08.26.20 Roy’s doctor visits this week

Roy and I went to his cardiologist, Dr. Georges Khoueiry Tuesday. The last two days Roy has slept a good bit during the day. He’s also gained 3 lb overnight. Both of these are indications that he needed to get to the doctor about the Cognitive Heart Failure (CHF) and Atrial Fibrillation (AFib). We had the appointment today scheduled when Roy was discharged from the hospital week before last.

I’ve done a lot of reading and learning about both CHF and AFib. I knew nothing about this before Roy was hospitalized week before last.  Here’s a sentence or two that I found online giving a basic understanding of CHF and AFib.

Congestive heart failure occurs when your heart muscle doesn’t pump blood as well as it should. Certain conditions, such as Atrial Fibrillation, gradually leave your heart too weak or stiff to fill and pump efficiently.

Atrial fibrillation is an irregular and often rapid heart rate that occurs when the two upper chambers of your heart experience chaotic electrical signals. The result is a fast and irregular heart rhythm. The heart rate in atrial fibrillation may range from 100 to 175 beats a minute.

Roy’s CHF was brought on by AFib. When we were at the cardiologist’s office Tuesday he was having atrial fibrillation and they could still hear fluid.  Here’s the new plan.

On August 31 at North Oaks Roy will have Cardioversion which is a shock to his heart to stop atrial fibrillation. It works in some people and doesn’t work in some people.  We certainly hope Roy is in the group that it helps.

Dr. Khoueiry added one Lasix pill a day for the next 10 days to help Roy get rid of the fluid that has collected.

Dr. Khoueiry wants Roy to go back to the vascular surgeon because the report he had shows the aneurysm has grown. We will see him on September 3.

Roy has to stick to a low sodium diet. Almost everything we eat contains salt. I just fixed red beans, ham, sausage, and rice. I can’t even imagine how much sodium that contained.  This is going to be such a huge change. I’d appreciate some delicious low sodium food recipes. Please send them to me at rosalyn@selu.edu.

He also must wear his CPAP to help his breathing at night. He has been supposed to wear it for over 10 years and he hasn’t. He is a stubborn Cajun but he WILL use his CPAP now.

Wednesday we went to Dr. Kidd. We were able to change his Thursday appointment with Dr. Valdes to Wednesday right after Dr. Kidd’s appt. This saved us a drive from Amite to Hammond and back on Thursday. Dr. Kidd was pleased that Roy had been taken care of by Dr. Khoueiry after Roy saw Dr. Kidd last.

All is good for the things Dr. Kidd takes care of Roy. Dr. Valdes went over everything with us and ordered a couple of blood tests.

What’s going to happen in the immediate future. Roy goes to North Oaks Diagnostic Center for two blood tests on Friday morning. Then Monday morning he has a TEE which is a transesophageal echo (TEE) test that helps detect blood clots and masses located inside the heart. The TEE will be performed first so that if there are any clots they will know about them before proceeding with the cardioversion (shock treatment). Those two procedures will be done at North Oaks. Roy will start on Entresto after those two procedures. Then on Thursday, September 3rd he will see the Vascular Surgeon about the increased size of Roy’s aortic aneurysm.

There may be more after that or what I hope is that will wrap up everything.

I can’t begin to tell you how confusing and upsetting this is for both Roy and I.  We know God is in control of all this and we trust in His ever present care. We are just confused about managing all the new medicines and food changes  Thank goodness we are using MedPaks from our Thrift Town pharmacy. When it gets confusing is when new medicines are prescribed after the MedPaks are put together for the next three months. Roy’s brain isn’t as sharp as it use to be and we know my dementia struggles especially at times like this. We are trying to take care of each other and would really appreciate yours prayers as all this diagnosing and medicine changes settle down.

I apologize if I’ve said things multiple times or said them not clearly.




08.24.20 Little updates! Peep and Chickie, grass runners, and Rosalyn’s crafts

There are a few updates in our lives.

We’ve had a quiet week staying home and I am very thankful for that.

