08.27.14 Things I have learned or been reminded of lately………….

10590596_838240359520890_3736574966766987380_nI have learned or been reminded of a few things recently.

One is that the heat in Louisiana in August is as close to HELL as I ever want to get.  The humidity slaps you in the face as soon as you walk outside.  When the lows at night are in the 80s you know the day time heat is going to be a killer.  It’s so hot as helldraining that just walking from the RV to the house is something I dread.  I love Louisiana but not in this heat.  Once we sell the house,  Louisiana (or any of the deep south) will not see us between May to September unless there is an emergency here!  Seeing friends pictures of leaves starting to change colors and enjoying weather in the 70s up north are so inviting!  A fellow blogger who lives near here wrote this that I think describes this heat better than I ever could.

It has been so hot the last week. It seemed like the heat of one day gathered up into the next with an ever increasing intensity. It was like a snowball of fire that kept rolling into itself and getting hotter and hotter until I thought I would melt yesterday. I hardly went outside at all over the weekend. 

pre qualified 32I learned today that when you request to be pre-qualified for a loan the credit report they run is not necessarily a “soft” inquiry which doesn’t affect your credit score.  It may depend on something about the bank submitting the inquiry but we had a “hard” inquiry show up on our credit record today from the bank’s inquiry yesterday.  Those do affect your credit score.  Be sure to ask the bank you apply with whether theirs is a hard or a soft inquiry before you get pre-qualified. 

I learned Monday that spending time with my son doing his job is fun.  Chip let me ride with him on his insurance agent route in Independence. I got to meet people who are his customers, see how they like doing business with him and welcome him into their homes.  He didn’t let me go into every home, but I do understand that having his mama with you isn’t exactly the image he’s trying to achieve!  He treated me to lunch and even drove me dozens of wasted miles trying to find one of the houses on land I was interested in.  That was of course before we decided to stop looking! I’ve wanted to beat and pulverize this child many times but he’s turning out pretty great!

This RV life style has taken us to numerous churches of varying denominations and worship styles.  My home church is very traditional Southern Baptist with a choir and a little contemporary mixed in (very little) and reverence in our worship style.  My son’s church is interdenominational, all contemporary with a praise band and music and nothing traditional.  What I was reminded of is that the Word of God is preached in both of these churches by two very different preachers both dedicated to sharing God’s word with his sheep.  I was humbled by the authenticity of their Worship when we went there Sunday. God was definitely worshiped and praised, just in a different manner than we do at our church and I’m thankful that both exist. 

I have learned that I will probably never get over putting two spaces behind every period I type.  Two spaces is old school but this two spacesgirl was schooled in that old school for decades and supposedly came about when computers took the place of typewriters.  I must have missed the memo on that one and it’s a habit I’m 110715_twospacesfinding impossible to break.  I know seeing those two spaces has given many of you new school one space folks cause to cringe.  I type so fast that when I try to force myself to only type one space it slows me down terribly.

hiphoplogo2I have learned that it’s okay to be an adult and be silly.  In fact I’ve learned that I NEED to be silly and not act like an adult all the time.  Children love you lots when you’re silly and I need children to love me.  The love they give is so important to my well being and I’m pretty sure it’s important to your well being too!  I don’t always follow the rules, though the important ones I stay-buck-and-krump-follow closely.  I l enjoy singing and move my hands/arms all around in the car while singing to a song.  I love hip hop and krumping, yeah, go figure!  When hip hop music come on my arms, shoulders and other parts start moving like the hip hop dancers do. I’m perfecting my chest popping right now! I already wear baggy pants like they do so I tried to learn hip hop and find I’m not good at it but I love it!  Hip Hop and Krumping are not intended to be silly but when I do it, it is!

I learned recently that if you inquire about something online “thinking” you’ll get an email reply that there is usually someoneonline-inquiry lurking behind their computer waiting for you to enter your phone number in the space required to be filled.   Just today I researched health insurance quotes in case we want to change.  Roy’s phone number must have been the one I entered first because he said that within 10 minutes he got calls from 4 different insurance companies.  I dislike this terribly, but now I know. I will be much mo’ careful about giving our phone number out.

Thanks to all of you who sent me recommendations for places to see when we finally get to go out west!  I learned of some places I didn’t know about and reinforced our desire to go to some already on our list.


08.18.14 Westward Ho – What to Seeeee?????? Recommendations wanted!

Friends have asked about where we will be going when we leave here and the answer is still west. Whether it’s south west, mid west or north west depends on the time of year we head out.  That’s mostly because we want to go where nice weather is after being in the heat of the south these last few months.  Our idea of nice weather is more on the cool side so the path is not determined yet but we know we want to see every state out west, so some planning is needed.

I’ve accumulated information and have narrowed down some of the things we want to see to these in the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wyoming.


