02.23.21 All about that Amazing Worship Service

I want to start off by saying I’m not an authority on the things I am going to share. I have been a Southern Baptist all my life so my thoughts come from past experiences. I like to help others understand our beliefs and why we believe what we do. So please read on knowing I’m not a perfect authority of these things.

This past Sunday morning’s Worship Service at our church (Trinity Baptist in Hammond, Louisiana) was very special from beginning to end. All Worship Services at Trinity are special because it is when we gather to learn more about God’s Holy Word through preaching and music. God’s presence was strong in that place this past Sunday

Jonah and Courtney leading our song service

This Sunday included an amazing Ordination sermon from Dr. Cyril Antony (an amazing preacher from India), followed by a Preacher ordination of Jonah Kyle Traylor and a Deacon ordination of Mark Traylor, Sr.

Dr. Cyril preaching the Ordination sermon

Dr. Cyril Antony’s Ordination sermon can be heard here:

For those who are not Southern Baptist here’s a little info:

Every Southern Baptist church is autonomous and establishes its own policies. However, there are some traditional practices that seem to be followed by most of our churches. Each local church determines who they will ordain. Associations, State Conventions, or the Southern Baptist Convention do not ordain.

At our church, Ministry Candidates and Deacons meet with an Ordination Council of ordained Ministers and Deacons. From what I understand the candidate for ordination is asked to tell of his conversion experience and also his call to the Gospel Ministry. Other questions may be centered around Biblical theology, ethics, morals, personal beliefs, etc.

This Sunday after the Ordination sermon all ordained men formed a line and laid hands on each of Jonah and Mark. During this time as we watch man after man bend over the candidates to lay their hands on each man while praying over him.

Mark Traylor on the left and Jonah Kyle Traylor on the right
Dr. Cyril and Bro. Avery laying hands on Mark and Jonah
Father and son

Mark’s older brother Ronnie Traylor giving Mark a huge brotherly hug. Strong men of God seem to run in that family!

I have witnessed a few ordinations over the years and this one was very special to me. Leslie Hendricks and I taught Jonah Kyle in our 3rd and 4th grade Sunday School class and I’ve been blessed to watch him grow up in the Lord. He is now serving as our Youth Minister.  His dad, Mark Traylor has been a dear close friend of our family for decades. He and his wonderful wife Sonya have raised two outstanding young Christian men that I love very much.

Jonah Kyle with his mom Sonya

I cherish the fact that there are generations of families in our church. Some of the strongest Christians I know were born in the years after their parents began our church.  Their children and those children have been raised here, learned about Jesus, and accepted him as their Lord and Savior.  This is not found in a lot of churches and I am thankful it is strong at Trinity.

My emotions were all over the place Sunday thinking that this would have made Roy so happy.  I cried and cried because of that and because of the wonderful meaning behind the Ordination service for two men I love.

I asked some folks at Trinity to share their thoughts and feelings about the ordination service today. They kindly agreed to do that and here they are.

Crystal shared this, “One thing I have noticed is there is a strong presence of multigenerational families in our church. Getting to witness a father become ordained as a deacon and his son ordained into ministry together is a testimony to the importance of rooting your family in Christ. It was truly a blessing to my family and me to witness their ordination.”

Chip (my son) attended today’s service with me and has known Mark and Jonah all his life. “All of us have been charged to fulfill the plan and purpose God has created us for in whatever capacity that may be. The extreme importance of implanting Godly Christian Biblical truths and values at a young age is the most important thing that parents can do for their children. Because in my older age it is mostly the reason that I have the relationship that I have with Jesus today. 

Deanna (our pianist) shared this, “The worship service was amazing. I felt the Lord’s presence there from the moment I walked through the door. For me, personally because of my piano position a lot goes on before and during the service but yesterday was different. It was smooth and flowed perfectly. The message had so much meaning. The laying of hands for the ordination was an emotional time for me because I watch people I love dearly participate in such a beautiful event. I will say again, Surely the presence of the Lord was in this place.”

