03.11.21 Sister Visit, Social Security, Teeth, Vegetable Garden, Vehicles, Precious Lisa, Microwave, Tiny Planter

This is a long one, mostly about things I want to remember. Read on if you’d like! So much is going on my head spins sometimes!

My sister, brother-in-law, and I haven’t had a visit in a while. They came yesterday bearing gifts in the form of delicious brownies and some very old beautiful plates that we believe were gifts from Aunt Clairette (mama’s sister) from decades ago. We always have a good time and yesterday was full of great laughs and love. Buddy was sporting his new bow tie and enjoyed their visit. We usually forget to take pictures so I have to share when we remember!

After Roy died in September last year Social Security denied me getting any of his social security benefit because the amount of my Social Security check was larger than his. I shared that with ya’ll but when it all changed I forgot to share that!

I received a letter in the mail from Social Security that didn’t say a whole lot but there were two sentences in it that said:

We changed your monthly benefit amount to $XXXX. We gave you credit for benefits we did not pay at the full rate before you reached full retirement age.

Okay well I didn’t understand what happened but the increase in monthly benefit helps considerably and it started that month! I’ve also been able to receive extra help with my insurance premiums and much lower prescription copayments which is a big help. God watches out for his children and when it looked like things were going to be difficult for me financially several things changed and it’s not so difficult! God is so good!

Last Friday I spent the day at the dentist doing impressions and having temporary crowns made for my four top front teeth. I’ve had teeth crack and parts of them fall out which is what lead to this. The temporary ones look huge and nothing like my normal teeth. I’ve been assured that the permanent ones will not look like the temporary ones and will say in.

Hopefully, in two weeks, the permanent crowns will be ready. That day cannot come soon enough.

Both of the two tooth combo temporary crowns fell out after the dentist’s office was closed that afternoon. What’s underneath those crowns are spiky tiny teeth ground down to fit inside the crowns. We were able to put them back on with “something.” After that, one set of two teeth came out again I called the dentist and went in to hopefully get them to put back on for good until the permanent crowns are ready. To make a long story short they were put on and by the time I got home they came off.

Right now I have two teeth that don’t go up and down like teeth are supposed but they stick out at the bottom like rabbit’s teeth and two tiny spiky teeth.  I’m not going to do anymore about this and will just have to live with a mask on when I see someone. Never thought I’d be happy that masks are commonplace now. I will be doing tooth quarantine until the permanent ones come in and they stay in.

Part of my new soft food is sliced baked apples. No sugar, no butter, just baked apples!


My new and much smaller vegetable garden is planted and growing. One red beefsteak tomato bush and several cucumber vines. That’s it but we will be able to enjoy some fresh vegetables this year.  I’m looking for a local vegetable stand or farm that other fresh vegetables can be purchased from.

The pond is so high it is close to overflowing. A month ago it was very very low and after a couple of big rains, it’s filled back up.

When the water level was low and you could see all of the culvert with water flowing out of it.
This photo and the one below show that the water level is up to the top of the culvert and will overflow soon if we get more rain.


When the water was really low
The same area with the new water level

Chip has put in so much time working on my car and Roy’s truck. He changed the alternator, had two new tires put on my car and it is running fine now. I gave the inside a good cleaning today and it looks great.

Roy’s truck needs to be sold but problems keep cropping up. Uncle George gave Chip some ideas of what to try next. He spent lots of time today doing that and it still doesn’t work. We’ll see where this goes from here!


I ask for prayers for a young friend of mine, Lisa Watts.  She had a second very extensive brain surgery Tuesday in Arizona.  One of the arteries they used to bypass the clogged arteries in her brain in the first surgery has become very narrow and ballooned out on the other side of itself. They harvested an artery from her arm to use in her brain. The surgery yesterday went well and she will be in ICU for a few days before they will release her. She is having an angiogram of her brain done right now.  She’s a strong Christian young woman and I know she would appreciate your prayers.

Our microwave finally gave out and had to be replaced. Who can live without a microwave these days! Chip and Rick put it in yesterday

I found this adorable little planter online and plan to put a small succulent in it.


It’s a beautiful day here in Amite, Louisiana.  I’m going outside to enjoy some of it while doing yard work.