Peep and her new baby Chickie are doing well!  Chickie has grown so fast. Peep has laid a few more eggs and is nesting almost all day right now. We enjoy the hour that we let them out of their cage when they swim and dip in the pond, waddle around the yard eating little bugs and water in the grass as they go. I haven’t been able to get any new photos of them but this is Peep sitting down and Chickie standing up in the corner. He’s gone from pretty yellow fuzz to beige and white features and which fuzz. The 16 x 16 foot area where our main garden grew is now planted with St. Augustine grass runners. Every day for several days I pulled a bucket of runners from around the yard. The center area that you can see the grass the best is the area planted first.

I have been working on several decoupage wine bottles, glass decoupaged trivets and tile decoupaged coasters.

I am toying with the idea of selling my little creations.  We’ll see how that goes if I do it!

Roy’s three doctor appointments start Tuesday, August 25th with the cardiologist.  Please please be in prayer for him. Yesterday and today he took several naps during the day.  While he has been known to take a good nap once a day this is different.

I will update everyone on how the cardiologist visit goes tomorrow.

Ya’ll have a Blessed Week!

08.19.20 What a wild year 2020 has been so far!

I saw this on Facebook a while back and had to share it here. It’s a crazy little summary of all the wild and unusual happening so far in 2020.

I hope this shows up as a memory in future years to remind me what a wild year this year has been so far! 😬😳🤪

📝Dear Diary 2020 Edition,

🗓️In January, Australia caught on fire🔥. I don’t even know if that fire was put out, because we straight up almost went to war 🔫 with Iran. We might actually still be almost at war with them🤷. I don’t know, because Jen Aniston and Brad Pitt spoke to one another at an awards show🏆 and everyone flipped😲 out, but then there was a thing happening in China 🤷, then Prince Harry 🤴and Megan 👸 peaced out ☮️ of the Royal family🏰, and there was the whole impeachment trial ⚖️, and then corona virus 😷showed up in the US🇺🇸 “officially,” but then Kobe died 💀and UK peaced ☮️ out of the European Union.

🗓️In February, Iowa looked foolish with the caucus results and the president was acquitted ✔️ and the Speaker of the House took ten years to rip up a speech🗑️, but then WHO decided to give this virus a name, COVID-19, 😷 which confused some really important people who are actually in charge of things…like our lives, into thinking 🤦there were 18 other versions before it, but then Harvey Weinstein was found guilty, and Americans started asking if Corona beer 🍺was safe to drink, and everyone on Facebook became a doctor 👩🏾‍⚕️who just knew the flu killed waaaaaaaay more people than COVID 1 through 18 EVER did….. 🤦🤦🤦

🗓️In March, you know what hit the fan. Warren👴🏼 dropped out of the presidential race and Sanders was like Bernie👴🏻 or bust, but then Italy 🇭🇺 shut itself down, and then COVID Not 1 through 18 officially become what everyone already realized, a pandemic 😷🌐🗺️🌎😷 and then a nationwide state of emergency 🛑🚨🛑was declared in US, but it didn’t really change anything🤷, so everyone was confused or thought it was still just a flu, but then COVID Not 18 was like ya’ll not taking me seriously😤? I’m gonna infect the one celebrity everyone loves and totally infected Tom Hanks😭, but then the DOW took a plunge, and most of us still don’t understand why the stock market is so important or even a thing 🤷. Then we were all introduced to 🐅 Tiger King 👑. From what I understand, Carol TOTALLY killed 💀her husband, and Netflix was like you’re welcome 😉 We all realized there was 🚫 no way we were washing our hands 🙌🙌🙌enough in the first place because all of our hands are now dry and gross.🤮

🗓️In April, Bernie 👴🏻finally busted himself out of the presidential race, but then NYC 🌆became the set of The Walking Dead and we learned that no one 🚫 has face masks😷, ventilators🌬️, or toilet paper🚽, or quality meat 🥩🍗🍖🥓 at a reasonable price💸! But then Kim Jong-Un 💀died, but then he came back to life… or did he🤷? Who knows, because then the Pentagon released videos of UFOs 🛸🌌and nobody cared😐, and we were like man, it’s only April🤯….

