10.27.20 I am in a punching mood…..

I am in a punching mood…. Oh my goodness. I never in my life would have thought that losing my husband that I loved dearly would be this tough.

I am a strong woman and keeping it together around other people is doable for me.

But when I am alone my heart hurts so much sometimes I can hardly stand it. Parts of my day are really good like nothing bad’s happened. Then the times that I miss his presence grab my heart and I cry like someone just stabbed me and I cry and cry.

I am sure I am no different than any other woman feels who loved their husband deeply and lost them suddenly. I just happen to be one with a blog that I can share these awful feelings with others.

I miss Roy so much and would give anything for God to give him back to me. This grief thing just stinks. It hits when I least expect it to.

Okay, enough of that.

I am having hand surgery soon as I shared with ya’ll. Tomorrow I have preop testing at Cypress Pointe Hospital in Hammond. I have to be there at 8:45 am. Since they are an hour from me I have to leave here at 7:45 am and to do that I have to wake up at some abnormal time of the morning so I’ll be calling it quits very soon and hoping to get to sleep soon thereafter!

I’m feeling better since I unloaded here. Sorry, ya’ll have to read all that but I needed to write it.

Ya’ll have a wonderful evening. Please continue praying for me, I obviously still need it. Rosalyn

10.26.20 Tiller, grave monument, voting for President Trump, trucks and pumpkins

I woke up Saturday wanting to share recent events so here goes! I’ve been writing my private thoughts and my activities in what has grown to be a very long blog. But there are some things I want to share today and tomorrow.

This past week Roy’s tiller found a new home. The nicest couple came, tried it out, and bought it. They also met and fell in love with Samson. I knew they were great folks when he asked me if I was voting for Trump!!!  Well yeah!!!

Even if Roy hadn’t passed away, we would have sold the tiller since we weren’t going to be gardening any longer. That made this sale not as bad as others.

Sometimes the simplest thing is so so sad. Yesterday I took his name off our truck insurance and cried after doing that.

On Chip’s day off this week, he brought me to Hammond to finalize the purchase of  Roy and my headstone. They call it a monument. I now love what Roy and I picked out a year ago. I’ve been communicating through email with Brenda our Thompson Monuments representative to pick out the details that will go on the monument. Today we made the final decisions for the wording and crosses for it.

The basic monument without the wording. I thought a few weeks ago that when we got to this time of deciding on wording for the monument would be a difficult time. But it wasn’t.

Two of the things that made me happy when the decisions about the monument were made is some of the wording. On the bottom half of the vase below the intertwined rings and our wedding date, there will be the words “Forever Together With God.” On the upper part of the front of both our sides will say “Paw Paw” and “Grannie” because that’s how our grandchildren know us. Instead of it being difficult it just felt so right that all I picked out would make Roy smile.  I paid for it and will receive a proof to approve next and then they will create it.

A really happy part of the day was going to the Florida Parishes Arena to cast our vote to reelect PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP!!!! I’ve waited 4 years to do that again!

This was the machine that took our temperature as we walked past it. I thought that was cool!

Next, we went to Dr. Chiasson’s office to see what he can do about my gnarly hands. The x-rays don’t look as bad as my actual hands do.

Lots of people don’t know about what this is so here’s info from the web.

Dupuytren’s (du-pwe-TRANZ) contracture is a hand deformity that usually develops over years. The condition affects a layer of tissue that lies under the skin of your palm. Knots of tissue form under the skin — eventually creating a thick cord that can pull one or more fingers into a bent position.

I did not move my pinky finger down, it lives that way now. Couldn’t move it back up if I tried!

Where my pinky finger is pulled down is really bad. The middle and pointer fingers are starting to develop the knots and the beginning of the cord that pulls the fingers down. I’ll have all three worked on during the surgery on November 11th at Cypress Pointe Hospital.

That’s an ant bite on my palm. My skin just seems to attract ants!

I painted four rocks to match the blue on the table cloth outside and mod podged the pumpkins and trucks on them. They are different than my normal rock painting projects so I thought I’d share!

Next blog post I’ll share about two of my favorite ladies coming to visit and other nice things!  God has blessed me with dear friends willing to drive to Amite to visit and bring me cool things!

