09.03.16 Washington, DC – Part 2 – White House, Capitol, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and more!

20160819_160954Saturday September 3, 2016 – We told you in Part 1 about the Big Bus Patriot tour we took to see Washington, DC.  There are other bus services but this one worked out well so I’d recommend it.  These are the stops the Patriot Tour makes where you can Hop on and Hop off at any of these stops.

1 Union Station – Outside Union Station, 50 Massachusetts Ave
2 US Capitol & Botanical Garden – 1st St. NW off Maryland Ave SW by Garfield Memorial
3 American Indian Museum – On Maryland Ave. SW corner of Independence Ave. SW
4 Air & Space Museum – On Independence Ave. & 6th St. SW
5 Smithsonian Castle – On Independence Ave. SW corner of 12th St.
6 Washington Monument West – On Raoul Wallenburg Pl. between Jefferson & Independence Ave.
7 Bureau of Engraving & Holocaust Museum – On Raoul Wallenburg Pl. off Maine Ave. (Across from Holocaust Museum)
8 Jefferson Memorial – On East Basin Drive SW behind the Jefferson Memorial
9 FDR and MLK Memorial – On West Basin Drive SW between FDR and MLK memorials.
10 Lincoln Memorial South & Korean War Memorial – On Daniel French Dr. SW
11 Lincoln Memorial North & Vietnam War Memorial – On Constitution Ave. corner of 22nd St.
12 WWII Memorial – On Constitution Ave. corner of 18th St.
13 Washington Monument East – On Jefferson Dr. SW corner of 14th St.
14 American History Museum – On Constitution Ave. NW off 14th St.
15 Natural History Museum – On Constitution Ave. off 11th St.
16 Newseum – On 6th St. NW corner of Pennsylvania Ave NW (Outside The Source by Wolfgang Puck)
17 Portrait Gallery and Spy Museum- On F St. NW corner of 9th Street across Spy Museum
18 City Center – On 10th NW St. between H St. and G Place. Next to Grand Hyatt
19 Ford’s Theatre & Madame Tussauds – On 10th St. NW corner of F St. NW (outside Madame Tussauds)
20 White House – On Pennsylvania Ave. NW corner of 15th St. NW (Outside Willard Hotel)
21 National Archives and National Art Gallery – On Pennsylvania Ave. NW corner of 7th St. NW
22 Liaison and Hyatt Hotels – On New Jersey Ave. (Outside Liaison Hotel across for Hyatt Regency)

Hey, What’s Sweet Madisyn doing at the Lincoln Memorial??? Read on to find out!!

We bought our tickets on-line and parked near City Center, Stop 18 in a parking garage and walked to the Stop 18 pick up stop.  You can start your tour at any of the stops.  We chose 18 because it was the most northern stop along the way and we were driving into DC from the north.  The stops bolded in the list are the ones we chose to get off and either see up close or explore.  The ride on the Big Bus allowed us to see a lot of the city without leaving the bus.

If I could identify a building I’ve included it in the photos below.

We first got off the bus at Stop 20, the White House.  They let you off at the U. S. Treasury building which you walk around till the White House comes into view!

UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY 20160819_121553 20160819_121840 20160819_122150

THE WHITE HOUSE – These first photos below of the White House are of the north lawn which is the president’s front yard. It has many old trees and other plantings, some of which date back nearly the full two hundred years of the White House’s existence.  It felt odd walking across a pedestrians only street, crossing a small sidewalk and being right there at the White House fence.  I took the first picture because it said Madison (some people don’t know how to spell Madisyn’s name!!) but then I saw it also said 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue which is the White House’s address so it’s even cooler now!

20160819_122436 20160819_122608 20160819_122722 20160819_122759 20160819_122957 20160819_123023 20160819_123213

THE OFFICIAL WHITE HOUSE GRASS CUTTER!! I was very surprised at how high they had allowed the grass to get.  Also the second photo below shows that much of the lawn is weeds.  Not quite what I expected. 20160819_124615 20160819_124714


THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE WHITE HOUSE – The south side where the President’s helicopter arrives and takes off from.  Official events are held on this side and it is considered the back yard of the White House.   20160819_125510  20160819_12552120160819_125516 A BIG BUS TOUR STOP – the red dot designates the red loop which is what the Patriot Tour takes.20160819_131315LOOK, LOUISIANA AVENUE IN WASHINGTON, DC20160819_135143ONE OF THE SMITHSONIAN MUSEUMS20160819_135653UNION STATION20160819_135739 THE US CAPITOL20160819_134835 20160819_134912 20160819_140652 20160819_140834

WASHINGTON MONUMENT20160819_154203 20160819_154519 20160819_154714BUREAU OF ENGRAVING AND IMAGING – Where our money is printed20160819_155238THOMAS JEFFERSON MEMORIAL20160819_155551 20160819_155554


