10.24.16 Mississippi Gulf Coast – Fall 2016

Monday, October 24, 2016 – Well here we are back on the Mississippi Gulf Coast at our home park in the Coast to Coast System, TLC Wolf River RV Resort. They are all decorated for Halloween and the grassy areas along the river are again just beautiful.

20161021_144718 20161021_144555 20161021_144406 20161021_144002 20161020_100648

It does not matter how many times we come here, when we turn on to the Beach road which is Highway 90, I just start snapping pictures. It is so beautiful I am taking pictures like we’ve never been there before. Friday evening we decided to go to Treasure Bay Casino in Biloxi, our favorite dungeness crab buffet with many other seafoods and just downright comfort foods. The ride there was just beautiful.

20161021_154231 20161021_155935 20161021_160955

The food was delicious!

Dungeness Crabs and Snow Crabs

20161021_161847 20161021_161851

Hot boiled shrimp!20161021_161916

Fried Okra, Creamed Spinish, Frog Legs (gag…..) and something I think Mussels which is weird here in Louisiana.20161021_161921

Roy picks the meat out of his crabs and fills up these cups pouring clarified melted butter over them. In the second photo he put the crabmeat on top of some fresh baked fish for a delicious combination!!!20161021_171552 20161021_172041

We ate so much that we took a walk out to the pool to rest there before heading home. They have a pool where one end seems to have no end. It is really beautiful and I enjoyed checking it out!


20161021_175821 20161021_175843

The ride home was even more beautiful. As the sun was setting, the gulf water was a brilliant light blue, the sky was amazing pink and the sun going down to the right had a golden glow.


20161021_181815 20161021_181801 20161021_181630

We haven’t previously gone out on the coast at that time of the evening, but after seeing this amazing site it may be a frequent drive for us to take!

We lit our first campfire of the cool weather season yesterday while we bundled up outside. We watched LSU have their way with Ole Miss and a pot of peanuts was cooking!


Roy went to Hammond today to take care of some errands and to get in some remote control flying time. I stayed home to work. Chip, Misty, Madisyn and Kallie met him at the flying field for a joyous reunion. Grannie did get to Skype with everyone. Roy’s cousin Chris Fox was there and let Madisyn fly using a buddy system (that’s what Roy calls it). Here’s a picture of Chris, Madisyn and Roy all holding controllers flying.


You know when you start seeing pictures of Madisyn we are getting close to home! She grows way too much when we’re gone.

Roy and I enjoyed the beautiful cool morning and evening here today. We spent most of the day outside working on a difficult puzzle of Rosie the Riveter! Our old eyes see the subtle color variations much better out in the daylight!!! We’re going to the beach tomorrow to play! More on that later!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!



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