Later! Rosalyn

01.31.21 Bible study, three tests, a visit with my friend Cindy V. and a doctor visit

I started this Monday and since I’ve had spotty internet this week haven’t been able to finish it. Today, Sunday, Chip and I tackled sorting out all of the computer wires from Roy’s computer to and from the router. Not only did that get fixed, Hallelujah! but the printer wasn’t printing, pages would just spew out with no words on them. After a couple of hours trying to figure it out, it now works again. I don’t really know which of the things I tried did the trick but I don’t care, I can print again! I also learned how to fill up the ink containers in the printer. Chip said his dad would be quite proud of me for figuring it all out. I think Roy would be very proud of both Chip and me for figuring out the internet problem.  In all that computer fun we learned we have 5G internet and are hooked up to that now!

I’ve been piddling around. Monday evening I joined in on our Ladies Bible Study on the Sermon on the Mount. God’s word is so perfect yet I don’t always understand it. This Bible study is opening my eyes to so much of Matthew 5 to 8 that I never understood before. I am thankful for our leader Johnnie who helps us so much to dig deep into God’s word. If yall remember my friend holding an assault rifle in a picture a few weeks ago. That’s our Bible study leader!

Tuesday was Buddy’s day to get his shots and to get neutered. It is required by the animal shelter even though he is 6 years old. When I picked him up at first he wouldn’t look at me so I started telling him I love him and was sorry about all that. When we got home he acted like he didn’t have anything done, running around, and was sweet to me again.

My goopy hair day

Wednesday, another get up early day, I had a brainwave test (EEG) done at North Oaks in the Neurodiagnostics area. It was a dementia mush event. I read the instructions for this test the other day. The instructions said to arrive there with my hair and body clean and not to drink any caffeine drink before the test. Instead of doing that I thought the instructions said to not clean my hair for 72 hours. So that’s how I arrived there, no hair washed and no bath. I must not have really stunk since the EEG lady didn’t say anything. I also forgot about not drinking caffeine and had a few sips of coffee while driving there. Hopefully, that little bit doesn’t affect the results!

After the EEG, the technician cleaned the goop out as much as she could. Feeling daring and hoping no one I knew saw me, I drove to Home Depot where I got two bags of river rocks and a couple of plants to fill in a flower pot with some pre-spring cuteness.

On Thursday I went back to North Oaks Diagnostics Center for a carotid artery ultrasound. A very nice young lady did the test and within 30 I was in and out. Yes, I liked that.

I then went to see Dr. Corey Majors, endocrinologist about getting my diabetes under control. He’s a great young doctor. We had a deep heart to heart visit where I confessed to my wrongdoing eating wise. Well, at least most of them….. He took me off of Januvia and added real insulin which I knew was coming but it stinks. He was giving some serious thought to finding a medicine plan that I could handle remembering what to do. I have to test my blood four times a day and take the Humalog 8 mg insulin injections three times a day.

After the jerking and falling episodes, Chip and I felt it was best to get a life alert system. Acadian Ambulance has one called Acadian On Call. I chose it because they are connected to North Oaks Medical System and will have all my medical information available when they are sent out to respond to a call from my neck pendant. The necklace is very lite and I don’t feel it around my neck. I like that!

My brain is getting worse and worse as the Galantamine gets completely out of my system and I don’t like it one bit. I see Dr. Valdes Monday and am going to ask him to put me back on it again.

Roy’s truck needed some repairs that Chip couldn’t do without lots of time off his work. He had a local tow truck company pick up the truck and bring it to A! Auto Repairs in Hammond on Tuesday. They replaced a few things and several hundred dollars later it is all fixed up and ready to go up for sale. Since I originally wrote that we discovered it really isn’t fixed like it should be, so back to the shop it goes Monday.

Friday was the MRI. Since I can’t handle the confined space inside an MRI I needed to be somewhat sedated and that means I couldn’t drive home. My friend Cindy Vernon brought me there and back. The sedation worked well and I didn’t claw my way out of the tube!. While I was in the MRI I prayed for each of the staff members at our church and for our church’s ministry to be pleasing to God.

After the test, we stopped at a relatively new restaurant where we ate outside. We both had fried catfish with crawfish etouffee on top, potato salad, and bread. Really really good!