This was our favorite stop mostly because Madisyn, our granddaughter, called us on Skype as we were walking up to the Memorial.  From this distance you could not see Lincoln inside.  We asked Madisyn if she could tell where we were and she knew right away it was the Lincoln Memorial.  She stayed on the phone skyping with us the whole time we were touring the memorial and we loved seeing it with her!  Any time Roy is holding up his phone he’s indicating that she’s there with us!  Technology is so great and helpful to us staying connected with our family while we are on the road!20160819_161036  20160819_161247 20160819_161356 20160819_161425LOOK AT SWEET MADISYN SKYPING WITH US!!20160819_161445 20160819_161753


20160819_161045Somehow this always makes me think of the scene taped here in Forest Gump!20160819_162022 20160819_162036 20160819_162127 20160819_162551 20160819_162646These were taken as we were leaving the Lincoln Memorial.  I think we just didn’t want to leave, it was so awesome!20160819_162704 20160819_162922UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE20160819_165013 20160819_165026 20160819_165544 20160819_165554NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AMERICAN HISTORY20160819_165618THE EVER WONDERFUL INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE BUILDING 20160819_165855

DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE20160819_170028 20160819_170033


NEWSEUM – an interactive museum of news and journalism

20160819_134757 20160819_134801



We totally enjoyed our time in Washington, DC!  We stopped at Golden Corral for dinner on the way home.  I was not feeling well near the end of the tour and thought dinner would help.  Some downtime really helped the health issues that went on for over a week.  Finally things are back under control and we’ve been able to get out and see more.  We are currently in Myrtle Beach, SC, survived Tropical Storm Hermine that came through there and are enjoying the beautiful sunshine and cooler temperatures right now!

If you missed the other to parts of our visit to Washington DC here they are:

Part 1 Washington DC

Part 3 Washington DC

Ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!




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09.02.16 Washington, DC – Part 1 – Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum and the Big Bus Tour

Friday, September 2, 2016 – Almost two weeks ago we set out early from our RV park to tour Washington, DC.  This was definitely a “bucket list” item and we can now check it off!

All of the photos below are clickable to enlarge them.

newBus_sidebarThere is so much to see and many different ways to see it all!  I did some research and decided we’d take the Patriot Route (24 hour) of the Big Bus line.  Their open-top bus tours provide an informative and entertaining commentary, so you can get to know the history of the city, as well as discovering local insights.  There are 21 stops on the Patriotic Route where you can hop off, see what you want to see at that stop and then hop back on when the next bus comes by.


Other routes are much longer and can cover sights outside of DC such as Arlington National Cemetery.  You can also get a 48 hours pass for just a few dollars more which I think a young family would benefit from.   The main reason I chose a bus tour as because Roy always drives and doesn’t get to see everything I do when we go see great places.  It was $39 each and well worth it.


A word of warning I’d like to share up front is this.  We’ve never done this before and the idea of sitting on the top deck was just too cool of a view for us to choose to sit downstairs anytime we got on the bus.  It was a beautiful, clear day in the upper 90s.  We were also always in the sun while doing the walking part of the day.  We did drink water when we could but it wasn’t enough. The sun took such a toll on us that day that I highly recommend sitting downstairs more on days like that.

Devereaux, one of our tour guides

One of the great things about taking this tour was that a very knowledgeable tour guide was on each bus giving us a lot of information about the various things we were seeing.  We listened to them using ear buds plugged into the back of the seat in front of us.  Since we were not going to get off at each of the stops we were able to at least learn a little bit about them all!20160819_135231They provided us with fresh ear buds every time we hopped on at a new stop.  We racked up so many we sent several to Chip’s family in this months goodie box!


The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum as one of the stops on the Patriot Tour.  Several different Smithsonian Museums were also on this route but this is the one Roy wanted to tour so we did! My brother in law George was a jet engine mechanic before retirement so some of the up close engine photos were taken for him to see and enjoy! This Smithsonian holds the largest collection of historic aircraft and spacecraft in the world.  One thing to know about the Smithsonian museums is that they are all FREE!

Here is a link to the Museum’s layout, first and second floor.

We could have spent all day in this one museum, easily.  We were there for two hours.  Here’s photos of what we did see, and, where possible, an explanation of what you are seeing.  These are real air craft and space vehicles, not just mock ups that you see at some museums.  It was all fascinating see all this up close and learning so much about it all.

