04.17.21 Tips from Grammy


Don’t go where you’re not invited.
Don’t talk about what you don’t know.
Don’t open the fridge in other people’s houses.
Don’t call someone after nine o’clock at night.
Don’t visit someone at lunch.
Don’t enter other people’s bedrooms without permission.
Always flush the toilet when you use it.
Always, always ~ speak the truth.
Please & Thank You are good words ~ use them often.
Love the soul of people, not their physical ~ it is what is inside that matters.
Be kind to your fellow humans & all living things.
Give from the little you have, expect nothing in return.
Be conscious of your words ~ they matter!
Wake up & be grateful.
Pray daily, because prayer brings peace to our heart & soul! 🤗💜

04.12.21 Cruisin’ down the back roads, tooth pain, Buddy, high water, beautiful flower, and a great visit!

Driving along the backroads in the area around Amite is so very pretty and relaxing.  In a previous blog post, I shared how we love traveling the backroads and some of the fun we’ve had doing that. More about that below my recent help problem that I need to document here.

I had a bad week health-wise last week. I developed two abscessed teeth that the first antibiotic did nothing for soit continued to spread. I only had Ibuprofen to help with pain which it absolutely did not. I lived day and night with a cold compress on my face. I went to the dentist three times and on the second visit the antibiotic was changed to a strong one and I was given real pain medicine. My facial skin was so swollen that I could not move it at all. I’ve never had anything this bad before. The pain medicine didn’t help nearly as much as I hoped it would but when I went to the dentist the third time they were able to drain a lot of the infection and I began to feel human again. In two weeks when all of this has settled down and there is no infection. I’ll have a root canal on one tooth and another one will be pulled. I’ve had tooth pain before but nothing compared to this week.

I mentioned a couple of homes that were abandoned and looked like a renovation was going on there.  These are those two houses.

There is a house in the middle of all the brush and trees.  It looked to have been abandoned years ago and was crumbling.

On the same road are some beautiful homes and estates. This is Blue Heron Hollow a 20-acre sanctuary. First picture was mine taken from the car.

This was from their website.

Another beautiful old home on the road.Chip and Rick went back to these two structures the other day. In this first one they found several volumes of a horticulture encyclopedia. Most of the volumes were disintegrated but the good ones are fascinating.

The pathway between two dilapidated houses. I think these pretty pathways are so special.

This next one is the one we got up close to look at last week. The whole bottom of the house fell down to the ground and all of the windows and doors were just hanging there. I would love to know the history of this house, the family that lived here and why it was left to sit there and die.  

This is the side of that house. A ladder up a tree, old air condition equipment and a cleaned out area around the side very different than the front. I find this all fascinating.

Every time we pass by Bienvenu Mon Ami Bed and Breakfast I think it is so pretty. These pictures are from their website. It is on the same road.

From their website: Bienvenue Mon Ami, a newly built 2018, bed and breakfast facility where state-of-the-art amenities await. Bienvenue Mon Ami combines luxurious modern features while honoring old Louisiana traditions with its Antebellum Acadian style grandeur and romantic getaway appeal. Amenities include an elevator to guest rooms and common areas with interesting custom lighting fixtures that guide the way.

Here is a link to their blog at:https://www.monamibnb.com/blog

Many old structures are crumbling like these two below. I love how the old and new live together along the same road.

This is my favorite stretch of road where the trees with their new spring leaves line the curving road. The drive along this road is so peaceful and destressing we travel it instead of our normal route to town down Highway 16.

Well, that’s the photos of some of the things we see as we drive along East Bell Road in Amite! I hope you enjoyed our little drive through the back roads.

Another abandoned house on one of the side roads caught our attention. This one is the type of house I would love to flip. Those days are over but it was fun to think about it.

I haven’t been able to write the last few days because of tooth pain and couldn’t even think straight. I hope to be back in business this week!

Buddy just got groomed and came home with an orange bandana with doggie bones on it.

We have experienced huge amounts of rain recently. The last rain fall overflowed the pond and left several feet of leaves and pine needles way up on the shore.  Chip raked and mowed that area and it’s clean again!

Several of the flower bulbs are starting to bloom. I love that and want to share one with you before I stop writing!

