04.27.13 Saying goodbye to Southeastern Louisiana University ~~ GO LIONS!

goodbyeFriday was my last day at work at Southeastern Louisiana University where I’ve worked for almost 15 years.  I actually started working there 17 years ago but Roy and I took a two-year leave from full time work to test the waters on flipping houses.  We did quite well and then selling the houses became extremely difficult and we decided to go back to full-time realourtown_logo_withoutbevels_md work and both worked at Southeastern for the last 5 years.  When I came back I was employed in the same division but not as the Business Manager for the Office of Technologyy.  Instead I got to work for my dear friend Donna Methvien as the Telephone Billing and Work Order Coordinator in Telephone/Data Support which is a department under the Office of Technology umbrella. It was lots less stress and responsibility but a lot more work.  What made all the work okay was my boss Donna Methvien and the ladies I’ve worked closely with, Cindy LeBlanc, Jacquelyn Wagner, Sandy Miller and Pam Smith.   Saying goodbye to them was very hard yet I know we’ll stay in touch and I hope they know I’m just an email, ICQ or phone call away.  They have supported me through some very difficult times and cheered along with me through the mostly great times!

Southeastern has seen some really tough times these last 4-5 years with the budget reductions every six months.  I don’t even remember now how many people were laid off    fb_stadium_0910111000 strawberrystadium_turf_1_web campus wide but there have been several in our area alone.  In a recent email from our President he shared that there would be more cuts coming up.  At this time they don’t know how much but they estimate between $2 million and $22 million.  How the university is expected to continue providing excellent education is beyond me.  It’s been so depressing to watch more and more people leave and our budgets cut to where some departments cannot even afford ink for their printers or other basic office supplies.

I wish to say thank you to all the Southeastern family who have been such a huge part of my life for so long.  Thanks for putting up with my craziness and putting that to the side to be my friend.  Many of you called, emailed or stopped by wishing me well on our new adventure and that meant a lot to me. I wish all of you God’s blessings as you continue to strive to give excellent service amidst all the reductions and layoffs.

UCCornerPhotoI’ll miss hearing the crack of the bat during baseball season, the band practicing outside during football season, homecoming and the homecoming parade, student events in the Student Union right next door to our office,  hearing students practice their musical instruments when walking by an open window in the music building,  the convocation picnic each year when we got to see co-workers we didn’t get to see during the year, the beautiful hundred year old oak trees (with moss hanging from the branches) around campus,  especially the friendship circle oak, the President’s annual Christmas party, and the cultural events at the Columbia Theatre.

I graduated from Southeastern in 2000 at the age of 45 and am very proud to be a Southeastern Alumni.  The teachers were for the most part exceptional reaching out to each student if they needed the assistance.  My youngest son Chip is also a Southeastern alumni and we are both thankful for the education we received from this university.

To “the girls” and you know who you are.   Of course I did write yours names above so everyone else knows who you are.  I need to include Becki Starkey and Angelique McIntyre in “the girls group”. A special thanks for letting Roy be a part of the group when we’d go to the movies and when ya’ll would come to our house to watch Twilight movies and eat!  It was sweet of ya’ll to let him tag along!  We’ve enjoyed a lot of wonderful times together going out to dinner, lunch, and celebrating great moments in our lives.  We’ve also shared the intimate details of struggles each of us have been through personally and professionally.  You all have been a steady rock of support for me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that support and love.  Saying goodbye to you all is very hard yet I know each of you knows more about why this is the best thing for us than anyone else could imagine.  We’re really looking forward to making new friends with our co-workers when we get to Minnesota but can’t imagine there ever being a group of women I could count on more than you all!

Thanks ladies for being the uniquely special women that you are!

Ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!

04.27.13 Dora and her Explorers say “see ya later” to Hammond and Louisiana

On April 29, 2013 we became official for real FULL TIME RVers living on the road!  The  last minute things are wrapped up and everything we’re taking with us is inside the RV or in one of the storage bins underneath and we hit the road around 5:30 pm about 4 hours later than I thought we would.

Just signed with Jamie Johnson from Keller Williams as our agent for either selling or renting our house.  She’s very energetic and we felt a trusting with her that helped us know she’s the one!