Star Trek Starship Enterprise


20160819_142141 20160819_142154

Whittle W.1X and Junkers Jumo 004B 20160819_142329 20160819_142334

20160819_142439 20160819_142511 20160819_142512

Viking Lander20160819_142542  20160819_142639 20160819_142954 20160819_143113 20160819_143114 20160819_143234

Military Unmanned Aerial Vehicles 20160819_143411 20160819_143418 20160819_143443 20160819_143444 20160819_143619

Engines of World War II Daimler-Benz-Powered Aircraft 20160819_143721 20160819_144011

20160819_144151 20160819_144201

USS Enterprise (CVN-65) Model20160819_14421220160819_144730 20160819_144839 20160819_144912

Telstar inaugurated an age of instant worldwide communications via satellite. 20160819_145034

Skylab Orbital Workshop – The photos beneath this one were from the walk through inside 20160819_145324  20160819_145520 20160819_145536 20160819_145541 20160819_145545 20160819_14534520160819_145504   20160819_150337 20160819_150412 20160819_150453Astronaut Tools and Equipment  20160819_150658  20160819_15071420160819_150706 20160819_150753 Command Module Main Display Console 20160819_150943Lunar Roving Vehicle and Armstron/Aldrin Space Suit (one of the space suits was not there – I don’t know which)

   20160819_151426 Satellite navigation systems may one day shape how – and what – you drive 20160819_151512

We touched a piece of moon rock – a very tiny sliver of a piece~~20160819_152149

Next I’ll write about the stops we made at traditional Washington places like the White House and the Lincoln Memorial.  A real dream come true.  We were pretty positive we wouldn’t have to see the President BO since he was away playing golf on his vacation while Louisiana flooded.  I’ll wait till it’s President Trump’s home and make a stop back here for that tour!!

Part 2 Washington DC

Part 3 Washington DC

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!




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08.26.16 Hershey’s Chocolate World in Hershey, Pennsylvania

20160815_153353 20160815_153408Friday, August 26, 2016 – These first two photos are of the Hershey’s Kisses street lights in the town of  Hershey!

The most delicious place we’ve visited is Hershey’s Chocolate World in Hershey’s Pennsylvania.  We stuck to just Hershey’s Chocolate World and did not go over to Hershey’s Park where the roller coasters, water rides, etc. are located but I’d think a young family could have several days of fun here!

We were quite happy to take the Hershey’s Tour and to watch the 4D Movie, where we got a sample of Hershey’s at both attractions!!!

The Chocolate World  building is huge with several different sections inside.

20160815_123629 20160815_124550 20160815_124712 20160815_124859 20160815_124903


When standing or walking through the main area you can almost feel a sugar rush coming over you without eating anything!

20160815_125347 20160815_125441 20160815_130047

The creations in the Bakery Shoppe are amazing.


20160815_125838 20160815_125848 20160815_125853 We did some shopping in the massive shopping areas.  Hanging silver things shaped like Hershey’s Kisses were everywhere!

20160815_130217 20160815_130605

A treat we’re bringing back for Madisyn and Kallie!20160815_130826

We took the Hershey’s Tour which is not your usual factory tour.  It is much more of a Disney type ride through It’s a Small World.  Roy and I took videos and he put them together to create one which we’ll share here.

20160815_134054 20160815_134159 20160815_134424

Click here to view the Hershey’s Tour Video


The walls in the big room whee we gathered before the 4D movie were lined with pictures from around the world that Reese, Kisses and Hershey have traveled to!76548-Hersheys-Chocolate-World 4d-theater-art-museum index

 These are the characters in the movie.

images image-experienceAt the end of the 4D movie green and red streamers shot out of the ceiling as part of a celebration.  Roy and I scopped up a bunch and that’s what’s around my neck.  They are on their way to Madisyn to enjoy creating smoething with.    20160815_150202

Madisyn’s Kisses Doll  20160815_162743

We had a great time here, felt like a couple of kids!  Ya’ll come back now, Ya hear!1

psalm 25 5


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08.24.16 Gettysburg Battlefield Tour in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

20160812_110857Wednesday, August 24, 2016 – So what do you think it would be like to visit the Gettysburg Battlefield.  We had no better idea than you probably have if you haven’t been here and last week we got to tour the battlefield!

I’m sure I learned all the correct information at some time during my education but it got lost among the information that accumulates from living over the decades!

First, I thought it was a football sized battlefield – oh far from it – it covers an area 3.33 by 5.33 miles.  Wow!

Second, I thought it went on for a long time (kind of like modern day wars do) – no it went on for only three days – July 1 – 3, 1863.

Next, I had no idea that the casualty toll from the two armies was  between 46,000 and 51,000 casualties. Union casualties were 23,055 (3,155 killed, 14,531 wounded, 5,369 captured or missing), while Confederate casualties are more difficult to estimate.

