11.16.18 – Renting Out Dora – Part Eight – It’s Getting Better!

Friday, November 16, 2018 – We are on a good roll right now with our rentals.  Dora has been a very good girl and the renters have been very good renters!  We were a little concerned about what could happen if we rented Dora for football/racing tailgating.  We’ve now had four of those and they all turned out great. Dora was loved and well taken care of each time!

We have figured out that short three or four day rentals are the best for Dora.  The original ones were 14 to 16 days. She traveled with the families from Louisiana up to Maine then to Texas and back to Louisiana.  Then she traveled from Louisiana up to North Dakota then down to Arizona and home in Louisiana.  Both of those covered more mileage in two weeks as much, or nearly as much mileage as Roy and I would have traveled over a period of 6 to 8 months.  We believe it was just too much for Dora and very expensive things went wrong.

The first of the last two rentals went to LSU to tailgate for the LSU vs. Mississippi State.  The renters for that event were a terrific young couple who have had experience renting and driving motor homes.  Yay!!!  We had a little difficulty communicating with them prior to the rental which caused some concern.  Communication is extremely important to us to show that the rental isn’t a scam.  It wasn’t a scam in this case, the communication just wasn’t as smooth as we’d have like.  We loved this little couple once we met them and they brought her back very clean and happy!  They also expressed an interest in buying a motor home instead of continuing to rent one.  Selling our motor home is something we will be pursuing soon, so hmmmmmm……

The second rental was with another terrific person, a mom of two college football players.  One of her sons plays for LSU. The game she rented Dora for was the big game of the year, LSU vs. Alabama. When she came for her training we all agreed that it would be best for us to deliver Dora to her and pick her up from the LSU campus.  We negotiated our deliver/pick up fee down to something we all could live with.  It was actually fun for us to go to the LSU campus and see all the preparations on campus to welcome (maybe welcome isn’t the right word) the visiting Alabama supporters.  We’ve never been to an LSU tailgating event. To arrive and see all the motor homes setting up in just one lot (there are several lots) with all their LSU decorations was quite cool!  When we arrived the morning after the big game, our renter had everything clean and they had already completely moved out of Dora.


I always make a painted rock for the renter to remember their time with Dora.  For this renter I made one for each of the renter’s football player sons to remember their time playing football for the two teams. She said they loved them!

We have a week long rental starting tomorrow for Thanksgiving and a week long rental for right before Christmas in December.  That will wrap up this year’s rentals.

We have also decided to put our motor home on the market to sell.  We’d ideally like it to happen around end of this year after the last 2018 rental.  Wouldn’t’ it be nice if what we’d like to happen actually happened that way!  We’ll see!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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