12.12.19 Two weeks of doctors and a couple of rocks

Six doctor and physical visits in two weeks for Roy.

Monday of last week Dr. Rochelle gave Roy an epidural steroid injection last Monday at the North Oaks Surgery Center in Hammond. It went well and after about a week most of Roy’s pain has subsided.  I love hiding my rocks around these doctor’s offices. This one was left at the Surgery Center and someone shared on Rosie Rocks that they found it and loved it.

Wednesday of last week Brennan Kelsey met with Roy for his initial physical therapy session at Kelsey Physical Therapy in Amite.

Friday of last week Roy and I went to our new dentist Dr. Gregory Strain, in Independence. We’ve been going every other Friday for the last six weeks having much needed dental work done. It’s all covered mostly by our Peoples Health/Medicate plan and we are taking advantage of that new benefit as much as we can! Dr. Strain and his staff are absolutely wonderful. They remember so much about us each visit even though it’s been 2 weeks since we saw them last. They have been working together for around 15 years and work like a smoothly oiled machine! They explain everything, show us exactly what’s happening for each tooth on the x-ray that needs work.

Monday Roy went to his second physical therapy session in Amite. Roy isn’t doing real strenuous PT until he sees the Vascular surgeon.

Wednesday Roy went to his third physical therapy session in Amite. One of my rocks was found there and they shared it on Rosie Rocks!

Thursday Roy met with the vascular surgeon, Dr. Gregory Eckholdt at Ochsner’s Heart and Vascular Health Center in Hammond to see if the aneurysm could be causing some of Roy’s pain. The doctor ordered a CT Scan because he says the previous tests have conflicting results about the aneurysm size. Roy will have that done on the 23rd. They will call with results from the CT Scan and schedule a return appt after if needed. Roy’s pain level is minimal (Praise God!) since he had the injection so we are hopeful it lasts until next year at least!

Dr. Eckholdt also gave Roy the okay for him to do more strenuous physical therapy exercises.

There are no doctor’s appointments Friday or Saturday, so we’re both looking forward to some downtime. Bo and Peep may be looking forward to some family time with us and that will be quite fun!

Ya’ll have a Blessed Weekend!




11.28.19 Scriptures of Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

“I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.” Psalm 9:1


“Let your roots grow down into him, and let your lives be built on him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness.” Colossians 2:7


“Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, for our “God is a consuming fire.” Hebrews 12:28-29


“Thanks be to God for his inexpressible gift!” 2 Corinthians 9:15


“We give thanks to you, Lord God Almighty, the One who is and who was, because you have taken your great power and have begun to reign.” Revelation 11:17


“I will praise the name of God with song, and shall magnify Him with thanksgiving.” Psalm 69:30


“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever. Give thanks to the God of gods, for his steadfast love endures forever. Give thanks to the Lord of lords, for his steadfast love endures forever; to him who alone does great wonders, for his steadfast love endures forever; to him who by understanding made the heavens, for his steadfast love endures forever; …” Psalm 136:1-5 (*)


“Amen! Praise and glory and wisdom and thanks and honor and power and strength be to our God for ever and ever. Amen!” Revelation 7:12


“Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever!” Psalm 107:1 (*)


“Giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,” Ephesians 5:20


“The Lord is my strength and my shield; My heart trusts in Him, and I am helped; Therefore my heart exults, And with my song I shall thank Him.” Psalm 28:7


“And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body; and be thankful.” Colossians 3:15


I may do this another day if time permits.  A lot of change and upheaval are going on in our life right now.  We’re use to a pretty regular daily life and that just isn’t happening right now a long with turmoil and things I’d prefer to not make public.  Please keep Roy and I in your prayers.  God is our Lord and that we know to be true.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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11.16.19 Chauvin Produce Company – end of season report! Bo & Peep Update!!

Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning the temperature here was in the mid-20s for several hours.  This is unusual in Louisiana for November. It will be the end of what’s left of our vegetable garden.

