01.15.17 Hey honey, climb out the RV window. Sure honey!!

Sunday, January 15, 2017 – We have a leak in the top of the passenger side slide out in our motor home.  It’s only a problem when we have day after day of driving hard rains. The water leaks down to the carpet which winds up being wet.  Leaks in an RV are not something to mess with so Roy set out this morning to tackle this and put an end to the leak.

While working on it he knocked on the window and asked me to climb into the window putting my butt on the bottom of the frame and sticking my head outside.  I did that and held the rolled up awning so he could roll it back and expose the top of the slide.  Here I am doing my helpful helping!


This is where the covering of the slide comes into the RV.  When it gets wet the moisture goes on down to the carpet20170114_125046

Here’s Roy cleaning the top of the slide prepping it for sealing.

20170114_115118 20170114_115307 20170114_115253

Roy will be putting a couple of different sealants on the top of the slide to stop future water from coming inside. He’s a cool guy like that!

Some of the TLC that our amazing gift of a riding lawnmower needed


Look at Roy’s super cool birthday cake!  Brown’s Cake Shop in Amite is the bomb! They are just a little hole in the wall shop with odd hours, no advertising, and they only accept cash, yet I counted at least 10 cars pulling in or out just in the short while I was there picking up the cake!  The quality of their product speaks loutly!


I’ll close with this adorable king cake baby!  Only in Louisiana would someone think to do this!


I have a very personal unspoken prayer request that I ask you all to raise up to the Lord when you read this.  He’s knows and only He can make a difference.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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