03.04.17 Soap Suds, stolen debit card, Easter chocolates, and stuff!

Saturday, March 4, 2017 – After living in our motor home for over four years and washing clothes in our Splendide Washer/Dryer combo unit every day, I finally got the right detergent.

splendideAbout a year after getting our new Splendide I started hearing sudsing while it was washing and while it was drying. And, the dryer started taking longer to dry.

Amazing hubby Roy looked into it and found I was using too much liquid detergent. I use 2 tsp!!!!!

Also the unit does not have a lint filter so that was building up and slowing down the drying. After researching the problem, Roy found the fix was a combination of cleaning cycles followed by vacuuming out the washing/drying drum several times.

He also learned that the best detergent to use in our little unit is a very low sudsing powder detergent made by………….. Splendide! Here’s a pic of the small box we bought, with the small bowl I’m keeping a ready supply in along with a small measuring cup. The maximum amount I should use is the lowest mark on the tiny cup. What you see in the cup is all that it takes to wash a full load and I just love it!


No excess sudsing and the clothes are drying quicker! We’re still learning things everyday about our RV life!

This past week my bank debit card information was stolen. I still have the card but somehow someone got enough information to chargecredit-card-thief over $600 worth of things to the card. I rarely get up first thing in the morning and check our bank account but I did on Wednesday and found four charges against my card that I knew I didn’t make. I immediately sent our wonderful banker Barbara an email about it. She closed my debit card right away and called me. I also got a call from the Whitney Fraud department letting me know they suspected something wrong with the purchases. Within an hour all the money was back in my account and the charges were rejected back to where they came from.

I am so thankful that we bank at an institution that takes such good care of their customers. Again, thanks to Barbara Davis and the fraud department at Whitney Bank. Of course I forgot my debit card was cancelled and just tried to use it at Dollar General. DENIED!!! Thank goodness for having another credit card on me. What would a girl do without a way to spend money!

20170303_140658Years ago my friend/neighbor Gerry and I would get together and make homemade Easter chocolates for our children. Over 30 years have passed since then but I decided to do it again. First let me say this is absolutely not a cost saving thing to attempt. So many supplies are needed. Foil wrappers in multiple colors, sucker sticks, sucker clear wrappers and ties, several molds for making different designed eggs, peanut butter cups and suckers. Then there is the dozen or so bags of milk chocolate, white chocolate and various colors of chocolate discs, fillings for some of the eggs, colorful decorations for some of the eggs and I think that is it. Next week I’ll be working on making these cool concoctions for my grandchildren and of course my husband who is eyeing it all while drooling!

My hubby Roy is ALWAYS working on something. When we built the house and he built the storage building we did not run electricity to it. He is now doing that so we can have lights and a plug in there. He’s hand digging a 150 foot long trench to lay the wiring in.


Okay here’s one of those “What were we thinking” moments. Roy saw this hammock stand at a job site and bought it. We ordered what we thought would be the perfect hammock for the stand. I love swinging in a hammock so this has been a desire to have for quite a while.


Here’s Roy taking the hammock out of it’s bag.20170228_150819

And here is Roy laying in the hammock while his back and butt lay on top of the bottom of the metal frame! I tried it first and it did the same thing. We raised the height of the hammock as much as we could but there will be no swinging in this hammock by us two big kids! Not sure what we’ll do at this point but it looks mighty tempting sitting out there by the pond!20170228_172600

My most recent puzzle undertaking. Donuts in all flavors. I only lost two pieces in the course of putting it together and I didn’t eat one donut!20170303_135208

The three rose bushes in the front yard are really blooming away. I love these first blooms of spring! 20170304_132843

The fig trees are full of leaves – yay!!


Our precious granddaughter Madisyn Ann Chauvin turns 8 years old today!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADISYN! Her bowling birthday party is tomorrow so you know where we’ll be!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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