03.10.17 What a week!

Monday, March 13, 2017 – What a week this has been!

Last Sunday was our last Sunday with Bro. Bob and Mrs. Janice Adams at Trinity Baptist Church. His health is telling him to step back. After all he’s really already retired.  We will miss both of them terribly.  Their genuine love for our church members has shown in everything they’ve done.  Thank you for your 18 months of dedication to our little church, Trinity Baptist Church! This first picture is of the two of them visiting together before the service started.

Ms. Janice has served as our church pianist and we have been blessed by so many Sundays of beautiful piano playing.

We enjoyed Dinner on the Grounds after the morning worship service.  Baptists love to cook and eat together.  Our youth building (photos below) was flooded during the floods last year and is still in the process of being rebuilt.  The amount of food we had Sunday was over the top enormous.  We could have eaten, gone back to church for a while, and then eaten again with lots left over!

We had such a crowd that many sat outside to eat!

25 different desserts!

Roy and I headed over to Madisyn’s 8th birthday party after church.  Tangi Bowling Lanes was the birthday party location.  The adults had a lane and the children had a lane.  I watched, they bowled! It’s terribly fun watching children bowl!

Madisyn and Haylee

Roy and Misty’s granddaughter Raylynn

Chip bowling

Roy getting ready to bowl

Misty watching Madisyn bowl

Friends and family

Misty’s cousin Connor was so adorable bowling!

Madisyn and her chocolate ice cream and chocolate cake!

The official lighting of the candles!

We get home from Sunday’s festivities to find my mostly new laptop wasn’t working right.  Off Roy went back to Hammond to Best Buy to have it fixed.  Out comes my back up laptop so I could finish up my weekend RVillage work.  As of today we’re still waiting to get it back.  I miss that laptop that takes such good care of me!

After a very busy Sunday I got up early Monday to drive to Hammond for blood work and a doctor’s visit.  Once those were done I got lost in the world of Hobby Lobby!!  Roy calls them Trinkets and Trash but they are my beloved trinkets!

Next was lunch with my long time dear friend Chrissie.  We go to church together and worked in the same office for several years.  She’s the only person I’ve ever been able to go on a diet with and be successful.  What a wonderful time it was catching up on a few years of all that’s gone on in our life.  Thanks Chrissie for being a dear friend and putting up with me!

Then I went by our office at Southeastern and visited with Donna and Jacqueline.  Saw lots of other friends like Andre, Lamont and Becky.  It was great, as always, visiting with those special people.

On to the grocery from there for something I’ve never had happen before.  When I checked out and got out to the parking lot to unload the groceries I realized I didn’t have some candy I purchased.  I went right back into the store and they were no where to be found.  When I got home I realized it was probably a couple of bags of food that didn’t make it.  A couple of days worth of dinner food and the candy.

Roy worked all day Saturday and Monday finishing digging the 150 foot long ditch and installing an outdoor spotlight aimed towards the pond, an indoor light and an indoor electrical outlet.

Our eight blue berry bushes are filling up quickly with leaves and tiny blooms!

The very busy Sunday and Monday lead to a difficult brain day midweek with my wonderful hubby picking up the pieces.  Thankfully a good night’s sleep Wednesday brought on a much happier and brighter Thursday.  God is so good and I feel his love for me each time this happens.  What would I do without Him and my hubby Roy!

Roy started having a pain on the side of his left foot about a week ago and it got so bad on Wednesday we went to the podiatrist.  Nothing broken or torn but the way Roy walks on that foot has affected that one point (and others as seen on the xrays) to the point where it was painful.  Dr. Allen recommended two brands of tennis shoes Asics and Saucony that could be purchased at Academy.  He said the shoes Roy was wearing were way past worn out and weren’t giving him any support.  We went over to Academy and picked out a great pair of Asics which seem already to be helping the pain and will helpfully get his foot to stay in the correct position.

Thursday may have been a better day for me but for my honey Roy it was event filled long all day.  First thing around 6:30 am on Highway 16 Roy ran into a lady’s car that pulled out unexpectedly onto Hwy 16.  She said the sunlight was in her eyes and she didn’t see him.  He came home, checked out Boots (our truck) and started making calls. The front passengers side tire blew out and the rear tire sidewall was ripped during the accident but did not go flat. Roy put our spare on the front.  One the way home he could tell it pulled badly to the right.  When he got a hold of their insurance company, thankfully State Farm, they told him all his options.  We decided what to do and they made an appointment for him at a State Farm claims office in Baton Rouge.  Before leaving for there he called Total Tires where we got Dora’s new shoes (tires) about a week ago to see if they carried the tires he’d need.  They had to order them but had them in their shop within a couple of hours. After finishing with the State Farms claims office he went to Total Tires, got two new tires including new tire rod ends and had the front end aligned.

After finishing up with all that he checked on his constructions jobs then came home.  I have to tell you  how very proud I am of how “on top” of everything he was yesterday even though the accident did shake him up.  Boots is now greatly improved and ready for when we get back on the road again!

Last week I showed ya’ll the box of candy making supplies I received.  Late last week I got started.  I forgot how fun this is and had a wonderful afternoon creating chocolate goodies for my sons and their families.   I’ll work on a few each day that time is available till they are all made.  I made a special plate of chocolate and toffee eggs for Roy to enjoy when he came home yesterday.  He gave the thumbs up on them!

I’ve made my own Christmas gift cards for a few years and decided to create my own birthday cards for my family this year. I loved doing this.  The shopping for several supplies to be used in putting together around 20 birthday cards is so much fun!  I check out every clearance area in all craft and regular stores.  Putting each one together gave me some time to think about and also pray for each person who I was making a card for.  I even addressed each envelope and put their birthday in the upper right corner where the stamp will go.   These are the cards I made for our oldest son’s children.  I’m hopeful everyone likes them and knows I love them!

End of last week till today, Monday, was fairly quiet!  I found a new program Adobe Spark to use for creating graphics like the one below.  I’m liking it a lot so far!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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