This is our last Chauvin Produce Company report until next year. I’d give our 2019 garden a B-. After Roy pointed out to me all our failures I probably should say a D+! We learned a lot of lessons this year and have a lot more to learn to do this gardening at a better level.

Our okra crop has been phenomenal. It gets an A+. The production has dwindled down to maybe 5 fully grown okra a week. Way down from 10-20 every day which we picked for months. These pictures show two things. One, that there was still plenty of small okra wanting just a few more days to grow.

Two that the stalks are now so scrawny and tall. What’s there is the second growth weeks after the original stalks were cut down  These started off about six inches high and then grew and grew to be between 3 to 6 feet tall. Most of the leaves have fallen off leaving the scrawny stalks. After Tuesday night’s freeze, we’ll need to pull these up and the tiny okra will not be able to grow to adult size.

Today is the day after the freezing night. This is the top of one of the frozen okra plants. They have been such strong plants it is sad to see them like this.  So the end has come to the 2019 okra crop. They will be pulled up on Thursday. I just tried pulling them up and they developed such strong stalks at the bottom that I only got three pulled up before having to stop.  I’ll go back and pull more up later.

I took this next picture because pictures I’ve taken like the one above do not show how thick and strong the stalks really are. Many of the roots were at least 3 feet long.  This has been our best crop and will definitely be planted next year.

All the tomato plants have died and were pulled up. We’ve grown tomatoes in the past several times, even while we were living in Minnesota and they have always done really well.  This year we tried to grow from seeds and from small plants and the produce from these plants was pitiful.  Roy took over the tomatoes at one point and even with him trying various things it just did no good.  They were the skinniest, scrawniest tomato plants. So sad. They get a D-

Bo and Peep, our ducks, finally found the garden and waddled around it a bit!

Each bell pepper bush had several flowers on them getting ready to birth young bell peppers! The bell peppers get an A-.

Overnight all of the bell pepper bush leaves froze and are all limp leaves now. They will all get pulled up tomorrow.

The artichoke plant struggled to grow since planting it in the garden. No artichoke has even tried to form but it is showing no signs of being affected by the freeze.  It will be left alone and we’ll see what it does all alone in the garden! It’s the only plant still in the garden and can stay there until Roy tills the garden soil early next year.

All of the leaves on our fig trees have fallen off like they are suppose to.  What isn’t supposed to happen is for a new fig to develop yet here it is! They got a C+ for the season.

The daisies aren’t in our vegetable gardens but the beautiful plant that Ellen Smith gave us at Easter is blooming away again!  The freeze didn’t affect them which I found odd but I’m glad it didn’t.

Report on this year’s crops:

Next year we will not grow corn, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, onions, broccoli, watermelon, cantaloupe.

The watermelon and cantaloupe crop failures were my saddest losses. They produced lots of vines and several small watermelons and one especially nice cantaloupe which was eaten by something overnight. Only one watermelon grew to a decent size and it was delicious. All the rest (about 12) of the watermelons never grew any larger than a baseball and then stopped and died! We even tried growing them in two different places but that didn’t help

The corn was cool to grow and looked neat but out of two crops of 10+ stalks each, we only got 6 nice corns from the first crop. They were delicious but not enough to make it worth the work involved. The second crop of 10 produced nothing edible. A lesson to pass along is that corn grows just as well when planting a seed into the ground as it does when growing it from seed inside and transplanting into the garden.

The cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, and broccoli got a disease and had to be pulled up. The disease spread to no other plants, thank goodness.  I tried in September to grow those from seeds and after growing the seeds inside for three weeks the pretty little plants were eaten by the mystery critters.

Eggplant plants did really well at first producing several nice size eggplants.  After that first crop, what we got was small eggplants. They started falling off the bushes and if I didn’t find them right away the eggplants started rotting.  I began pulling them when they were small and preparing them to freeze when I had a bunch of them. Since the first crop did really well I’ve learned that I should pull them up after the first crop is over.

The cucumbers did really well for the first few months. I planted more seeds and those grew fat short cucumbers which were weird and turned yellow quickly so I pulled them up.