We had the opportunity yesterday afternoon at our home to visit with and get to know a young family at our church.  They brought us some redfish, we visited and they played baseball, rode the paddle boat, jumped in the water and had a good time! Buddy really enjoyed them since they threw the ball for him often!  Thanks, Weeg family for the redfish and for the visit! Come back any time! God is so good!




04.04.21 Resurrection Sunday! Hallelujah! He is Risen!!! He is Risen Indeed! Originally posted April 2018

To a Christian, Easter Sunday is everything.  It is the day we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Unlike most other “holidays” it’s one that Christians observe every day of the year. It is the anchoring message in the Christian faith.  All Christians, regardless of their denomination, believe that Christ rose from the dead and lives in Heaven with his and our father, God.   I don’t think that believe is even a strong enough words – WE KNOW IT to be true!

Today is Resurrection Sunday, the day that changed everything for us. This is the day we celebrate as the day our Savior rose from the dead, defeating and swallowing death in victory!

Without Resurrection Sunday, there would be no hope. If Jesus had not risen from the dead, everything we cling to as Christians would have crumbled.

But He didn’t stay dead, He rose again!

My favorite hymn is the original version of Because He Lives. It  explains my feelings about the resurrection perfectly.  Jesus Christ died on the cross, was buried in a tomb, yet he arose from the grave and lives today. The words of the chorus read:

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow,
Because He lives, all fear is gone;
Because I know He holds the future,
And life is worth the living,
Just because He lives!

The verses say as much to my heart as the chorus does. The words to each verse are:

God sent His son, they called Him, Jesus;
He came to love, heal and forgive;
He lived and died to buy my pardon,
An empty grave is there to prove my Savior lives!empty grave

How sweet to hold a newborn baby,
And feel the pride and joy he gives;
But greater still the calm assurance:
This child can face uncertain days because He Lives!

And then one day, I’ll cross the river,
I’ll fight life’s final war with pain;
And then, as death gives way to victory,
I’ll see the lights of glory and I’ll know He lives!

Some of ya’ll who have read my blog for a while have read these words before, and know this to be the song that touches my heart the deepest.  Lots of ya’ll who are Christians know this song well and probably have related its words to something in your life of great meaning. I absolutely want it sung at my funeral because on that day I will have crossed the river and be in the glorious presence of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  As I get older, that thought becomes more and more inviting.

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.
Romans 5:8

My dear friend Pat Turner shared the video below on Facebook on Saturday.  After watching it and hearing the beautiful message I thought it should be included here.

Ya’ll have a blessed Easter.  Remember,  HE IS RISEN, HE IS RISEN INDEED!


christ is risenNOTE: About the Video:  Claire Ryann Crosby   Happy Good Friday and Easter weekend to all!! We’re so grateful that Christ could overcome death, sin, and afflictions of every kind, so that we can find peace in this life even with the challenges we face!

By Claire and Dave Crosby, video shot by Modo Studios, song written by Nik Day.  Download the track here: https://davecrosby.bandcamp.com/track/peace-in-christ

04.01.21 What an amazing Sunday and Monday

Since this post is partly about our children’s choir I couldn’t resist including this photo. It’s from when my now 12 year old granddaughter Madisyn was a toddler in Trinity’s nursery with her friends Olivia, Randi Beth, and Emily. Madisyn is the precious one on the left!

This post will be long. I can see that from the beginning. I want to be able to remember these wonderful times again when reading my blog in the future.

This past week has been a really bad brain mush week. My thinking is not clear, my balance is worse and my memory of what things are called is worse. Gosh, I wish I could describe this correctly.

Last week was very rough and I am so thankful that this week is starting off as a great week! Here’s what I want to share about the amazing Sunday and Monday.

This post started out being named “What an Amazing Sunday” but Monday was amazing as well so the title changed.

Sunday morning at church, Trinity’s Adult Choir sang “Living Hope, A Musical for Easter” and our Children’s Choirs sang 10,000 Reasons.

Those kids were so so cute and sang their hearts out. Our new Children’s Minister Courtney Jones does an amazing job with the kids. First below are some photos from the children’s song. I had to include one of the real “kiddo” reactions and faces.

In this one, Sadie and Brady, the two with their hands over their mouths, started singing too early. Sweet Silas was looking at one of them like “What are you doing?”

