03.20.20 Cindy Lou’s Retirement Extravaganza and her She Shed!!

My sweet wonderful friend Cindy LeBlanc retired from Southeastern at the end of last year. She made it through having cancer, surgery, and radiation recently and was given a wonderful retirement reception when all that was over.

Below are a few pictures of that special event held at McClimans Hall on Southeastern Louisiana University’s campus. It was all very much Cindy like with flowers and butterflies on the wall and in the other decorations.

Donna Methvien, who was Cindy and my boss. baked this beautiful three layers cake.

Cindy had a time of sharing about her time at Southeastern which was 33 years long. Most of her time at Southeastern was in her position in the Office of Technology. Cindy’s was the sweet face and personality that everybody first saw when they walked into the office door that is behind her.  Her beautiful daughter and husband are to the left of Cindy helping us celebrate her retirement.Cindy and I worked together for 15 years and have experienced a lot together. I thank God that she’s made it through having cancer and is now going to enjoy her retirement years. Cindy is the friend that turned me on to using napkins to decoupage and gave me several ceramic tiles and so many beautiful napkins to get me started with decoupaging! Just remembered that I took a couple of pictures a while back of Cindy’s “She Shed” and thought I’d share them here!

Can I say how my mouth drools when I walk in there! And what you see here is only a small part of what she has.  The rest is stored elsewhere!  I am so happy Cindy is retired and hope we get to do crafts together often!

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Our faith in God is getting us through this.  We know that He is in control and whatever comes our way He will be beside us all the way. Do you have this assurance that comes through salvation making God your Lord and Savior of your life?  I hope so, if not ask me.  I’d love to share what God has done in our lives and how he’s walked with us through the valleys and the mountain top experiences.

Have a Blessed week!


11.28.18 Dear Grandma, by Terry Cooper

Wednesday, November 28, 2018 – Almost 20 years ago I met a special guy named Terry Cooper.  Terry worked at Southeastern and was the person who taught me web page creation.  Terry wouldn’t teach me the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) easy web creation method, but insisted I learn html coding.  I was not happy at the time because that was not easy. Since then I have been so thankful that Terry made me learn it the hard way since I’ve used that in all the years I’ve done web creation.  If the easy way didn’t produce what I wanted, I was able to go into the html coding and find the problem, thanks to Terry!  Even here on WordPress I still go into the coding to make things work like I want them too, thanks to Terry’s teaching! There’s a lot more I could share about what a special man Terry is but what I’m sharing today is the letter he posted recently on his facebook page a letter to his grandmother about his mother (her daughter) turning 100 years old.  You will feel you know this sweet lady after reading this and I hope it puts a smile on your face and your heart as you read this.  Thanks Terry for being who you are and for allowing me to share this with others!

Dear Grandma,

It was a hundred years ago, November 20, 1918, that you gave birth to your seventh and last child, Lura Edith Shelton. Nice name (after your sister?) but throughout her life people would insist on inserting an “a” after the “L” which she would correct politely but with a hint of irritation.

Eighteen years later she would marry Henry Charles Cooper and they would have four boys of which I am the oldest.

Here it is a hundred years later, November 20, 2018, and your little girl is still going strong in spite of some maladies she developed in her 90s: macular degeneration, 40% hearing loss, and dementia. With all that, though, she still does light housework like folding clothes (from the dryer), putting up dishes (from the dishwasher), cleaning the stove (after I make a mess), sweeping the porch, ramp, and sidewalk, and whatever else strikes her fancy.

Two weeks ago she voted in our mid-term elections.

She still does her own personal maintenance with a bit of help from me.

She became an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) in the 1950s when her children were old enough to allow her to attend classes. She liked nursing and was a conscientious worker. She was highly regarded by the doctors and RNs with whom she worked and was loved and appreciated by the patients.

She drove till she was ninety-one when her macular degeneration forced her to quit. She continued living alone for a while, then gradually began staying with me. I think she’s been with me full time now for seven years.

It never occurred to me that I would ever have to do something like this or that I would even be able to, but here I am.

And I must say, it is NOT a burden. Quite the contrary, she has been a blessing. It is a privilege and honor to be able to care for her, and if I should live a dozen lifetimes I could never repay her for all she’s done for me.