I hope your week is really blessed!

10.16.20 A day with my big sister!

My big and only sister Harriett came to visit Wednesday. We drove down Highway 16 with me showing her everything along the way.  When she and my brother-in-law George come to visit they go the back way so Highway 16 is full of different scenery.

We planned to eat at Wendy’s but when we got there, a sign was on the door that it was takeout or drive-through only. So we went through the drive-through and both got their Apple Pecan salad. We then parked in the shade behind Wendy’s. Somehow they only gave us one fork and two knives. Being old ladies like we are neither of us wanted to walk over there to get a fork so I chose to eat the salad with my fingers.  Several good laughs and even giggles later we went on our version of a shopping spree.

We started at the Mulberry Tree where we spent time looking at a lot of things well out of my price range but both found something we loved and bought it. The medicine my dermatologist prescribed was ready next door at Thrift Town so I picked it up.

I introduced my sister to Dirt Cheap next. I’m pretty sure she’ll never shop at another Dirt Cheap but it was fun walking through and seeing all they have!

I think we came back to my house after that.  We had a fun day as two old sisters hanging out. I believe I laughed more today than I have in a while.  Thank you Harriett for that! Love you!

The picture of the two of us that is what WordPress calls a Featured Photo is from a few years ago at my nephew’s wedding.

I don’t think I’m going to be publishing anything for a while. I may be writing but not putting it out there at this time. I am having some really difficult brain times and trying to do too much is making it worse.

I still appreciate the prayers so much. Thank you all.  Rosalyn


10.13.20 Samson’s playground, Mulberry Tree, Jesus Circle, and more good things

My little buddy Samson has given me, his Grannie, so much comfort and love. He’s was at his mama’s for a couple of days and I couldn’t wait for him to come back.

Daddy Chip built Samson a 15′ x 15′ playground outside the back door.  I bring him outside with me every time I go out to work in the yard and he makes his way away from me. Last week he wound up by the pond peeing in the water! Hopefully, his new playground will keep him safe and I don’t have to stop every 15 minutes to find him! He’s also coming home with an inside fenced area where he will stay at night and when I go away from home. As tiny as he is, the last time I left him alone at home he got on the sofa and chewed up two pages of a book. I want to know that he is safe when I’m not around so the indoor and outdoor areas are for his safety and my piece of mind. Maybe also to keep him from pooping and peeing all over the house!


Our wonderfully loved Saints won last night in a game that they looked like they might lose. Love these guys but don’t love the stress. I will not stop watching football and wish others would stop all that boycotting stuff.

Last Friday I drove myself to the post office for stamps, to the bank to make a deposit and then went to the dermatologist to get several little things taken care of. I was hopeful that they would also have some miracle serum that would make my droopy face look better. I’ve tried to find that many times in recent years and haven’t found it yet! When I got home. Driving into Amite is something I can do, not often but I will.

There is a bus service that will pick people up and drop them off anywhere in Tangipahoa Parish. I’m going to look into that to see about using when I need to go to Hammond where some of my doctors are located.  My life has changed so much not having Roy here. I am thankful that there are things in place to help people like me.  Some could say there could never be enough help for me, but they are too funny!

When I went to our pharmacy to pick up the dermatologist prescriptions I got my flu and second pneumonia shot. They didn’t have my two medicines in stock so they are going to be delivering it to me today I hope!

I have always seen this store called Mulberry Tree in the same area as the pharmacy but have never stopped in there.  Boy was I surprised. They have clothes, jewelry, baby items, children toys, candles, a ballet clothing room, decorative home items, and more! Their pricing is a little bit out of my range but I did find a cute coin/cash/drivers license bag with COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS on it. I also bought what I’m calling a sample candle to see if I like the fragrance before buying anything bigger.

I found out that the lady that owns the store is the daughter of the man that owns the pharmacy and sister to the lady that owns the home health equipment business in the same shopping area.  I love how Amite is such a close family town.

Since I shared with ya’ll that Social Security will not give me any of Roy’s Social Security check I’ll let you know that I contested that and got the same answer.

