04.06.17 Birthdays, Seafood, Blooming plants, Chocolate, Hammock and Lawnmower

Celebrating his 26th birthday while serving in the Army in Iraq!

Thursday, April 6, 2017 – Our  oldest son (who requested we do not use his name), was born on April 7, 1979 which means that tomorrow he will be 38 years old!  Wow do I feel old!  Happy Happy Birthday to our first born!

My sister, who is now ageless, will be whatever age she is on Saturday!  Happy Birthday Harriett!

Our oldest son and Harriett sharing a birthday cake several years ago!

Earlier this week we visited B&J Seafood, our favorite seafood market in Hammond.  Their boiled crawfish was priced perfectly at only $1.99 a pound.  They were delicious and we went through 10 pounds easily!  They’ve added tables and chairs to the market for folks to eat there, so we quite happily sat down and ate through all of them.  Nice to leave the mess behind!

I did some shopping while there.  They have a wonderful variety of seafoods and things made with seafood.  We bought 4 lbs. of large shrimp to BBQ, redfish which we had filleted leaving the skin and scales on (they were BBQ Monday, basted with a special sauce!), crawfish and pork sausage, cajun country smoked sausage and a whole deboned chicken stuffed with crawfish etouffee.   All of my Louisiana girl desires were filled!

B&J Seafood Market

Roy cooked this amazing redfish on the grill

Sunday evening I got to spend some quality time with my daughter in law Misty, Kallie and Madisyn.  Chip and his dad, Roy, went to a Men’s night at Chip’s church.  Misty made us girls a delicious shredded BBQ chicken on bun.  It was quite delicious so I got the recipe to fix for Roy and I some time.

Progress continues on my Easter chocolates.  Here’s some peanut butter cups after the bottom chocolate and center peanut butter mixture but before it’s sealed up with a chocolate bottom.  Yes I am quite messy and yes they are far from the perfect ones you purchase!

I posted my recipe for the creme filled chocolate eggs on facebook and here is a link to that.  Click on the pic below to go there:

Some of the cherry and marshmallow creme filled eggs!

Bunny and Cross suckers all ready to goThe flowers are blooming slowly but surely outside.  One of our cacti had beautiful red buds on top yesterday.  We learned to love blooming cactus during our time in Texas a couple of years ago so we bought some and now our garden is blooming with new life! When they opened this morning they were a beautiful pink!

The blueberry bushes were just sticks a month ago and now they are loaded with leaves and tiny berries!

These lillies always make me smile when they bloom, they are so pretty! There are maybe 70 of them along the patio that will bloom in the next couple of weeks! Years ago we had a hammock at our house on Hinson Road in Hammond.  I’ve been wanting a new one since that one was taken down.  After the fiasco of the hammock Roy ordered not fitting the metal stand Roy decided to hang it between two trees on our property.  Oh I am in Heaven!!! I got to help a little and am definitely the happy user of an amazing hammock right next to some wind chimes close to the pond!

It’s a little difficult to see in this picture but this is the shady setting the hammock is in.

Roy has been working on the wonderful zero turn radius one of his customers gave us.  Everything it needed has been done and it’s even sporting a new seat! My Mickie and Minnie garden decorations bit the dust this year so new ones were brought in!My honey just came home and told me he’s off till Monday!  Yay for the possibility of fun times together!  I may see the dentist Thursday or Friday so it won’t all be fun times!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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