Six years ago (she was 94 at the time) she broke the large bone in her left leg in 4 places. I remember thinking, trying to hold back tears as they put her in the ambulance, that she wouldn’t come home, that she would not survive. But she did! They put a steel rod in her leg. The next day they got her up and walked her around the bed. The next day she walked (with help) to the door of the room and back. The following day she walked out in the hall.

She continued progressing, went through rehab, and now she pushes a shopping cart through a super market and does light housework.

Repeat: She was 94 at the time. I don’t believe a teenager could have healed faster.

Many afternoons, weather permitting, I put her in a wheelchair and push her downtown, to the park, through the neighborhood, or around the university campus (which is 4 blocks from the house.)

While she can walk around the block or through the house or push a shopping cart through a supermarket, she couldn’t sustain a two-hour walk, hence the wheelchair which, by the way, belonged to her sister, your fifth child, Grace. Thanks to Aunt Grace’s son, Fred Eastman, for lending it to his Aunt Lura.

Usually our excursions last two to three hours. She comments on things she sees: squirrels scampering across the path, a girl sitting on a bench studying for her finals, contrails, phases of the moon, large oaks, people walking their dogs or jogging or running for exercise, parents pushing their toddlers in strollers, and so forth.

For her hundredth birthday her family and friends gathered for a wonderful celebration day before yesterday. It was held Sunday in order to allow those who work or go to school to attend.

Well, Grandma, it’s been half a century since you “shuffled off this mortal coil.” I don’t know where heaven is or what it’s like, but there are people who have touched that “celestial shore” who have been allowed to come back and continue living their lives. Many of them tell us that it’s more beautiful than they can describe.

Your little girl — our mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and great-great grandmother, matron to a large and close-knit family — has graced this world and our lives with her presence for a whole century. Thank you and Grandpa for such a precious gift. Indeed, thank you for your family: Mom’s sisters and brothers, my aunts and uncles and their families. What a blessing.


Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!






10.26.18 Hammond Northshore Regional Airshow 2018

Friday, October 26, 2018 – Roy and I, Chip and Misty and a couple of their friends from church went to the Hammond Northshore Regional Airshow on Sunday afternoon, October 21st.  We made the mistake of not going on Saturday and only going late on Sunday (had to stay home until the weekend renter brought Dora back) so we missed most of it!  What we saw was fabulous and we will definitely correct our mistake at next year’s show!  The following is information I gathered from various sources along with photos we and others took this weekend.

Coming off of a 26 year hiatus, the Hammond Northshore Regional Airshow was back on Saturday, October 20 and Sunday, October 21. The theme of ‘Freedom, Then and Now’ honored the Hammond Airport’s heritage as a WW2 fighter pilot training base. Here’s how everything was laid out.

The show featured Skip Stewart, one of the most entertaining pilots in the world and his Prometheus BiPlane.  The AeroShell Aerobatic Team has been performing for over twenty-five years, amassing thousands of hours in front of airshow fans all over North America. Also performing were the world record holding Shockwave Jet Truck, the all female Misty Blues Jump Team, comedy act by Greg Koontz and the Alabama Boys and Big Air Insanity FMX Motocross Team.

Shockwave Jet Truck

Skip Stewart Air Shows

Helicopter rides were available at $45 a person and for all the kiddos there was a Kids’ Zone with flight-themed bounce houses and slides.

The Grand Finale each evening was the F-22 Raptor which is rare to see. The F-22 Raptor is the Air Force’s newest fighter aircraft. Its combination of stealth, super cruise, maneuverability, and integrated avionics, coupled with improved supportability, represents an exponential leap in war fighting capabilities. Although over 300 airshows requested the F-22’s presence, the Raptor is only making 23 appearances nationwide this year and Louisiana is one of them.

10.19.18 PAINT NIGHT PARTY at Trinity Baptist Church

The ladies at Trinity Baptist Church gathered for a PAINT NIGHT PARTY as part of our Women’s Ministry!  All the supplies, snacks and sandwiches were supplied!  Doesn’t get much better than that!

Our amazing professional artist and church member, Rebecca Bankston Willoughby giving us detailed instructions on how to paint our canvas, cross and angel.