Lisa shared this, “I wasn’t physically in the sanctuary as I was watching online. However, I could feel the Holy Spirit even at my own home. The entire service was like a sweet melody of a sonata that flowed beautifully; from the music to the preaching, to the laying of hands on Mark and Jonah Kyle. I had cold chills throughout Dr. Cyril Antony’s sermon. It was spirit-filled, powerful, and full of truth. It was clearly obvious “that surely the presence of the Lord is in this place.”

Totally not about the Ordination service but still about Jonah Kyle. I painted rocks for him as our Youth Minister and Courtney as our Children’s Minister and gave the rocks to them after church. They said the rocks show they are official church staff now! I think they liked them!

I love that family, Mark, Sonya, Mark Everett, and Jonah Kyle. I love the people in my church family. They have loved my family, Roy, me, Chad, and Chip. They’ve been there for me since Roy’s death. Mark’s mama Rosa Mae was my mama’s Sunday School teacher. Mama loved learning from Ms. Rosa Mae. So many memories like this have come to mind while I’ve been writing this.

I need to bring this one to a closing point so I’ll stop now! There is a lot going on in Chauvin Land right now and I’ll be writing about some of that next.

Have a Blessed Wednesday!

02.20.21 A Day With Us Chauvin Girls

If you’ve read my blog throughout the years you know that our darling granddaughter Madisyn had Roy and I wrapped around her little finger with her kindness and love.

She was off school for their three-day Mardi Gras holiday even though there was no Mardi Gras this year. Here’s my sweet girl and her Grannie!

I picked her up around 11 am from her home and we didn’t stop all day. The movie theater AMC Palace 10 is in our Hammond Square Mall.  We stayed at the Mall all day going from shopping to eating to movie watching! The mall is quite spread out but Madisyn helped me navigate driving from place to place.  All throughout the day she took care of me and was so gentle and caring.

We shopped at several stores for her birthday presents and some extra things Grannie wanted her to have! She went home loaded down so that part of the day was quite successful.

We stopped at a new shop called Poke City. The Mango Bubble Teas we got were ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS. Very very different than anything I’ve ever tasted. There are lots of pieces of mangos, mango juice, and milk with bubbles at the bottom. The bubbles, called Boba Pearls, are about the size of a big blueberry and have little taste but they add a lot to the uniqueness of the drink.


We talked and talked and talked all day about everything we needed to catch up on which was a lot as I haven’t seen her since Christmas. The movie we saw was The Croods: A New Age.  It was really good and had a wonderful storyline. We were two of five people in the theater and all of us sat in the very top row.  It’s a great movie for kids and adults.


Throughout the day we talked about her Paw Paw Roy whom she loved a lot. She knew him so well it was wonderful to talk with her about him. Few people had a relationship with Roy like Madisyn did. She asked me if she could have one of his jackets and any other things of his that she could have. I was so touched by that and will be putting some things together for her. I hope to spend another day with her over her Easter school break. We talked about going into New Orleans for the day.

We ate at Santa Fe restaurant in the mall where the food was delicious. Again, we talked and talked and laughed a lot during the day. She’s known that I have dementia probably longer than anyone and knows I need help with things and reminders of what I’ve said. Mostly she knows her love is one of the most special things in my life.

I’ve always loved spending time with Madisyn and this preteen Madisyn was delightful to be with. When I dropped her off at home I wished I could have kept her. When I got home I was wiped out and crashed till the following morning!

That is it for our day together. I love you my dear Madisyn and your Paw Paw loved you to the moon and back!

02.19.21 Children, School and Covid by: Christine Derengowski

I haven’t written much about COVID and the difference in our lives this past year. I haven’t had it but know dozens of people who have had it and a few who have died from it. I have many friends who are Healthcare Heros and are still giving 150% of themselves daily to take care of the sick and dying. I got my first vaccination yesterday at Thrift Town Pharmacy! Yes, I am that old!!!