The militons were a total bust and that was very disappointing. This was a vegetable we both enjoyed seeing Roy’s mom grow when we were young. We tried really hard and for a while they seemed to be flourishing. They all the leaves and vines started to wither up and died. Lots of flowers developed on the vine before the withering started, but no militons showed up.

I may try potatoes and sweet potatoes again, we’ll see about those. They produced fairly well but the lesson I learned is that if I dug their holes deeper they would have more room to grow further underground.

I’d like to figure out why I had no luck with growing yellow onions, green onions, and garlic.  I’ll probably try again with those.  What I don’t like is that since onions and garlic grow under the soil and you can’t see if it is growing you don’t know until waiting several months that not much was growing.

Another growing below ground crop was our carrots. After around 6 months of growth, they were about the size of my pinky finger.  I’ve grown carrots in the past and they did fine.  Some research about growing carrots is needed!

All of the peanut plants above the ground were chewed off up by the mystery bunnies or other critters that come here at night and eat things. I may grow them in the main garden this year since we are planning to put a fence around the garden to keep critters out!

Our blueberry plants were not affected by the freeze and look really nice. I’m hoping next year they will be old enough to produce more than just 3 berries!

Our new pecan and plum trees were just planted a month ago and look great after the freeze.  I checked with Bracy’s before the freeze and they assured us we didn’t need to do anything to protect them.  Roy put pipe insulation around it for the night of the freeze, just in case.

I’ll end this with a Bo and Peep update on their adventures..

Our sweet duckies are enjoying pecking around where the bell peppers were pulled up!

They are loving it here and have developed some cute habits. They love watermelon and peck away till they get to the rind.  They also love lettuce and grapes and will gobble up a small head of lettuce whether chopped up or not.

Roy put fresh baled hay in their cage before the freeze because Roy learned that is warmer for them than the pine straw that was in there.  Their nice thick cage cover helped to keep them okay that night and every night. They now go into their cage every evening without any fighting!

Another thing they do now is to sit at the top of the hill where they can see everything from there like we do from our kitchen window. They follow us everywhere we go outside. When they hear the back door opening they run to see what we are doing. I probably should say they come waddling to us! They are so cute and sweet and again we are thankful to Bonnie and Tony for giving them to us. When they swack, quack and waddle around the yard Roy and I sometimes squack, quack and waddle with them. They probably think we’re crazy humans but well, we are!

I painted them a Bo & Peep Chauvin rock and individual Bo Duck Chauvin and a different one for Peep Duck Chauvin to lay on their cage cover during the day when the cover sides are laid on top of the cage.

Well, that wraps up this year’s garden updates and a Bo and Peep update!  After just now pulling up our okras, some of which had 3 foot long strong roots, I am ready for at least a couple of months of no gardening before we start again next year!I’ll be using this time to learn how not to do whatever we did wrong and maybe how to make our positive vegetable growing even better!

Ya’ll have a Blessed weekend!

11.05.19 Two weeks of Chauvin activities!

So many things to get down in writing here before I forget about them!

We don’t know what size Roy’s aneurysm is but this graphic helped me understand where and what the aneurysm looks like.

Most recently, yesterday, and most important is a visit to a new orthopedic doctor Dr. LaFleur who did back x-rays on Roy which surprisingly showed he has an aortic aneurysm. We were not expecting that and were shocked. Roy was referred to a vascular surgeon for that. Waiting for that appointment to be made. That has to be addressed before we go back to Dr. LaFleur. The aortic aneurysm can be causing the pain or not! An MRI and ultrasound are ordered so that will be done on Nov. 12 at 8 am at North Oaks in Livingston. We’d like to ask for prayers for this health situation.

We early voted yesterday in our gubernatorial election at our courthouse!

Our sweet new grandpuppy Samson got his first grooming and a new bowtie!  I’m not at all biased (haha) but I think he is the cutest puppy ever. Am I right? Over 100 pounds of preciousness in a less than 2 pound package!

