09.28.16 The unique Alpine like town of Helen, Georgia

Wednesday, September 28, 2016 –  Strolling around Helen, Georgia before we headed to Anna Ruby Falls was a delight and a bunch of fun!  First up are photos of the towns beauty.  From the creek running through the town to the unique Alpine buildings all throughout the town the place is really nice!

20160926_14172820160926_14182620160926_141922 20160926_132845 20160926_132010 20160926_130534 20160926_131518The neat and sometimes odd things we saw in the many shops we strolled through deserved being shared! First was inside the Hansel & Gretel Candy Kitchen.  Talk about luring this little boy and girl in and we went sooo willing

20160926_13185720160926_131652 On we went to other shops where we found pretty drug paraphernalia labeled “For Smoking Cigarettes” Right!

20160926_133425Tben there was Moonshine scented candles!

20160926_132425One Christmas shop had an amazing Santa and one that was right up us RVers alley!

20160926_141333 20160926_141213The same shop had amazing cuckoo clocks at amazing prices – like $800 each!

20160926_141540 20160926_141553Real Alpine clothing and decorations were found in other stores.

20160926_141639 20160926_141631My dear wonderful loving husband said this might be a tshirt I needed to buy!   Hummmmm, haven’t seen him lately have we!20160926_132651Next I’ll write about our visit to one of my bucket list places – Seeing the Atlanta Braves play  one last game at Turner Field in Atlanta, Georgia.  Checked that one off the list and I’ll share our fun there with ya’ll next.  We are leaving Friday headed to Tennessee for three weeks! I am really hoping I’ll have lots of photos of fall leaf color changing to share!!  And of course there is also Dollywood!!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!




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