A friend shared this on Facebook and it touched my heart so I am sharing it here with you.  So many lives are different now than they were a year ago. This story is about the littlest among us whose lives have been greatly affected and deserve recognition.

I’ve lost a year with my kids battling over school, and I’m done.

My seven-year-old and I were in the midst of our usual asynchronous day battle. I had his writing homework in my hand from school. He’d written several full, well-thought-out sentences.

But he won’t do the same for me, at least not without a fight.

I told him he didn’t have to write about his best day like his teacher asked, he could write about his worst. He could write about whatever he wanted as long as he wrote a few sentences.

He said he’d get in trouble. He said he was doing a bad job in first grade. He was on the brink of tears but didn’t know why.

And it hit me.

Instead of getting frustrated and pushing the assignment, I sat down with him at his desk in his superhero bedroom.

I said “you won’t get in trouble and you can’t fail first grade. In fact, you’re kind of a superhero yourself.”

He sat up in his chair just a little and looked at me with disbelief.

I said, “Do you know that no kids in the history of kids have ever had to do what you’re doing right now? No kids in the history of kids have ever had to do school at home, sitting in their bedroom, watching their teacher on a computer. You and your friends are making history.”

A visible weight lifted from his seven-year-old shoulders, “What does that mean?”

I told him it means I haven’t given him nearly enough credit for rolling with the punches. I told him how proud I am of him and his friends. That kids this year are doing the impossible and they’re doing a really great job.

I apologized for not saying it sooner and more often. A little tear fell down his cheek.

We’ve thanked everyone from healthcare workers to grocery store employees but we haven’t thanked the kids enough for bearing the burden of what we’ve put on their shoulders this year.

We’ve said kids are resilient, and they are. But they are the real superheroes in this whole scenario for having ZERO say in their lives but doing their best to adjust every day.

We closed his school-issued laptop and spent the rest of the day playing. This was supposed to be temporary and here we are a year later still trying to hold our head above water.

This is our home and I won’t turn it into a battleground anymore over something we can’t control. Something that no longer makes sense.

Hug your little superheroes today and don’t forget to cut them the slack we’ve given everyone else.

I don’t have any little ones living with me to see the struggles they have gone through. Most of my grandchildren are homeschooled so their lives haven’t been affected nearly like these precious children who are used to going to sit in a classroom. This article woke me up to what’s been going on that I don’t see. I hope if you haven’t seen it like me or if you are the parent dealing with this with your child it may awaken something that may help your child deal with this very unusual event in a softer, more gentle way.

Have a Blessed weekend and enjoy this sunshine we are having right now!

02.14.21 Wacky Wonderful Valentine’s Day

I originally put this together in 2015 when my love, Roy, was very much in my life. He’s still my love in a different way, just now he’s in Heaven. I hope you enjoy all these cute little Valentine’s Day stories, pictures, and videos! Rosalyn

2016 10906537_1604347783120091_4539154180240295955_n valentines 1 corinthians 13 valentine_divider_09

valentines love is a gift

When you say I love you, know you are making and building an emotional contract that doesn’t have a witness.

When you say I love you, you must know you are willing to share with someone your inner part.

When you say I love you, be willing to change to someone else’s personality.

When you say I love you, know you are willing to live with two hearts.

When you say I love you, know you are willing to share dreams, happiness, sadness, jokes and your future.

Love is a way to graduate in life characterized by happiness, sadness, pain, dreams and tears.

Love is a gift.

Love is you.

Feelings are not love, because feelings are what grow and things that grow have an end.

The heart is not where love resides, because love comes from conscious being where God intervenes.

Love is not a decision you take alone because love is a decision that includes God.

Imagination is not love because it’s something that doesn’t exist.