The adult choir presented “Living Hope, A Musical for Easter” lead by our dear friend Teddy Forrest and narrated by Philip Bankston

Our pastor Avery Dixon said when he started that he was only given 15 minutes to preach. While that didn’t seem possible for him I think that 15 sermon was as full of teaching and Praise of God as his and other preacher’s much longer sermons. Madelyn Miley shared this short segment of that sermon and It speaks such truth about Jesus that I hope you will click on that link and listen to it. The second video is the whole Worship Service that Sunday. Chip and I were not ready for it to be over when it was over. What a blessing God bestowed on all of us.

I said this was going to be a long one and I was right. So far I only covered Sunday morning!

After church Chip and I took a ride around to see some of the places around our home. One thing I realized early on in our

drive was why I am so crazy and animated when riding around with Chip and when Roy was alive, with him. I might be the same with my friend Cindy Vernon but I am not sure. Do I do that when I’m with you, Cindy?

Okay, here it is. My life now is spent mostly at home, not just mostly but almost all the time. At home, things are pretty much the same all the time. However, when I am riding around I get to see new things, people doing things, animals like cows of all colors, donkeys, and horses. To someone who stays home almost all the time these are exciting and I do get excited about it and I talk, and I talk, and I talk

When I was talking so much Roy used to pull down my visor and open the flap to the mirror and tell me to entertain myself. When I realized Sunday why I do this I talked to Roy in Heaven and told him we figured it out! That poor man, what he put up with being my husband, my honey Roy!

So if you ride me around be aware that I change drastically when I am a passenger. I don’t do this when I am the driver.

During our ride around we saw dozens of beautiful azalea bushes blooming. One group of azaleas was especially beautiful with pinks, fuchsia, purple, white, and salmon-colored all in a row. Azaleas are all blooming so pretty this year.

One place had an abandoned house in front of the property where two beautiful and bright colored metal structures are in the middle of a big field. Be sure to click on the picture below or you won’t be able to see the cultures!

The house next to the abandoned house is currently being renovated. Just yesterday a big dumpster was parked in the first abandoned house’s yard so it must be preparing to be renovated also! I love to see old abandoned houses being renovated. There are so many in the country around where we live that really need renovating.

We got out of Chip’s truck and did some checking out some of the old abandoned structures on that road. This is so up my alley since I used to climb in windows of houses up for Sheriff’s Sale when we use to flip houses. Roy didn’t participate in going that far to see the inside of a structure but I seemed to have no problem with entering however I could. And I loved it!

We had so much fun during that drive. I laughed so much my stomach hurt! Chip is not used to his mom being crazy and willing to get up close to abandoned structures. He would have had a stroke if I tried to climb in one of them like I use to do with the house flipping! That kid is learning so much about his mom, I am sorry for him but happy at the same time!

Sunday evening my four top front teeth crown came out while eating milk softened raisin bran. Not a good thing to happen so I need to go to the dentist on Monday. It didn’t stop us from enjoying the day.

Buddy’s next-door friend Bennie (white Maltese) came to visit Sunday evening. He peeked his head around the vegetable garden tub to see what was happening! He is white with a blue (dyed) tail that is so cute when he’s running or prancing around. Here he and Buddy are beginning a visit by checking each other out before they go running and running around the yards with Bennie’s blue tail flying around. It is too cute!

That evening I wrote on Facebook; “I am in my happy place. Sitting on the patio, looking at my plants and enjoying our pond that Chip just raked pine needles out of.”
Those two sentences described a whole late afternoon of work Chip and I did. I repotted several plants, killed lots of ants living in the pots, and did some much needed clean-up on the patio plus a lot of weed pulling. Chip racked up on the shore all of the pine needles in the water from one end of our property line to the other. Then he raked them in big piles and into the wheelbarrow for distribution to the ground around plants on our property. That is a lot of work. Chip, at 39, is able to do more than Roy, at 69, could do and I am appreciating all of the work he does around here. A lot of appreciation!

Monday morning Chip took me to my dentist where they reinstalled or reglued my front four teeth that are attached together as one. I was giddy with happiness when we left there. I knew then that Monday was going to be a great day!