Before leaving to go to the hospital Cindy brought me some neat craft supplies that I can use to make Christmas gift tags. She is always so generous with these things and knows how happy they make me! On Saturday Cindy gave me even more crafty gift tag supplies including small reindeer, Christmas trees, snowflakes wooden embellishments. They are perfect for lots of ideas I’m having!

I hope each of you has a very blessed week! Rosalyn

01.24.21 Doctor visit and tests, Buddy, painting, visit with Cindy and dogs, ground burning and spring gardening!

This is a blog post that most of ya’ll will have no interest in. I am posting it to help me remember and to refer to in the future.

Dr. Valdes told me to stop taking the dementia medicine Galantamine and diabetes medicine Jardiance. They could either be causing dehydration or seizures.

I have been so tired lately. I have been sleeping more than 12 hours each day recently. My brain is rather iffy in a mushy way lately.  I finally got out of bed at 11:30 on Friday when I started writing this.

I can tell as I start writing this that it will be a collection of short thoughts.

My appointment with the neurologist, Dr. Zapata went well. He agrees with Dr. Valdes that the episodes I was having are not seizures but are something else.  I would like for him to be my dementia neurologist from here on so the appointment was for that also.  He ordered a brain MRI, a carotid artery ultrasound, and bloodwork to go along with the EEG test Dr. Valdes ordered..

I had the bloodwork done last week.

The EEG brain wave test is scheduled for Wednesday.

The carotid artery ultrasound will be on Thursday before I go to an appointment with the diabetes doctor, Dr. Corey Majors about getting my blood sugar under control.

Then on Friday, I will have the brain MRI. I can’t handle an MRI without being sedated so my dear friend Cindy Vernon is going to take me there and back. Seems like driving around after being sedated is not something they like us to do!  I can drive myself to the other tests but I am thankful that Cindy is willing to help me get to the hospital for that one.

Early next week Buddy will be neutered and get his shots. He’s doing so well here. He’s put on weight. Hey, he is a Chauvin so putting on weight comes naturally to us! Chip put in an electric fence stopping him from running into the road to chase cars. He still has the freedom to roam our property, the pond, and playing with his doggie friends, but he no longer dashes out into the street where he could easily get run over. He’s not a big dog and the collar is fairly large but he doesn’t seem to mind it at all. Here he is after I wrap him in a soft blanket to get a good night’s sleep!

I’ve started painting/decoupaging and hiding rocks again.  I’m also decoupaging seashells to make into next year’s Christmas ornaments.  These wooden word creations in the photos below were painted and decoupaged with napkins.The four-shelf unit with plant glow lights was sold which freed up some space in my rock room! My sweet friend Cindy LeBlanc came to visit last week and so did the neighbors’ dogs. We sat outside to each lunch and visit. All five of us, two humans and three canines! The biggest canine is Enzo in the photos below. He is the largest dog I’ve ever been that near to. He is so sweet and gentle but absolutely huge! He normally

It’s the beginning of spring vegetable planting preparation. Chip is drilling holes near the bottom of this big pot I bought at the 15-yard sale a few months ago. My garden will consist of one big tomato plant and one cucumber vine. Both growing in this big pot outside the back door! The neighbors across the street have been burning the grass all around our side of their property. This was the view from our front porch as the burning came close to our home.  Our Saints lost last Sunday’s playoff game. As of now, we don’t know if our Quarterback Drew Brees will retire or play another year. I don’t ever want him to retire but after the injuries he’s had this year and the difference in his play this year compared with previous years, I sadly believe it may be time.

Ya’ll have a Blessed week, Rosalyn





01.12.21 No more episodes, and doctor visit

Today is Tuesday. I have not had any episodes for three days now. Hallelujah! My brain is a bit mushier than usual but I can do everything I normally do and it feels so wonderful.

I was able to attend our ladies’ Bible study online last night and loved it! Johnnie, you and the other ladies are great!

My dear friend, Donna Lavergne brought me to my doctor’s appointment yesterday.  I previously made notes on my phone so I would remember what to tell him. My blood pressure was fine. They even did a three blood pressure check where they do it laying down, then sitting up, and then standing up and it was the same each time which is a real good thing.

My doctor thinks the episodes I had for three days are from having high blood sugar for a long time and the stress from Roy dying.

He wants me to see a diabetes doctor Dr. Major, and a neurologist, Dr. Zapata. After seeing them and going back to Dr. Valdes I will have an appointment made with a psychiatrist who can help me better with my grief.