Lastly, there are obviously not soldiers still out there fighting so I had no clue about how they would depict everything.  Along with the auto tour I’ll describe below, there are monuments from every state that fought with information about those who fought and died. There are monuments from every unit that fought.  As of 2008, the National Park Service unit managed 1,320 monuments and markers, 410 cannons, 148 historic buildings. Each monument and marker tells the story of what happened there and when.

This is a map of the Battle of Gettysburg.  The current city of Gettysburg is in the very middle.

It’s obvious that my history knowledge left me and I had to do some reading up on Gettysburg so that I could appreciate it while touring.


Here is a summary of Gettysburg I found on Wikipedia.  I would normally delete the blue links to more information but I know there are History buffs who will want to read and know more than just these few paragraphs, so click away, but don’t forget to come back to the see the photos we took.

The Battle of Gettysburg (local Listeni/ˈɡɛtsbɜːrɡ/, with an /s/ sound)[12] was fought July 1–3, 1863, in and around the town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, by Union and Confederate forces during the American Civil War. The battle involved the largest number of casualties of the entire war[13] and is often described as the war’s turning point.[14] Union Maj. Gen. George Meade‘s Army of the Potomac defeated attacks by Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee‘s Army of Northern Virginia, ending Lee’s attempt to invade the North.

After his success at Chancellorsville in Virginia in May 1863, Lee led his army through the Shenandoah Valley to begin his second invasion of the North—the Gettysburg Campaign. With his army in high spirits, Lee intended to shift the focus of the summer campaign from war-ravaged northern Virginia and hoped to influence Northern politicians to give up their prosecution of the war by penetrating as far as Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, or even Philadelphia. Prodded by President Abraham Lincoln, Maj. Gen. Joseph Hooker moved his army in pursuit, but was relieved of command just three days before the battle and replaced by Meade.

Elements of the two armies initially collided at Gettysburg on July 1, 1863, as Lee urgently concentrated his forces there, his objective being to engage the Union army and destroy it. Low ridges to the northwest of town were defended initially by a Union cavalry division under Brig. Gen. John Buford, and soon reinforced with two corps of Union infantry. However, two large Confederate corps assaulted them from the northwest and north, collapsing the hastily developed Union lines, sending the defenders retreating through the streets of town to the hills just to the south.

On the second day of battle, most of both armies had assembled. The Union line was laid out in a defensive formation resembling a fishhook. In the late afternoon of July 2, Lee launched a heavy assault on the Union left flank, and fierce fighting raged at Little Round Top, the Wheatfield, Devil’s Den, and the Peach Orchard. On the Union right, Confederate demonstrations escalated into full-scale assaults on Culp’s Hill and Cemetery Hill. All across the battlefield, despite significant losses, the Union defenders held their lines.

On the third day of battle, fighting resumed on Culp’s Hill, and cavalry battles raged to the east and south, but the main event was a dramatic infantry assault by 12,500 Confederates against the center of the Union line on Cemetery Ridge, known as Pickett’s Charge. The charge was repulsed by Union rifle and artillery fire, at great loss to the Confederate army.

Lee led his army on a torturous retreat back to Virginia. Between 46,000 and 51,000 soldiers from both armies were casualties in the three-day battle, the most costly in US history.

On November 19, President Lincoln used the dedication ceremony for the Gettysburg National Cemetery to honor the fallen Union soldiers and redefine the purpose of the war in his historic Gettysburg Address.


There are several ways to tour the battlefield, we chose to drive ourselves.  We purchased their book loaded with information and followed the three CD set telling about the battle at each stop along the tour.  Each stop is clearly marked as you’ll see in our photos.  While we considered ourselves doing the short version of the tour we were probably there 6 hours driving around, getting out and reading information, listening to the CD and snapping pictures. The book and CD cost $30.  Our granddaughter Kallie loves History so we’ll send all that to her now!

This is the map we followed on our auto tour. The route is 26 miles long.

It is unusually hot in Pennsylvania right now but we stuck with it until the end!  Roy is in no way a History enthusiast but he went along and made the day great for me!

The neat thing about the driving tour is that you do it at your own pace, see what you want and drive by the rest.

Okay, so here are photos we took throughout the Battlefield.

20160812_111223 20160812_111417 20160812_111607 20160812_112157 20160812_112437 20160812_112517 20160812_112611 20160812_112644 20160812_112805 20160812_114750 20160812_114818 20160812_114849 20160812_115358 20160812_115504 20160812_115944 20160812_120036 20160812_120438 20160812_120522 20160812_120624 20160812_120642 20160812_121504 20160812_121744 20160812_121804 20160812_121908 20160812_122554 20160812_122710 20160812_123926 20160812_124112 20160812_125201 20160812_125521 20160812_125544 20160812_125645 20160812_125701 20160812_125739 20160812_125835 20160812_125920 20160812_125927 20160812_130115 20160812_130754 20160812_131009 20160812_131455 20160812_131621 20160812_131727 20160812_131940 20160812_132038 20160812_132116 20160812_132415 20160812_132516 20160812_132907 20160812_140514 20160812_140522 20160812_140556 20160812_141203 20160812_141912

