02.16.17 While sitting down by the pond

gods-blessingsThursday, February 16, 2017 – While sitting down by the pond just now reading, it struck me the amount of blessings God gives me each day.  My little world has lots of beauty to see and lots of quiet to enjoy. Some days I fuss and fuss about the quiet, when it gets boring, but I shouldn’t.  I need the peace and solitude our life gives me.  As much as I have always loved interacting with people it is now something that wears me down fast because it takes a lot of brain power.  I still do it dad gum it and will continue doing it till I can’t!  But it takes some down time afterwards for things to get back to normal.  So the solitude of our little world here in Amite (or wherever we travel to) is something I’m sure God has blessed me with!

Our oak trees have shed enough leaves for me to rake up and create piles around the base of our fig and satsuma trees.

Sitting by the pond reading and soaking up sunshine several fish jumped up out of the pond and back down in creating amazing circles of water.

The book I’m reading by Nora Roberts, Genuine Lies, just unveiled a plot twist I did not see coming.  This is a little how I looked when I read the twist.


I’m still recovering from the shock and if time permits will get back to the book.

My balance is not always really good (brain thing) so going out to the pond is a bit of an adventure for me when I’m by myself.  Having the rake with me gave me something to lean on.  Lots and lots of tiny limbs are all over the place from the recent strong rains and wind.  I raked up a bunch into a few piles to keep the walking trips down to a minimum.


The flowers are starting to bloom more and lots of the bulb are shooting up out of the ground.  Fig trees (see one below) and satsuma trees are blooming fresh green leaves.  The rose bushes are getting fuller and fuller with fresh leaves. I love the blooms and sprouts that signal Spring is on its way.


I spent some time pulling weeds from around my flower gardens and rewrote names of states on our medium sized rocks we’ve collected in our travels.  It got down into the 30s last night so I’m glad I piled pine straw on lots of the delicate plants. Click on the photos to see the rocks with all the states names on them.  This is one of my favorite adventures when we travel, collecting rocks!

20170215_171056 20170215_171140

I enjoy watching  the news throughout the day on Fox News, Dish Channel 205, not the local Fox channel.  Their news is very fair and balanced.  They are supportive of President Trump and share truly good and true news while always allowing the opposition an opportunity to share their side. Later I watch the local and national news channels.  The select snippets that these channels share are always negatively slanted while rarely sharing the great strides this administration has made to fulfilling many campaign promises.  I’ve always believed that if it is on the news it is true.  I don’t believe that any longer.

Roy and I went to the remote control flying field Sunday after having a wonderful lunch with our son Chip’s family at China Palace. Roy’s getting pretty good at flying his new birthday present plane.  He did crash it last week but ordered replacement parts and it’s back in the air this week!


What a wonderful Sunday worship service we had at Trinity last Sunday.  Take a look at this beautiful congregation! We met yesterday to celebrate the love of God and His love through our lives. Our pastor, Rev. Bob Adams, went down into the baptismal and took a group photo of all of us there Sunday.  We had a great crowd for our Celebrate Love Sunday.  Lots of us wore red which shows quite well in the photo!   Roy and I are on the fifth row from the front.

trinity-celebrate-love-sundayI know this wasn’t a tantilizing post about somewhere we’ve traveled through but it is our life!  And documenting it here helps me remember it!

Thanks to all the wonderful people in our life who keep life interesting for us!  We’re heading to St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans (Uptown New Orleans) Saturday to ride a streetcar, see the beautiful homes in the Garden District and catch some beads and doubloons at some Mardi Gras parades.  Mardi Gras is a season in New Orleans of over two weeks having multiple parades each day.  I’ll share with you all the sights and sounds we experience this Saturday.  Chauvin Family Time in New Orleans!!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

Another one of my creations using God’s beautiful words.



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