I don’t agree that it is not really seizures but I will see the doctors he wants me to see, have more tests and do what they say. I’m not the doctor, he is.

He also said People’s Health may provide transportation to doctor visits so I will check on that tomorrow. Just checked and my plan does not cover transportation.

He’s taken me off 3 medicines that may cause seizures or dehydration. One is my dementia medicine which I really don’t like not taking it. I protested as much as I possibly could.

I also have a brainwave test scheduled for Jan. 21st. I am happy about that.

None of what he wants me to do will hurt me so like I said, I’ll do what they say to do.

Ya’ll have a blessed week, Rosalyn

12.26.20 and 01.10.21 Only one first Christmas after a loved one dies, and days 2 and 3 of my current health problem

I started this back in December and never posted. So I am posting it now and I am going to write about the second day of all the fun I’ve had jerking and laying on the floor.

After I wrote my Christmas post and rereading it my grief was very strong and the loneliness of life without Roy just seems so difficult. I am thankful there is only one first Christmas after a loved one dies. I’m sure future Christmas’ will bring their own level of grief.

I spent some time today cleaning out the truck bed of Roy’s truck that I will be selling.  I want the person who buys it to be the right person because Roy loved that old truck.  Hopefully the day it leaves here will be one of the last things I’ll be selling that was Roy’s.  I can’t handle all this crying much longer.

I know all of this is God’s plan for Roy and for me. I think Roy got the better plan though! He gets to be in Heaven with his Lord and I’m still here with the memories.

First, let me say day four is wonderful. Very small jerks this morning and nothing that caused me to fall and spend time on the floor! Yay and Praise God!

I am just whizzing away typing and it’s mostly all coming out fine.

This is the picture Chip took when the helicopter with me in it arrived at North Oaks.

Friday morning I woke up to jerking again. I didn’t fall but I knew not to wait and it was bad enough for me to call 911. The 911 lady was very nice and even offered to call one of my neighbors. I declined that and the EMTs with Acadian Ambulance were here very fast.

They took my vitals and blood sugar and they were fine. Somehow they also said I was dehydrated. I told them I drank 3 bottles of water from the time I got in bed until then.  They said I need something with electrolytes in it like Powerade or Gatorade.

Chip got home about that time since I called him right after I called 911. They went over everything with us and I decided not to go to the hospital. They had me sign something saying that I didn’t want to go.

Before they left they told me to contact my primary care doctor to have him review my medications to see if any would cause me to be dehydrated. They also recommended that I see a neurologist to see if any of this is because of dementia. I called my doctor as soon as they left.. His nurse changed my appointment that I already had scheduled on next Thursday to next Monday. I can talk to my doctor about reviewing my medicines then.

A friend of mine, Donna, is going to pick me up and take me there. She’s a friend I planned to have over to my house the afternoon that all of this started so I am looking forward to getting some visiting time with her!

After Acadian left I went to bed for a long time. Little Buddy has gotten so confused by all of these people coming in every morning.

I was doing so well later that Chip took me to eat at our local Mexican restaurant LaCarettas! Here’s a couple of pictures of while we were there.  I had no makeup on so don’t laugh!

Next, there is Saturday morning which was the very worst jerking event. I am going to be open about what all happened even if you won’t look at me the same going forward.  Don’t read it if you don’t to.

I went down to the ground jerking as soon as I got up. I needed to go to the bathroom so as soon as I was aware enough to scoot to the bathroom I did. When I got to the bathroom I had the biggest worst jerking spell that felt like it went on for several minutes.

I put my head on the bathroom mat and just jerked until it stopped. This time it was very different and much worse than before. I closed my eyes and could see black things flash and numbers like on a chalkboard and I could feel my arms and body jerking around.

Now that I am writing this it seems surreal that this happened to me even after the first two mornings. I think by the third time I knew not to fight it, just lay down and get through it. I never thought I was dying, just going through something awful. After all the jerking I thought if I tried to pull myself up sit on the toilet I might jerk and bust my jaw or head. So I decided to take off my thick rob, push it under me, and just peed.

Once all that fun was over I scooted back to the carpet my bed is on and pulled the pillow off the bed and laid there a while trying to get better by resting. I don’t remember how long I was there but I remember waking up and needing to pee again. This time I did something similar to the first time.