Build love, build yourself, be love.

valentine_divider_0910-ways-to-lovevalentine_divider_09WATCH THIS ONE OF A KIND LOVE STORY!
We love because He first loved us 1 John 4:19

The scriptures in this beautiful video are somewhat paraphrased, but I can assure you that the overall message is truly God’s Love Letter to His Children – Christians. It’s called The Bible – God’s Holy Word. If you don’t know him as your Father and want to know more about His amazing love and grace I urge you to open your Bible or ask me for one. Your life will be forever changed!

valentine_divider_09VALENTINES hearts by door valentine_divider_09VALENTINES hug poemvalentine_divider_09THE FORK
Click on the photo below to watch the video!

the forkvalentine_divider_09valentines love never fails

valentine_divider_09valentines pigletvalentine_divider_09 VALENTINES withdrawal and depositARE YOU GIVING FIRST OR TAKING? By Ron Carpenter

The Bible teaches us a lot about the relationships in our home,
about how wives are to submit to husbands and husbands are to love your wives,
children obey your parents,
parents don’t exacerbate your children and provoke wrath.
It goes on to instruct us outside the home as well,
when it says employees and employers should honor each other as unto the Lord…
This entire section (Ephesians 5) is giving us insight and admonishing about what mutual submission, with the right perspective and the right heart, looks like.

It touches on all these relationships, but if you break it down, in essence it‘s talking about mutual submission throughout. In other words, God is not asking or calling for any relationships to be one-sided. God wants equity in your relationships, and a relationship starts breaking down when one person is making more withdrawals than deposits.

Here’s what happens when one person in a relationship starts making more withdrawals than deposits: What happens to your ATM machine if you deposit a thousand dollars in the beginning of the month, and you pull twelve hundred out? By the time you get to the two hundred its got to either kick your overdraft in gear (which you pay a price for), or it’s going to be negative two hundred or when you drained the one thousand. Either way, it’s saying, “this account is empty, you’ve taken too much and not put enough in.” A lot of marriages today are shocked when they find themselves coming up against ‘account empty’ as if it’s unfair to not be able to make a one-time deposit and then withdraw, withdraw, withdraw, take, take, take.

What’s happening? Simply put, you’re trying to withdraw way more than you’re willing to first put into the relationship. That’s not how God began His relationship with you. He loved us so much, He gave (His only begotten son). So God started the relationship with you by loading up your account so high, He put something in you that was so big and so valuable, you could never out give His giving. When I have a lot of good days in a row and a string of successes, I can weather the storm of a bad day, a bad decision, a bad experience, because the good, the successes, outweigh the failures and disappointments.



valentine_divider_09thGOD’S BEAUTIFUL WORLD!

valentine lakevalentine white treesvalentines back roads livingVALENTINES leavesvalentines pink flowersvalentines rocksvalentine_divider_09VALENTINES 1 JOHN 4 19 KJV

Reach out to someone in need this week!

Let others see Jesus in you this week!

Be His light in the darkness this week!

Have a Blessed Week!

02.12.21 Fun around the pond

Our pond is my favorite part of the property here in Amite, Louisiana. Every year the water level goes down for a few months and then we have rain like we had today and it goes back up. The flowing water comes from our neighbors’ property and goes down a creek then into the big culvert Roy put in years ago and on into the pond.

Chip and I decided to put the paddle boat in the water and paddle around the pond a bit. Everything looks so different from in the pond. These pictures and videos are from that ride. We hadn’t intended to bring Buddy with us but once he jumped in the water and was swimming to us we let him in. All three of us enjoyed our little ride.

The last couple of days we’ve had heavy rainfall which makes its way to that creek and into our pond. I love how it looks and sounds when it does that.

This first video is of the creek that then flows into the pond which is the second video.

The next few days till next weekend here in Southern Louisiana are going to be frightfully cold. One night the temperature will drop to the low teens. I’ve got everything covered with mounds of pine straw outside. The plants on the patio will get covered in a bit.  I guess we will hibernate until it gets warm again! I’m cooking chicken and dumplings tomorrow for the weekend! My favorite food and Chip loves it too!