As the back story of why this next part of Monday was great, Chip spent all day Saturday at several car dealership lots looking for a car that met my needs and this Accura is perfect for me. The main thing I needed was a seat that I didn’t have to fall into and pull to get out of. This one fits that need perfectly. He found it when he called his good friend C. J. Adams to see what they had. Chip told me about the Accura

On Monday Chip drove me to Ross Downing in Hammond to pick up my “new for me” used Accura RDX crossover SUV with 4 Wheel Drive. I got to meet C.J. on Monday and had a wonderful visit with this strong Christian man. That’s C.J. on the left and my son Chip on the right.

Even though it is a 2008 vehicle it has all the bells and whistles as the Nissan Maxima plus or minus a couple of things. It has a Turbo engine which means I can get up to fast speed quickly and really smoothly. The interior is kinda rough but I got it for such a great price I can afford to have the torn and worn down leather parts replaced. The exterior is pretty perfect for being a 2008 vehicle.

I drove it home from the dealership and did pretty good. When we went to Hammond later in the evening for the Bible study I share about below I drove there with the understanding that if I did that okay I could drive us home later when it was dark for us to see how I do driving in the dark. I think I did good so driving home was going to happen!

Our ride home went through more of the backroads around here. We stopped on the road where a river (not sure which river it is) runs under the bridge and pulled over to check it out. There was a path that we walked along where it looked like people probably pitched a tent or a very small camper in various places along the path. They had a path from the camping places down to the river. Something about the way the river ran next to the camping path reminded me of the RV park we stayed in a couple of times in Arkansas and I liked that memory!

Monday evening was our final Bible study meeting where we’ve been studying the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5 to 7. Johnnie Whisenhunt has been our group leader. I’ve been able to do this particular study because we did it mostly online. For our last night’s study, a bunch of us gathered in person at our church. Others in the group joined us online. It was really nice being together in person.

What was wild was that the meeting was held in the room my Sunday School class meets in. Since I have only gone to Sunday School online I’ve never been in that room. It was so very different looking in person than how it looks online. So so very different looking. I was very disoriented the first few minutes in the room that I couldn’t stop talking about it. It looks like a long rectangular looking room but it’s not, it’s an almost square room.

These Bible Study meetings were great and I really look forward to the next one which is a study of the Old Testament starting at Genesis 15.

I’m pretty sure that after this in-person meeting our other group members can understand why I am a quiet participant online. When I open my mouth to speak in person my brain starts to freeze up and just flat turns to mush. What I speak about may have nothing to do with what’s being discussed. But they were all kind to me and I really enjoyed getting to meet in person a couple of the ladies I’ve only known online, Cherrie and Erika. After our meeting we went downstairs for a strawberry cake that Johnnie made for us. That was delicious by the way. Thanks, Johnnie!

Our pastor, Bro. Avery Dixon stuck his head in to check on us in the first picture below.

This is me, Johnnie, Devon, Erika, Cherri, Elaine, and Laurie in the front! Our little Bible Study family, plus more online! Thanks Bro. Avery for taking the picture!

Chip went to visit with friends while I was at church. He came back to pick me up and I drove home. I did okay with that until I had to move from lane to lane and kinda panicked about that. We’ve decided that I can drive to Amite from home and back home but not any farther than that. Chip is willing to take me on any of those farther distance trips so for now I am happy to just drive to Amite and back. In case anyone is wondering, we do not live within the City of Amite but are 12 miles east of the city limits in the country part of Amite.

I spent 7 hours Wednesday writing this, gathering the pictures (which isn’t as easy to do without Roy’s help.) Remembering what all happened just two days later is very difficult for me. The best thing about that is that I didn’t do any work around here and the muscle pulled in my back, which I haven’t even mentioned, got some much needed rest!

I don’t plan to post anything before Easter so Happy Resurrection Day to you and your family! Remember what this special day is really about. The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is the most special day for Christians. I pray for everyone who reads my blog to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. If you don’t please reach out to me at rosalyn@selu.edu or text me at 985 320 8640 and let’s talk about what He’s done in my life and what He wants to do in your life.


03.18.21 WordPress troubles, Car, Truck, NeuroPsych Doctor, Perkin’s Rowe, Easter eggs, Grave monument and Fig trees, Published 03.27.21

I thought I published this post last week but discovered today that I did not so all this may have come before things I recently posted. My brain hasn’t done well recently and I think that’s what caused me creating and not publishing!