After that, I don’t remember what happened but I am pretty sure I got in bed and rested for a while.  And all of a sudden it was all over and I was perfectly fine. So fine that I picked up my “wet” things and put them in the washer. I then mopped all the floors in my bedroom and bath, twice! At some point, I talked to Chip who called Chad.

Chad’s family came over and oh how happy that made Grannie.  They brought pizza and the kids created things for me and gave me lots of Grannie lovin’. They stayed a good while and had to leave so Chad could review the sermon he was going to preach at a small church on Sunday.

These are the things my grandchildren painted and made for me. It’s hard to see what the wooden stick is in the picture. It is our pond with the water at the bottom, the red clay dirt above, dying grass and green trees above that, and then the sky at the top! Every time one of them would bring their creation to me I just loved it. The brown rock is a football!

FIRST DAY UPDATE: I just found out that Chip videotaped me in the hospital telling him the whole story from beginning to end of the Day one event. I’ll see if I can share that. He thought it was very sweet. He said he could tell a big difference between when he first got there and when they were going to let me home. Chip has been amazing throughout all of this but he’s missed two days from work in a week when one of their salesmen was on vacation. I thank Bill Hood for letting him go to be with me.

Day 4 and 5 were perfect!!  It’s now Monday, I’m pretty tired so I am ending this here. Will share with you tomorrow about my doctor’s appointment today.

Ya’ll get a good night’s sleep! Rosalyn

01.08.21 My hand is jerking and I am falling down Correct version

From time to time over the last few years I’ve experienced jerking of my hand to where it will knock my kindle from my hand or mostly just other times doing random things. Yesterday it kicked it up a notch.

I need to say right here that I am trying hard to make this accurate, mostly for me or my doctor to read at a later time. Because of this it is taking me so much longer to write this. So that I get to publish this quicker before I forget what happened next I am not going to correct things I normally would try to do. This next sentence means nothing to you but I know what it is.The hammer bang or zip sound in my head when I am going to sleep

When I tried to come back to my bed from the bathroom it kept jerking but  this time it jerked my body. The jerking caused me to fall to the ground several times while I was trying to get back to the bed and climbing into the bed. After those several times I gave up and laid on the floor for about an hour since it wasn’t stopping and my cell phone was out of reach.

When I decided to try getting up again I MADE IT!  I was going to rest for a few minutes thinking again that this would go away. I fell asleep instead for a few hours and woke up again at around 3 pm and tried again to get up and stand without jerking and falling. It didn’t work. Finally I called 911.

They were great and stayed on the phone until help came, first in the form of the local first responder team and then by the Acadian Ambulance EMTs. I found out later that they thought I was sluring my words indicating a stroke, when actually my mouth was just really dry. Because of this error on their part I was given a helicopter ride to North Oaks since driving in the ambulance would have taken an hour. And I got to go straight to the head of the line when entering the Emergency Room.

Just got this picture from Chip of the helicopter that brought me to North Oaks Medical Center landing there.

It was crazy great how much fun it was to ride in the helicopter!  Getting out of the helicopter and into the hospital was like watching an episode of Gray’s Anatomy! I can say all this now but at that time I understood the seriousness of what was going on.

At some point during the time that the last two paragraphs occured that what I learned that am calling “jerking of my hand and body” the medical people all called it twitching. I didn’t realize there were possibly two different words for what I call “jerking” and they call “twitching. Thjere is ore to this part.

I was given a room immediately, was hooked up to the bag of fluids they give at the hospital, and tests began immediately.  The xray folks came in to take chest xrays, blood was drawn, a urine sample was taken.

Chip had been driving all around the countryside heading to our home in Amite from his work in Hammond.  Then back into town to meet the helicopter at North Oaks in Hammond.

FIX THIS PARAGRAPH WHEN  MY BRAIN IS DOING BETTER. Later I remembered that when getting off of the toilet I fell on the ground, twisted my ankle and hit my right knee hard on the concrete floor, then crawled to the bed. I remembered my left knee hurtingThat was when I tried to get back up on the bed and failed.  I say that later I remembered  knee episode just mentioned it was after the original xrays were taken because that’s when it started hurting bad.  And much later, when I got home, I remembered I twisted my ankle becaue that’s when it began hurting.