A couple of good things have happened that will help me.  There is something called Extra Help with Medicare.  I was going to apply for that but I got 2 letters in the mail from them that said I qualify for it!  Yippity Yay!  They will pay my Medicare insurance premium that comes out of my Social Security check, my Peoples Health premium through the State of Louisiana.  They also reduce my prescription costs down to almost nothing!  That will help a lot and I didn’t even have to apply.  I guess being poor has its advantages.  I am far from poor but when SS denied me having any of Roy’s benefits I felt very poor. I’m thinking about applying for food stamps.

It’s a beautiful time of the year here in Southern Louisiana. I’ve been working outside a lot getting things ready for the winter cold.  We don’t have that much winter cold but it just takes one freeze and all the pretty is gone.

I’ve been selling some things on Facebook and Marketplace. Next will be the tiller that Roy rebuilt this year.  It’s not needed any longer. I can’t imagine doing a garden without my strong and talented hubby.

The recent Hurricane Delta had winds that were very strong here at our home.  I don’t even know how many branches and limbs there were all over.  Slow thos are getting picked up.

All the work I’m going to do on the Jesus circle is done. Here’s why. I’ve pulled up most of the creeping daisies. I was showing it to Chip and he said “Wouldn’t it have been easier to wait for them to die in the winter and then pull what’s left?” Well Duh! My brain most of the time doesn’t see the obvious so I worked an hour or two for 5 days to pull up, cut and dig up the very alive with strong roots on the vines.  Grrrrrrr. I will be doing what he said with the vines that are still there but were clipped back. Grrrrr.

My sister is coming in just a little bit to go to lunch with me and visit the Mulberry Tree!!!  Ya’ll have a great week. Rosalyn

10.08.20 I’m trying but this being a widow stinks…..

Sometime recently I mentioned something about Roy’s tiny harmonica but I didn’t share a photo. This is it and yes he could actually play music on it!

I am trying to make an effort to get out and do things that put happiness back into my life. It’s been a year since I’ve had a professional hair cut and Lordy did I need it! I found out recently that my next-door neighbor is a hairstylist at Fringe Hair and Beauty Studio so I made an appointment there and got a new hair cut yesterday. She gave me exactly the hair cut I wanted and even thinned my very thick hair!

I made the mistake of going grocery shopping right after that and I was totally worn out by the time I got home. Trying to handle it all without Roy was exhausting. We always shared the shopping responsibilities and when I got to the truck and tried to put all of the groceries in the truck bed I just fussed and fussed because I really needed him then. We always had so much fun grocery shopping together and it’s not all that fun anymore. This shopping trip I actually bought some boxed dinners like Stouffers Lasagna, Fish sticks, and a couple more. I need a break from cooking for a while. I did make a pot of red beans and rice yesterday. That will last us a few days!

My driving will be limited to going into the town of Amite. Won’t try going to Hammond again any time soon. I like days like today when I can get things done at home at my pace.

After I wrote that last paragraph things just went downhill with missing Roy and crying. I know everyone says it’s normal but like I’ve said before I don’t like this normal. Until you’ve had this kind of loss you’ll never know how much it hurts.

Not all the time, thank goodness, but it strikes when you least expect it. We used 6-foot vegetable stakes in our garden and had 33 of them. I decided to sell them on Facebook and when I got them out I remembered all the times we spent together in our garden and the flood gates opened. I am very happy to say that a friend of ours bought them. Even though its just garden stakes its nice to know they are going to someone we know.

Roy’s desk is in my rock room. When I am sitting at my rock table I have imaginary conversations with him as our chairs back up to each other. We use to talk to each other when I was in my rock room and he was across the hall in his computer room. Sometimes doing that now is comforting and sometimes it hurts so much. Here’s Samson in Roy’s chair. He wasn’t happy on the floor so I put his bed up on the chair and moved it next to me while I was painting.

Roy ordered the little stuffed puppy for me because it looks like Samson. Samson now has that puppy as a new friend that he drags around the house now.

This is what I worked on all morning. We use to call it the Jesus circle because our cross was stuck in the ground there. It’s the garden Roy and I agreed had to be pulled up because it took too much effort to care for it. I’ve been digging up parts of it since he died. I had hope that I would finish digging it up today but the rains came down and put a stop to that.

This is my son Chip and his beautiful mini him daughter Madisyn. Just saw this photo for the first time and proud mama/grandmother that I am had to include it!

