more meaningful than the list of things to see you may receive in an RV park.  Locals know the right places to visit!!   We’ve also been allowed to roam around their property which has been quite a nice treat!  It is very different from staying in an RV park where there is always activity around us.  The peace and quiet of staying on private property is quite enjoyable!

If you are an RVer this is an absolute must join website.  Next to RVillage.com it is the best resource that has improved our RVing life!  And if you are a Gold Level Member in RVillage.com you can join for under $13.00!  RVillage is free!!!  If you join RVillage.com let us know so we can be friends on the site!!

Here’s another link to Boondockers Welcome if you would like to check it out!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!12321338_1262241907180829_5003690046696591129_n


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