Tuesday, I went to visit my dear friend Cindy LeBlanc that I worked with at Southeastern for many years. Cindy has breast cancer yes she has such a positive spirit.  Please pray for Cindy as she goes through dealing with this disease and treatment. She and I don’t usually get time just the two of us and I really enjoyed our visit.  Cindy has a “She Shed” which made my jaw drop. I could have easily moved into that She Shed and spent many happy hours creating with all the craft supplied she had. She very generously gave me some top layer of several napkins for me to try decoupaging on my rocks! Oddly enough I did not take one picture of anything that day. Her house was flooded back in 2016 and the renovation they did was outstanding.  I especially love both bathrooms and the bedrooms, well I kinda love all of it!  We’re already planning on a follow visit for some of that fun in the “She Shed.”

Wednesday, we also went to visit our four grandchildren from the son and daughter in law we cannot name. It was our oldest granddaughter’s 11th birthday and what a wonderful visit we had. This young lady has written a book, drew her own illustrations and even typed it herself.  I am very proud of her talent.  The kids put sparkly stickers all over us (even my face and Roy’s cane), sang hymns to us, ate sweet goodies, heard all about their family trip to the Auburn/LSU game and basically couldn’t get enough of their preciousness! They are going to learn the tune and words to my favorite hymn Because He Lives so they can sing it for us at Thanksgiving! I left there exhausted but so full of Grannie happiness!

Thursday, we had a visit from two dear friends John and Donna Mollere. The purpose of the visit was for Roy to check out and fix John’s computer but as always Donna and I spend the whole time visiting. She is a wonderful painter but I got brave and showed her my version of painting on my rocks! She was kind and did not laugh at my feeble attempts! They are the friends that told us about how Dr. LaFleur helped Donna so much.

Chip, Madisyn, Misty

Sunday evening we went to our church’s Fall Festival were the children enjoyed a climbing wall, inflatables, a country store, games, selfie photo booth, free hotdogs, and much more. They also had a Trunk R Treat for the kiddos!  Chip, Misty and Madisyn dressed up and joined us. I loved introducing Misty to lots of our church folks. Madisyn came dressed as Eleven from Stranger Things. If you, like me, had never heard of that character Eleven is a girl on a Netflix show called Stranger Things.

More pictures from the Fall Festival

This precious little man in so many ways reminds me of Chip when he was little. The other day he crawled under the pews at church and that clinched it for me! He’s a tiny Chip!

Three generations of Chauvin’s Rosalyn, Chip, Roy, Madisyn
Our exceptionally talented pastor’s wife, Misty, painting faces for the kids!
Young Mia painting faces. Look at the precious children waiting in line!


Bo and Peep, our new ducks are settling in well and we LOVE THEM!! They are making their way out into the pond a little bit more each day. I find it odd that they do not try to leave our property. I’m thankful for that though! They have discovered we live in the house so a lot of the times they set themselves by our back door. Since the weather is so nice our windows are open and I talk and sing to them through the window!

Meet Droopy and Duke!

We have a new 10′ x 10′ dog cage that currently our RV space renter’s two beagles live in.  If we ever get our own dog (which is a deep wish of mine) and when the sweet beagles don’t live here, we’ll use it for our dog.  Roy has a desire to have chickens and the cage could be used for that.

On Saturday Roy and I made many stops on the annual 15-mile yard sale along highways and side roads in our area.  We tried to stop at locations where 4 to 5 houses had sales in the same areas. We were still worn out when we finally stopped shopping. We did make some wonderful finds.  A brand new office chair for Roy. I got his old chair for my rock room so we both did well on that purchase. A four-shelf baker’s rack with three glass shelves. I’m planning to put flowers in pots on it somewhere in the back of our property. I got a cool metal bright blue pot to put flowers in for the rack! I also got 5 lighthouse statutes to use back in the picnic area. Oh, and the jewelry I bought was really nice and only cost pennies! We sifted through lots and lots of stuff before finding what we purchased. We spent hours out there and collapsed with exhaustion when we got back home. Next year we plan to go when it first starts at 7 am.

We had two heavy rainstorms that filled our pond up to overflowing.  It was at least 5 feet low before those rainstorms. Since these pictures were taken we’ve had more rain and the turtle head in the first picture is barely out of the water!

