12.29.18 Renting Out Dora – Part Nine

Saturday, December 29, 2018 – Dora’s second to last renters were a pastor and his family (wife, two daughters and one son in law.)  They took Dora into the Smoky Mountains for a week and enjoyed their time with her.  The brand new left front jack is not going down all the way on auto level.  Before they left Roy showed them how to make it go down manually. Roy checked it thoroughly when they returned.  They really enjoyed their time away with Dora and their family.

The last rental was two couples who flew in from the northern part of the United States.  We agreed to bring Dora to them at an RV Resort in New Orleans East.  Here’s Dora and Boots all hooked up at home ready to deliver Dora to the renters.

While this doesn’t have anything to do with their rental, we were shocked to see the condition that New Orleans east is still in. I’ve heard from the news since 2005 when Katrina hit that the eastern portion of New Orleans had not come back to what it was before.  I believe they said that it took 3 years for the first grocery store to open in that area.  It looked horrible while we were driving through it to the resort. This was a building we saw when we got off the interstate.  Pretty sure it use to be a hotel.  Now, who knows! I think it’s just abandoned like so much else we saw.

We met the two couples at the RV Resort and did their training in the rain.  Not good conditions but that’s what it was.  They had some previous RVing experience and didn’t totally listen to everything Roy taught them.  That resulted in calls after they took possession of Dora about things they were trained in.  They made up for that in their niceness!  All four of them brought their golf clubs which was a first for us.  They were able to store them all in the storage compartments in what we call Dora’s basement.  They got in a lot of golfing on this trip and got to see and eat a lot of Louisiana cuisine.  Winter on the gulf coast is way better than in the north!

They had a couple of minor little problems with Dora but nothing that put a damper on their trip. At the end of their rental we met them at a Walmart in Kenner where they took an Uber to the airport to return home.  They left us eggs, milk, chocolate ice cream bars and other goodies!  Can’t take that stuff on the airplane so we got it!!  Ya’ll know how I feel about free food!  They told us they loved Dora and enjoyed everything they did and saw while in the south!

We did have one more rental booked after those two but we had to cancel.  They were going to Colorado.  It’s a long trip (2500 miles round trip) but Roy felt Dora would be okay.  Then he saw the weather forecast there in that part of Colorado. During the days it was going to be in the teens and over night in the single digits and some negative temperatures and there was going to be snow! Dora has no snow chains nor are her tires snow worthy.  None of the water lines, water filter, ice maker lines are capable of withstanding those temperatures.  The renter had never driven a motor home before but he was sure they would be okay. Their destination was in a valley and they felt certain they could make it there on the interstate just fine.  There are many more issues related to that kind of weather.  None of which are good ones. We canvased some folks on RV Owner FB groups we are members of and almost unanimously we were told to not allow this rental. A couple of owners lived right by where our renters were going to stay and said even though they were going to stay in a valley, getting from the interstate to the valley took them through a long difficult area over and around mountain. The renters safety and Dora’s safety were in jeopardy so we had to cancel.

So renting Dora out is over. 😰 😕 😀 🙄

I have a lot of different feelings about Dora being on the market to sell but hopefully we’ll get some nibbles soon.

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