Doesn’t mean we don’t want to visit other states in that area(North Dakota, Kansas, Oklahoma and Nebraska), just that I haven’t gotten that far in my research.  Since we’ve been sitting pretty in our side yard for the last while, I’ve had time to dream of our out west adventures, so I started with these.

What I need now is input from you guys who have been to these places, or know of even more “must see” places in these states. Any recommendations about best times to go to a specific place (day of week, time of day), places to eat, side trips to take will be appreciated.  We need all the help we can get since we’ve never been to most of these states (except for business trips flying in and out of a city).  I’m sure I don’t have all the best places on my list and want to make sure when we do this, we do it right.  We may be gone a year this time and are not even sure we will see everything we want to!

If you had a favorite RVing park please let us know that too.  We’ll be trying to stay within our Coast to Coast RV park system with Passport America being our backup but it’s very helpful to hear from others who have stayed someplace specific.  Also any RVillagers with experience in these states, please let us know your favorite parks and places to see!

Here’s our list – so far!

The Grand Canyon, Arizona

Wave in Coyote Buttes North of the Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness, Arizona

Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon in northern Arizonawest

Tombstone, Arizona

Boot Hill Cemetery and the Bird Cage Theater, Arizona

Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum outside of Tucson, Arizona

Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona

Painted Desert, Arizona

Kartchner Caverns State Park, Arizona

Monument Valley, Arizona

Avenue of the Giants scenic road in Redwoods State and National Park, California

Death Valley and Dante’s View, California

Channel Islands National Park, California

Redwoods National Park, California

Yosemite National Park, California

Point Lobos State Reserve in Carmel, California

San Francisco’s Chinatown, Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz Island, California

San Diego Zoo, California

Getty Center in Los Angeles, California

Ghost town of Bodie now Bodie State Historic Park, California

Big Sur Coast Highway, California

Sequoia National Park, California

Western town of Ouray, Colorado

Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, Colorado

“Old West” mining town of Silverton, in the San Juan Mountains, Coloradowest scemoc rpite

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

The Sawtooths, the Bitterroots, Craters of the Moon, Shoshone Falls, Idaho

Glacier National Park, Montana

Sun Highway in Glacier National Park a scenic drive, Montana

The Missouri Breaks, Montana

White Sands National Monument – New Mexico

Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico

Chaco Canyon New Mexico

Four Corners (Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico)

Rhyolite, a ghost town, Nevada

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

The Sierra Nevada’s, Nevada

Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

Mount Hood, Oregon

Multnomah Falls, Oregon

Crater Lake, Oregon

Mount Rushmore National Memorial, South Dakota

Badlands, South Dakota

Bear Butte, Harney Peak, and the Black Hills, South Dakota

Arches National Park, Utah

Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Utah

The Cascades, including Rainier, and Mt St. Helens, Washington

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Grand Teton National Park and Hidden Falls in Grand Teton’s Cascade Canyon , Wyoming

Sand Creek and the Devils Tower, Wyoming

Wind River Range, Wyoming

west going out west

RVillage has almost 10,000 members now!   We are hoping 10,000 happens around Labor Day!

A series of books I’m reading right now is about time travel. I’ve read four of the books and am now reading book 5 of the 7 books in the Out of Time Series by Monique Martin.  There’s romance, great writing and we’ve visited the 1850s, 1900s, 1920s in America and Europe.  I read books 4-6 first and went back to get 1-3 and that worked quite well. I’m hooked and love seeing where Ms. Martin takes the adventures of Simon and Elizabeth next! They are cheaper in a box set of 3 and I got the second three for free through Book Bub.  That offer’s over but if you’re a Book Bub follower look for it if they do it again!

This week is only starting but I pray it’s a great one for all of ya’ll!


Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

08.13.14 First day of school, victorious Saints, and beautiful butterflies!

10592924_888246874536144_3531076100874874366_nSaints fever is spreading throughout the South in these weeks leading up to the regular season.  Time to get the plastic bag and tub containing all our Saints paraphenalia, clothes, signs, etc. out from under Dora.  Near the end of last season we bought our Sproley Oley tin can man to hang outside.  Since Sproles is no longer a Saint (can I say what a sad day that was!) we’re going to convert him to another Saint before the regular season gets here.  Gotta see who rises to the top during the pre-season before making that decision though!

The long awaited first Saints game of the pre-season was victoriously won last week and the second was also a victory by our Boys in Black and Gold!  We’ll be more properly attired for the game next week since Roy, me, Chip, Kim, Madisyn, Braxton and Bentley now have new Saints Socks!!!  I believe we must be Saints outfitted for every game so now we’re complete! 

Madisyn came to stay with us one day last week. After dinner we went to Baskin Robbins which Madisyn use to call the special place that Paw Paw takes her to. It’s still a special place but she definitely knows the name of the place now. They allowed me to go with them this time and what a treat it was.