There were no LSU or Saints games last weekend but our very own Southeastern Lions beat Stephen F. Austin at home 47 to 30!

I shared with ya’ll previously how I’ve hand pulled up specific types of weeds all around our property.  A sweet young friend Tricia Hill shared with us a specific spray her dad and she used that worked. Imagine all the time I’d have for other things if I wasn’t constantly crawling around on the ground pulling those weeds! We’re buying some of the weed killer and will hopefully get rid of those pesky weeds soon! It’s supposed to be safe for our St. Augustine grass which is a plus!

Before all of Roy’s back pain started he began a project of fixing some rot that we found at the bottom on both sides of our back door.  Here he is working on this first part of the project.

After Roy dug out the rotten area.
Roy found an epoxy mix that hardened and he painted it white. He’s so smart like that!
My view the whole day while the door was being worked on!

The remainder of the items to finish the project have been acquired and are patiently waiting for Roy to be able to finish the project.

I have been painting a lot of TRUMP 2020 rocks in preparation for helping to get him re-elected next year! This may sound terrible, but my fear about these Trump rocks is that someone will use it to throw through someone’s window and blame it on Trump. That’s crazy but unfortunately, that’s the world we live in. Please pray that doesn’t happen.

Here’s a couple of those and other rocks that were hidden yesterday in Hammond.  The big Saints one was already found and a picture posted on my Rosie Rocks Facebook group! I’d love it if you would join that group so you see when people find my rocks! 

Another work buddie Sandy is coming to our house to visit tomorrow so we’ll see what kind of trouble we can get in!

I’ll end with two pictures I just took. These are our neighbors cows.  They are rarely all together like this.

Wow, that turned out to be a really long one. Ya’ll have a really Blessed week!


10.28.19 Bo and Peep…. hmmmmm… quack quack!

We are now the proud parents of two beautiful ducks, Bo and Peep!  Peep is a girl and is around six months old.  Bo is a boy and is around a year old.  They are Buff Orpingtons, a medium-size domesticated duck, with lovely fawn buff feathers, a brownish-orange bill, and a sweet personality.

A very sweet family at our church, Tony and Bonnie contacted us last week asking if we’d like to have their two ducks.  Roy and I talked and sight unseen we said yes!  We had several ducks when we lived on Hinson Road in Hammond and loved them. Not necessarily the poop they leave all over but everything else!

When Tony and Bonnie and their two precious girls brought the ducks to us we were delighted to see how beautiful they are.  Even if they hadn’t been beautiful we’d have loved them.  When we lived in Hammond we had a really ugly duck that we actually called “Ugly Duck!”

Bo and Peep were originally Faith and Peep.  Since Faith turned out to be a boy we decided to change his name to Bo.  Thus we have Bo and Peep!

Bonnie and Tony recommended leaving them caged for the first few days before introducing them to living uncaged on our property.  We decided to leave them in there a week and have been visiting with them several times each day so they can get used to us and our voices. Plus we love visiting with them! I sing to them sometimes! And Roy quacks with them!I love seeing them twist and contort their necks to clean themselves.  They lay eggs (or ours would if they were girls) and their meat is what’s eaten when someone eats duck. I have no intention of eating them and we’ll see what happens with Peep laying eggs. This photo doesn’t show both of them entirely, it does show close up their beautiful feathers.  We’ve been giving them fresh water each time we go visit and they seem to love it! Roy fed them some tiny pieces of watermelon.  He said Peep really liked it and at all of it. It was just 5 small pieces. At Bonnie’s recommendation, we’ve both Googled what to feed ducks and have learned a lot. 

They only lived where they are in this picture on the first day. Since they need a cage of some sort we purchased one of our renters used dog cages. We moved the cage to behind our storage shed so they could stay in the shade and are more protected from nighttime attackers.

We learned that their cage needs to be covered at night in a way that will give them a place to keep away from those nighttime attackers.  Even when they get to live outside the cage during the day they will be protected in their cage at night. Roy being the person who always gets the best thing he can for any situation researched covers for their night-time cage. He found and ordered this cover.