I know, lots of pictures.  There were four times that many originally!  We next visited Hershey’s Chocolate World in Hershey’s Pennsylvania.  Definitely a place to take children for vacation.  Their amusement park and water park are fabulous and the part we experienced at the main building was wonderful!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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08.13.16 Gettysburg Battlefield, reenactment in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania AND Please Pray for Louisiana

14021671_1078452028910997_6490912358321869700_nSaturday, August 13, 2016 – After reading about what I thought was a reenactment of the battles at two specific places on the Gettysburg Battlefield we drove over there for the 1 pm event at the Pennsylvania monument field.  Come to find out I got the time and location wrong and it was at a different location for 1 pm.  We headed over there and didn’t see it but later learned we passed right by it.

The Pennsylvania monument


I had us looking for an actual battle reenactment and that’s not what they were doing!  We drove back to the original location for the 2 pm event and did get to see that one.  It wasn’t exactly a reenactment, more like a presentation. There were several soldiers dressed in Union uniforms there presenting several different aspects of what soldiers back then fought with their guns and how they did it.


It was close to 100 degrees here today and the men had on wool Union uniforms.  I felt sorry for them the whole time they were out there.  We had on shorts and tank tops and they were overly hotly dressed.  This group represented the 124th regiment from New York.  These guys have come one weekend a month for the last 20 years to make this presentation.


Riffles were shot many times in various manners and formations.  Two young boys accompanied them, one playing the drum and one playing the bugle.


After this demonstration we followed them back to their camp where they actually spend the night in these real civil war replica tents.  I’d be skipping out on this to find the closest hotel with air conditioning.  the men did strip off their heavy wool outer jackets when we got back to their camp.  They then shared with information about the objects and tents we saw there.


20160813_142149 20160813_142043 20160813_141942

We’re back at our RV, thankful that we got to see that.  We’ve been fairly glued to the television when we’re home due to the flooding occuring in our hometowns of Hammond and Amite in Louisiana.  It’s terrible everywhere around those areas including many areas in Baton Rouge.  Our church on Pumpkin Center Road has cancelled service in the morning because so many members are trapped in their homes or are trying to deal with their homes flooding.  Several friends of ours have water in their homes and the water will continue to rise possibly 8 inches over the next 24 hours. Please, please keep all those people in your prayers.  This is the worse flooding these areas have seen ever in some cases.

So many awful photos of flooding are all over facebook right now documenting the flooding.  This is just one of many videos.  I chose to include this one because it is specifically from the city we now live in (we live about 15 miles from this flooding).  I believe this video is from yesterday morning.  The water has risen since then.  I could show you dozens of photos but I’m sure ya’ll are seeing it on the television.

We toured the Gettysburg Battlefield yesterday and I will share that with you when the post is finished.  The battlefield reenactment was a relatively short and easy one to do and I wanted ya’ll to know about the need for prayers in Louisiana as soon as possible.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


08.12.16 President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Home and Farm in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

20160811_124016Friday, August 12, 2016 – Thursday Roy and I headed over to the Gettysburg Battlefield Visitors Center planning to see the battlefield and then go to President Eisenhower’s home.  When we arrived we found out that the shuttle bus going to Pres. Eisenhower’s home was leaving in 10 minutes so we bought tickets for that and headed to the bus stop.  The tickets for Eisenhower’s home and farm are $7.50 each for adults. No Senior discount 😦


20160811_124227You have to take the shuttle from the Visitor Center to the home or you can’t go.  You cannot just pull up there at the Eisenhower home and see it. You have to buy that ticket at the Visitors Center and then take the shuttle.

20160811_125358We started our time there attending a 15 minute presentation by a young lady about the history of the Secret Service and their relationship with the Eisenhower family.  Very interesting presentation.  We learned a lot and enjoyed being in the shade of a big tree with a nice breeze going by.

20160811_134655This is the guest house where famous dignitaries would stay when they visited President Eisenhower at the farm.


We then joined a small group outside of the Eisenhower home where we learned a lot about the home before going inside.

20160811_135110 ENHS-slide10 They say that most everything in the house is in its original form.  It is very well preserved and looks like an ordinary family’s large home.  It was so very cool to know we were walking through rooms and up/down stairs that the President and his family walked through and lived in for many years.