Roy showing off his new work boots and Madisyn’s little feet on top
Madisyn visiting with Roy’s Brother Paul aka Santa Claus
Roy and his older brother Paul having a nice visit before we left

On Sunday afternoon Roy’s brother Paul (whom Madisyn is convinced is actually Santa Claus) came to visit to say goodbye.  Madisyn was here and she, along with us, thoroughly enjoyed the visit.   We ate boiled crawfish Sunday afternoon with Chip and Madisyn and had a great time.  Louisiana seafood is the ultimate in fine dining and we will certainly miss it.  Saying goodbye to Madisyn for the last time before we leave was extremely heart wrenching.  We tried to stay strong while she was there but many tears were shed after she left.

Madisyn and Grannie having one last visit
Madisyn and Grannie having one last visit

Saw my eye doctor for the last time Monday morning and he’s released me so there’s no waiting now. Boots got four new tires and new brakes and a new air bag sensor this week so she’s ready.

Trinity Baptist Church – we love these guys!

Said goodbye Sunday to everyone at our church for 25 plus years, Trinity Baptist Church in Hammond.  Saturday and Sunday evening we were blessed to see and hear the music and drama of The Resurrection and the Life presented by the adult choir and the children’s choir.  The church was packed Sunday night.  The choir sang at their absolute best depicting the last days of Jesus, his death and resurrection.   We’ll be visiting many churches in our travels and can’t imagine that we’ll find another choir, at a church our size, with so much God given musical talent.  We will miss every member deeply but we know they will always be our home church and we’ll visit them whenever our travels take us near Louisiana.

Our son Chip in his office at Dixie RV
Our son Chip in his office at Dixie RV

Before we took off we headed over to Dixie RV where our son Chip works and let Dora go potty, buy a couple of things at Camper World and told Chip goodbye.  Roy, myself and Chip have been through a lot this last year and despite the bad times there have been great good times.  He’s got a great job selling RVs and has a new place to live.  He loves his mom and dad no matter our faults and I’ve come to cherish that.  He’s such a good daddy to his little girl and to her he is the bomb!  God is doing amazing things in his life and Chip’s drawing closer to him every day.  Praise God!  The goodbye with him was the hardest of all.  If I write any more about that goodbye I’ll be in tears again

Once we left Hammond we headed to Jackson, Mississippi to visit with my mom’s dear friend Pat Turner.  I haven’t seen her in quite a while and was really looking forward to visiting with her.  We stayed at Wal-Mart in Jackson and Pat came to see us in the morning, took us to eat at Waffle House and then to see her new home.  We both loved her new home and are so happy she’s been able to reduce and not have so much yard to deal with.  After our visit we left our luxurious surroundings at Wal-Mart headed towards Arkansas.  We don’t know where our next stop will be quite yet but that’s part of the charm of this lifestyle, we don’t really need to make plans, just go!  I’m way too organized and too much into planning for this to come naturally but I do believe an old dog can be taught new tricks!  Okay after I wrote this I broke down and made reservations in Mountain View, Arkansas.  Guess this old dog is resisting some new tricks a bit!  As I end this post we’re at a rest area outside of Oxford, MS where Mississippi State University is located.  Roy’s taking a nap and I’m headed out to a picnic bench to do my nails!  Then on to our next stop!

Thanks for joining us as Dora and her Explorers say “see ya’ll later” to Hammond and Louisiana!

Ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!

04.24.13 A week of good byes and last things

This has been a week of saying goodbye and last things before we take to the road next week.

Last hair cut from my dear friend Christie Williamson who has cut my hair for many years.  I plan on letting my hair grow long and letting the color grow out since I won’t have a wonderful hair stylist like Christie around on the road.

Last lunch and visit with my cherished sister Harriett.  We don’t get to do that too often now but we always knew we could since we live about 30 minutes from each other. I love her so much and will miss her deeply.

Last appointment for Roy and I with our family doctor, Dr. Hugo Valdes, and we’re leaving knowing our health is in great condition and we’re good to roll.