My rock flowers got repainted and clear coated so they are pretty for the spring! This is half of them. I’m making a new one for my sister Harriett and I’d love to make one for you if you’d like it! Each color you see are flower petals or the center of a flower.

I don’t know if I shared here that I’ve had two teeth crack and half fall out within the last two weeks. I also can’t find my partial dentures so I’m just the cutest looking thing ever! Can’t see the dentist till three weeks from today.

I saw the new neurologist, Dr. Zapata again this week to get results from the various test I’ve had recently. I have more tests planned for March. Will share more on that later.

Enjoy your weekend everyone! Rosalyn


02.10.21 Grief and Crafts

I haven’t written in a bit specifically about the grief I feel since Roy died.

Somedays I experience all the stages of grief in one day. That is new.

I like the stage of denial because in that stage I can pretend he is still with me here on earth, just outside or another room.  That may sound silly but it keeps me from losing my mind some days.

I don’t think I’ve tried to bargain but if that would get Roy back I’d bargain! I know he wouldn’t trade Heaven where he now lives to return to this messed up world we live in, even for me.

I can’t even imagine what he thought when America decided to vote Joe Biden for President.

Sometimes I still get very angry and feel like spitting BBs, about losing him in my life. Not nearly like I did at first though.

I am a happy person by preference and the depression associated with grief is something I thought I was handling well until my primary care doctor said he thinks the seizure type episodes were partly a result of losing Roy in my life.

The acceptance stage is something that is taking over more and more, I am so thankful to God as the One that walks with me and comforts me through all of the stages.

Some of Roy’s favorite foods have stayed in the pantry and as time goes on they get used or they leave. One is Roy’s favorite Cheese and peanut butter crackers. This last lonely pack is still hanging around.

I still have two of his belts hanging in our closet. I am right now wearing his Saints puffy slippers.

I am a very different person now. I’ve had no choice but to change. I eat what I want whenever I want to eat, not what Roy and I want to eat at a time best for him. This is very small but Roy always filled up the salt and pepper shaker when needed. He always got the mail from the mailbox. I sometimes now go for a few days without getting it. Roy fixed the coffee pot for the next day and now I do that.

I may have shared this before but if I did I’m sorry. It is difficult for me to now go to Thrift Town Pharmacy. because the hospital that Roy was at last where we were able to view his body is right across the street.

I am still lonely often during the day. Not having someone to talk to is a killer for me, ya’ll know how I love to talk.

I play in my rock room much more than I used to when Roy was alive. I have been able to go back to hiding my rocks and a lot more people than used to find them and post photos on Rosie Rocks Facebook group.

God is healing my heart a little more each day while He continues to wrap His loving arms around me.

I’ve started dancing around the house again a bit with the music on (loud!!).

The things I write in my Angel Catcher’s journal are not so full of anguish like they were at first.

I am very thankful that my youngest son Chip is living with me and that I have my sweet dog, Buddy. Chip helps me with everything he can around here and contributes financially.

When we have a decent dry sunny day here or there I will begin my spring cleanup in the gardens around here. There will only be one tomato bush and one cucumber vine this year but I have decided to plant some potato sprouts down by the fence line. They don’t require any maintenance until they are ready to dig up. I’ve not found any tomato bushes or cucumber vines yet but I am ready to plant them in the big black pot I bought at the 15-mile yard sale last year.

Dead leaves and branches will be cut, weeds can begin being pulled and some garden decorations are being worked on. My rock ladybugs and rock flowers are being cleaned up, repainted, and/or resealed.

I found the photo I took of Cindy and my meal from last week at The Real Deal in Hammond. This is fried fish covered with crawfish etouffee and potato salad, yum!

This is the box of Mothers Day cards my friend Cindy V. gave me to stamp out tags and just cut various parts I’d like to use from them.

Here are some of the tags I’ve punched out from these cards and some of the wood embellishments I’ve added some bling to!

The little snowflakes started out like the undecorated one on the right hand side. I painted them white or silver added glitter and a tiny stone.

