06.22.17 The day we’ve been waiting for!

Thursday, June 22, 2017 – This date has been circled on our calendar for a month now.  Two weeks after leaving the hospital, having learned I have a large bleeding ulcer, I visited the gastroenterologist, Dr. Dennis Booth.  He said that before we could leave town I had to have another endoscopy to see how the ulcer is healing.

Tuesday of this week I had my last visit with Dr. Chiasson, the orthopedic doctor who has been taking care of my staph infected elbow.  I was hoping he’d say it was the cutest elbow he’s ever seen but he came close and said it looked considerably better but could take a while longer before it looked like the other elbow.  In case it flares up he gave me a two week prescription for the same strong antibiotic I’ve been on.  That way, no matter where we are, I can start taking the antibiotics immediately so it doesn’t get as bad as it was.  We got his okay to get back on the road.  After that only the two tests on Thursday stood in our way.

We arrived at the Northlake Gastroenterology Clinic at 8:30. They are a great medical staff and I felt well taken care of.  After the procedure when I woke up Dr. Booth said everything looked normal and the ulcer is pretty much all healed! Praise God!!!!!

After the procedure we went by Quest Diagnostics for some blood work to see how my iron and blood count are doing.  This was for Dr. Valdes.  The lightheadedness I WAS having – got that WAS – has mostly stopped since I’ve been off some of my medicines.  Now I’ll be adding them back one every three days to see which one was causing the lightheadedness.  Yay for progress on that front.

Elbow – mostly healed.  Ulcer – mostly healed.  Lightheadedness – mostly stopped!

This means Roy and I can FINALLY get back to our full time RVing life.  Our plan is to leave Monday, June 26th and head North.

Madisyn and her daddy (our son) Chip are coming to visit this afternoon.  Tomorrow we are going to our oldest son’s house to pick up something and to see their children and his wife!  After all these goodbyes, we’ll be busy this weekend getting things ready to pull out on Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!



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