It wasn’t very expensive, but is made of very good quality waterproof material and covers all four sides and the top.  Two sides are rolled up in the pictures so the ducks can enjoy the view. It even has a window and each side zips up to make it more secure!

We gave them a week in the cage to get used to where they live and get used to Roy and I taking care of them. Here they are experiencing their first taste of freedom

They headed for the water’s edge first thing and spent a good bit of time their first day out paddling around.  They didn’t go very far in, just on the edge. The recent rains brought a lot of pine straw to our end of the pond.  They cleared out a circle and played in that circle.

After spending most of the day in that area they came up our hill and hung around our back door. 

They go back in their cage at night. It’s been all cleaned up with fresh pine straw! We both thank Tony and Bonnie for giving these precious animals to us to love!

We’ll keep ya’ll updated (or as my friend Deborah said, duckdated!) on Bo and Peeps escapades!

Ya’ll have a Blessed Week!



10.19.19 Weekend fun for Madisyn, Chip, Misty, Grannie and Samson!

Last weekend I was blessed to spend time with Chip, Misty, and Madisyn.  Lots of love in that hug between Madisyn and her daddy (our son) Chip.

Saturday morning Madisyn climbed in bed with me and we had a wonderful visit! There is nothing better than one of those Madisyn and Grannie talks!

Roy came in to open our bedroom windows because the temperature outside was a beautiful temperature in the 60s.  We loved it!

Here she is while making cinnamon rolls for breakfast. They were delicious!!  That’s Madisyn’s “Grannie’s taking another photo, look.”

Here’s our beautiful Madisyn, growing up way too fast for this Grannie’s liking!

We saw the new Addams Family movie. I was so surprised by the renovation Hammonds AMC Movie theater has undergone. One of the big changes is their new comfy fat recliners for chairs!

Before the movie, we went shopping at the Fuller Shop in Hammond. Lots of second-hand goodies there! Roy and I will have to go sometime when we are in Hammond.

Meet Misty and Chip’s new teacup Maltese puppy, Samson. Quite a big name for a less than 2-pound puppy! Look at how tiny he is all wet.  He’s really loving this! 

Here he is having his hair blown dry! 

Madisyn immediately fell in love with her puppy brother and he fell in love with her!

Madisyn baked brownies for us Saturday evening.  She’s quite a good cook!

We decorated the front of their home and the mailbox for Halloween. It looks great!

Best of all, our weekend ended with Madisyn coming to church with us at Trinity. Lots of people remember Madisyn from when she came here in her younger years.  They were all glad to see her!

I love these weekends with Madisyn.  My brain on Monday and Tuesday was mostly mush but Grannie keeps on going!

Ya’ll have a Blessed weekend!








10.04.19 Creating a Picnic Area – Part Three, Maybe the Final One – for now!

I’ve been sharing with ya’ll the steps we’ve taken to create a picnic area in part of our property we haven’t used for anything before now. This will be the last in this series about “Creating a Picnic Area” until next year when the grass has covered the ground and all the flowers and plants start blooming – hopefully!

Back when we first purchased our property here in Amite it had to be cleared and if we wanted to get to the other side of the ditch, a culvert had to be laid to replace the ditch back there. These first pictures are from way back then.  The circled area is what we are now calling our picnic area.

  This one is looking back from the new picnic area to where our storage building and house were under construction.

What I liked about this photo was that it shows how small our pine trees were when we first moved here compared to how much they have grown to now!

The pictures I am sharing below aren’t going to WOW anyone.  The grass runners and flower/plant clippings don’t look like anything great.  A lot of it is covered with pine straw to give the little clippings a better chance of taking root and flowering.

We’ve done a lot of runner transplanting over the years and since moving here.  I’ve learned the most successful transplant works when the runners are clipped into small segments and any dead blades removed before planting.  It’s so hot outside that I do the cleaning part with a big blanket over my lap, a container with the original runners, a pan to put the new small clean segments in and one for the parts cut off.  In the past, we’ve planted the whole runners and they’ve had a difficult time getting established and survived.  All of these new clean smaller segments are rooting and surviving! Here’s my setup for cleaning and clipping the runners!