Last weekend was our second to last Sunday at our church, Trinity Baptist Church, in Pumpkin Center, Louisiana.  This has been our church for 25 plus years.  A place where we have a wonderful church family who have supported us through tough times and celebrated with us in all our blessings.  Our pastor, Dr. Randy Davis’ sermons are Heavenly inspired and speak to my heart and my conscience every week.  Our choir is a group of Christian angels with a deep love for Christ and a desire to sing His praises.  I sang with the choir for many years until my asthma just made it impossible to continue.  I still know all the words to most of their specials and sing along with them (very quietly of course) each week.   I can’t imagine finding a church more perfect for me in our travels.

Our last choir dramatic music will be presented this Saturday at 7 pm and Sunday at 7 pm at Trinity Baptist Church at 42062 Pumpkin Center Road.  The adult choir, children’s choir and many dramatic actors will present the Resurrection and the Life.   We presented this ten years ago when I was singing in the choir and it is one of the most moving depictions of Christ’s last days.  Can’t wait to see this from the congregation and I’m so thankful we didn’t need to leave town before this.  If you’re in the neighborhood and want a tremendous blessing in song and drama please come join us.  You truly won’t believe that a church our size could put on such a wonderful production.  This is certainly God’s doing!

My last hour at work is in 13.75 hours (who’s counting?!!!). I’ve said goodbye to a bunch of wonderful people around campus this week.  A lot of them have kept up with our efforts to get to this point for the last several months by reading our blog so they weren’t surprised when I was able to finally turn in my resignation two weeks ago.  Southeastern has wonderful employees who have had to double up on their workload due to the lay offs and cut backs these last four  years.  They’ve stuck with it and I admire their ability to do that.

I had my last lunch with “the girls” at work today when they took me to Trey Yuen.  When Friday comes it will be extremely hard to say a real good bye to these ladies each of whom has affected my life in many wonderful ways over these last 15 years.

Had our last Papa John’s pizza last night.  There are none where we’ll be living the next few months and as remote as we’ll be I doubt we’ll have any pizza delivered either! Tonight we had our last Albany Chicken Tenders.  This has been our favorite place to buy the juiciest biggest chicken tenders around town.  I’m planning on having Seafood stuffed potatoes from Chookies tomorrow evening for the last time.  These last two are local places that we won’t find up north so might as well get them while we’re here.

Most important of all our last foods is our last boiled crawfish which we will eat this coming Sunday afternoon with our family.  “If you haven’t had crawfish you haven’t lived,” says every true Cajun.  We certainly won’t be having this Cajun delicacy up north so we’ve planned to have our last crawfish with our granddaughter Madisyn who discovered them last year and just loved them!

Told all of our neighbors good bye this week.  Told precious Elizabeth Halpin goodbye – will miss her little visits and her gifts of food!  This whole week seems to be a week of saying good bye and a week of lasts.  A lot of other things have happened this week but for once I wanted to stick to one topic in my blog.

Next week we begin a lifetime of firsts!  As sad as it is to say goodbye to so many wonderful people, we know that what lays ahead of us is so full of promise and opportunity!  We give God all the glory for getting us here and allowing us to begin this amazing new life!  I know he will be with us through the good and the bad in the days ahead.

Ya’ll come back now ya’ hear

04.16.13 Countdown to departure – 10 days!

its a southern thingNow that we’ve set our departure date of April 30th everything needs to be finalized.  The lists are made and added to daily! This past year I’ve had four eye surgeries and now have wonderfully non-cataract, non-floater eyes and no longer wear contacts thanks to Dr. Greiner and Dr. Allison.  I’ve had brain tests galore and am back to having a somewhat normal brain for a blonde thanks to Dr. Shamsnia and Dr. Andrews.   I’ve seen a couple of doctors at Ochsner in Metairie for other things and they are done with me.  They have all released me to live my life and flourish.  Now, all that’s left is to have our primary care physician Dr. Valdes do one last blood work and physical for both Roy and I and we’re good to leave Louisiana doctor wise.