Living room20160811_140640 20160811_14061920160811_140014The porch room2013-04-18-EisenhowerPorchRoomEisenhowerHistoricSiteGettysburgPADining room  20160811_140423Bedrooms and one of the bathrooms20160811_140913 20160811_140845 20160811_140817 20160811_140755Wallpaper on the stairwell was the state seal of all of the states.  This was the original wallpaper.20160811_140710 20160811_140705The casual Den20160811_141606 20160811_141552Laundry and sewing room along with Ike’s golf clubs20160811_141436Kitchen20160811_141358 20160811_141345More bedrooms20160811_141251 20160811_141204 20160811_141154This was Pres. and Mrs. Eisenhower’s bedroom.  She loved pink and that can be seen throughout the house.20160811_141057

President Eisenhower was in office when I was born so I’ve always felt a connection to him.  He was a much loved President which was nice to hear compared to the feelings for recent Presidents now.

We toured a good bit of the property on foot and saw barns and crops being grown.  The grounds are beautiful.  They have a big windmill similar to the one we had on Hinson Road in Hammond.


Ending our time there, in the Reception area, Roy found a Rosie the Riveter puzzle for me and we got it! There was a nice display of artifacts and memorabilia there.20160811_144455 20160811_144604We took the shuttle bus back to the Visitors Center where we did some shopping and purchased the CDs for the Self Guided Audio driving tour.   We started along the path for the tour but soon realized that if the tour is 2-3 hours long we wouldn’t end it until really late, and we were hungry!

We ganged up on old Abe Lincoln at the Visitor Center for a little one on one time!

20160811_153556 20160811_153715We ate a delicious buffet dinner at General Pickett’s buffet.  Little piggies that we are we filled up well!!!

We’ll get up early tomorrow and be on the road for the battlefield tour by 9 when we’re fresh and perky!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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08.10.16 Gettysburg Battlefield Resort in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

This is the office which is much more beautiful right now than this picture shows. Flowers are hanging and blooming everywhere!
The park map – click on it to enlarge it

TRG-Main entrance_fullAugust 10, 2016 – If you remember recently I wrote about the challenges we’ve had RVing in the Northeastern part of America.  Today it happened again but the outstanding front desk staff at Gettysburg Battlefield Resort really came through for us.  Mary Ann and Lisa we thank you!

Two days without satellite television and/or 50 amps can be tolerated, but the potential of 14 days without satellite and 50 amps doesn’t work at all for us. I won’t explain here because I explained in detail in the previous post.

Gettysburg Battlefield Resort is a Coast to Coast resort so our stay here is free which is definitely a plus.  It is perfectly located near everything we want to see here in Pennsylvania and to be able to stay for two weeks without traveling the highways made it absolutely perfect for us.

Some of the sites here are 50 amp with water and sewer, some are 50 amp with water only, some are 30 amp with water and sewer and some are 30 amp with water only.  It’s $8 for one of those lovely honey wagons to “visit” and pump out our “stuff”.  Next year all the sites are to be upgraded to include sewer service.

When we checked in we were given site 240 which is only a 30 amp with water only.  She thought we should get satellite there.  We let her know we really need 50 amp so she contacted her boss to see if they could do something and they did so we went to check out site 209 which was a 50 amp with water site.

After checking out the satellite situation at the site Roy determined we wouldn’t get satellite.  He walked over to the original site and there was no satellite there either.  Roy has this neat phone app that he points up to the sky and can see if there is service or not so that’s what we’ve been using.   Roy determined that there were three empty sites that were 50 amp that got great satellite and wrote them down.

Back to the office we drive in Dora.  The very friendly front desk lady Mary Ann called her boss Lisa to come to the front desk.  We showed them the sites we found but we learned that all were booked during our time.  They did a lot of searching and who knows what they had to do in their system but they came up with three different sites with 50 amp, water and hopefully satellite.  Roy jumped on a golf cart with a staffer and went to check out the locations.  Turns out site Y was perfect for us!!!!!!!!  Yay!  I could almost see Roy with a happy step coming back in to declare we were set!

We are here for 14 days with 50 amps of electricity, water and great satellite.  No sewer still but they have that adorable “Honey Wagon” to come service us once a week or so.

We both appreciate the outstanding customer service they provided us to get us situated.  I recommend them to anyone who is traveling in the area.

There are several beautifully landscaped cabins around the park.  These are photos I found on the web which doesn’t show all the flowers blooming.

DSC004421_full cabin-lincoln This week we plan to go to Hershey, Pennsylvania to tour the Hershey factory and see a 4D Hershey movie.  We will also go to the Gettysburg Battlefield and Eisenhower’s home.  Next week seems a long way off so these two are what we are focusing on right now!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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08.09.16 A day in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

20160807_110035Tuesday, August 9, 2016 –  On Sunday we arrived mid afternoon at Quakerwoods Campground in Quakertown, Pennsylvania.  On Monday we toured Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

We first went to the Independence Visitors Center where we picked up our tour tickets for Independence Hall.  It is located on Independence Mall at 6th and Market streets.  The tickets were free but since they say they sell out fast I went online and purchased them for a $1.50 each fee.  Still feels almost free. Instead of parking in the garage there Roy parked on the side of the building and I ran in to pick up our tickets.