These are some of the small wooden Christmas Trees about an inch high) that I added glitter to and tiny beads as ornaments.

I am still working on what to do with the wooden reindeers. Haven’t found the right bling for those yet!

We’re watching the Super Bowl which I always think that our Saints should be in. Again, not this year. I’m not sure I really care who wins this year. I am however happy they are able to have it since Covid is still hanging around. I hope to get my first Covid vaccine this upcoming week.

We’ve had a good bit of rain the last couple of days but I think it only raised the pond’s water level by an inch maybe! Oh well!

I really hope ya’ll have a Blessed week! Rosalyn

02.03.21 The Rocks and The Pond, Hmmmmm!

I don’t really know why I started out writing this one but since I’m back into painting and hiding rocks, I receive questions about the process and I took several pictures so here we are.

When I first saw the graphic to the left and got to #9 I knew this described me and rocks so well!

I totally ran out of rocks so last week I bought two bags of different rocks at Home Depot. There are around 50 rocks in each bag and they are each extremely heavy. I thought I might bust a gut lifting them to put them in my basket. Another thing that Roy always did for me and I didn’t know how very heavy they were for him to lift. Chip did the heavy lifting for me this time and carried them to the kitchen so I could clean them.

The first bag of Dorado River Rocks ranges from 3 to 6 inch rocks of various shapes. These are my preferred size rocks. If we can’t get the rocks I really loved from creeks in Arkansas this is the next best thing.

The second bag of Imperial River Rocks has smaller rocks 1 to 4 inch rocks. I like those for little chick rocks, M&M rocks, and others.

The rocks start out soaking in soapy water for about an hour. They are scrubbed and rinsed.

They are each laid out on a drying mat (anything you have can be a drying mat). After a while, I turn them over and move them around so they are laying on a dry space.

.After they are completely dry I put them in a container to finish the drying.

These are some of my recent creations. The ones in the first basket were decoupaged using napkins. They were fun to do and I used some of the last of my original napkins. The second set that I just finished are Love themed ones.

I found some blingy stickers that I just love so some of the yellow rocks were blinged out!

Chip and I went down by the pond the other day and I took several photos. The water level has been so low the last few months.

The water is normally up to where these pine trees are. The ground drops off straight down which you cannot see in this picture. 

This view is looking back to the culvert that all of the rain from surrounding properties flows through. In a normal year you wouldn’t see any of the concrete and culvert area.  It would all be under water.

This is the straight down drop off where we were sitting.

While these photos show the low water level they also show how blessed we are to live by this pond. It is the most perfect place to sit, pray, reflect on life and destress. Anyone I know that would like to come to enjoy all that please let me know! And there are also bass, perch, and catfish in the pond.

The ongoing Dodge Dakota truck saga continues. The truck overheated the other day while Chip was bringing it back here after we thought it was fixed. I think it was Monday that Chip brought the truck AGAIN to the auto repair where they said it needs a new radiator.  Like his dad would have done Chip searched the internet and found one that we purchased and it’s on the way here now. Today we are going into Hammond to pick up the truck  AGAIN and get it back here for Chip to put in the new radiator when it comes in. Maybe then we can put it up for sale, again.

I hope each of  you have a very blessed week, Rosalyn

01.31.21 Bible study, three tests, a visit with my friend Cindy V. and a doctor visit

I started this Monday and since I’ve had spotty internet this week haven’t been able to finish it. Today, Sunday, Chip and I tackled sorting out all of the computer wires from Roy’s computer to and from the router. Not only did that get fixed, Hallelujah! but the printer wasn’t printing, pages would just spew out with no words on them. After a couple of hours trying to figure it out, it now works again. I don’t really know which of the things I tried did the trick but I don’t care, I can print again! I also learned how to fill up the ink containers in the printer. Chip said his dad would be quite proud of me for figuring it all out. I think Roy would be very proud of both Chip and me for figuring out the internet problem.  In all that computer fun we learned we have 5G internet and are hooked up to that now!