🗓️In May, the biblical end times kicked off historical locust 🦗swarms and then we learned of murder hornets 🐝and realized that 2020 was the start of the Hunger Games but people forgot to let us know, but then people legit protested 🙅📢🙅📢🙅 lockdown measures with 🔫AR-15s, and then sports events were cancelled everywhere 🚫🎳🎾🏀🏈. But then people all over America finally reached a breaking 🤬point with race issues and violence. 🤛🏿🤛🤛🏾🤛🏻🤛🏽🤛🏼There were protests in every city, but then people forgot about the pandemic called COVID Not One Through 18. 📺Media struggled with how to focus on two important things at once, but then people 👥in general struggle to focus on more than one important thing, and a dead 💀🐳 whale was found in the middle of the Amazon 💧🌳rain forest after monkeys 🙊 stole 😷COVID 1 through 19 from a 👨🏽‍🔬 lab and ran off with them. It was either in May or April (no one is keeping track of time now) that a giant asteroid ☄️narrowly missed Earth.🌎

🗓️In June, science and common sense just got thrown straight out the window and somehow wearing masks 😷became a political 🏛️💲🗳️thing, but then a whole lot of people realized the south actually lost the Civil War, and there are large numbers of people who feel that statues👤 they don’t even know the name of are needed for … ‘history’ reasons🤷🤷🤷🤷….. but then everyone sort of remembered there was a pandemic😷🌐🗺️🌎😷, but then decided that not wearing a mask was somehow a God given right (🚫😷=😇…still haven’t found that part in the bibleor even in the constitution📜). Then scientists 👩🏽‍🔬announced they found a mysterious undiscovered mass👾 at the center of the earth, and everyone was like DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH IT 👉🙅👈, but then everyone took a pause 🌬️ to realize that people actually believed…… Gone With The Wind was like non-fiction (They think it’s a documentary y’all!!! 🤯🤯🤯) but then it was also announced that there is a strange radio signal 🎧🛸🤷 coming from somewhere 🌌 in the universe that repeats itself every so many days, and everyone was like DON’T YOU DARE ATTEMPT TO COMMUNICATE WITH IT 🙅📲, but then America reopened from the shut down that actually wasn’t even a shut down, and so far, things have gone 🌟spectacularly……not that great 😣but everyone is on Facebook arguing that masks kill because no one knows how breathing 💨works. Then Florida 🏖️was like hold my beer 🍺 and let me show you how we’re number one 🥇 in all things, including new Not Corona Beer Corona Virus😷. Trump decides now is a good time to ask the Supreme Court ⚖️ to shut down Obama Care because what better time to do so than in the middle of a pandemic😷🌎😷, but then we learned there was a massive dust cloud 🌫️🌫️🌫️🌫️coming straight at us from the Sahara Desert🏜️, which is totally normal 🧐, but this is 2020, so the ghost 👻☠️ mummy thing is most likely in that dust cloud. Then I learned of meth-gators💊🐊, and I’m like that is so not on my freaking 2020 Bingo card, but then we learned that the Congo’s worst ever Ebola outbreak 🤒🤧🤕 is over, and we were all like, 🤷there was an Ebola outbreak that was the worst ever🤷?

🗓️⬇️TODAY is July 2, 2020…. Aliens? Zeus? Asteroids? Artificial Intelligence becomes self aware? Anybody else got guesses??? 🤷🤷🤷

Thanks to whoever started this for the opportunity to copy and paste.

🤷🤷🤷Also, why didn’t I know about the whale 🐳 in the Amazon? I’m going to Google that right now!!!!”

I surely hope that the rest of 2020 goes a lot smoother and less wild and crazy!

If you know that God is in control, like I do, you will be less stressed no matter what comes your way! Give your worries over to God. He’s a big God and wants to handle it all. If you don’t have Him in your life, I’d love to share with you the peace and joy I have with Him!

Have a Blessed week!


08.17.20 Roy has Congestive Heart Failure and AFib

Roy said this morning he hasn’t felt this good in months. Here’s how that came about.

I started writing this a few days ago because so much was happening. I wanted it all to be documented for us to be able to look back on this post in the future to know what and when things happened. If you are not interested in learning about Roy’s health issue, please feel free to not read beyond here.

Roy’s Urologist, Dr. Kidd, performed some tests on Monday, August 10th at Cypress Pointe Hospital in Hammond. I could not stay with Roy or even wait in the waiting room because of their Covid rules. When I dropped him off I went to Chip’s house and had a wonderful visit with sweet Madisyn.