She and I spent the evening on the floor making homemade Christmas gift cards for her to give some of her family this year. I’ve always loved making them for our family and friends and now that she’s old enough and getting quite crafty we can do them together!

She spent the night with us and in the morning we went shopping for Saints clothes for her (she’s now wearing a precious Saints cheer leading outfit with pompoms) and grocery shopping with Grannie (half of the things I needed are still at the store).

madisyn roses cheerleading saints

We picked up fried fish dinners at Marcus’ fund raiser and came home where Chip (her daddy, our son) was waiting for us with a bouquet of roses! While we were shopping I even got my first “Oh Grannie you embarrassed me” comment (which she properly told me in private) from something silly I did. When she left I napped for two hours which I never do. I think it’s the Madisyn after effect!

Madisyn starts Kindergarten on Thursday and it’s so terribly hard to believe it’s been 5 years since she was just a tiny baby.  I’m sure she will take the school by storm and pray that Chip doesn’t get those calls from her school I use to get about him!!! Here’s some pictures of this very special event!

10599351_824321034259392_7900065225115363511_n madisyn kindergarten madisyn kindergarten2I sure hope her school is ready for this one!!!

No house showings this week but our real estate agent posted two pictures of a butterfly visiting our lantana bushes today.  I’m looking out the RV window right now watching this very butterfly and it is so beautiful. 10440714_10152611242207486_517008494434595231_n10455320_10152458433278903_387111309761223217_n

Ya’ll have a wonderful weekend and ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



job-scamHere’s my story about the employment scam.  As I write this I am holding a Cashier’s Check in my hand in the amount of $2,913.00 sent to me by Priority Mail from my new employer Care UK Healthcare.  But I’m a little ahead of myself by starting here, so I’ll start at the beginning of the tale!

It could be very easy to be fooled by scams like this.  What I found after doing research is that in this particular scam they send you a check, you deposit it, they get you to order from a specific company with your debit card.  Nothing you ordered is ever sent to you and the check comes back as a fake and you are out the amount of money you paid for the software which you’ll never receive because they pocketed the money.  This is a variation on the one that happens on Craig’s List a lot where they send you a cashier’s check or money order for a purchase but oops! they made the check for too much. They ask you to send them the difference back by Western Union and when the check is returned as a fake you’re stuck.

Here’s how this one played out. When you sign up with an online employment agency you complete your profile for all to see.  You can either apply for positions they have posted or an employer can look through profiles to find someone that fits their needs.  I applied for a data entry/customer service position with a company called Care UK Healthcare.  I then received an invitation to interview from them which included information about their company, asking me to review their website and learn about the company before the interview.  I did that and found out they are in the United Kingdom and are part of their government provided health care program.  Sounded interesting so I went on to step two in the process. Here’s the initial contact email.  I feel certain that the real Care UK Healthcare was not involved in anyway with this scam.


I am Karen McCormick the hiring manager of the company (Care UK Healthcare). Your resume was reviewed on (www.odesk.com) and posted to our company’s database. Your qualifications meet our requirements and we believe that with effective training, you will be productive to the company. Interested Applicants should reply back to this email (careukhealthcare@careuk.co/careukhealthcare.hr@gmail.com) for the job details and HR procedures or call the company’s Rep on (+15416329586).

Karen McCormick

karen mccormickNext, in Google Talk I connected with Karen McCormick (that’s the picture that shows up for her in Google Talk) the HR Director, whose email info they provided for this purpose (careukhealthcare.hr@gmail.com) and who, on their website, was listed as the Director for Human Resources..  The interview was done through Google Talk with her asking a bunch of questions (a lot seemed like canned questions but interviews are suppose to all be the same for the same position so I really didn’t think too much about that) and me giving brilliant answers. How I wish I had saved that conversation to share – I was too good to be true!!   Several things she said during the interview started raising those red flags, more came later and they never went down.

I spent an hour one day and an hour and a half the next day interviewing on Google Talk with her.  At times during the interview when she’d tell me to hang on for a while so she could enter info or find out something I spent my time wisely.  I Googled (what DID we ever do without Google) “care uk employment rip off” or some combination like that.  How eye opening it was!  I found a Google Talk dialog eerily similar to the one I had that day and the day before.  Same questions, same compliments on their parts like this one where their lack of spacing between commas was obvious in both my interview and the one I saw on line.

Due to your level of experience and  communication skills  the company has decided to give you a chance for you to work for the company and  will like to see your diligence,Charisma,Committment to this job. Congratulations!

Here’s some signs to look for that indicate an employment scam and all of them happened in mine:

  • Correspondence from them contains misspelled words, improper capitalization (i.e. Hr dept or Human resources dept.).  Everything I’ve received from them contained some sort of misspelling or terribly poor (not British) grammar.   Even in the message that came with the check a word was misspelled.