I’m going to close this one now and get it published before Chip gets home so I can spend time with him this evening.

Thank you for the prayers, please keep them coming.

10.06.20 Peep and Chickie have a new home and other nice stuff

We are already six days into October. Time is passing fast sometimes and sometimes it is passing slow.

Friday and Sunday were busy days at the Chauvin homestead.

On Friday around noon a wonderful young technology guru named Lane Director came over and got Roy’s personal computer running again. Roy always loved working with Lane at the university so I knew if anyone could do it Lane could do it. And he did!

As Lane was leaving, my dearest friend Donna Methvien arrived.  She worked with me for 10 years and was my boss for 5 years after that at the university. She came bearing food gifts which I have thoroughly enjoyed but maybe not the 5 extra pounds I gained.

We had the most wonderful visit out on the back porch. So very much to catch up on and three hours later we came up for air. She headed home as the folks picking up Peep and Chickie arrived. 

I posted on Facebook that the ducks Peep and Chickie, their food, hay, water dispenser and food dispenser were available for FREE to a new loving home. The people that responded are really nice folks who already have a white duck and a pond. As far as I remember the ducks have never been picked up.  So seeing them kinda freak out by being picked up to be put in the cage the new parents brought was kinda sad. I know they will be loved at their new home its just that I will miss them. Roy loved them so much and even loved taking care of them.

They sent me a picture of Peep, Chickie, and Mr. Quackers at their home. 

Saturday I posted on Facebook that I was selling the 10 x 10 chain-linked cage with a cover that the ducks lived in. Didn’t get any takers there so I posted it in the evening on Facebook’s Marketplace. Between the time I posted it and Sunday morning there were sever people sending me private messages and comments saying they really wanted it. It cost us around $600 and I was asking $300 for it. If I had known there would be so much serious interest I could have asked more. Oh well, Roy did most of the selling for us so I am still learning.

Knowing that I would be at church in person this week on Sunday and had lunch with my Sunday School class I told all of the interested people that I would be home at 2 pm and would send them my address around 1 pm. My son Chip is a car salesman who has also sold things on Marketplace gave me wonderful advice. He said if I sent all those people my address and they all showed up it would be a mess to put it lightly.  He recommended that I choose one person and call them selling it to them. Then notify all the others that the cage was sold. I fought him because at first, I thought it didn’t sound right to me.  When I left church I checked my phone and saw there were even more people interested. I called Chip in a panic and he finally convinced me to do it how he recommended.  I had become a nervous wreck over this. I picked a couple that was coming here from Natchez, Mississippi. When I called them they were very happy to be the ones chosen.

Then on my way home the low gas light turned on. Really??? I started praying to help me find a gas station. I did finally and shouted out praises to God for getting me there.

I contacted each person through Facebook and typed a message that “It has been sold.”  No ugly responses and I could finally breathe.

Chip was at home and when they arrived. They were at our house before I made it there and had the cage halfway disassembled when I got home. Come to find out the wife Lisa paints rocks like I do in their city of Natchez. I invited her to come inside and see my rock room. I loved showing it to her and gave her one of my rocks that says “Choose happy.”  Off they drove with a trailer full of fencing, doors, and cover. I looked down the hill to where the cage had been and just hoped Roy was okay with me selling it. Roy knew how much it took to care for the ducks and I believe he was okay with it.

My first time in church in person since months ago was yesterday. It felt wonderful and not wonderful. My church family was very welcoming with hugs and encouraging words.  Thank you all for that.  Seeing the Worship Service in person made me so happy because there were so many people there. Our pastor, Bro. Avery Dixon’s sermon was about what advice he would give to young Christians. It applied to all of us there, not just young Christians.  I have been fine going to church online and because of the driving there and driving home not going too well I think I’ll be sticking to online for now.

After church our Sunday School class gathered for lunch in our new building in the fellowship hall area. While the burgers were grilling outside several of the ladies got the rest of the food ready and heated in the new kitchen. Oh my goodness is that kitchen great! Everything everyone could want.  My jaw dropped it was that great. I sat with Juanita and Wilson Watts who I’ve known for several years. Also at our table was Frank and Faith King. I’ve seen them online in our Sunday School class but haven’t spent any time with them in person. It was really nice to visit with friends and new friends.  I appreciate God putting them in my life.  In this photo are Spot, Frank, Danny and small beautiful Landry manning the grill!

