03.23.17 What a Day!

Thursday, March 23, 2017 – What a Day!!!  Not today, but last Thursday.  When my tiny brain starts hiccuping and sputtering I can’t write. but it’s working quite well today so here I am!

My son Chip and his lovely daughter Madisyn came to visit and I had a prescription refilling break through that made me giddy with happiness!  Yes happiness is found in old age when your prescription filling goes well!

Ms. Madisyn had a little procedure done on Wednesday so she stayed home with her daddy on Thursday and they so graciously paid Grannie a smile popping visit! When that little girl puts her arms around me and gives me her special love there is nothing wrong in my world!  She couldn’t run around and play so we stayed inside and only went outside to pick roses.

This is what a peanut butter waffle looks like before the peanut butter melts at Waffle House. My favorite is blueberry but they didn’t have that!

They arrived bearing a wonderful meal from Waffle House.  Peanut Butter Waffles and bacon was mine and I ate every delicious bite!!

I showed she and Chip all the chocolate Easter candy I’ve made so far and their eyes got really big!!  Madisyn and I dipped pretzels in white chocolate and sprinkled them with heart sprinkles.  She’s such a great little helper and we had so much fun doing it.  I sent them home with a small bag of candies but I’m not sure how many were shared with Misty and Kallie!

Madisyn has these two little baby dolls that she treats like her very own real children.  They go everywhere with her (yes even the bowling alley for her birthday.)  She spent all the cash presents she got for her birthday on clothing for the babies.  They are very well dressed.  They came with her and before we could start our chocolate fun she changed the babies out of their sleeping clothes and put them in their day time clothes, propped them up on the sofa to watch us and then we got started!!!  She’s using one of her paint brushes to clean something off Mason’s eyelashes in the first photo!!!

When she spotted the rose bushes out our window, she asked if she could clip one to take to Misty so before they left we did that.  She found one for Misty, one for Kallie, one for herself and two little buds for her babies.  I taught she and Chip about the importance of snipping off the “dead head” that remains after all the rose petals fell off each flower.  They need to be snipped periodically to encourage more rose growth.  She and Chip worked on snipping until all three bushes in the front were done.  I love passing on my love and interest in growing plants of all kinds with Madisyn.  She thinks nothing of throwing a banana peel into a garden to help provide nutrients to the soil!  That’s my little gardener granddaughter!!

The bushes right in front of our house are blooming so well after being cut back drastically this winter that I have to share this pic!

Needless to say I was on top of the world after their brief visit!

Later in the afternoon I tackled researching getting our medicines in the form of individual daily (morning and evening) packs instead of individual pill bottles.  Unfortunately I take several medicines and Roy takes a few.  I have started having difficulties putting our medicines together in the little daily pill containers.  I’d seen on television companies that offer to put the medicines in a handy dandy little pouch, organized by date and time.  That way there is no potential of me making an error in our medicines.

I called my health insurance company to find out companies that offer this service.  They said I have to find a company to do that and they will let me know if they participate in my insurance.  Isn’t that so helpful!  I started looking, contacting Walgreen’s and CVS neither of which do it, and found one company.  I told them my insurance and they said I need to contact my insurance to see if they were covered.  Okay so the round and round we go started.

I decided to post something on Facebook asking friends if they know of a company.  A great lady, Sandy Beavers, said she knew someone in Amite did what I was looking for!  Ooh!! I started smiling!  We’d used Thrift Town Pharmacy in Amite a couple of times so I looked them up on the internet and saw immediately that they offer something called MedPak!  Yeah!  Bells started ringing and angels singing!  Finally progress!

I called them and yes MedPak is what they call what I was looking for – and guess what, it is a FREE SERVICE!!!!!

A wonderful lady Cherie Spring, at Thrift Town Pharmacy, talked to me for a while and let me ask all my questions.  One of our potential obstacles is whether they would do the one thing that has kept us at Walgreen’s which is mail our prescriptions wherever we are since basically live on the road most of the year.  Yes they will!!!!

Walgreen’s does not charge for shipping and they will, BUT I feel that the desperately inadequate functioning of Walgreen’s online prescription system makes it worth us changing to a local Amite company where we pay the shipping.  I’ve paid dearly mentally trying to keep up with the frequent mess ups Walgreen’s Pharmacy has caused.

Okay, Walgreen’s rant over.  Did not mean to go there but it started flowing and away I went with it!  I do love the pharmacists and pharmacist assistants at Walgreen’s.  They do not like their own online pharmacy system either.  A friend from church is a Walgreen’s pharmacist and he has personally never messed up!

So the end of all that, is that we have in our little hometown of Amite a wonderful pharmacy that offers this service which will allow me to not potentially knock off Roy or I by making a medicine mistake.  And they will mail it to us which is not a service I’ve been able to get other pharmacies to agree to.

Now the process of getting all that in place begins.  That will be interesting because all my prescriptions don’t come due at the same time.  My doctor has agreed to call in new prescriptions with refills to Thrift Town when the time comes because I don’t trust Walgreen’s to send them the correct prescription information.  I’ll let ya’ll know more when we have some experience with the service.  You or your elderly parents may be able to make good use of a MedPak type service at a local pharmacy in your area! The pictures I’ve included show what the little packs look like.

Well that wraps up my absolutely awesome Thursday last week.  Today isn’t too shabby either as I set out to spray roundup on the weeds around our property here.  Yesterday I sprayed all those weeds with pure water, forgetting to pour in sprayer the Roundup I poured into the measuring container, and left sitting there while I sprayed, and sprayed and sprayed!  Hopefully today the weeds will actually get sprayed with Roundup!  That’s just a little look into my world!

Just came in from spraying and I proudly say that today I sprayed them with weed killer!  Tomorrow I head to Baton Rouge to my macular hole eye doctor for an annual check up.

My sister, my sister’s sister in law Marilyn, and I took a photo I love at my nephew’s wedding.  Don’t know if I’ve already shared it but in case not, I love it and here it is! Marilyn, me Rosalyn and my sister Harriett!  We had so much fun that night it made me happy to see it again!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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