  • Email addresses are not business addresses – their HR Director’s email was karen.mcormick@gmail.com, their Director of Finance’s email was paul.humphrey@aol.com. What HR Director or Finance Director (which is what Paul Humphrey is suppose to be) uses a @gmail.com or @aol.com email?

  • Email addresses they use don’t match up with the real businesses website address – the first email address they used was admindept@careuk.co  and the real website address is careuk.com.  If you type into the web address box careuk.com you’ll get the real company, but careuk.co takes you no where.

  • Pushy behavior on the part of the employer.  They started to insist that I check into the status of the check after a day or two.

  • Constant communication from them in an odd manner.  Supposedly this HR Director has the time every day to send me a Google Talk to see how I’m doing and I get an email everyday from my supposed trainer who (on the real company’s website) is the Director of Finance.

  • Any information regarding your banking account and how long you’ve been with that bank is a huge sign.  They did not ask for my account number but if I had deposited the check and sent them a copy of the deposit slip that they wanted they would have had my account number to do whatever they wanted with it. Here’s an excerpt from that conversation:

Karen McCormic
What bank do you operate with and how long have you been operating this account?
Rosalyn Chauvin (office)
I’d prefer not to give that information.
Karen McCormick
Not requesting your bank Information, just to confirm bank name if check deposits are allowed
Rosalyn Chauvin (office)
Capitol One
I do not bank with Capitol One (they are a very nice bank however!)  in case you’re wondering why I’d give that info out!
– If you are asked (and I was asked at least 5 times) if I have an ATM where the check they send you can be deposited) that’s a big flag.
– Their pay rate was very good for a data entry position – $19 for training and $24 once trained.  After seeing so many $1 and $2 per hour jobs this was amazing pay for only doing data entry.  Like they say, if it’s too good to be true it probably is not true!

Once they told me they wanted to hire me they told me that I would need to purchase specific software from their specific retailer. They would send me a check to cover that and once it became available in my account I was to send them a copy of the deposit slip and could order the software and they were sending me a new laptop that I’d use to connect with the software to their servers.  BIG FAT RED FLAG!

Here’s a portion of the letter they sent me about the software I’m to purchase with the check, about the checking being on its way and depositing it into my ATM.  I’m thinking this many accounting software programs was included to justify the large amount of the check.

Hello Rosalyn,

I believe the check will be delivered to your home address today, so i need you to be on the look out for it.

Here are the name’s of the software’s you will need to start working with  SAGE 50 COMPLETE ACCOUNTING,ACCOUNTEDGE,CYMA,QuickBooks Pro ,NetSuite Small Business 9.5 , Bookkeeper 2012,Simply Accounting Pro 2011 .
I believe you have an ATM close to you where the check will be deposited?
Note: You are expected to email a copy of the deposit receipt so it can be reviewed and forwarded to the acct dept as proof of deposit.
Training dept.

From that moment until now (about a week) twice a day both the HR Director and the Finance Director contacted me on Google Talk and sent me an email asking if the check had been received.  They provided a tracking number and I was able to track where it was. Since we use a mail forwarding address in South Dakota and that’s the address I gave them I knew there would be a delay but at this point I knew it was a scam and just wanted to ride it out and see how far they would go.  I told them that the tracking showed it was delivered in SD on Thursday and I immediately called the mail forwarding people to ask them to send us our mail making sure they included the Priority Mail from the company.

We received our forwarded mail today and I received the long awaited check for $2,913.00 drawn on a Federal Credit Union in Connecticut.  I went to the bank’s webpage and guess what is on their homepage – a SCAM warning!!!  While it is not the same company name everything else is the same. I found other information in this same Google search that indicated there were other companies using these checks fraudulently.

SCAM ALERT:  Have you responded to an online request for employment or some other online solicitation?  Did you receive a check in the mail from a company called GL.ACCESS drawn on Windsor Locks Federal Credit Union or a Windsor Locks Federal Credit Union check marked CASHIER’S CHECK?  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO NEGOTIATE THESE CHECKS!!! THESE ARE NOT LEGITIMATE CHECKS AND THIS IS A SCAM.  CONTACT THE CREDIT UNION AT 860-292-2940 FOR MORE INFORMATION.

I wrote to the real company early on in the process and have not received any reply.  I notified oDesk about the first few things they did and they blocked the company from dealing with oDesk.

First thing this morning I called Windsor Locks Federal Credit Union and they verified that in deed the check is a fake.  Time to end all this. Just sent the following email to the scammers to end all this:

Good morning,

I believe I’ve sent this email to all the various fake aliases you all have used in this employment scam.  The long awaited Cashier’s Check was received in the mail and upon calling the bank to verify that it was good I found out that this is a fake check, one of many issued on this Federal Credit Union by scammers such as ya’ll.