We then went to Independence Hall (about a block or two away).  Independence Hall holds monumental significance to the development of our nation. In 1776, the Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence in the building’s Assembly Room. Just 11 years later, representatives from a dozen states met here to lay the framework for the U.S. Constitution.

First you go through the security tent where your pocket and purse contents are x-rayed.


Photos of the exterior of Independence Hall.  Check out my new red shirt, I’ll write more about that later!

20160808_143051 20160808_142738

Before the tour we entered the East Wing where we were told all about what we were going to see.  The painting below is a recent reproduction of the original scene.



Silver inkstand used for the signings.20160808_142351

The original Declaration of Independence is in Washington.  This one is one of the 100 copies made from the original when it was first signed.  It is under very dim light and no flash is allowed20160808_142301

This is the room where the Declaration of Independence was put together and signed.  The objects on the table were actually used by the signers.   This room is the background on the 2 dollar bill.  Roy had one in his wallet and brought it out for all to see!20160808_140851 20160808_140832 20160808_140751 20160808_140708

This courtroom is across the hall.  The first photo is where the accused or the prisoner stood during the trial.  This is where the term “standing trial” came from.  Cool!20160808_140502

The room itself is beautiful and very symmetrical.20160808_140329 20160808_140133 20160808_140128 20160808_140124 20160808_140057 We also toured Congress Hall (next door) where the first House of Representatives and first Senate met.  It’s a smaller version of the current halls of Congress. We saw the House of Representatives side, not the Senate side because that area was being worked on.

congress-hall-house-of-reps-5x720160808_144318 20160808_144517There are plenty of opportunities for touring the area.  Two of them are Ride the Duck and horse drawn carriage rides.  If you’ve  never done “Ride the Duck” I highly recommend it. We did it a few years back and loved it!  We still have our duck quacker!



Down the street was the Liberty Bell, originally used to call the Pennsylvania Assembly to meetings. It was later adopted by abolitionists, suffragists and Civil Rights advocates, making it a symbol used by many today. The bell, which is free to visit year-round, draws people from around the nation to snag a photo in front of the soaring glass walls overlooking Independence Hall.

The front of the bell with the famous crack.

20160808_152350 20160808_152128 20160808_152113

The other side of the bell without a crack.

20160808_152317 20160808_152305 20160808_152236

The beautiful flowery view behind the Liberty Bell looking towards Independence Hall.


20160808_152150We originally planned to visit next the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where Rocky made his triumphant run!  Then we planned to eat some real Philly Cheesesteak at a local restaurant. HOWEVER, right after I took the photo below Roy said “Honey, look at your left side.”  I did and saw that the entire left side of my brand new shirt (the one in the photos above) had burst open and there it all was!!!  I grabbed a hand full of shirt to cover up some and we changed all our plans.

20160808_153529 All of these streets in this area are like this or with small round stones in the street.  Guess they are both considered cobblestones.  Sure makes the cars bounce around! 20160808_153201

Next came the shock of finding out that the two hours we were there cost us $24 to park.  I was not a happy camper. The name of the parking garage was Curtis something.  DO NOT STAY THERE unless you are rich!


We found a Rite Aid where Roy bought safety pins for my torn blouse and hooked me all up.  A little tacky but I was no longer exposed!  We ate at Wendy’s and Roy was able to get a hair cut on our way home.

The home in Philadelphia in the areas we rode through were unique and I got photo shots of some of them.

20160808_161516 20160808_161526 20160808_161558 20160808_161606 20160808_161646

Lots looked like these two.  Rows after rows of these narrow two story homes.20160808_161733 20160808_162906

That’s it for our time in Philadelphia – it was a great day!

Now on to Gettysburg Battlefield Resort where we will live for two weeks.  Lots to see and do around there, can’t wait to get started!! A little of the sights on the road to Gettysburg.  Lots of farmland and we passed by the exit to Hershey, Pa!!!  Yum!!

20160702_184827 20160702_201257 20160702_205509

I am learning how to create my own scripture quotes so hopefully soon you’ll see some of God’s words in my creations!


See ya’ll tomorrow!  Ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!


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06.08.16 to 06.12.15 On the road to New York City

Wednesday, June 8, 2016 to Sunday June 12, 2016 – We are trying to make it to Maine as quickly as possible in order to get out of the heat in the south.  Saying good bye to South Carolina on Wednesday, June 8th we traveled through North Carolina where we stayed for one night at Four Oaks RV Park in Four Oaks, North Carolina.  welcome to north carolina

Yellow daylillies lined a lot of the sides of Interstate 95.