We’ve already checked with Blue Cross to be sure our healthcare coverage is good all throughout the United States, just like here.  We’ve always used a local pharmacy, Scott’s Pharmacy  since moving to Hammond.  We see them once a month and in between as prescriptions change.  They are like family and moving to a national pharmacy is not one we want to do.  But we must.  I worked with Scott’s to transfer everything to Walgreen’s.  I’ll get them filled once more before leaving town to make sure everything got transferred correctly!  I would have preferred Wal-Mart (just because of experience with our Walgreen’s here taking forever to get prescriptions filled) but decided against that.  The Walgreen’s is about an hour away in Minnesota and Wal-Mart was 3+ hours away.  There is one close by in Canada but not knowing what would be involved in getting prescriptions filled there  I chose to not go that route.  Walgreen’s has our prescriptions now and will mail them to us every three months which will work out perfectly for our  new traveling life style. Gonna miss our good old Scott’s Pharmacy but onward we go!

After a doctor’s appointment in Covington I stopped by Sam’s to pick up on a “few” things and left $500 lighter!  Our new home in Minnesota is in a remote location so I decided to buy at least three months of essential things to prevent those trips to “the front” as Roy puts it in his New Orleans slang.  “The front” will be many miles away instead of one or two like here!  Sam’s is just my favorite store to buy these mass quantities of food and supplies and the closest is about 2-1/2 hours from our new home.  Anyway, if the resort runs out of coffee, sugar, coffee mate, mayonnaise, etc, etc. we can stock them up!

Roy and I are both exhausted trying to get so much accomplished now that we have a departure date set.  While we’ve been working on this for months there are somethings you cannot do until you know you are leaving.  Our list is long and everything on the list is either emotional and/or time consuming.  This week Roy has cleaned the RV roof, pressure washed the back porch and sidewalks at our house, cleaned by hand and pressure washed and painted  brendatrellisthe stain on the huge deck (with benches and trellis) at our rental house, painted some things in our sticks and bricks house, fixed the RV a/c in the dashboard, listed and prepared for shipping at least a dozen things on EBay.

My list isn’t as physically demanding but I’ve worked full time every day and also taken care of: consolidated everything in Dora’s storage areas to make room for the new outdoor TV and BBQ pit, pressure washed the garage exterior, created cute business type cards to give to family/friends and new friends we make on the road, went to Sam’s to stock up, stored everything purchased at Sams (quite a task in an RV) cancelled the trash pick up, transferred all our prescriptions, scheduled a grass cutter for our sticks and bricks house, scheduled final doctors appointment and blood work,  boxed all the left over computer stuff for The Fuller Center to come pick up, changed our Dish billing to Pay As You Go so we can cancel it the months we don’t need it when we have free cable at campsites.  All this in about four days time. No wonder we fall into the bed at night and sleep soundly all night!  There are still a few major things to do and I sure hope the pace slows down a bit.  At least we have a nice leisurely trip north to look forward to!

At work I’m trying to wrap up everything I do so there is nothing left pending. I’ve documented step by step all of my responsibilities and duties.  Even with that friendshipoakdone, these last few days (trying to make sure all the details are done and teaching my procedures to others) have been grueling.  Tomorrow I’m scheduled to teach our Computer Help Desk staff how to answer questions and help the campus community with their telephone needs so they can try to field some of the questions.   Once I turned in my resignation I found out that because of all the budget cuts, layoffs and future layoffs they will probably not be able to fill my position.  Now one person won’t be doing my work, it may be distributed.  After receiving the campus email today telling us that next year’s budget cuts could be (in my words) “catastrophic”, far worse than any of the previous deep cuts, I feel that  maybe we’re leaving now on our own terms is a good thing.   Southeastern has been a wonderful place to work, however it’s been greatly affected by seriously deep budget cuts since 2009 and for me it’s time to move on.

Our precious granddaughter Madisyn spent yesterday evening, last night and this morning with us.  We went to the movies to see the 3D The Groods.  It was cute and we chipmadisynscooterdid what we call “Junkering Up” on the Sno-Caps, popcorn and ice drinks.  Then we went to visit her daddy Chip for a while. She spent the night and so did her babies who needed to sleep with us.  She helped me with the pressure washing this morning and now that she’s gone I’m crashing for a bit to finish this!  Then onto the gardens to get them weeded one last time.  We have a lot of flower beds so I’d better get started!