I have saved all documentation from you including our Google chats and have submitted them to several scam websites and others that may be affected by this scam.  oDesk has already blocked your account.

This type of scam is well documented on the web and it really didn’t take long into the process before I figured it out.  I just had to wait for the check to get here to confirm that it was fake – and it is.

What a pitiful excuse for a human you are, preying on people in their time of need. Get a real job and stop trying to get money from unsuspecting people through scams.
P.S.  The banking information I gave you was false.
Guess I’ll spend the rest of today spreading the word to whomever I can to let them know about this scam.
Between RV scams (see our blog post about our Conroe, Texas adventure in 2012 at  https://rosalynandroy.com/2012/10/13/22) and this employment scam I’ve about had my fill of all that. I will probably be overly suspicious now but that might be a good protective measure.  I’ve always been overly trusting and naive about most things but this girl is street smart now!!
horizontal lineWe had another house showing yesterday evening.  No word yet.  In God’s timing, it will happen or it won’t.  He doesn’t seem to be in as big a hurry as I am, but when we look back on this in the future I know, as always, we’ll see God’s hand in making it all work out for our good at just the perfect time.  I saw this graphic last night and I smiled, it’s so true,  I hope you will smile too!
10436206_921133457903734_560190895769913739_n I found a wonderful Gospel station on SiriusXM at channel 6065 on Dish Network.  I listen to it most of the day and if you enjoy that style music, I hope you’ll check it out.  Spot and Teddy sang an old gospel song yesterday at church.  I taped it to share with ya’ll but I was too far away for it to pick up on my phone.  But oh, what a blessing it was!
Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

08.09.14 Prayers for Marcus

Pray2In a blog post a while back I told ya’ll about a visit we had from Marcus McMillian.  He’s a young man we’ve considered one of our own sons since we first met him years ago.  On July 4th at a family gathering a pot of hot grease was accidentally knocked over on to Marcus legs.  He’s had surgeries, skin grafts, etc. and yesterday his church held a fund raiser to help with the growing medical expenses.  Ya’ll may not know Marcus but I have a lot of prayer warrior friends who read our blog, and I’m asking those of you who will to add Marcus’ healing to your personal prayers and your church’s prayer list.  We have a picture of his injuries but I won’t share that.  Just know it’s really bad and it’s on both his legs.

The picture below is of Marcus, his mom Mynyon and his fiance at the time, Jessica.marcus

I can’t tell you what an amazing young man he is.  He FINALLY got married last year and they are expecting their first child soon.  When we were selling our house on Hinson Road in Pumpkin Center,  Marcus showed interested and bought it.  What a wonderful feeling it is to know that such a fine Christian man will be raising his family in that home, just as we did.

I could write a short book about Marcus’ accomplishment in his young life but I’ll just share that he won Southeastern’s Excellence in Unclassified Staff Service award last year.  This is a BIG DEAL to be chosen for this.  He’s dedicated countless hours to serving the Tangipahoa Sheriff’s Office in a reserve capacity (which sometimes was almost full time), hours in service to his God and hours giving of himself to all his friends who have called on him in their hour of need.  I know from times in our life we’ve called on him and he’s always come through.    The picture below is about him earning the Southeastern award.

marcus award

Like I said, we love this guy and obviously I can’t say enough good stuff about him.  Please keep Marcus’ recovery and his little growing family in your prayers as he goes through this difficult time.  He just recently left Southeastern for an new job opportunity and I think also praying for his job to stay open to him wouldn’t hurt!  If you’d like to donate to help with the medical expenses let me know and I’ll get info about that for you.







Thanks guys!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear



08.02.14 Oddities in looking for an online jobs – not your normal job search!

10372772_10152428449723903_4041537508783919441_nI found that the best type of work for me is work I can do online from wherever we travel.  The work I do with RVillage is perfect since it’s only 15 hours a week and can be done mostly any time of the day.  I usually tried to work 3.75 hours a day 4 days a week but if I needed other days off I’d just increase the per day hours.  I still feel blessed to have this job even though right now the number of hours I work each week is very little.  It should pick back up soon so between now and then I decided to see what else is out there as far as a “virtual” job is concerned.

Two websites that I know of featuring these types of jobs are oDesk.com and Elance.com.  I’veelance odesksigned up with both, completed my profile and searched for jobs.  There are some things that I’ve learned during this process that I’m going to share.

First is that at least half the jobs online pay as little as $1-2 per hour.  This may sound odd to us until you consider that the jobs are open to people around the world.  In the Philippines $2 an hour is top pay and most of these jobs go to people in countries like that.  Americans can’t live on that low rate of pay.  On these websites you see feedback from people who have worked for the company and what they thought about working for them.  it also shows their total pay and how many hours they worked.  Most of them show a days work for $8.  After having applied for some of these jobs and finally figuring it all out, I stopped pursuing those.  People from other countries can apply for any job, even the higher paying jobs.  Because of this there are not a whole lot of jobs paying more than $8-$10 per hour. Most of the jobs require that you state how much you are willing to do the job for so there’s always a mixture of $1-2 per hour bidders for any job.