Here’s the ladies who enjoyed this evening together creating cross and angel paintings, even without power for part of the evening!  That’s me in the red shirt at the table.

Here’s the young ladies that joined us.  Madisyn (my granddaughter), Mia, Gracyn and Ryleigh painted crosses and angels right along side us!

We had two choices. Either to paint a cross and angel for free and donate it to the Family Fall Festival next week where they will be sold in the “Country Store” to raise money for our kids camp.  Or we could buy our own work for $10.  Mine was so amazing (not) that I bought mine.  My angel actually looks like Cousin It from the Addams Family!

These are the ones that will be available for purchase at the Festival.

Yall come to our Family Fall Festival at Trinity Baptist Church 42062 Pumpkin Center Road, Hammond, LA and purchase a painting to benefit our kids program!

Come and join us October 28 @ 5:30 pm7:30 pm for a time of food, fun, and fellowship. We will have games, inflatables, climbing wall, cupcake walk, country store, selfie photo booth, hot dogs, face painting, trunk or treat (7:00-7:30pm) and many other fun things. There will also be a chili cook off benefiting the kids camp fund. Come and join us for this amazing event!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


06.19.18 Trinity’s Senior Adult Luncheon

Tuesday, June 19, 2018 – Last Thursday our church, Trinity Baptist, had a Senior Adult’s Luncheon for us Seniors.

Several, many years ago Julie Lester and I put together Senior Adults Luncheons for the then senior ladies.  Julie did a cooking demonstration and cooked for them one year and Bro. Randy cooked for them the next time. We did crafts with the ladies each year and I think Julie and I enjoyed it every bit as much as they did. I remember that Debbie Berteau did a flower arrangement demonstration for the ladies and one of them got to take it home. At that time I think we had only a hand full of senior ladies. This is a photo from the year we made flowery bonnets with them. Ms. Olga Hubsch and Ms. Louise Traylor in the photo below were with us at this year’s luncheon.

Here is Bro. Bob obviously getting some advice from Ms. Louise Traylor who was in attendance at the luncheon long ago and this year’s luncheon!

My mama’s dear friend, pretty, young Ms. Olga Hubsch in her mid 90s looks younger than most of us in our 60s! She’s the pretty lady with the dark hair peeking around Bro.Bob and David Taylor! Mama is probably up in heaven just a smiling about she, Roy and I being in the senior group together!  She was one of the two who were in attendance at the long ago luncheons and at this recent one!

Now Roy and I are old enough to be included in the “Senior” age group. Since several of our age group friends were also there I guess we really are the seniors. My friend Leanna Traylor wrote on Facebook, “I know Johnnie Whisenhunt and I were way too young to be there, but thanks for letting us come chaperone!!!” Ya gotta love our wacky friends! Look at that smile on Johnnie’s face (the blonde), she’s a hoot!  Leanna had to monitor her the whole time!This luncheon was such a blessing, I can’t say that enough. A wonderful time of fellowship, entertainment and a beautiful devotion. All that on top of delicious food provided by the church and some of our ladies. Derek, our associate pastor, was the griller of delicious juicy chicken breasts. We had potatoes, green beans, rolls and amazingly delicious desserts provided by Linda Graves and Nancy Williamson. Banana pudding, pecan pie and Carrot Cake Triffle.

Nancy Williamson and Linda Graves, the ladies that made our delicious desserts. Thank you so much!

We had around 40 in attendance! I didn’t realize we had 40 senior adults at Trinity. Then I got to thinking about all those who weren’t there and we probably have 60 plus.

The program included beautiful and talented young Lily Brocato (Teddy and Wanda Forrest’s granddaughter) who sang accompanied by her Ukulele. We we sang along with her for a couple of songs, one of which was You Are My Sunshine! We’ve all enjoyed getting to hear Lily sing as she’s been growing up and love to hear her beautiful voice! Lily’s mama Jessica grew up with our sons Chip and his brother. Lily looks just like a young Jessica! So beautiful!

