10.12.18 Renting Out Dora – Part Five

Friday, October 12, 2018 – With all of the things happening to our renters and us having to purchase and repair so much we have made absolutely no profit off of the first five rentals and are actually in debt from them!  We continue to rent hoping to at least pay the debt off!  While we haven’t made any profit, renting Dora has paid the motor home’s monthly note for four months and will again this month.  That’s a great thing!

Some of the issues we’ve had: financial losses, all the hard work Roy has had to put into repairing Dora, dealing with Dixie RV and the insurance company’s recent issues that I didn’t even write about, and how much time and hard work it takes us to clean her inside and out each time and get her ready to go. Every time we think we’ll stop renting out Dora we start having several inquiries and more booked rentals.

One thing we’ve changed is we no longer have a “cleaning fee” being charged if they do not return it in the same extremely clean condition they found it in. We found out that our version of clean and theirs is different.  I want it like I want it and they think they’ve done enough to not have to pay it. We now charge a Prep and Sanitize fee up front to get it ready for the new renters.  That is non refundable and is always charged up front. I learned on the RVShare Owners Facebook page that this is how other owners handle it.

Another thing we’ve learned is that sometimes renters just do not understand that if there is more than two people in the motor home while they are driving, that the people in the driver’s and passenger’s seats will be quite comfortably cool and the others will not.  The two roof top air conditioners do not run while you are driving, just the dashboard a/c.  If the people sitting somewhere other than the two front seats want to say nice and chilly they will have to run the generator.  At some point they realize that doing so will make them go over the 4 hours of free generator use per day.  We’ve been fussed at about that and told our air condition doesn’t work well.  That was the renter who left with four and came back with ten people! Roy did a thorough review of the air system and it works just fine, they just do not understand. We believe that people think our motor home is suppose to be like a tour bus or a Greyhound bus where everyone in the bus is sitting in air conditioning.

The excess generator use is especially a problem for people who are not hooking up to utilities but are parking at places like a tailgating lot at a football game.  They know they have to use the generator while tailgating if they want power, but when you add using it while you travel that’s a lot of hours and they are not happy because they have to pay for the excess use.

The same renter who said our air condition didn’t work well also said the front end was badly out of alignment.  When we put all new tires on her recently we had the front end aligned.  No one else has mentioned this and Roy drove Dora when that rental got back and her front end is fine. A motor home is a house that drives down the road.  It makes noises as it hits little and big bumps and just plain ole while she’s driving on smooth highways.  She does squeak and after that rental Roy spent an entire day under her greasing up everything that could possibly squeak.  She sounds better now so hopefully no one in the future will mistake some squeaks and the normal feels of driving a big bus down a highway for her needing to be re-aligned.

Dora just got back on Tuesday from Dixie RV where she got a new awning (from the accident) and they buffed out the paint jobs she’s had (from the accident) and some scratches. She looks wonderful with her new awning and it makes her cooler inside which I know will make her and all future renters happy!  The repairs from the accident the first renters had took 4 months to complete (since we had to bring Dora there between rentals for repairs) in 4 different visits to Dixie RV, $100 in diesel going back and forth from Amite to Hammond, and loss of one rental of $2000.

We have six future rentals already booked and paid for (to the company).  These six are to LSU tailgating weekends, Talladega racing this year and next, and family vacations.  Two of the six are for next March and April. There are two other week long rentals that have said they are definitely renting Dora, just haven’t pushed the “Book Dora” button!

Just a couple of hours ago we finished doing the walk through and training for three young men who are now on their way to the races (Dora’s not racing of course!!).  Dora’s was spiffied up and all ready for them when they arrived.

I’m going to wrap this one up here.  This was going to be the last part.  Since I want to share about the effort, time and paper work that is involved before the rental there will be a part six!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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