Since I originally heard about RVillage through Workamper.com and Workamper.com is an extremely reputable RVer employment company I never had any doubts about the interview process with RVillage.  Other companies on these sites are totally unknown and there is much to be leery about.  They have a wide range of ways they use to see if you qualify for their open position.  One very unique process I went through asked the applicant to do the following:

-Download a zipped file with directions.

-First direction was to go to a specific web address which they provided to the Gettysburg address.  Find the word brave and using that as word 1 and the following word men as word 2 go to what would be word 10.  Go to the 7th letter in word 10.  Assign a number value to that letter as it would be where A=1, B=2 and so on.  My letter was R so it was = 18.

-Next go to a video on a different web page where several actors read parts of the Declaration of Independence.  You were to first Google the actor Edward Nelson and familiarize yourself with him so that when you see him in the video you will know it.  Of course I thought two of the actors was him so I had to work a little harder to narrow it down!  Once I came to him I was to skip the first time he talked by himself.  The second time he talked I was to find the 18th word (because my R equaled 18.  This required me listening a couple of time and then writing down each word he said and figuring out that the word was “the”.

-Next you went to a different website and after the web address:xxx.xxxxxxx.xx/ you were to insert your word.  If and only if you had done each part of it perfectly would you access the webpage with the next step in the process.  I did it an was terribly proud of myself!

=The next step was to post a youtube video of myself talking for 30-60 minutes about what wonderful things I could do for his company.  Once you post it on youtube and send him the url to it he’ll let you know if he wants to interview you. I didn’t create a video and that’s where I am now, not really sure I want to go that far. This is the only job process I’ve come across like this one.

It looks like these weird processes are used to see how detail oriented you are and how willing you are to stick something out.

The other, not so wild, process I did was to download a zipped file containing a Word document and a photograph.  I had to take those and put them in to a WordPress blog.  What you are reading is a WordPress blog and of course I know how to use Word and work with photographs. I did what they asked which was to copy and paste the words from document into the blog, formatting the words by bolding specific ones and making sure spacing was correct, add the photo resized to 500 x 200 from a much larger size and center it.  That sounded easy enough as this is exactly how I do a lot of my blogs, so I did it.

Only problem was that the grammar and a lot of things about the document wording were quite, quite bad.  One thing you always have to keep in mind on these virtual job websites is that since foreigners are sometimes writing the job posting their English writing is very odd so what we might immediately think as suspicious here may possibly be the translation to English so I’ve had to overlook some of that.  I don’t think this was the case with this document, however. I actually think the article needed to be taken apart and put back together in a way that provided some continuity and having a lot of spellings and grammar corrected.  I did what I could without totally redoing the article even though that was never mentioned in the instructions.  I’m thinking they may want to see if you’d catch that.

I submitted my proposal for this one (that’s what they call your application which also includes you telling them the lowest price you will do the work for – another oddity) and explained that I corrected as much as I comfortably could change in the document without totally redoing it.  Haven’t heard back from them yet!

The next blog will be about a job application process I’m in that I truly believe is an employment scam.  I haven’t found another job yet but my days are filled with going through the many different processes these people put you through and it’s opening my employment seeking eyes quite a bit.

We had a family tour our house earlier this week week and it rained before they came for the first time in two weeks.  I water every other day but can’t reach many plants who have been pitifully sagging so we just knew the rain was God’s gift so the flowers would all be perky!!  The family stayed an hour and a half and we were so hopeful we’d get an offer right away from them.  We got good feedback but were also told they are still looking at other houses.


Our Saints play their first pre-sesason game this Friday night!  I saw this picture/quote below today.  It’s me all the way and I want you to share with ya’ll!  Roy said many times he could hear me through our outside walls in our sticks and bricks house when he was outside during a game.  Can you imagine what people must think when we’re in our RV.  Roy’s right up there with me these days cheering and doing what he can to encourage and fuss at our boys too!



Last year we were in Minnesota for preseason games with very little coverage of Saints games that far north. We even watched one of the games last year over Skype watching the game on my son’s TV in Louisiana.  We’re quite pleased to have such good TV coverage here and be in Black and Gold land right now, if just for three hours this Friday night and weekly until the house sells!!!

Ya’ll have a wonderful week  – REMEMBER – God loves you!


08.02.14 Cheap Drugs – woohoooo!

dog smileYou young folks with no physical ailments or those with excellent health insurance and big incomes – you guys don’t need to know what I’m going to share.  Everyone else will probably want to!