After the main procedure was done I received a phone call from the doctor. When I picked Roy up both the anesthesiologist and the nurse talked to me. They all made a big point of telling me Roy needs to see his cardiologist as soon as possible. I learned that Roy was put on oxygen before the procedure at Cypress Pointe because his heart rate was very erratic. They said they couldn’t emphasize enough about Roy getting to the cardiologist, Dr. Georges Khoueiry. Other than that Dr. Kidd’s tests showed Roy’s platelets are low, he had an abnormal CT scan. These last couple of concerns will be addressed by Dr. Kidd on August 26th when Roy sees him for his follow up.

I picked Roy up from Cypress Pointe Hospital and immediately made an appointment for Wednesday at 3:30 pm for Roy to see his cardiologist, Dr. Georges Khoueiry. At that appointment, Dr. Khoueiry found fluid around Roy’s lungs and heart (congestive heart failure) and sent him to the Emergency Room at North Oaks Hospital to do more testing.  Dr. Khoueiry called the Emergency Room so they knew Roy was on his way and told them the tests they wanted the hospital to get started on.  They took Roy back to Triage right away.  In the ER they started him on Lasix and he peed, and peed, and peed and peed.  Roy hadn’t eaten or drank anything that day yet lots of pee came out. They put him on oxygen now to help his labored breathing.

Before all of this, Roy had been having problems being out of breath and the morning of the procedures he said he felt like he was being suffocated. Recently when we went to the grocery Roy had to stop and rest a few times as we made our way throughout the store.  At home when he walked up our hill he was very out of breath.

After having tests in the ER Roy was admitted to the hospital at 10 pm and taken to his room. Because of Covid 19, all of the two-bed hospital rooms are now one bed private rooms so we had to wait a bit for a room because they have only half the capacity they usually do. When they were ready to take him to a room I was told that in the hospital rooms visitors are only allowed from 7 am to 5 pm. And only one visitor a day. If you leave the hospital you cannot come back in. While this sounds rough its a lot better than no visitors allowed at all like it has been.

While in the hospital he was on a 24 hr a day heart monitor and oxygen. They agreed with his cardiologist’s initial finding of congestive heart failure. They drained over 7 liters of fluid with Lasix that first day and more was drained after that. They did a lot of tests. His cardiologist and primary care doctor have been by to review everything. Roy had difficulty breathing even while on oxygen the first night. A nurse stayed with him until he was better.

Chip stayed with his dad one day which meant I stayed home and rested. Chip brought his dad donuts and a PJ’s coffee. I couldn’t top that! When the doctor came to see Roy that day Chip called me so I could hear what the Doctor said.

Congestive Heart Failure Symptoms

Roy came home Saturday with new medicines and lifestyle changes and having lost almost 20 pounds from all of the fluids they got out of him.  I am having a hard time understanding or retaining what the doctors and nurses tell me. I asked Dr. Khoueri if I could videotape him on my phone giving us his summary of what they found when they let him go on Saturday. While at home I tried to learn about congestive heart failure and afib. One thing I did learn when I picked him up was that the afib is what brought on the congestive heart failure due to it weakening his heart muscle by his heart muscle having to work hard to keep up with the irregular heartbeat.

There will be changes in our life from this but I know God will be with us through this journey as He always is. Roy was sprung from the hospital on Saturday! He was sent home adding Lasix and Xarelto to his daily medicines, increasing Metoprolol XL to two times a day, removing aspirin and Meloxicam. The new medicines along with Potassium pills and Magnesium pills were picked up at our local wonderful pharmacy.

He has appointments with the cardiologist, Dr. Khoueiry on August 25th, urologist Dr. Vincent Kidd, August 26th, and primary care doctor Dr. Valdes on August 27th. No appointments this week which I cannot thank God enough for.

This morning we had a wonderful phone call with Faith, the Peoples Health RN who helped us so much understand things and get appointments with Dr. Khoueiry and Dr. Kidd. We talked to her for over an hour and now have a clear idea of everything we need to do and more.

Roy still has to get back to using his CPAP which was prescribed 10 years ago and hasn’t used. That should definitely help. He needs the aortic aneurysm rechecked he was diagnosed with last year and treated if needed, and to learn more about his platelets being low.  I am hopeful Roy will be allowed to get back to the fitness center soon and I’ll join him in that.