Bro Bob Adams was our interim pastor before Bro Avery became our pastor. He and Ms. Janice were with us a couple of years and we all came to love his preaching, his positive spirit. As a couple, they brought so much love and a very kind spirit to our church. They both spoke to us about growing older and growing stronger in our love for Christ. We all enjoyed it. We had grown to love Ms. Janice’s witty speaking style while they were with us. Having them both speak to us was such a treat! They were celebrating their 52nd wedding anniversary the day of the luncheon. When they celebrated their 50th anniversary they were with us as our pastor and his wife. There are a few special people in all our lives who speak to us deeply, this couple did that for us!

A little summary of what they shared with us is, “From the moment of our conception we become Time Travelers journeying through our lives at a constant rate! As with any journey the travel through time changes us! We often want the journey to stop and enjoy the moment we are in, but we do not have that luxury! This will be true until the Lord comes or we go through the door of death to a timeless eternity! The comfort in all of this is that Jesus enters Time to travel with us and then welcomes us into the timelessness of eternity!!” Do these folks have a way with words, yes they do! We all love you Bro. Bob and Ms. Janice!

Thanks to everyone who made this day special for all of us seniors. Derek and Koree Wall, Linda Graves and Nancy Williamson, Lilly Brocato and Teddy Forest, Bro. Bob and Ms. Janice Adams.

These last photos are random ones taken throughout the luncheon of our senior friends having fun talking and laughing and sometimes looking really serious. I think that’s what it looks like when old folks who don’t hear well any more are trying to listen to what their friends are saying! That’s all I could come up with for why some of the photos look so serious like this one below! They were laughing a moment later!

God is so good all the time! And all the time God is good! I am going to share this on facebook with some of the children of the seniors who may love to see their folks having fun!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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02.18.18 Trip to Tennessee to see knee doctor, our precious grandchildren and local doctor visits

Sunday, February 18, 2018 – Monday we left very early in the morning and drove  over 7 hours to get to Cordova, Tennessee and 7 hours to come back to Louisiana in the same day.  Roy’s idea, not mine!  He handles driving that much really well.  That’s my man!  Our orthopedic doctor here in Louisiana told me I need a full knee replacement.  I wanted to see what the doctor in Tennessee who did Roy’s full knee replacement had to say about what I need.  After xrays and a bone density scan he came in and said my bone density was great (yay! yay!) and showed me where I only need a partial knee replacement because only one side of my knee is bone on bone, the other still has some cushion.  He explained that a lot of doctors do not want to do partials but he does.  With a partial knee replacement I don’t have to stay over night in the hospital and should require no rehab.  Dr. Schrader is absolutely worth driving to Tennessee for.

When we sat down with the scheduling lady, Darla, we went over a lot of things.  When she asked me what my last A1C was I had to tell her it was 10 and there we ran into a stumbling block.  If you don’t know what Hemoglobin A1C is, it is a blood test that indicates the average level of blood sugar over the past 2 to 3 months.  5 is really great, 7 is the highest it can be for the doctor to do the knee surgery.  10 is pretty unacceptable even without it affecting me having the surgery. 

I made an appointment to see my Family Doctor, Dr. Hugo Valdes today, Friday, to get orders for my A1C.  Darla, at Dr. Schraders office, recommended just having the A1C test done now so I can see how much I have to work on bringing it down to 7.  This is a really huge obstacle made even more difficult because I should be exercising to get it down and exercising or walking makes my knee hurt a lot.  So Yes I need a partial knee replacement, Yes Dr. Schrader will do it and No can’t have it done until I get my A1C at or below 7.

We’ve been wanting to see our oldest son’s family and have been waiting for the weather to improve and for our grandchildren to be well.  We met them at a public park in Baton Rouge and enjoyed seeing them run around and playing with children.  We had some time to visit with them and their mom.  Their precious hugs and how they like to share things with us is priceless.  Their parents don’t like us sharing photos so you will have to imagine four adorable loving, well behaved and kind children.  All four cute as a button!! Our son’s oldest daughter loves reading and now writes.  She’s 9 and has written her first book which is a mystery.  We read it and are so proud of someone that young taking to writing like she has.

Roy’s been working on replacing the plumbing pipes between the house and the septic tank.  I’ve written about it but haven’t gotten it published yet.  He finished today and I know he’s very delight to have that over with!  Photos will be in the blog about the plumbing.