The difficulties I’ve been having with WordPress turned out to be something I did wrong.  Surprise, surprise! I clicked on the Zoom feature in my Firefox browser and made the screen have tiny little letters! WordPress is really good and their support helped me a lot. I love writing this blog and having difficulties with it was really upsetting. Now all is well in Rosalyn’s blog post world!

Someone is on their way here from Mississippi to buy it. Hoping this one goes through!  He’s a mechanic and understands what it needs to have to run properly.

I really loved this car and had gotten comfortable with the way it drives and all the cool features, but I can’t keep sinking money into it.

The listing for Roy’s truck sale will be activated once the Maxima is sold and gone! Roy loved his truck (Boots) and Boots traveled with us all around the country following our motorhome Dora! What a wonderful time that was.

Yesterday was extremely stressful for several reasons. Today is a much brighter, clearer day. Roy and I had an even keel life almost always.  This up and down is wearing on me. When both vehicles are sold and I can buy another car I think it will all be much better. Chip says I can drive his Denali but it is a big SUV.  I am going to drive it tomorrow to see how I do.

Chip drove me to my appointment with Dr. Paul Dammer, a neuropsychologist in Baton Rouge. The appointment went well. He determined that I should have neuropsych testing updated so it is now scheduled for April 26th at his office in Baton Rouge.

This is me in the waiting room filling out a 20 minute medical history on the iPad they gave me to use.

I wrote down that my appointment was at 9:30 am but when I got checked in they came out to let me know that my appointment was really for 11:00.

Chip and I spent that unexpected waiting time walking around the area where the doctor’s building is which is called Perkin’s Rowe. It was really nice. We saw clothing stores, restaurants, a cinema, and other businesses. I took a few pictures while on that little adventure!

This first picture is of my youngest son Chip in front of an outdoor restaurant.

This is me and the cool alligator on display!This beautiful chandelier was a beautiful open space where young moms and babies in strollers were having an exercise class!

This is one of the streets in Perkin’s Rowe

A small park in the middle of Perkin’s Rowe.

The plant pot in the photo below was huge! This was just one of many of these huge pots.What a beautiful day today has been. Windows and doors open, and I am enjoying a beautiful breeze.

I had to purchase a new pressure washer since our original one died.  How can all of these mechanical things die all around the same time?

I put together color-coordinated Easter baskets today full of eggs for hiding. I learned that having equal numbers of colored eggs and assigning a color to a child helps them all gather the same number of eggs. A couple of bigger eggs are in the mix for some cash and coins! Our family is coming to my house for Easter and I am really looking forward to that!

Roy and my grave monument is finished and in place in our church cemetery. While it hurts to see Roy’s name on his side it’s really odd to see my name on the other side. If you can’t see it the vase has two rings with our wedding date and underneath that it says “Forever Together With God.”  I had Grannie and Paw Paw added and I love that.

This is the smaller of my two fig trees. I love when the fresh green leaves start blooming on the trees each year.

As I was writing this my car was officially sold. A mechanic found it on Facebook Marketplace for his daughter who paid for it herself. I was very impressed by all of them. I got what I asked for it so that was a blessing! Now to put the truck up for sale.

I have some really cool news but I don’t feel right about sharing it quite yet. So stay tuned!

Ya’ll have a Blessed weekend!  Rosalyn

03.27.21 Take your kids to church! by Megan Woodham

I think I posted this a couple of years ago but what it says is timeless. I hope it will help those young mothers I know through difficult times trying to bring their kids to church!

Take your kids to church.

Make the effort. Wake them up early. Fool with the belts and the buckles and the fancy hair bows. Endure the sleepy, grumpy faces and the misplaced shoes. Run around like a mad woman gathering everybody’s everything and trying to get out the door on time.

Hop to the car with a shoe in one hand and your make-up bag in the other. Give those babies a pop-tart and some milk and let ‘em eat it in the car. If it’s raining, get wet. If it’s cold, get a jacket. If you’re tired, go tired.

But take those babies to church. You know why?

Because Jesus is there.

He’s there. And He’ll meet them there. And you too, Mama.

He’ll be there in the sweet smile of their Sunday School teacher as she greets them into their room. He’ll be there in the goldfish and the apple juice and the filling of their little bellies and hearts.