So another xray had to be taken of my knee which I felt bad about having the xray folks come back to the Emergency Room.

I felt bad about taking up hospital resources when I learned about how backed up the Emergency Room was and how the hospital was bursting at it seams with patients (the ER and hospital staff never said anything about that) and I was let go to go home after being air lifted there.

I had a couple more tests and the ER Doctor Hill came in to tell me that all the tests looked fine except for showing I am dehydrated and that I have a small kidney problem. I told the Dr. that I was taking Metform for my blood sugar and when my blood tests showed a kidney problem he took me off of it. This test finding is probably what’s left over from when I was on Metformin.  They said on the check out form I was expressing weakness????????

I am writing this Friday night late after spending Thursday morning on the floor, Thursday night at the Emergency Room, and on Friday morning …  I think those days of the week are wrong figure it out.

I’m so tired folks that I’m ending this at part one because I don’t have enough brain power to keep going with this second day, yes there was a second day of all this.  This ended on Friday night and today is Saturday.  Just an update here to the current end of this journey since I want you to know good things, not just this awful stuff. . I spent this morning again for the third day on the floor but this morning was much worse. I realize now it may be seizures but the doctor will know. Around late morning all the jerking stops and I am fine for the rest of today.  I don’t look forward to tomorrow morning but Chip will be home. If you pray for me, I want to go to Sunday School online at 9:30 tomorrow morning so please pray I can do that. I have a primary care doctors appointment on Monday.

Be sure to watch and cheer for the Saints at their playoff game on Sunday at 3 or maybe it’s 3:30!

I hope ya’ll have a Blessed weekend, Rosalyn




01.09.21 One Flesh Relationship Grief

I have been trying to write about the health problems I am having right now but haven’t made it very far. Please just pray for me until I can share more. At this moment I am okay enough to share this.
Putting that aside for the moment and since I am in a stable place for a while healthwise I want to share the following words from a daily email that my dear friend Angelique set up for me after Roy died. Some days the message hasn’t spoken to me like this one did but I encourage anyone who has lost a spouse to get these emails which is why I left the header on the email so you would know where to get these. This email from today is exactly what I would want to tell others about the grief of losing a spouse. Roy’s 70th birthday would have been tomorrow, January 10th, Rosalyn

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Fri, Jan 8, 11:45 PM (12 hours ago)
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One-Flesh Relationship
Day 117


A part of who you are is gone. Your identity is shaken to the very core. You wonder if you will ever feel normal again or if you will ever enjoy life again.


“When you lose a mate, you lose part of yourself,” says Dr. Jim Conway. “It’s as if you’ve had an amputation of an arm or a leg. I think that you don’t really recover; you adjust, and the process of adjusting varies with every individual. There’s no formula.”


The pain that comes from the loss of a spouse is much deeper than most people realize because in a marital relationship two people become one flesh.


“The man said, ‘This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called “woman,” for she was taken out of man.’ For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh” (Genesis 2:23-24).


When part of your flesh is abruptly taken away, there is a ripping and a tearing that leaves a huge, open wound.


“Until you have experienced the death of a spouse, there is no way you can tell someone how deep the hurt is. The Lord says that we are one flesh, and suddenly half of that flesh is torn from us,” says Beth.

01.04.21 Christmas decorations, Chris Taylor, House decorations, Car repairs, Buddy chasing cars

All of the Christmas decorations and the trees are now put away. I’ve accumulated more decorations this Christmas season than would fit in my big red Christmas container so another one was purchased and it is full! I plan to create more ornaments during the year for next year’s tree.

Chip took the big outdoor tree apart and put each of the three parts in the attic with lots of ornaments still on them.  I would never have thought to do that but it worked great!

With this beginning of the new year I am hopeful that I can move forward with my life. I’m sure grief from the loss of my best friend Roy will continue to hang on but I am slowly changing and God is walking through this with me.

I am having a hard time knowing what day of the week it is lately. I keep thinking every day is Monday. Christmas and New Years haven’t messed me up before this year.  I watch the news and the weather forecast where they show the days of the coming week but I forget it as soon as I see it,  I know when it is Sunday because I go to church (online) but still I’m confused. I have a special clock that tells me what day of the week, etc. that it is but I still think it’s Monday even though the clock clearly says SUNDAY AFTERNOON 1:06 pm  January 3, 2021.