Two of the prescriptions I take each month, Crestor (cholesterol) and Januvia (diabetes) are fairly expensive prescriptions.  My highest co-payment is $50 and each of those are every penny of that.  Since we travel I get my prescriptions sent to me 3 months worth at a time.  Three months of those two totals $300.  When you add that to the cost of three months of all my other medicines adds up to a nice little total that is more than I can afford.

When Roy got a new different, yet every bit as costly, prescription his doctor gave him a discount card so we could get it filled for only $20 a month instead of the $50.  Wow what a great deal!

That made me think that maybe some of my expensive medicines would have that same type of savings available if you couldn’t afford the actual price.  I went to both Crestor and Januvia’s website and sure enough they do.  After providing just a little bit of information I was given a discount card to print out and bring to the pharmacy.

It did take the pharmacy (Walgreen’s) a little while to process it (since it was the first time) but I will not have to do that part again for at least 12 months since it is on file now.  I now get Crestor for only $18 a month and Januvia for only $5 per month instead of $50 each prescription each month.

A lot of RVers and other folks are on fixed income and this kind of help with your prescriptions can make a huge difference with their finances.  These prescription discounts seem to be available through most drug manufacturers website under special savings or Need help paying for your prescription?   Check out all the websites for the medicines you take, you could end up saving a bundle!

We are still parked in our side yard in Hammond but have made a regular homeowner purchase this week – a riding lawn mower!  Yes we sold our fancy zero turn radius lawn mower with all the bells and whistles when we sold everything else back in early 2013.

You may remember we hired a wonderful young man to cut our grass.  Right after that my work with RVillage was cut back to very little work for a few weeks so we couldn’t afford the luxury of having someone else cut our grass and Roy started looking for a lawn mower.  We found several and went to Watson, Louisiana to look at one which we bought for only $300.  Here it is in the picture below.  It sure is not the always fun to ride zero turn radius one but it cuts very well (after buying a new belt and ordering some missing parts) and having it here allows us to cut the grass a couple of times a week to keep the yards looking inviting for potential home buyers.

blog3On the home showing front we’ve had none in a couple of weeks but we know that perfect buyer is just around the corner! I routinely run the water inside and still pull weeds and water plants every other day.  Roy climbed on top of the garage to throw and blow off all the leaves, limbs, etc. that had accumulated up there.  I blew the leaves from where they landed to a nearby flowerbed creating a lot of nice mulching around the bushes!


I am looking for either temporary work here in Hammond or another online position like the one I have with RVillage.  Applying for work to do online is an experience all in itself.  Very totally different than walking into someone’s office and meeting with them.  After having such a good experience interviewing with RVillage (they were very professional and a joy to interview with) I was very unprepared for the weirdness of other employers’ process.  I’m in the middle of a process right now that I believe is an employment scam.  I know how far not to let it go, but until I get there I’ll see where they take me.  I’m planning on a blog post about this experience soon.

We’ve kinda sorta adopted a little neighborhood dog that Roy named Dauber (Coach’s goofy assistant).  He comes to visit most days for some doggie treats and then scampers on back to wherever he came from.  We’re not planning to bring a dog with us on our journeys but if we did Dauber seems to have tickled Roy’s fancy and I think he’d be the one!

blog 5


07.24.14 His Kids Special Needs Day Camp – what a blessing!, cleaning the engine and visiting with Madisyn!

Some experiences in life stay with you. No matter how many other experiences you have in life, that one sticks in the back of your mind as a very special experience. Two years ago for just one day I was blessed to be able to help with our church’s His Kids Special Needs Day Camp. Around 20+ children from ages up to 25 came together to learn about Jesus and experience the love we, as Christians, have for them. I left there that day being blessed by their gentleness and joy. They did more for me that day than I could possibly have done for them.

Last year we were in Minnesota during the summer when they held His Kids Camp. This year, since we are home, I was able to help again.

IMG_20140721_115725_170The theme this year was SHINE. The area I worked with was crafts with Ashley and Alisa. Each child made four coasters which were four inch ceramic tiles with a shiny surface. We sprayed alcohol on each, wiped it down with cotton and then creatively dropped small drops of various colored special alcohol paint.  When we dropped the paint on the tile it spread quickly and when the children blew on the paint with straws it created special shapes.  I had fun making one before we started and could see the joy and pride in the children’s eyes when they created theirs!



Between some of the parents and caregivers being there, several of our church members and outside volunteers who work with special needs kids we had almost a one on one ratio so each child was given the attention they deserved.  There were crafts, recreation, bible study, music time and group time.  Sort of on the same order as a Vacation Bible School is set up.


Christie Williamson is the director of the camp and is a member of our church and most importantly she is my hairdresser (who of course knows all my secrets as all hair dressers do!)  She works all throughout the year having periodic His Kids activity days and during the summer His Kids Day Camp for a week.  I know she has a lot of help to make all this possible but she is amazingly creative and dedicated.  Her son Lucas is a special needs young man and she’s been an inspiration to me in her dedication to making his life what he deserves it to be.