He’ll be there in the hug from a sweet friend and the encouraging smile that assures you that they “just barely made it” too. He’ll be there in the sacred words read from the Bible speaking truth to their little impressionable hearts. He’ll be there in the worship and the raised hands and the watery eyes and whispers of praise.

So take them. Carry all of their Bibles and drawings and toilet paper tube creations.

Sit by them in worship. Open your Bible and open theirs. Show them how to find the scripture the pastor is preaching from. Show them how to worship. Explain to them why He’s worthy of worship. Let them see you laugh and cry and praise and study. Forgive their wiggles and paper rustles and know that they’re listening even when it seems like they aren’t.

Ask them questions and answer the ones they ask you. Introduce them to Jesus. Tell them of His greatness – his power – his faithfulness. Tell them with your words and show them with your life. Tell them what He has done for you and how you’ve been changed by His grace and forgiveness and goodness and love. Tell them how they can be too. Point them to Jesus. Over and over and over again.

Take your kids to church. They’ll love it there. It’s the only place where they can go and just be themselves.

They don’t have to “be” good enough or smart enough or athletic enough. They don’t have to perform for approval or achievement.

They just get to go and hear how much God loves them. Just because they’re them. Just because He created them, they’re valued. Wanted.

Their worth isn’t based on the grades they make or their ability to throw a curveball. It’s not dependent on their performance or skill level. And they need a little more of that, don’t you think? A little more grace and a little less pressure. A little more love and a few less demands.

Take them to church. Before you take them to the ballfield or the dance studio or the gym. Before you take them on vacation or to grandma’s or to the backyard to play.

Take them to church. Let them know it is a priority. Show them it has eternal value. Let them see you set aside schedules and extra curricular activities and work and busy-ness to be present with the Lord in His house. I promise you won’t regret it. I promise you it won’t return back void.

Take them to church.

I promise it’s worth it.

“But Jesus said, ‘Let the children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 19:14.

© Megan Breeland Woodham, at One Step Ministries


03.22.21 My heart hurts so bad saying “Goodbye Boots”

One of the last things that was “Roy’s” just pulled out of the driveway headed to a new home in Mississippi.

Boots, our Dodge Dakota, traveled with us all around the USA.

When we moved back home Roy drove Boots all around this area even when the truck wasn’t Boots any longer.

I drove Boots for a short while after Roy died until I found the Nissan Maxima that I then drove. I’m sure I’ve shared here that both vehicles stopped working even after some of the measures Chip took to revive them.

The car sold a few days ago and I think shared that.  I liked the car but it held no nearly the deep memories that the truck held.

The truck, Roy’s truck, just left here with its new owner.  I took pictures and a video. As soon as they were out of sight my heart started hurting so bad. I just cried and cried.  Chip joined me in crying and I am so thankful he is here to walk through each of these sad moments with me.

We’ve sold several cars in our life but none meant as much to Roy and me as this truck did. This may be another step in the grieving process but not one I care for at all.

I did get my asking price on both vehicles and will be looking for something I can drive. I will have the next car checked out thoroughly before I buy it.

In my last post I shared that I had some good news to share. Since good news would be a nice way to end this post I want ya’ll to know that my son Chip rejoined Trinity Baptist Church (my church) after being an active member of a different church for several years. I loved having him sit next to me in church yesterday and couldn’t stop smiling when he walked down the aisle to join.  Chip had a long visit with our Pastor last week and made the decision to rejoin Trinity. Another young lady joined Trinity Sunday as well. She is in the picture below.

I’m drowning my truck going bye-bye sorrows eating a box of moon pies so I’m going to wrap this up and head out to work off some of this sugar!

Have a Blessed week! Rosalyn

03.20.21 Thanks for the memories Drew Brees!

To my late husband Roy and me, Drew Brees was the best New Orleans Saint’s quarterback ever. Words cannot express what his arrival and his presence did for the City of New Orleans and all the cities around after Hurricane Katrina devastated the area. Nothing was “normal” after that and his arrival brought the biggest boost of hope and excitement that we all needed. What he has done for our area in the years following made us proud and happy once again!