I attended the funeral Saturday of a wonderful young man whom I’ve known all his life. Chris Taylor died at age 26.  He was an active duty soldier in the U. S. Army stationed at Fort Hood in Texas.  He was at home in Hammond on his Christmas leave when he died. The funeral was a beautiful celebration of Chris’ life and the fact that we know he is in Heaven with his Lord. We sang hymns, his dad spoke, his youth minister Derek spoke and our pastor Avery Dixon spoke at the graveside service.

His young wife Taylor and his dad David along with his aunts, cousins, step mom and others will miss Chris in their lives. He was honored with a military funeral including the 21 gun salute.

Chris was in my 3rd and 4th grade Sunday School class many years back in 2005. This is the young boy Chris, that I remember learning the Books of the Bible and participating in what we call Bible Drill.  Katie Arbour, Jennah Russell and Chris Taylor are with me in the photo

Trinity’s Bible Drill Team – April 3, 2005

I felt honored to be able to attend Chris’ funeral today. I will always remember him fondly.

While I was in Hammond Saturday I went to Hobby Lobby and enjoyed spending time there shopping for some home and outside decorations. Roy called Hobby Lobby Trinkets and Trash but he knew how much I love that store! They have Christian music playing and I just love that while I’m shopping!

One of the things I was going to purchase was a large size mason jar filled with seashells, some of them the color blue I have in the living room. When I went to check out it was not on sale so I put it back. I just finished creating my version of that and when it’s completely done I’ll share with ya’ll.

One of the walls in my bedroom has been empty since we moved in almost 3 years ago.  I wanted the first thing I’d see when I woke up to be our family portrait we took two years ago. It all finally came together and my roomate (!) son Chip hung up the canvas print. He also applied on the wall next to that the beginning and end of Psalm 23rd which was Roy’s favorite scripture.  Roy’s flag is now in a case and is on the dresser on that wall.

After church this morning Chip has been outside working on issues my new to me car Nelly has. And she has them no more!  Thanks Chip for doing your best to help me and to make your dad Roy proud!

Roy’s truck should go up for sale sometime later this week.

If anyone has a recommendation for how to stop a dog from chasing cars down the street, please share! Buddy is doing it more and more and I don’t want him to get hurt or have the car’s driver affected, so I need to figure out how to stop him.

I am looking forward to a quiet week with only a dental cleaning appointment on Thursday.  Now that New Years is behind us I am hopeful someone will call me back from the three neuropsychologists that I’ve called about having my brain testing updated.

I hope each of you have a very blessed week, Rosalyn




01.01.21 I cannot find my bowl of oatmeal

I cannot find my bowl of oatmeal which was my breakfast on Thursday. I ate half of it and lost the rest. I checked everywhere two or three times including many places it should not be hiding like the pantry or laundry room. If it got packed in a box of Christmas ornaments well that won’t be pretty.

ALAS, the mystery was solved after I went to bed last night. Keep reading to find out how that happened and you will also see what living in my little dementia world is like.

I had to lead with that though my intention was to share with ya’ll what a wonderful day Wednesday was but the lost oatmeal is a big sign of how today is going!

Thursday was better than a great day. I got a lot accomplished, the windy breeze was wonderful (other than knocking the outside Christmas tree over). The wind blowing cool air through the house was more than great.

I worked on some Christmas decorations that I wanted to improve before putting them all away for the year. I removed all of the twine hangers and replaced them with colored ribbon that I hope will add more color to the tree. I probably spent 5 hours in my “rock room” creating, painting, fixing, and more.

The coffee table (in the picture) had water spots on it from recent rain that blew up under the patio.  Chip said that he heard that using mayonnaise on it would restore it.  This is the beautiful table after 4 coats of mayonnaise.  It is beautiful again! That was part of the really good day!

During the good day I emptied one of my shelving units and plan to sell it as a vegetable/plant seed growing unit since it has plant growing lights under each shelf. It has a timer that worked perfectly with the lights earlier this year for growing Roy’s little seeds into healthy plants ready for planting outside. The unit will be for sale soon. I’m trying to figure out how much we had invested in it so I’ll know how much to ask.

No, the laptop is not included!

Other really good things happened but I can’t remember them at the moment.

Yesterday, however, hasn’t gone well. Not knowing where my oatmeal is now is only the first part.