This beautiful sight was Chip cutting our grass yesterday after I got home.  Chip helps me a lot and I appreciate it. He weeded today and is frying fish tonight. Oh, and he made me one of his famously delicious omelets for breakfast.

I have a hair cut appointment at a salon in Amite today. I’ve loved all my haircuts with Christie but I can drive to this one in Amite easily so I had to make a change. It’s been a year since a hair stylist cut my hair. I might try something new. I can’t wait! I’m heading to the grocery after that so today is looking like a busy Monday.

I am trying to be positive and uplifted while my heart hurts missing Roy. It’s a roller coaster of emotion right now. I am so sad at times and happy at other times. Not happy about Roy being gone but happy about the good things still in my life. Writing here about the things happening in my life is helping open my eyes to all the good things in my life like this little guy.

Please continue to keep our family in your prayers. We all feel it and need it.



10.01.20 So much has changed

So much has changed since Roy passed away.

I’m not sure how clearly written all of this post is. Losing a spouse for me is like losing a leg. Please love your spouse with all your heart, do right by them and thank God for them every day. One day they will not be there.

The amount of “things” or “stuff” that Roy had is overwhelming to me. A little example of this is I went through one small drawer and came up with three laser pointers. I never needed to know what any of it was before now. I just knew that if I told Roy I needed something a short while later he would produce it. I will miss those times when I shook my head and just wondered how did he have that and where did he keep it. It will take months to sift through his goodies and figure out what to do with them.

I’ve been watching the Saints games without Roy which I’ve never done before. No one can say “Rip their legs off and throw them in the stands” like we could.

I watched the first Presidential debate without Roy which I’m kind of happy he didn’t have to watch.

Even though it is in the future I will vote for the first time without Roy voting with me. He must be so upset that President Trump will have one less vote.

Roy was always the one to cut our grass. My neighbor Daniel has been cutting my grass and Chip cut it yesterday.

I previously washed a load of laundry every day or every other day. Now I wash a load once a week.

Our dishwasher died last week. Roy and I knew that was coming and discussed ordering a bamboo dish drainer. Now either Chip or I wash our dishes by hand. The dishwasher now serves as storage for 3 of my larger cooking pots and lids.

Chip has been trying to help me figure electronic things out when they don’t work right where I used to just ask Roy and he’d walk into the room and things would magically fix themselves.

What used to be Roy’s computer room is now a guest bedroom. Some dear friends gave us the queen size bed. I ordered a 5 drawer dresser to fit between the two closet doors. A headboard and nightstand are coming to complete the bedroom.

Roy didn’t like chicken and dumplings so we didn’t have it but once in a blue moon. I love chicken and dumplings (my favorite food) so I made a big pot last week and enjoyed every bite of it. Having the delicious smell of chicken and dumplings in my house made me cry because of what it represents.

Roy loved petite green peas and I didn’t like them AT ALL. He’d always offer me some and I’d always say “I ate some while I was cooking so you eat the rest.” We always had several cans in the pantry. He also loved Louisiana Hot Sauce but I didn’t like it. Those have been taken out of the pantry and given to my precious daughter in law Misty because she loves them. Not having green peas in my pantry almost feels liked I’ve sinned it was that important to always have some on hand.

Roy’s computer desk and all his computer, server, two printers, and accessories are now living in my rock room. When I first tried to use Roy’s computer it ran really slow. Remembering Roy’s advice to restart a computer if it was running slow I did that. It restarted and a black screen (see photo below) told me. STOP BEWARE. Well, Chip and I both tried to get it to work and it still doesn’t. A young man who is a computer guru is coming Friday to see what he can do to recover Roy’s files.

I have been able to access Roy’s emails from my computer online and have contacted everyone that I needed to ask them to send future communication to my email. So many things that Roy always handled are now mine to figure out.

We always enjoyed our coffee in the morning together either on the front or back porch. Now I drink mine alone wherever I land.

Since I can’t get into his computer I am sure hiding there is the list that I know Roy had of all his passwords.