I use to refer to our experiences while living on the road, as adventures and I find I still do that even if it is not a wonderful adventure. This health event is one of the not so good adventures that we plan to turn into a good healthier Roy. Even though Roy is back home his adventure in congestive heart failure (CHF) is ongoing. He is home because they were able to get him stabilized, not because it’s gone away. I have more to share but this has been a beast getting put together correctly. So many people have been praying for Roy and I want them to know how best to pray for him. We both appreciate the prayers so much.

I looked back through what I wrote to see where this should be included but I couldn’t tell. One of the things Dr. Khoueiry said they may do to get his irregular heartbeat back to being regular is by using shock. I thought the doctor was kidding but he wasn’t.  We’ll see if that really happens! If it does happen I ask for prayers that it will be successful in getting his heartbeat back to normal.

In the last few years, Roy has been my dementia caregiver. Now I am taking on the role of his CHF caregiver. Please add me to your prayer list that I will be able to be the best-focused caregiver he could have.  It’s also going to be rough for Roy to get used to a low sodium diet and any other restrictions that will be placed on him when we see the doctors. If any of our followers have CHF or AFib and would like to share any practical information that you have learned, please send us a message at rosalyn@selu.edu

We are off to the pharmacy to meet with our MedPak representative about the changes to Roy’s MedPaks.  Then on the grocery to pick up nonsodium filled food items!

Ya’ll have a Blessed week!

08.08.20 Bo and Peep update

This post does not have a happy ending.

Our sweet Peep has a precious healthy three-week old baby duck.  After the last four babies were killed we wanted to make sure this one was gonna last before proclaiming its existence to the world!  Roy thinks the baby is a boy. But since we don’t know definitely if it is a girl or boy we will be calling it baby. It has been so much fun watching it follow its mama around, learning how to swim at the pond’s edge and gobble up insects. Peep laid more eggs so when that 28 days is up we’ll see if she will have more!  Here are some pictures of mama Peep and Baby.

Today baby is much larger than in these photos. It runs around really awkwardly and gets better and more stable every day!

The not happy ending has to do with the Daddy duck, Bo. Several days ago he was gone, just gone. I hoped he ran off and would show back up one day. But that didn’t happen.  Now we have Peep and baby. I can’t imagine what Peep thinks happened to Bo. I don’t even know if ducks can think!

This is our last photo with Bo in it. He disappeared a few days after sweet Samson went home. I am sure that Samson would be so sad to know his Uncle Bo is gone 😦.

Ya’ll have a Blessed weekend!



08.05.20 Gone, gone, and…….!

Two of this year’s three vegetable gardens are gone, gone, gone!  We are letting the tomato bushes down by the pond just die out on their own. I picked about 10 tomatoes this week from down there. That is compared to over a hundred a week during the best part of the season. Those tomatoes should be gone by next week.

This picture below is the main garden. It is nice to be able to see more of the pond since all the vegetables from that garden are gone, gone, gone!

The blue circled area below is where the dog cage garden was. The green areas that are still there are creeping daisies. The flower garden to the right of that had some major redoing recently when I pulled out all of the creeping daisies around the azaleas and lantana. I left some there and will plant more in the dirt area in front of that.   My work outside whenever it is nice, shady and cool is to pull up St. Augustine grass runners from around our property and plant them in the two empty gardens above.  Then water, water, water them all the time so they live and take root. I have pulled and planted grass runners for a long period of time each time I did it in the past. I’m only doing it a short length of time each time now. If you want to know the best way I’ve found to pull, cut and plant runners here’s that information from a previous post when I wrote about it.

We’ve done a lot of runner transplanting over the years and since moving here.  I’ve learned the most successful transplant works when the runners are clipped into small segments and any dead blades removed before planting.  It’s so hot outside that I do the cleaning part with a big blanket over my lap, a container with the original runners, a pan to put the new small clean segments in and one for the parts cut off.  In the past, we’ve planted the whole runners and they’ve had a difficult time getting established and survived.  All of these new clean smaller segments are rooting and surviving! Here’s my setup for cleaning and clipping the runners!

This was the first batch I planted yesterday and I have a good batch ready to be planted today.

We are trying to cut back the things that require our care in the heat of the summer. Vegetable and flower gardens are included in that. The creeping daisies grow like crazy in a flower circle in the front yard. They take over the rose bushes, bay leaf bushes, and lilies. I pulled up about 20 percent of the daisies and Roy pulled up the bricks. Hopefully, we’ll have some nice days or nice evenings soon so we can get that finished!