Friday morning we went to Dr. Valdes who tested my blood there to get my A1C.  I was a little happy that its 9 and not 10.  There is still a good ways to go to get it to 7 but not as far as if I was started at 10.   He’s greatly increased the Toujeo (insulin injection) I am taking to help bring it down.  He said for me to contact my insurance company to see if they will cover Soliqua which is insulin.  That call will be made first thing Monday.  I had some other health concerns we talked about. Dr. Valdes is such an amazing doctor. He covers everything in detail and really listens. He remembers us from visit to visit and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that.  He’s taken care of us wherever we’ve been throughout the USA. He gave me blood test orders for some of the health concerns we talked about and we went across the street to Quest to have that done.  Oh and I lost another pound!!!

After Dr. Valdes we stopped at Chip’s work to get some hugs and lovin!!  Next was the appointment with Dr. Morgan, Neurologist.  She’s still not the neurologist I want forever but the new dementia medicine she put me on, galantamine, is helping a little so she increased it from 8 mg a day to 24 mg a day for the next month.  I had a really bad dementia day this week so I am really hoping the increased dosage of galantamine helps.  I know that having a really bad dementia day is pretty vague.  I’ll be writing more about what that means.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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06.15.17 Lightheadedness…………..

Thursday, June 15, 2017 – If you’d like to skip past today’s blog post feel free to do so. It’s mostly my own documentation of the current medical issues we are dealing with.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had four medical tests to help determine why I continue to be lightheaded. Some people call this dizzy but the emergency room doctor explained to me back in May that dizzy is what a kid gets when he spins around. Lightheaded is what someone experiences without all the spinning around.

I describe it as having my vision close in on me, having to grab on to something to stop from passing out and hearing loud humming in my ears. Sometimes this is brief and sometimes it goes on for a couple of minutes. At first I just stopped doing anything, becoming quite the couch potato. I’ve learned to cope with it and not let it stop me from doing things as time has gone on. It happens every day and has been for quite a while, long before I wound up in the hospital with the bleeding ulcer.

I use to think it was because of one prescription that I take which is Invokanna that removes any sugar in my system through pee pee. Thinking that was the cause of the lightheadedness, and wanting the benefits of taking Invokanna, I thought I had to suck it up. I’ve been off of the Invokanna just to test if that was the cause since being in the hospital, and still the lightheadedness continues every day.

The first test was an MRI of my brain, second was a carotid artery ultrasound, then a holter monitor worn for 48 hours and finally yesterday an Echo Cardiogram. All of these were done at North Oaks Hospital. Wednesday, Roy and I met with Dr. Valdes to get the results of those test.

Seems that all the test showed NOTHING that would cause lightheadedness. I am thankful that my heart got checked out and I know that is fine. There was a little plaque build up in the carotid artery but nothing to worry about. So!

Since all this is good and my blood count is back to normal Dr. Valdes said he wants me to stop taking several of my prescriptions for the next 7 days to see if that causes any change to the lightheadedness. Some medicines I can’t just stop taking but those that I can stop, I am. Now that I know it’s not something having to do with my heart I am going to gradually start pushing myself physically harder and harder each day. All this cautious stuff needs to stop and I need to get back to being me!

So, from here we go next week to Dr. Booth’s surgical center to have another endoscopy and a colonoscopy. That will show how well the large bleeding ulcer and inflammation of esophagus have healed. I’ve been on Protonix for six weeks and have not taken Naproxin or Plavix for six weeks so I am hopeful that we’ll get a great report from that doctor!

We’re now aiming to leave Louisiana on Monday, June 26th!


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06.11.17 I’ve never been a member of a church that…………………

Sunday, June 11, 2017 – Yes, I’ve never been a member of a church that called a new pastor.  The church I grew up in, Lakeview Baptist Church in New Orleans had its pastor, Rev. J. Richard Randels, before we joined.  The church we joined in Hammond, Trinity, had just called Dr. Randy Davis when we joined. So this was a first for me and I’m sure happy about how it all turned out!

The process that a Southern Baptist church goes through to call its own pastors is unique and I will be writing about that in a future blog post.  A lot of denominations have their pastors chosen for them.  We do not do that.  Through God’s guidance and much prayer following God’s will, and a huge amount of work by a Pastor Search Committee, we call our own pastor to our local church.