This is one of the bare areas that I planted the small runner pieces.

   You can’t really see the little grass pieces in this second bare area but there are at least a hundred of them planted here.

A third small area where grass pieces were planted. We will be planting ryegrass back there to keep the soil in place since there is a slope in all directions.  We have to wait until it is 65 degrees during the day and since it’s still in the 90s here right now, it may be a while!

A hundred or so clippings were planted from lilies, lantanas, hostas, red sister (Florica Cordyline Plant), ferns, Gerber daisies, creeping daisies, spider plants, and other types of green ground cover. I purchased the spider plants and some of the hostas but the rest were transplants. Here’s a bucket of a few transplants.

This is where those plants and more were planted. Mostly all you see of those plants is pine straw on top and all around them!  Next year I’m hopeful we’ll have a big fern, nice lantana plant, and lilies blooming along with the hostas, spider-like plants and other Lillies!!

.Another area where clippings were planted. This area includes a hydrangea plant, marigold seeds, lilies, spider-like plants, hostas, and creeping daisies.

Next to the plants above is a beautiful shaded pathway into the woods between our home and the neighbors across the pond.

Creeping daisies that I am hopeful will grow up the metal trellis.

We’re hoping by next year the grass will have covered the dirt and the flowers will all be blooming.  The two large oak trees back there provide shade there almost all day.

I’ve been working a lot on pulling the pine needles off of all the pine branches Roy cut down. I had some help this weekend from my precious granddaughter Madisyn who is 10.  We spent some time sitting back there in the shade, pulling and pulling.  Some of the pine needles have turned brown and I’ve been distributing them among the gardens and around the trees.

Needles off of the branches. This is about 1/20th of the needles!

While Madisyn and I were plucking pine needles Roy was busy hanging the new hammock.  This one has a pillow and is sooooooo comfortable. Didn’t quite expect this but even though we purchased the hammock on a drastic price cut sale but the chains from the hammock to the pine tree cost twice as much as the hammock!

These five azalea plants came from Chip’s house.  They almost died in this heat. Chip and Misty replaced them with some beautiful gardenia plants. We took all the plants they dug up..  We cut them back as much as possible and belive these five have a chance of living. They are planted along the fence line.

In between two of the azaleas, we placed our little swing that used to be white and now is a Saint’s swing! It holds some fun rocks!

We used the area around the two huge oak trees to plant lots of clippings.  Around this one, we also placed rocks our grandchildren painted for us. One is a baseball field, one is a dance studio, one is a pumpkin patch and one is Madisyn’s school.

Too many different plants to name again are planted around the other oak tree. A lot of the clippings are covered with pine needles here. I painted three rocks that say Happy Fall Yall to welcome people to the picnic area. Of course, there is an LSU and Saints rock and a Southeastern rock is being painted right now! I found metal flower stakes at Dollar General on sale for 50 cents each so you’ll see them throughout the area.

Roy bought an LSU bucket to haul water from the pond to the plants before he put in the water line.  It’s now our official trash container back there!

Fast forward to today and this is what the picnic area looks like from the top of the hill near our house.

Here are some pictures from various angles of the finished area.  Like I said originally the plan is for it to be pretty next Spring and I can’t wait to share that with ya’ll.


And now the best part, in my opinion, is the startlingly beautiful view of the pond from the picnic area. If you don’t click on any other photo to enlarge, do it with this one.  I remember when we first went over there to work and after working for a while I turned around and saw this view. I immediately thought, Thank You God for this amazing blessing!

I thought I’d end with this picture of Roy sleeping in the hammock nearest our house.  We’ve spent a lot of time in that hammock while creating this picnic area. I have a video of him snoring while in the hammock but I like being married to him so I decided against sharing that one!    

Ya’ll have a Blessed Weekend!