Ya’ll have a wonderful week!

07.31.20 Chauvin Produce Company 2020 – July update and final wrap up

Well, this is probably our last Chauvin Produce Company update, ever…. It’s been mostly fun, mostly delicious and we’ve learned a lot about ourselves and how to grow a garden! Next year we will have hopefully found a local produce grower that we can purchase our vegetables from.

All of the main garden vegetables have been pulled up.

The green bean produced really well until recently. They stopped producing and the small bushes just died. The fresh cooked green beans were delicious. I think I will be buying fresh green beans from now on instead of canned ones.

The cucumber vines produced pretty good at first but recently dried up and stopped producing. We enjoyed several delicious tomato and cucumber salads when they were producing well.

The bell pepper plants were eaten by something over time. Seemed like every day there was one getting pulled up with no leaves on them. Before that, we pulled several small bell pepper plants, chopped them and froze them for seasoning later.

The eggplant bushes produced several small tender eggplants at first. Then more grew on the bushes but they were very small and hard.

The 14 big tomato and cherry tomato bushes produced well at first but then the plant leaves withered and the tomatoes were real small before the plants were pulled up.

Only the okra plants produced really well the whole season. As I was writing this Roy was pulling the okra out of the ground.

The pictures below are of the main garden dismantling over time.

This last photo was this morning before Roy pulled up the okra plants.

Roy is leveling the garden getting it ready for healthy St. Augustine grass runners to be planted there. One thing that is nice about the garden being gone is that we can see all of the pond from our patio!

The beautiful tomato bushes down by the pond are so so pitiful looking now. They have almost no leaves and just a few small tomatoes on them. But hey the azaleas are blooming great! The tomatoes down there were watered well and fertilized as needed. We have gotten a lot of nice tomatoes from those bushes until now.

This picture of nothing is where our green beans were!

The dog cage garden is an interesting hod podge of vegetables. The green beans were long ago eaten up by some critter.

The carrots are what is doing well and I look forward to when we can dig them up. The two rows of carrots go down the middle of this picture. Some of the watermelon vines are on the right.

The potatoes produced about 4 small potatoes. The watermelon vines are very nice but have only produced two watermelons, both are small and who knows how they will do! In the first photo below you’ll see the pitiful potatoes and one of the watermelons. Yes, at a time when all around our area massive oblong watermelons are being sold on the side of the road, yet we have two small watermelons no larger than a golf ball and a small cucumber!

The turnips that looked like they might be okay just withered away. The watermelon vines got so big they overtook the turnips!

Lastly are updates on our fruit/nut plants.

The pecan tree has lots of new leaves on it. No pecans but those will come.

The plum tree is the same with new leaves and no fruit yet.

The two fig trees are growing well. First, the smaller tree has several new leaves and several small figs. A few have ripened.

This is the taller tree that has many many green figs. None have ripened.

So that pretty much brings our 2020 garden to a close. We are thinking about either planting four vegetables near the house or in large pots near the patio. The four vegetables will be creole tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and green beans. This all may change before next year but we will both enjoy not having any gardening to do. I am looking forward to being able to relax on the new back porch without seeing something that needs to be done in one of the gardens!

We’ve had a lot of rain lately which filled up the pond. These two pictures are of the water coming from the surrounding land into our pond one morning. It stopped before going into the duck’s cage, thank goodness!

We are puppy sitting our precious grandpuppy Samson this week while his family is on vacation. I am working on a blog post about our time with that little man! Hope to publish that one soon! Samson thinks he is protecting the house from Bo and Peep here!

Ya’ll have a Blessed Weekend!

07.28.20 Who remembers using or doing this…..?

I will be 66 soon and Roy will be 70 in January. Our growing up lives were very different than the lives of those growing up now. We have memories of odd things in our past. Odd to those growing up now but very natural to us. I saw these photos recently and they brought back lots of memories.

There are 50 photos. I was familiar with 48 of them. I’ll let you know which two I don’t remember or didn’t experience.

Count the ones you used or were familiar with growing up.  Let me know in the comments how you did!

These are the two I don’t remember. The nurse’s station in the photo near the end. I also never rode on a banana seat on a bicycle.

How many did you know? Let me know!!

Ya’ll have a Blessed Week!