That is for another day, but today is all about the new Senior Pastor that Trinity Baptist Church in Pumpkin Center, Louisiana (technically its Hammond, Louisiana) just voted on this morning! I couldn’t write about this before now because our new pastor is currently the pastor at another Louisiana church. It wouldn’t be fair for the members of that church to find out about him leaving through my blog.  When we were told at the end of our Worship Service this morning that the votes were counted and that he’d been contacted, I knew I could make it public!  So you see, Yes I can keep a secret! Good thing it wasn’t any longer than a week!

So now for the big announcement.  Our new pastor is Bro. Avery Dixon!  His family includes his wife Misty, son Aiden and daughter Mia!

Last Sunday this amazing family spent the day at our church.  Bro. Avery preached, Mia (the young daughter) sang, we sang joyful music Worshiping our Lord, we all ate together and then we spent two hours of question and answer time.

For a 38 year old young man he and Misty handled the questions posed to them very well.  His beliefs are all directly tied to what the Bible says and that is my heart’s desire for a pastor who will shepherd our flock at Trinity.

Each church family was sent a packet of information about Bro. Avery the week before.  Of course you know I did as much Googling as I could before he even showed up!  I don’t even have words to express the amazing Worship Service we had last Sunday.  Our own Cindy Shelton introduced Bro. Avery and Mia to the congregation.

Young Mia’s voice was pitch perfect as she shared her confident love for our Lord with us. She sang “How Deep the Father’s Love For Us”, acapella.  I don’t know how her dad preached after that!

Bro. Avery’s sermon from Lamentations spoke straight to my heart.

Bro. Avery earned his Masters of Divinity at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in New Orleans. He has served as Pastor at Hope Church in nearby Waldheim, Louisiana, for the last 8 years. He is an Expository preacher which means he presents the meaning and intent of a biblical text, providing commentary and examples to make the passage clear and understandable.  An expositor cares little if his audience says, “What a great sermon” or “What an entertaining speaker.” What he truly wants them to say is, “Now I know what that passage means,” or “I better understand who God is and what He requires of me.”

As always. dinner on the grounds was delicious and we got to visit with so many of our great Trinity friends.

Bro. Avery and Mrs. Misty Dixon

The question and answer time was well attended and a lot of thoughtful questions were raised.  After hearing their answers I was quite reassured that this young man and his family were indeed led to us by God to serve at Trinity!

Mrs. Cindy Shelton opening the Question and Answer time. This sweet lady is everything I want to be when I finish growing up!
Even the younger church members had questions!

It will be a few weeks before he starts his new position at Trinity.  We may be well along our journey down Route 66 by that time.  We will be watching via Live Stream as this young couple settles in at Trinity. I am looking forward to seeing where God takes Trinity Baptist Church now that Bro. Avery will be joining us.  He’s young enough to be my our oldest son’s age! yet quite mature in his beliefs and knowledge.

Before closing I want to say MUCH THANKS to Bro. Derek Wall who has filled in as our Pastor after Bro. Bob Adams needed to step down due to health issues.  Bro. Derek has been our Minister of Youth and Education for several years and will go back to that position when Bro. Avery arrives and settles in!  Thank you for being willing to step up and take us on, Bro. Derek!!

I cannot say enough about the kindness, compassion, genuine love for our church, and guidance that Bro. Bob Adams, our Transitional Pastor, showed to us during his time at Trinity.  He led us, the members, to understand the process and to be prepared to welcome a new shepherd which is what we consider our Pastor to be.  He guided the Pastor Search Committee while they were doing their work and is in full agreement that Bro. Avery Dixon is the pastor God’s chosen to lead Trinity Baptist Church forward doing His Will.

This next thank you may be last but it is certainly not least.  May God bless each of you greatly for your service to our church.  So many hours of hard work goes into the work of a Pastor Search Committtee.  Our committee was comprised of Ms. Cindy Shelton, Ms. Megan Wild, Mr. Doug Williamson, Mr. Philip Bankston and Mr. David Thompson.  They are all individually exceptional Christians and collectively they’ve outdone themselves in their work serving our church.  Thank you so much guys for being strong Christians and allowing God to guide you in all you did for us!

