06.07.17 Covey Rise Lodge, Husser, LA

Wednesday, June 8, 2017 – Each time we venture out into the areas in and around Amite, our new hometown, we discover more things to love!  Today I went to the dentist that I found here last year.  For half the price of our Hammond dentist I had several things done.  She’s very gentle and great to talk to!  After the dentist I did a bit of shopping and driving around some of the side streets.  I was delighted to find beautiful old mansions and new mansions and lovely properties for quite a stretch of road just off the main street.  While it’s inconvenient that Amite is not built up to include places we like to frequent like movie theaters and shopping malls, it’s actually quite nice that it is still a quaint small town!

A few weeks ago Roy and I had been cooped up in the house with me recovering from the hospital, and we needed to escape somewhere.  We went for a nice drive around the area and came across a place we’d heard about, Covey Rise Lodge.  What a find!!  Some of what I’m sharing below is copied from internet information.

Covey Rise, a 400-acre piece of property about 30 miles northwest of Lake Pontchartrain’s north shore in Husser, Louisiana. If you know where White’s Seafood is located, it’s not far from them! The land is home to a working farm, pen-raised bird-shooting preserve, corporate retreat facility and a cypress lodge set among tall pines in a part of the state where the red-dirt terrain begins to swell into low, rounded hills.

Summer camps for youth are all full but wow, they sound cool!  Quail, duck, deer hunts!  Shooting instruction and skeet shooting!

Covey Rise provides a tranquil distraction-free setting that allows for focus on meetings or events in the Conference Center. With a swimming pool and tennis courts nearby I’d say that’s a great place for any event or meeting!

The lodges we saw were all situated on the lake which you can fish from and were beautiful.  One I walked around had an outdoor fireplace, not just a firepit, but a huge fireplace.  In front of the fireplace were several wooden rockers all with an amazing view of the lake.  Talk about paradise!!   For their overnight guests, they offer an assortment of non-hunting related activities such as fishing, hiking, cooking lessons, and a tour of Covey Rise Farm.

Covey Rise farm sells its produce – and the ducks, eggs and hogs raised at its sister company, Chappapeela Farms – to more than 50 New Orleans area restaurants, driving its refrigerated truck down from Tangipahoa Parish and up to commercial kitchen doors throughout the city several times a week. It is a fairly compact operation of 35 acres of vegetable production.

Covey Rise is adjacent to Chappapeela Retreat, a private community consisting of 18 luxury cabins on a 15-acre lake. Covey Rise has an exclusive rental agreement with 5 of the cabin owners.

Here’s their contact information and a small google map: 24009 Singing Waterfall Road, Husser, LA 70442 | Tel: (985) 747 – 0310

Well that’s today’s little peek into the amazing area around our home in Amite, Louisiana.  We drove all around the place and talked to the grounds man who shared lots with us lots of the information I just shared with ya’ll!

Come up here, check it out.  It is a beautiful drive and seeing this property is quite calming and refreshing!

Ya’ll come bakc now, ya’ hear!


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