09.27.16 Anna Ruby Falls in Helen, Georgia

20160926_150944Tuesday, September 27, 2016 – During our return visit to Helen, Georgia on Monday we drove out to Anna Ruby Falls.

These beautiful falls are located in the Chattahoochee National Forest. There is a $3 per person park entry fee wich we did not have to pay because we have a Senior Pass for National Forests and Parks. The water cascading over the drop offs is created by two creeks. The Curtis Creek falls drop 153 feet and the York Creek falls are a much shorter but still spectacular 50 feet. The water at the bottom of the falls is then considered to be part of Smith Creek which flows into and forms Smith Lake – the centerpiece of Unicoi State Park.

To get to the visitors center you will need to drive through Unicoi State Park which is quite pretty in itself.

20160926_145854 20160926_145912It is a bit of a hike to get to the falls, but I have to tell you, people of ALL ages were doing it. So off Roy and I went along the almost half mile hike to the Falls.  There were plenty of places to rest along the way, and the park is very well cared for.  20160926_152229 20160926_152240 20160926_152420 20160926_152617This is worn out old Rosalyn halfway up the hike taking advantage of one of the many stone benches along the way!  Even though the hikes are difficult, even the easiest of hikes, what we’ve gotten to see always more than makes up for the exhaustion!!  20160926_153103 20160926_153725_001 Majestic Anna Ruby Falls – Tumbling down from Tray Mountain, Curtis and York Creeks flow over exposed granite to form two extraordinary waterfalls.  The taller of the two, drops 153 feet, while York creek joins it with a 50 foot drop.  Together they form Smith Creek at the base of the hills.  Colonel Jon H Nichols found the water falls and named them Anna Ruby, after his only daughter. 20160926_154521 20160926_154523 20160926_155032I’ve resized my photos in this blog to where they start out larger than before.   I’m hoping just seeing them here like this gives you a better idea of the beauty we’re seeing without having to click to enlarge.  They are clickable still in case you really want to wow and ooh and ahhh!!

Next I’ll be writing about the time we spent strolling through downtown Helen, Georgia.  The other day I wrote about our drive through there and what we saw around there on Monday.  On Tuesday we spent time exploring the shops and all there is to see!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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