Welcome to the Trinity Baptist Church family, Avery, Misty, Aiden and Mia!

I leave ya’ll with several photos I took that Sunday of our church members through all the day’s activities.

Mr. Gene Traylor
Mr. Doug Williamson
Mr. Mike Whisenhunt, our sound guru
Mr. Bill and Mrs. Sylvia Sims
Evynn, Caroline and Sean
Larry, Annette, Blanche, and Wanda Forest
I couldn’t pass this one up. Ms. Emily and Ms. Louise just a sharing world matters together!
Sometimes glare just gets in the way of a great photo. Ms. Emily, Ms. Louise, Ms. Octavia and Ms. Hubsch!
Ms Grace and Mr. Charlie Turk
Charles and Marie Robbins
The one and only Spot and Leanna Traylor
Just a little part of the Martin family!

I am hopeful to have some answers about the cause of my lightheadedness this week!  One more test, an Echocardiogram and then a doctor visit for all the results!! The following week is the endoscopy and colonoscopy, oh my!!  And hopefully, that will wrap up all this health mess so we can get busy on Route 66!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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05.19.17 Big, Bad, Ugly Elbow and Bloodwork

Image result for need my coffeeFriday, May 19, 2019 – Since coming home from the hospital I have continued to feel light-headed.  I’m going to see my doctor, Hugo Valdes, and the gastroenterologist on Monday. My primary care doctor, Dr. Valdes gave me blood work orders to find out why and hopefully the results will be in his office for my appointment Monday.  I’ve been taken off of Invokanna until the visit to see if that is the cause but even off of it I continue to be light-headed.  I’ve adjusted to the light-headedness by not doing much.  That gets old fast so I’m hopeful there will be a solvable solution to this.  We live a lively life when on the road and I need stamina to see everything we see.

We left Amite early this morning stopped by his office and headed over to Quest for the bloodletting.  Doesn’t it seem like the morning you can’t eat anything is the morning you’re starving.  I brought a hot mug of coffee with me and started sipping it as soon as the bloodletting was done!

We went from there over to Dr. Brett Chiasson’s office for them to check my big, bad, ugly elbow.  It started hurting while I was in the hospital and over time has swollen becoming very tender to touch and painful to move around.  I’ve had this a couple of times before and Dr. Chiasson drained the fluid off of it.  I made an appointment to go this morning after the blood work.  The took an x ray, touched it a lot and asked a bunch of questions.

She asked me if I had injured it and I said no.  I didn’t think about when I fell on the floor when I passed out.  A young friend of facebook mentioned that to me and both Roy and I agree that’s probably what caused it.  They numbed it, drained it and shot it full of steroids.  It’s wrapped up tightly now to reduce the change of it filling back up.  Even with the steroid shot it is still very painful.  Grrrrrrr.  While we were there I got another steroid shot in my right knee since it’s begun hurting again.

The doctor’s office asked me to take the specimen drained from my elbow over to North Oaks Diagnostics for a culture which I hope we get back early next week. Today, a day later it feels and looks fine! So thankful to God for his blessings!

Very thankful to have this morning behind us we went over to our favorite Chinese restaurant in Hammond to enjoy their buffet one last time!

Our oldest son  graduated with his Master’s of Divinity from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary this morning while we were having so much fun with doctors.  We planned to be there with him but my recent health scare kept us from traveling there.  His childhood French teacher, captured a scene on the online graduation and sent it to me.  Here he is! He prefers to be nameless on our blog.  Since this is such a big deal I am sharing the info but not his name!

Roy’s helper when he was restoring houses, Jeff Mader, brought to us a stack of boards.  I have wanted a rustic quirky fence behind our flower gardens (and to block off seeing the cow poop!).  Roy found these in Baton Rouge.  He cut them all in two and weaved them into the wire of the existing fence. With no saw horses and a borrowed saw he got to work.

Seeing Roy build something so imperfect was quite odd.  His work is always so perfect.  He did it exactly like I wanted it and I couldn’t be happier!  It will be fun when we return home later this year to find ways to make it a cute fence.

I am very very much looking forward to seeing Dr. Valdes and Dr. Booth on Monday afternoon.  Feeling lightheaded so much is really wearing on both Roy and I and I want to get to the bottom of it.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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