A lot of times we take for granted all the things our kids without special needs can do.  My sons didn’t have physical special needs but were both in the special education programs at their schools.  One was gifted, which has its own set of challenges, and the other had a learning disability which he only overcame through the special techniques used by his schools and us over the years.  I’ve always thanked God for the special needs of my children since I know it brought me closer to both of them in their own way.

Again I got to spend one day there this summer and it was again a special experience!  I wanted to share about it with you all so you can pass this along.  Maybe invite someone to it next year or start one at your church.  I can imagine it is an enormous undertaking  though I know God will fulfill every need and lift you up to overcome any challenge.

horizontal lineAfter an outing to Cracker Barrel for dinner, toys and candy, we watched (our first time) the movie Frozen the other night with Madisyn.  She filled us in on what was going to happen and who was who and all.  Of course there was (as always) a bowl of ice cream in it for all of us.  She doesn’t quite fit like she use to under her Paw Paw’s arm but always makes her way to sit right next to him during ice cream time!

IMG_20140717_183022_866 IMG_20140717_213435_072horizontal lineRoy wanted to clean the RV engine since we had my brother in law George’s pressure washer.  Since it is under our bed, the bed went up and he actually pressure washed it from inside the RV.  I was not too positive that would have a good outcome but of course knowing Roy he was very careful and we got both a clean engine and no soggy bedroom!

IMG_20140719_115336_563  IMG_20140719_120327_814Sadly, there were no house showings this week.  Someone will want our beautiful pink house I just know it!

We had a fairly busy weekend doing family things (of course Madisyn was in on most of it!). We enjoyed BBQ with family Sunday after church, helping our son Chip move into his new home on Saturday, and purchasing a used riding lawnmower to cut our grass with.  My work with RVillage is very slow right now so we realized we couldn’t afford the luxury of paying to have our lawn cut. Roy started searching Craigslist and we found one, just perfect for us!  Of course it needed a few parts, some tinkering and a good cleaning but that’s Roy’s specialty!  It will pay for itself in a month of cuttings and we’ll decide what to do with it when we sell the house! I really didn’t think we’d own a lawnmower again but it is true that we should never say never!


07.23.14 Presenting – Dana! Mother, wife, photographer, blogger, author and teacher!

danaI want you to meet my niece, Dana. She is an extremely creative published author, blogger, photographer, teacher, mother of three and wife. Dana is almost the same number of years younger than me, as I am younger than my sister (her mother).  She’s been more of a little sister than a niece (I even washed her poopy diapers when she was tiny!) and when she got married she asked me to be her Matron of Honor.  I’ll never forget what an honor that was.

dana weddingBy day she teaches and by evening and weekend she blogs, write, photographs and cares for her family. Her photography caught my eye and my heart so, with her permission, I decided to share it with you here. This is but a small sample of the many photographs she has available for purchase. Any of the photographs can be purchased canvas prints, framed prints, greeting cards, acrylic prints, metal prints and many other forms.

These pictures below are just some of my favorites. There are also many Catholic related photographs that this Baptist girl wasn’t necessarily drawn to, but those may be the ones you may really want to see so I want you to know about them. Check them all out at http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/dana-doyle.html. I think the concept of being able to get one of these beautiful pictures put onto canvas, metal, whatever is amazing!  Here are a few of the photos you’ll find on the webpage.

kaleidoscope-dana-doyle street-signs-dana-doyle   monarch caterpillar

Her published books are primarily related to her deep Catholic faith. However, one of the books is hope for healingcalled “Hope for Healing: from the effects of childhood sexual abuse.”  I’d recommend reading this one to anyone who works with children, has children/grandchildren, teaches children or just loves children. She gives warning signs to look for and real life experience she had with healing from the experience. This was a personally difficult book for me to read, however the benefits it can provide to others makes me want to share. Here’s a link to it on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Hope-For-Healing-effects-childhood/dp/1469924064

You can get to know Dana through her blog “Catholic Working Woman” at http://danardoyle.wordpress.com.  She has many more followers than I do, so especially if you are of the Catholic faith I believe you will benefit from following her blog.

She has a new book out called “The Answer for Families.” I have not read it 10532774_923593867666998_6155723174852297216_nbut if it’s like Dana’s other books she puts much of herself into them and I’m confident if you read it, you will be blessed.

horizontal lineOur sticks and bricks house has been shown twice and we’ve received great feedback. They said it “shows well” and we were on the top of one of their list. The cleaning, etc. continues in a very small way. Today I scraped up paint spots from the concrete back porch, watered transplanted bushes and grass, then pulled weeds. Yesterday I cleaned all the white wooden blinds inside. Monday was spent at church helping with our His Kid’s Special Needs camp. I took several pictures and want to share with you about this awesome event in my next blog.