I’ve sold Roy’s drone and received payment for that today. That was a rough one because that drone gave him so much happiness getting to fly it all around the place.

Our ducks, Peep and Chickie are getting picked up by their new parents on Friday. We’ve had Peep for a year and Chickie since July. I have to cut back on the things I am caring for so I am happy I found new parents for them.

Chip and Misty’s dog Samson lives with me a lot of the time now. He’s a joy and a lot of comfort all rolled up into all 3 1/2 pounds of him. He doesn’t mind when I cry and when he puts his head down and I put my head down on his it is oddly comforting. A cute doggie fence will be ordered for him so he can enjoy the outdoors sometimes without us worried he’s roamed off.

I am planning to go to an in-person worship service at our church this Sunday for the first time since February.

I am doing lots of decoupaging and painting of wine bottles, glass trivets, glass dinner, and lunch plates instead of the rock painting I use to do. I plan on selling some of my creations which I hadn’t considered before.

I now have a beautiful potted plant in my living room that my sister’s family sent to the funeral. The plant that Roy’s brother’s family sent was divided into three plants and pots. They live on the coffee table on the patio.

I can’t tell ya’ll how much I cry and cry while writing these. When the internet representative just left having reset our wifi password I was able to wait until he was out the door before breaking down and crying. It just felt so wrong to have someone else reset something Roy did originally and maintained always. I am really hoping this helps someone else know that the strangest things will set off a crying spell and a hurt heart feeling. I’m told that’s normal. Well, I don’t like this new normal. I don’t what I’d do if I didn’t have God walking by me through this journey.

I go for a couple of days actually being happy and think I am doing this grieving thing well and then I find his tiny harmonica and remember him playing it and just fall to pieces. What wonderful memories we’ve had. That’s not saying I didn’t want to push him off the roof sometimes he was so bad but I know that’s normal too.

I deeply appreciate all the friends and family who have sent me cards, called me, and visited me. You are dear, dear people. I know God is putting you in my life in that specific way to help me.

Please continue to keep my family in your prayers. I’m hoping to run out of things to share in the near future.

Dear Followers, Please bear with me as I make mistakes

To all of my wonderful BECAUSE HE LIVES followers. Please bear with me as I make mistakes like publishing a very unfinished blog post like I did yesterday. The correct version was just posted so I hope you will go read it.

I don’t even remember clicking the publish button but when I got in bed last night and reviewed my emails I saw I got one from myself with a link to the incorrect version.  I was too tired to do anything so here I am the next day sending this message to you!

Thanks for your support and for following my blog. Just hit me that it is my blog now, not our blog like it’s always been. I ask for prayers from each of you that I will be able to rest more. That specifically will help me a lot.

Thanks guys and gals! May God Bless Each of You.  Now go Make that Chili!

Rosalyn Chauvin

09.29.20 Make the Chili

I have thought a lot lately about how married couples should make more of an effort to do kind things for our spousea.  In our later years, Roy and I did loving-kindnesses for each other but gosh I wish I had done more of it.

That man worked so hard for our family for so many years.

In our younger years, we both had full plates with working full time and raising two young men so a lot of this wasn’t done back then. I wish I had. As we aged and retired it truly was the little things we did for each other that put a smile on our faces.

While thinking about wanting to encourage those who are blessed to still have their husband a dear friend of mine, Annie Johnson posted this on Facebook. Every single word in this grabbed my heart and I just had to share.

A good friend of mine unexpectedly lost her husband.

A couple of months later we were running together, chatting about nothing.

She asked me what my dinner plans were and I told her hubby wanted chili, but I didn’t feel like stopping at the store.

We ran a few more minutes when she quietly said “Make the chili.”

It took me a few minutes to realize we were no longer talking about dinner.

It was about going out of your way to do something for someone you love because at any moment, they could unexpectedly be taken from you.

So today I’m sharing with you that wisdom handed to me by my dear friend, that I’ve thought of many times since that day.

Next time someone you love wants you to go for a walk, or watch a football game, or play a board game or just put your phone down and give them your undivided attention, just do it. “Make the chili.”

Love deeply and selflessly.

“What a wonderful God we have who so wonderfully comforts and strengthens us in our hardships and trials.” 2 Corinthians 1: 3,4