01.12.17 P – NU – MONIA

Thursday, January 12, 2017 – Last time I wrote about how on Christmas weekend Roy started feeling congested and slept most of the time.  On Monday and Tuesday after Christmas he felt well enough to go to work.  On Wednesday the congestion got much worse and he went to our family doctor’s office on Thursday.  He saw the Physicians Assistant for this visit.  Acute Bronchitis was the diagnosis and he was given antibiotics, steroids and a cough medicine.  For the next few days he slept constantly and coughed constantly and got no better.  There was no recheck appointment available at our doctor’s office so they recommended he go to the North Oaks Walk In Clinic.

20170103_123948Dr. Foster, at the Walk In Clinic, was wonderful and very caring!  They checked him for Strep and Flu and both were negative.  He had a chest xray and two breathing treatments while we were there.  He was given five prescriptions for stronger antibiotics, stronger steroids, stronger cough medicine, an inhaler and another medicine.  During the appointment Dr. Foster felt Roy’s diagnosis was asthmatic bronchitis.   The following morning I received a phone call from Dr. Foster.  The radiologist read Roy’s chest xrays and found pneumonia in the bottom of both lungs. So we then knew it is pneumonia.  Roy calls it P – Nu – Monia, hence the title of this post.

As God is always overlooking our welfare, we already had an appointment with our regular doctor for the end of last week on Friday.  The appointment was suppose to be for us to get refills on our multitude of medicines we take.   As it turns out, 20170106_125737both of us were sick and needed to see our doctor that day for sickness.  Mine turned out to be quite minor compared to Roys but since I live with Roy in a rather confined space I was put on an antibiotic so mine didn’t turn into what he has.  Our always amazing doctor, Dr. Hugo Valdes (handsomest doctor in Hammond),  checked both of us out really well.  Roy was given even stronger antibiotics to take when the second round is finished. We have a breathing machine since I have asthma and have needed it in the past.  We didn’t have any usable medicine to go in it so Dr. Valdes gave Roy a prescription for that.


Dr. Valdes has some concern about the spots seen on the xrays in Roy’s lungs.  He gave Roy a follow chest x ray order for a month from now.  If all is clear then we’re good to go.  If there is something still there, Roy will have to address that.  This sickness gave Roy a good reason to stop smoking and I ask that everyone pray he will be able to stick to that resolution.

Finally on Monday of this week, Roy felt well enough to go back to work.  Praise God for getting him through this.  He still coughs a bit and regularly uses the breathing machine but his color and energy level is greatly improved.

Roy’s 66th birthday was Tuesday of this week.  our oldest son’s children called Roy to sing him Happy Birthday and Madisyn called wishing him a Happy Birthday.  Both very special phone calls!  Sunday after church we will celebrate his birthday with Chip’s family.  His birthday present is a new remote control plane, an Apprentice.  Much larger than the one he’s been flying. I’m hoping to see him fly it really soon!


My cough lingers and I’d like to slap it out of me often.  At our recent visit Dr. Valdes prescribed an additional dementia medicine, Namenda, for me.  It works with Aricept (which I already take) to provide clearer thinking and clearer memory.  It’s not going to stop the dementia, it just allows me to be more like me while it is working.  Any delay that can slow down the decline is quite welcomed! At 62 years old I’ll take that! Please pray that it works for me like it is suppose to.

The owner of one of the houses Roy is working on gave him a zero turn radius lawnmower!  It needs some TLC but Roy is more than able to handle all of that. Big thanks to this generous man!


Just one week until President Elect Donald Trump takes office!!!!  Whoot, whoot!!!

On Wednesday our youngest son, Chip, came to Amite and took me out to lunch at the Chinese Buffet on his day off!  We don’t often get to do that so it was very nice to spend some quiet time just visiting and catching up!  Thanks Chip!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!13015693_10154139309414939_5316847388900755510_n


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2 thoughts on “01.12.17 P – NU – MONIA

  1. May prayers are with Roy but I thought he quit smoking when he got his teeth worked on a while back. The best advice anyone had given me, was put yourself off. Do not say I cannot smoke. Say, rather, I can have one later if I choose. Say that every time the urge hits and get busy doing something that will distract you. Nothing is being given up. Everything is being gained. I will feel better and I will be healthier and I will live longer. In 5 years my lungs will look like I never ever smoked. May God grant Roy the grace to forget why he ever wanted to smoke and even feel it is appalling. XO


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