I personally cried when his retirement was announced. We all could see it coming which did help prepare us. But the reality of our #9 not leading the team out of the tunnel for Saints games will, I am sure, hit us once again when it happens for real. We’ve seen his injuries that affected his playing but an 80 percent Drew Brees is way better than most all 100 percent quarterbacks.
I realized as I read this through one final time that I didn’t mention Drew Brees leading us to a Superbowl Championship. There was so much more to him than that amazing achievement but thanks for that amazing season and game. I’ve never been prouder of him and our Saints. I would have loved to see him get us back there one more time but I am happy to have gotten to witness many years of him being our quarterback.
You’ve made us proud to call you our Saints quarterback. Thank you for the memories, Drew Brees!
Here is Drew’s retirement announcement:

“After 20 years as a player in the NFL and 15 years as a Saint, it is time I retire from the game of football. Each day, I poured my heart & soul into being your Quarterback. ‘Til the very end, I exhausted myself to give everything I had to the Saints organization, my team, and the great city of New Orleans,” the athlete wrote. “We shared some amazing moments together, many of which are emblazoned in our hearts and minds and will forever be a part of us. You have molded me, strengthened me, inspired me, and given me a lifetime of memories.”

“My goal for the last 15 years was striving to give to you everything you had given to me and more. I am only retiring from playing football, I am not retiring from New Orleans. This is not goodbye, rather a new beginning. Now, my real life‘s work begins!”

His wife, Brittany, shared this and more. I just thought that ya’ll should know all the injuries that he played with this year and she stated it well.

“I am so proud of you and the man you are,” she wrote via Instagram in January. “The fact that you played this entire year with a torn rotator cuff, torn fascia in your foot, … then later 11 broken ribs [and] a collapsed lung … yet did not complain once makes me think I should not have taken the epidural while giving birth to the kids.”

Not only was he a Hall of Fame caliber quarterback he is a Christian who publically loved and served the Lord. Everyone thinks their quarterback is the best but the following are why I feel Drew Brees tops them all.
Drew and Brittany Brees have personally committed $5 million to the State of Louisiana for relief efforts to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.
Our local CBS station shared this:

March 14, 2006: Drew and Brittany Brees announce Drew has signed with the Saints ⚜️

March 14, 2021: Brees’ children announce their dad has retired from the NFL 🏈

You came to us at our lowest point.

You led us to our highest.

You represented our state, city, and team with incredible professionalism, class, and toughness.

We are forever grateful for the immeasurable impact you and your family had on our organization and community.

𝗙𝗼𝗿𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗿 𝗮 𝗦𝗮𝗶𝗻𝘁

The Brees family from the time he joined our Saints to his retirement. In true Brees family style their children announced Drew’s retirement.

Messages from some of the players who knew him best.

Gayle Benson, Saints team owner

The amazing duo of Saints Coach Sean Payton and Quarterback Drew Brees is one ranked up at the top.

Those of us from the New Orleans area know everything I shared here. I wrote this blog hoping to share with others what Drew Brees really means to us. He’s already signed a deal with Sunday Night Football to be an announcer and I can’t wait to see him excel in yet another area of football.

This next video is new.


Thank you Drew for what you have meant to my family for so many years.

I saved what I think is the best for last. Drew’s children, Baylen, 12, Bowen, 10, Callen, 8, and Rylen, 6, announcing his retirement.


03.17.21 When will it stop!

I love it when life goes smoothly and all is well in my little world. Don’t we all want that?

I’ll start today’s blog post on a positive note. I just watched my church’s Sunday morning Worship Service online. I was blessed by a wonderful message from my pastor, Bro. Avery Dixon and amazing songs lead by Jonah Kyle and Courtney.

This has been a difficult post to write not just because there is so much to it but WordPress is really wonky right now and I’m struggling with using it.

So much has happened in the last few days that I have thought “When will it stop.”

I’ve shared a little about my dental work. As of right now, I have four shark-looking teeth in the front and am hoping to have the four permanent teeth ready to put in this Friday. The temporary teeth were made in two sets of two. Each of them was put in, fell out, put in and fell out.  Both of the first two dental visits were very long and tiring.  I could have gone back to the dentist a third time to have them put back in but it’s a long drive there and really what would the outcome be, probably falling out again. A different tooth lost the very old crown and will have to be pulled.  Then they will add that tooth to my partial denture so even when these four front teeth have permanent crowns I have more dental fun to experience. I am thankful for being comfortable with staying home in what feels like quarantine and if I must go out I can wear a mask and not look odd.