I needed to get more of my diabetic testing supplies.  For those who don’t have diabetes, testing supplies include lancets (that poke your finger to get blood), test strips (that pull the blood up to be measured by the testing machine. I don’t remember where I got them last but I knew it wasn’t my pharmacy since they told me that when I needed the lancets last time.

I went to the Peoples Health Medicare website and couldn’t figure out who to contact about having a company send them to me every three months like I use to have it before we started living on the road in Dora. I couldn’t find anything specific for that but I called a couple of companies I found on their site. Neither company had someone answering the phone that spoke clear English and didn’t know what I was talking about. I did catch the words “your local pharmacy” once so after getting nowhere I called Thrift Town to get the supplies.

Most people don’t understand that when talking to someone with dementia you need to include verbally things that you would normally think someone would just understand. My conversation with the young man at the pharmacy went array when he kept saying that I could buy the supplies over the counter. Somewhere in the conversation, he must have thought that I understood that a prescription is needed for these supplies. He must have also thought that I understood that since I didn’t have a prescription on file, I’d need to have my doctor send a prescription. Most people may have understood but I couldn’t see why he thought I should get it over the counter.

Having a conversation where I can say things like “animal” instead of specific things like “dog or cat” but having to understand someone or use correct descriptive words just flattens my brain every time.

I’m not sure all of that makes any sense to anyone but all that left me crying from not understanding and from not being understood.   I contacted my doctor via My Chart (which I can handle well most of the time) and asked them to send a prescription. I am sure I won’t hear from them until next year (ha ha!). Such a simple thing as ordering the supplies should never have been that hard.

More not good things happened and lucky me can’t remember them right now. My brain has good and bad days, sometimes just a bad hour or two. I texted Chip yesterday morning to pray for this bad brain day I was having. He always does pray when I ask.

None of this may sound like a big deal but it is to me when I’m trying to accomplish one simple task and it doesn’t go well or it takes forever to figure out.

Buddy was getting out all morning mostly because I’ve been going in and out packing up Christmas decorations. I don’t mean to but I leave the door open and out he goes every time. He’s also started chasing cars down the street. He’s getting more comfortable with the surrounding area here and goes to visit the cows across the street or dips his ears in the pond water.

Since all that Christmas involved is over with I hope to spend some time working on stopping those habits.  He’s so good about coming to me when I clap my hands so that’s good. I cannot clap my hands normally since I have that Dupuytren’s contracture making my hand cup-shaped.  I have learned that I can clap by slapping the top of my hand with the other hand.  Buddy is such a good sweet dog and understands and obeys many commands.

I am losing all of my thoughts that I wanted to share. It all just goes away and my thinking stops.

But I did have a revelation about my bowl of oatmeal while in bed for the evening reading Still Alice by Lisa Genova.  Alice has Early Onset Alzheimers and  is searching for something she lost. I think she doesn’t even know what she’s searching for. This search of hers was way more drastic than mine was but in the second to last paragraph, end of the third line, you will see what made my brain click and think that just maybe that’s where my bowl of oatmeal could be.

I jumped out of my bed and shouted “I think I know where my oatmeal bowl is.” Buddy was running behind me and Chip was coming out of his room and was so shocked by me saying what I was kind of shouting, and being in the hall in the middle of the night.  I opened the linen closet door and there was my bowl of oatmeal sitting up high on a shelf. I think I put it there when I was searching for my diabetic testing supplies earlier and never thought of that place when I was searching through the house.

I fixed a bowl of oatmeal with blueberries from my own bushes for my breakfast this morning, the first day of the year 2021 and at it all sitting in one place. It was delicious. Buddy was standing guard making sure I ate it all this time!

I’m hoping the rest of 2021 goes as well as this morning is going.

I have been writing a blog post for years on the last day of the year recapping our life during each month of the past year. I didn’t do one this year as I don’t want to have to write about September 2020 when Roy passed away.  Our life was happy and good every month of the last years since I started blogging in 2012 and I enjoyed writing the recap that I titled “Reflections of God’s Blessings.” It was not a blessing to have Roy die even though I know that it is part of God’s plan for both Roy and my lives. Because of this deep grief, I just can’t write more about 2020.

I am looking forward now to what the future holds in my life. My God is in control, and I am so thankful for that.

Buddy, Chip, and I wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!