09.20.16 A couple of GREAT days in Shelby, NC

Tuesday, September 20, 2016 – The last two days of our stay in Shelby, NC were great and I want to share them with ya’ll!

Sunday morning we followed Dorothy (our Boondockers Welcome host) to their church, First Baptist Church Shelby, in downtown Shelby.  Very large old church, established in 1847.  I don’t believe I’ve ever attended a Worship service in a church building that old.  The building itself was beautiful but the Worship service (the whole thing, music, sermon, more music!) was much more beautiful!  You know me and snapping pictures everywhere, well I behaved at their church Sunday and took no photos.  These are photos I found on the internet.

dc212bf6-82ff-48a0-9a31-4dd1f89fcbe4  2015-10-06_0002

They have a much larger choir than we do at home.  They sang an amazing song along with a soloist.  The song is “We Are Not Alone” by Pepper Choplin.  I can’t stop hearing it play.  What a beautiful thought that with Christ as our Lord and Savior we are truly never alone.  One of their church members, her sister and a friend sang as a trio, “I’m Gonna Make It”, by Garon Davis.

I hope to have a link to Sunday’s Worship Service soon.  Check back if you are interested.

Not only was the music totally Worshipful but the Sermon about “Can we be honest about grief” was perfect.  I needed to hear a lot of what their pastor, Tony Trench had to say.  I’ve never heard a choir praise the Lord like our own church choir at Trinity.  This one was up there with our gang.  Anyone singing anything to the Lord is beautiful no matter how they actually sound.  But when the music being sung gives you a feel of being in the presence of our Lord, that’s special.

Their daughter Katie Graves was in church Sunday and we got to meet her.  Her dad, Tommy, send me a link to her blog which is great and I’d like to share with ya’ll.  Click on Katie’s photo to get to her blog. meet_katie2A young, much loved Shelby Police officer was killed last Monday, the day before we arrived.  Officer Timothy Brackeen was killed while trying to serve a warrant on someone.  They apprehended the killer in another state, later in the week.  All over town were signs about prayers for the officers family.  Please be in prayer for Officer Brackeen’s family.  This was in front of their church:


Tommy and Dorothy are quite active in their church.  One of the things they do that I found exceptional is this.  On many acres of land in the area they grow white potatoes and sweet potatoes to give to needy people.  Through Salvation Army, Food Banks, etc.  They’ve done this for several years and I feel like that is such a great ministry that helps so many.

We talked to Tommy throughout the week and one day he invited us to eat dinner with them our last night there, Monday.  That was Day 2 of our GREAT last two days!


They cooked an amazing North Carolina Style BBQ dinner for us topped off by the most amazing banana pudding!!!  We got to enjoy several local food items with them.  We must have visited a couple of hours before dinner and maybe just as long during dinner.  I honestly could have stayed all night at their dinner table visiting with them.  We enjoyed talking about RVing, gospel music, their church, ministries and our lives.  I truly feel like we’ve got two very special people in our life now!  Their RV is this massively large Prevost which is truly amazing inside.   If you’re ever in the New Orleans area, be sure to stay in your RV at Pontchatrain Landing, that’s his park.

We pulled out from their home Tuesday morning.  We headed to Cleveland, Georgia but had an unexpected detour along the way.  Our GPS decided to pull a sneaky trick on us and redirect us down a dirt road with many pot holes which turned out to dead end at a junk yard.  We tried to turn around after we realized there was no RV Resort anywhere around there.  Having a tow vehicle (Boots) attached to Dora makes backing up almost impossible.  Roy got out to detach Boots from Dora.  As he was doing this a man came out of now where and offered to help.  God definitely did provide for us at that moment!  Here’s the road and a couple of pictures of the junk yard (actually more of a junky yard than anything official).


20160920_124155 20160920_125050

That was our special adventure for the day.  Roy and “the man” were able to get us headed in the right direction before long.  When reentering the Yohan Mountain RV Resort’s address in our GPS we learned it was almost an hour away.  That made our day’s drive much longer than we thought it would be.

Along Interstate 85 in South Carolina was a town’s water tower shaped like a Peach. Super cool!


We’re settled at the RV Resort now.  Two things we know we’ll be doing while here are:  1) Go to an Atlanta Braves ball game for the last time in Turner Field. 2) Go to Babyland General Hospital where Cabbage Patch babies are born.  Other local places we’re looking into are: Tallulah Falls, Tallulah Gorge, Jaemor Farms and Loganberry Heritage farm. 

It is hot here in Georgia but we will be here for 10 days so I am hoping it cools down a bit.  We should get to see a lot and get a lot of good resting in as well.  We finally are in an RV park where our RV was easy to level, we have 50 amp, our statellite picks up High Def channels, we have water and are hooked up to sewage!!!  We love the South so much because of this!!  We may never again go above Virginia on the east coast because of all the difficulties with those things.  Because we’ve been able to stay at parks longer and not travel (using diesel) so often it is costing us much less to live.  Yay!!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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