I’ve been piddling around. Monday evening I joined in on our Ladies Bible Study on the Sermon on the Mount. God’s word is so perfect yet I don’t always understand it. This Bible study is opening my eyes to so much of Matthew 5 to 8 that I never understood before. I am thankful for our leader Johnnie who helps us so much to dig deep into God’s word. If yall remember my friend holding an assault rifle in a picture a few weeks ago. That’s our Bible study leader!

Tuesday was Buddy’s day to get his shots and to get neutered. It is required by the animal shelter even though he is 6 years old. When I picked him up at first he wouldn’t look at me so I started telling him I love him and was sorry about all that. When we got home he acted like he didn’t have anything done, running around, and was sweet to me again.

My goopy hair day

Wednesday, another get up early day, I had a brainwave test (EEG) done at North Oaks in the Neurodiagnostics area. It was a dementia mush event. I read the instructions for this test the other day. The instructions said to arrive there with my hair and body clean and not to drink any caffeine drink before the test. Instead of doing that I thought the instructions said to not clean my hair for 72 hours. So that’s how I arrived there, no hair washed and no bath. I must not have really stunk since the EEG lady didn’t say anything. I also forgot about not drinking caffeine and had a few sips of coffee while driving there. Hopefully, that little bit doesn’t affect the results!

After the EEG, the technician cleaned the goop out as much as she could. Feeling daring and hoping no one I knew saw me, I drove to Home Depot where I got two bags of river rocks and a couple of plants to fill in a flower pot with some pre-spring cuteness.

On Thursday I went back to North Oaks Diagnostics Center for a carotid artery ultrasound. A very nice young lady did the test and within 30 I was in and out. Yes, I liked that.

I then went to see Dr. Corey Majors, endocrinologist about getting my diabetes under control. He’s a great young doctor. We had a deep heart to heart visit where I confessed to my wrongdoing eating wise. Well, at least most of them….. He took me off of Januvia and added real insulin which I knew was coming but it stinks. He was giving some serious thought to finding a medicine plan that I could handle remembering what to do. I have to test my blood four times a day and take the Humalog 8 mg insulin injections three times a day.

After the jerking and falling episodes, Chip and I felt it was best to get a life alert system. Acadian Ambulance has one called Acadian On Call. I chose it because they are connected to North Oaks Medical System and will have all my medical information available when they are sent out to respond to a call from my neck pendant. The necklace is very lite and I don’t feel it around my neck. I like that!

My brain is getting worse and worse as the Galantamine gets completely out of my system and I don’t like it one bit. I see Dr. Valdes Monday and am going to ask him to put me back on it again.

Roy’s truck needed some repairs that Chip couldn’t do without lots of time off his work. He had a local tow truck company pick up the truck and bring it to A! Auto Repairs in Hammond on Tuesday. They replaced a few things and several hundred dollars later it is all fixed up and ready to go up for sale. Since I originally wrote that we discovered it really isn’t fixed like it should be, so back to the shop it goes Monday.

Friday was the MRI. Since I can’t handle the confined space inside an MRI I needed to be somewhat sedated and that means I couldn’t drive home. My friend Cindy Vernon brought me there and back. The sedation worked well and I didn’t claw my way out of the tube!. While I was in the MRI I prayed for each of the staff members at our church and for our church’s ministry to be pleasing to God.

After the test, we stopped at a relatively new restaurant where we ate outside. We both had fried catfish with crawfish etouffee on top, potato salad, and bread. Really really good!


Before leaving to go to the hospital Cindy brought me some neat craft supplies that I can use to make Christmas gift tags. She is always so generous with these things and knows how happy they make me! On Saturday Cindy gave me even more crafty gift tag supplies including small reindeer, Christmas trees, snowflakes wooden embellishments. They are perfect for lots of ideas I’m having!

I hope each of you has a very blessed week! Rosalyn