05.11.17 Zip A Dee Doo Dah – Zip A Dee Ay!

Thursday, May 11, 2017 – On Wednesday Roy and I got up early (6:30 is too early for me) and set out for Hammond/Ponchatoula to take care of a bunch of stuff.  After spending five days in the hospital and a couple of days at home I was more than looking forward to getting out, just hoping it wouldn’t all exhaust me, both physically and brain wise. It didn’t!!!!!!

Dr. Robert Benson in Ponchatoula was my dermatologist years ago and I chose to go back to him to have my recent skin issues checked out.  I was concerned about what I’d find out but I knew that after having skin tears, peel offs and bursts (which is what I called these weird sudden openings in my skin) I had to find out about it and get something done.  Seems I’m just an old lady with old lady skin who tends to pick and scratch at the tears, peels and bursts as they are trying to heal.   I also hoped to get some fix for my under eye bags, creases under and above my lips.  My lips are almost non existent and the bags never get better no matter what I do.  Well again unless I have deep pockets to annually have injections and other fancy stuff done I’ll just have to keep looking old!  Not what this ole gal wanted to hear but at least I tried.

Dr. Benson gave me a prescription for a large jar of Triamcinolone Acetonide .01% to mix with neosporin and put on each of the spots (probably 20 of them right now).  He said that keeping a  band aid on each spot will improve by ten times the healing. So I am covered with ointments and band aids.  Better than the awful sore looking things that had been hanging around.  Twice a day it’s to be applied.  I love sharing helpful information with people when I learn it, so that’s one thing.

The other thing he told me to use is an over the counter product called Ammonium Lactate Lotion 12%.  He said it shouldn’t be called a lotion because it’s much more than that.  He said to put it all over my arms and hands twice a day but not on open tears, etc.  I started last night with one covering and did it again this morning.  He said that over the course of about 30 days it will improve the quality of my skin.  It was available at my local pharmacy for $7.79 and I just found it on line for $14.00 for the same size.  Go to your local pharmacy.  If this proves to be helpful to the health of my skin it will become a regular in my daily health regime.  Okay, so old lady, old skin, new products to try!  We’ll see, I’ll let you know how it does.  For less than $8, I will try this.

We left there and went over to JC Penney’s to do some Mother’s Day shopping for me!  Fun, fun, fun.  Roy is absolutely not a shopper but since he’s become my constant companion he now gets to help me pick out the things I buy which probably should have been going on all along!  I bought some sleepwear, a beautiful flowy blouse, some cool beach flip flops and a white floppy hat with tiny rhinestones on it.  Roy picked out the hat for me!  The rest he approved.  I was so happy when we got to the check out to find that everything was deeply discounted so we left there with wonderful gifts and didn’t break the bank.

Next we headed to my favorite hair stylist, Christie Williamson, at Christie’s Hair Designs in Pumpkin Center for a long over due hair cut and highlight.  I haven’t had this done since Chip and Misty were married in January of 2016.  All of my grey hair had been living out in full view for quite a while.  Having not had a proper hair style cut for over a year was desperately needed, as well as some prettier hair color.  Christie worked her magic on me and I came out of there feeling wonderful!

We headed to Southeastern to visit with my dear lady friends in the Office of Technology.  Donna, Cindy, Jacqueline and I got to visit and like I wrote on Facebook, when we start gabbing all the juicy stuff comes out! Love those ladies dearly!! We were together for years along with my buddy Sandy and it’s always a pick me up to get to see them and catch up.

By the time all this was over we headed home to Amite and ate a delicious fried seafood dinner at Mike’s Catfish Inn. I made it through a wonderful salad and half the shrimp platter, chewing everything really well and slowly.  Normally I can finish off the whole thing in record time but I’m trying hard to change my eating habits and I knew fried foods probably wasn’t a good thing to gorge on right now!

Just got off the phone with Dr. Booth, my gastroenterologist’s office.  Seems my followup endoscopy needs to be in 8 weeks, not 2 weeks.  This means that if the doctor visit with Dr. Booth and Dr. Valdes goes well and they say I’m good to leave town, we’ll be leaving May 23rd.  Dr. Booth will give me a referral to a doctor wherever we are in 8 weeks and they will send my records to them to do the endoscopy and colonoscopy.  Life on the road sometimes occurs in odd ways and this is one.

The big thing I want to say after sharing this whole day’s events is that all of this activity did not give me brain mush!!!!!!  God’s blessings continue to abound.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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