Our renter’s beagle, Droopy has become a problem for Buddy, for us, and for the other neighbor’s dog, precious Bennie. I won’t say more about it but we asked for him to take Droopy to his mother’s house in Mississippi. His truck has been at the repair shop for three weeks, at least, Since he didn’t have a vehicle, he had not been able to reach his mom in a long time and we wanted him to take Droopy there, I offered him my car to go to Mississippi to bring the dog to his mom’s house. The rest of this story is next.

My car, the Nissan Maxima I bought a couple of months ago, has a new alternator, new tires, and a new battery which took Chip a lot of work to accomplish.

When I offered my car to our renter to go to Mississippi I thought it was running fine. Well here’s what happened.

About 2 hours from here the radiator popped and the car overheated and stranded him on the side of the highway. He didn’t think it was something that could be fixed on the side of the road so a towing company was called and my heart almost stopped when we heard how much it would cost to have it towed here. $430.  Around three hours later my sweet, disabled car was delivered to our driveway in Amite.

Then the story takes some odd turns in the middle of the night…..  It started up when it the towing company dropped off and Chip took it for a ride to see how it would do and it shut off again about a half-mile from here.

Here it is on the side of the road the second time and with all the cows visiting it!

It would not turn back over after a couple tries and then it did turn over it revved up great but then died. Chip walked home from where it was stranded and he determined that it had a bad battery! I put the original battery on a charger and it held no charge so this morning at 7:30 I bought a new one from Walmart. The battery did not fix the car at all the tow company in a tow truck just dropped it back off in our driveway! The oil has recently been changed and he was not quite sure that there’s water in it but I’m not quite sure that there are not worked most of the night trying different things and going to Walmart to get a new battery for it. Our Walmart is about 20 miles from here and he went there twice. There more to this part but it’s now Wednesday morning and I don’t remember it all.

In summary, my car was not only towed home from Mississippi but was then towed home after stranding Chip on the side of the road. Thank goodness that one was under $100.

Then my absolutely wonderful brother-in-law and sister offered to have the car towed to a repair shop that they really trust. Their kindness and generosity made me feel so loved and cared for. I couldn’t thank them enough for that. Good old Nelly (what I originally named her thinking we’d have a long-term relationship) was towed to Northlake Auto. My brother-in-law met the car there and the shop owner reviewed everything and determined a head is cracked and it needs a new engine When my sister called with an update on what they found. I could tell she did not want to tell me that awful news and she even said my brother-in-law is as sick about this as I am.

The auto repair shop recommended that we contact peddle.com to see how much they would give me for the car as is.  I wasn’t happy with what they offered so I decided Facebook Market place was the way to go.  When it was posted on MarketplaceIhave had around 100 inquiries in less than 24 hours. It’s been crazy trying to respond to each of those people. Chip took over the Marketplace response aspect this morning and when Nelly just arrived back at my home in Amite via another tow truck ride he took and posted several interior photos.

Here are photos of each time the car was either towed to here or away from here. I think we are missing one photo.


I rarely let things stress me out. I realized this morning how stressed I was getting over this and that I had not put it all in God’s hand to resolve. I have done that now and can picture God smiling that I acknowledged I can’t resolve this, but He certainly can. And He will.

Out of all of the people that are interested one man stood out. Chip called him this morning and feels very comfortable about this being the right person to buy Nelly. This potential buyer is coming here from Mississippi this afternoon. Hopefully, Nelly will be sold for our asking price by end of today.

Roy’s truck has been a problem since we put it up for sale. It’s sitting right now in the driveway and only makes a click, click, click when the key is turned in the ignition. It’s been to two different auto repair shops, worked on by one, and checked out by the other after the first shop didn’t fix the problems. I may have to sell it as-is for very little but don’t want to do that until we’ve exhausted everything so I can sell it for what it’s really worth.As soon as my car is sold I’ll focus on Roy’s truck.

Chip just sent me this picture of Buddy. I thought it would be a nice way to wrap up this post! He continues to bring happiness to my life and I am so thankful for him.

Ya’ll have a blessed week! Rosalyn