There won’t be any more drone pictures until our Trinity Life Center is completed.  Some wonderful person at church has been taking outside and inside photos that I’ve been given permission to share with ya’ll. Thank you wonderful person!!

The exterior giant walls and roof are now in place! These pictures were before the windows were installed.

The interior with the exterior walls up!

The interior room framing is being done by our church members. This past week that part got started and here’s pictures from that effort.

The guys that I can recognize are Noel Louviere, Randy Stogner, Slim Traylor, Mike Whisenhunt, Tommy Picou, Bruce Taylor, Philip Bankston and I think Spot Traylor. If I missed someone please let me know!  They are all great Christian men who are giving of their time and efforts to building something for our church to reach others for the Lord.

Our Associate Pastor, Bro. Derek Wall made two videos showing the outside with the windows and the interior after this portion of the framing was done.  First is the inside video.  The big hole in the slab is where the elevator will reside.

Here is the outside with the windows in!!!

It’s looking very real now! Please pray that things continue to move along smoothly and that fund raising does well!

Ya’ll have a Blessed Week!



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We were very happy today when we pulled up at church for our Senior Luncheon to see the frame of our new Family Life Building looming large behind the youth building!

First a big thanks to Derek and Koree and anyone else that made the luncheon really wonderful.  The food, devotion and fellowship as always were wonderful.  I got to visit with several people that I don’t normally get to visit.  I heard talk of a possible Senior’s road trip to see The Ark during Spring Break next year.  My ears really perked up and I truly hope Roy and I can make that bus ride with them!

Here’s a photo update of the Trinity Family Life Building currently under construction. The yellow arrow  in the first photo below points out the new building.

First some photos I took from the ground at different angles.


The hole that is in the floor is where an elevator will live!  Here’s Roy’s drone in the air taking some photos!

Now the cooler pictures taken by Roy and his Drone.

If Trinity folks would like to have any of these photos, just right click and select Save Image As to save it on your computer.

Ya’ll have a Blessed Weekend!


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Wacky Wonderful Wednesdays

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