20160608_134317 (Large) 20160608_131032 (Large)We saw a cool Taco place called South of the Border. There was a huge tower with a Mexican sombrero on top!

20160608_124248 (Large) 20160608_124255 (Large)

Four Oaks is a tiny, rather old RV park that accepts Passport America.


We left there Thursday morning and traveled out of North Carolina and into Virginia.  Two of our very good friends live in Virginia and we were hoping to see them but they are in another state visiting right now!

My wonderful hubby let me sleep this morning while he got Dora ready and then a couple of hours down the highway.  I’ve gotten pretty good at sleeping while going 60 mph!

We went over a neat suspension bridge like none we’ve ever seen.

20160609_120809 (Large)

We made our way into Virginia.

20160609_105106 (Large)

Dora and Boots are happy to be in Virginia, can’t you tell!!20160609_105314 (Large)We stayed two nights (Thursday and Friday) at Hidden Acres Family Campground a nice, quiet  park with lots of oaks and pines.  We didn’t get very good television reception so we watched Green Acres,  Threes Company and whatever else we could get!

This is Hidden Acres on Highway 301.  Another Passport America park.  It has a beautiful pool, lots of things for children to play on and a nice wooded area where we parked.  There is a Christmas tree farm next door that we can see from our parking spot!20160609_132339 (Large) 20160609_134444 (Large) 20160609_134508 (Large)

We finally enjoyed sitting outside here in Milford, VA.  Nice and pleasant with a light breeze. The temperatures are getting more to our liking as we travel north!

On Friday we went into Fredericksburg, Virginia which is about 30 miles north of here.  Fredericksburg is 47 miles south of Washington, DC.  Fredericksburg, VA, population 23,000 has lots of historical interest.Here’s a link to the post we created about our visit to Fredericksburg!

Historic Fredericksburg, VA

We will visit Washington, DC when we are on our way back south.  Can’t wait to see where Donald Trump is going to be living!

Saturday morning we left Hidden Acres traveling to Townsend, Delaware.  This took us through Maryland which we hope to come back to on our way back down south.20160611_095003 (Large)

This is the Potomac River!!!20160611_094855 (Large)

20160611_094712 (Large) We stopped, as usual, at the Visitors Center, this one for Maryland.  Hubby Roy had to try out the froggy children’s bouncer as soon as we got there!  I went into the Visitors Center an got some info about Maryland for a possible visit back here in a few weeks. 20160611_095601 (Large) 20160611_095419 (Large) 20160611_095423 (Large)

Dora and Boots in Maryland!20160611_095928 (Large)Then on into Delaware we went.  Some of the sights along the way to Townsend!

20160611_150152 (Large) 20160611_123536 (Large) Really odd red windmill food joint! 20160611_122807 (Large)20160611_104814 (Large)

Washington Nationals and Baltimore Oriole’s baseball teams are really close to here so bulletin boards show support for them!20160611_111148 (Large)

20160611_104513 (Large)

We don’t have Snow Evacuation Routes in Louisiana so this was cool!20160611_110959 (Large) Saturday night we stayed at our first Boondockers Welcome host’s house.  It’s a lovely big home with lots of land and a pond.  We are hooked up to a 30 amp outlet and they also have water and internet.  We have our own water and internet but it is certainly a very nice thing that they offer it.

terry malcolm townsend delaware (Large)

dora delaware (Large)

Thanks to Terry and Malcolm, our hosts!  We’re now on our way to New York City for a week!

pennsylvania signnew jerseey sign new york sign Don’t know if ya’ll remember how much I love being in the mountains.  When we started seeing this sight below I got tingles and got so happy!!rock mountain in new york We’re trying to learn as much as we can about transportation in NYC and so far we’re learning a lot.  Can’t wait to see how this goes when we’re actually there.

After New York we head to Connecticut where we will stay a week before heading to Maine!!!  Yay for hopefully cooler temperatures!!

trinity june 12th
Trinity’s Live Streaming Worship Service Sunday June 12th. So thankful that Bob Anderson sets this up each week. We get to stay connected and hear awesome sermons and music! God is soooo Good!

I don’t feel like I saw this often enough but living and traveling throughout our country is absolutely a blessing that God has given to Roy and me.  I think Him every morning and every night for allowing us to do this.

We are far from wealthy people and know our travels have to include a lot of free things.  However, its getting to see the amazing things in this country that is most important to us.  We don’t have to eat at fancy restaurants, see Broadway plays, stay in fancy places or do everything there is to do.  We are simply happy with what we can see and do what we can do!  We will do this as long as we can.  When He starts showing us signs that it’s time to stop, we will.  Just glad He isn’t showing us those signs yet!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!



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