09.25.19 The tree limbs came down, and the pine needles are coming off!

I’ve said it before but I must say it again.  My hubby is a B E A S T!  He’s an old frumpy Beast but nevertheless, he is one!

We usually talk about what our plans are for the next day before we go to bed.  I do best when I have a productive plan, even if it’s just one thing to get accomplished.  Sometimes Roy is like that and then other times I have no clue that I’m going to wake up to the sound of his chain saw running and when I look out the window he is 20 feet up into an oak tree cutting off the bottom branches.

I only caught one photo of him cutting down all of the bottom branches on all of these oak trees.  He doesn’t just cut them down, he cleans the area all up dragging the branches away.

The large pine tree in the front yard by the road had branches that drug along the roof of the UPS and Fed-Ex trucks so they had to park by the road.  He didn’t want them to have to do that so he cut down lots of branches from that tree.

  For the biggest  branches he tied them up to our lawnmower and hauled them all the way to the back of our property where we are creating our picnic area. He can only go so far with the lawnmower so he had to drag the branches the rest of the way.

Here is the mound of pine branches I am working on right now.  I’m removing all the pine needles to create pine straw mulch!  Free! It may take days to finish this project but I’ve already made good progress!After Roy got all the big branches hauled off he picked up limbs, and everything left behind.   This was his first use of his new lawnmower cart. He’s very happy to have this new tool to play with (oops I meant work with!)Since no cows were around for the photos above I wanted to share one that shows what we see out our front window! I love it!


I now have a new used phone which is actually a little nicer than my old one was. It’s really just in better condition since I’ve been known to drop and lose my phone in unsavory places and it had been through a lot before I cut it apart. 🙂 Roy did a lot to put the same things on the new phone as I had on the old phone.  Each day now I’m finding something I don’t have on the new used phone and am working on getting it set up.  I hope this is the only update ever on the phone massacre!

Ya’ll have a Blessed Week!


09.22.19 “Surprise Honey, I did something really bad……”

I have to say how thankful I am that God opened the skies for us and gave us two good rain showers on Saturday. It’s been over 20 days with no rain in our area and we really need it. We had to water everything at least 2 hours a day to keep plants, crops, and grass from dying.

This started out to be a blog post on an entirely different topic but since Saturday turned out to be something other than a wonderful rain day it’s changing course now!

Roy summarized on Facebook this morning what happened yesterday.

I haven’t been able to fly my Remote Control planes lately as I’ve been very busy doing a lot of landscape work around the house. I got everything finished today around 1:30 pm and decided that I would meet the guys at the flying field in Hammond and do a little flying.Image may contain: phone

Rosalyn, bless her heart, stayed at home and planted grass runners in some of the areas that I spread fresh dirt on. It started raining and she decided to continue working since she was under big oak trees. She constantly misplaces her phone so we recently got her a case with a lanyard. She was wearing it today when it started raining and decided to tuck it into her blouse.

She has a Galaxy S7 which is supposed to be water resistant and a non removable battery. She said that the screen started flashing so she decided to surprise me by fixing it herself.

Instead of turning off the power and waiting until I got home, armed with a razor blade she proceeded to remove the battery not knowing that it wasn’t supposed to be removed by the end user. This picture is the result of her work.

Now I have been known to be able to fix many things but I have never heard of anyone who was able to revive the dead especially after a mutilation.  When I walked in the door at home after flying she said “Surprise Honey, I did something really bad.”

Thank you and now you can laugh but before laughing too hard, remember that she has dementia.

Isn’t he the sweetest!

Fast forward to today. All my text messages and phone numbers are G O N E. Roy said that my photos are still on the Sim Card. Ya’ll know how I love to take photos and share them.  I take pictures like other people breathe!  The blog post I was preparing originally needs photos so it will get published when I get a new phone.

Roy found a used phone like mine in Ponchatoula on Facebook Marketplace.  We are meeting the lady with the phone in Ponchatoula after the Saints game to buy it so there may be a good ending to what really was, for me, a very sad phone story.  I’ll hopefully be back in business by nightfall!

Ya’ll have a Blessed week!