Ya’ll come back now ya hear!

04.10.13 Northward bound to live in Minnesota!

Big News!  Not that we haven’t been planning for this forever and ever and ever but finally the moment has arrived, well soon anyway!  No we haven’t sold the house.  However, Dora, Boots and the Explorers (Roy and Rosalyn) will be heading north on April 30th or May 1st to LIVE and WORK at Northern Lights Resort in northern Minnesota on the Canada border.  We’ll begin work between May 8th and May 15th and work until October 1st before the snow starts falling!  We got a workamping job there where they will pay us salary plus a full hook up RV site.

resortlayout.This is from the Northern Lights Resort home page “Our beautiful family-friendly cabin resort is surrounded by wilderness in a secluded bay on 16 acres, with nearly ¼ mile of shoreline. Lake Kabetogama (Ka-be-tow-ga-ma) is one of a chain of wilderness Border Lakes with majestic scenery and part of Voyageurs National Park on the Minnesota, Ontario border.

Northern Lights Resort (NLRO) is just a few miles from the Canada border and we will be able to see the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) from there.  Roy’s always wanted to see that.   They say it can be seen 200 times during the year.  Sure hope that’s while we’re there!

When we got the job offer call from them this morning I had to repress a big scream of happiness but turning my resignation in this morning was rough.  My boss Donna is my dearest friend and while I know she’s personally happy for us she’s not wanting to lose an employee.  I’ll be starting the retirement paperwork in the morning, with April 26th being my last work day.  We’ve retired one time before about 7 years ago but certainly didn’t move out of town much less 1,450 miles away!  That retirement lasted two years, let’s see how long we can make this one last!

We’re hoping to spend plenty of time with out little Madisyn before we go and she’s coming to spend the night tonight and play with Paw Paw while Grannie goes to work in the morning. Paw Paw has all the fun!

Then we’re headed to Pass Christian for a little taste of RV traveling life and will be staying in an RV park there not too far from the coast.  First time we’ll be taking Boots our toad on the road and I’m hoping for a good experience with that.

Don’t know how much posting I’ll be able to do now that we know crunch time is here but I know we’ll be posting about our travels through the US towards Minnesota.  If anyone has suggestions for RV parks along that route, please lt us know!

Ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!

04.07.13 Computer sale – BUST!, Workamping change…………….

Well, the final garage sale did not go as planned. 😦  We sold very little actual computer related items. Several other items we dug up to sell but not the computer stuff.  A friend of ours bought a computer but no one else did.  Not one computer knowledgeable person came to the sale which was odd because we invited a lot including local computer repair companies.  The amount of parts that Roy had was tremendous and would have been a great buy for anyone doing that.   Oh well, guess Good Will will get a great donation.  Liz did great selling her stuff so at least there’s an upside to the day! And we got to play with Madisyn a lot while we were waiting for people to come and that certainly make any bad day into a good day!  At least, the weather was beautiful and we enjoyed resting in our rockers.

I got to show our house to someone yesterday.  She didn’t know how much the rent was when she stopped and asked to see it but she loved it.  Haven’t heard from her so the rent was probably too high but it was really nice to get to walk someone through our house and enjoy their reaction to the beauty of it.  One day someone else will get to live there!

We’ve determined that if we are willing to work 32-35 hours a week we can go ahead and start our adventure. We’ve updated our workamping resume to include Roy and all the great things he can do.  We are sending it to employers who are looking for someone to work more than the original 20 hours we thought we’d work.  Some employers pay you for the hours you work and give you a free RV site, so those are the ones we are targeting.   We would keep the house on the market until it does sell and then we can move down to a 20 hour a week position somewhere or one that just gives you a free site for under 20 hours worked.  That’s the real goal but since we need the money from the house sale we can’t get there quite yet!  We’ve seen some jobs in Wyoming, Idaho and Colorado and wouldn’t that be so cool to be in that area of the country during the hot summer months!   When it got up to 80 degrees recently we just knew it was getting close to time to be up north and possibly soon we will be!

We’re heading to Pass Christian next Friday for a weekend stay at Wolf River RV park.  Can’t wait!

Ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!

Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! Ephesians 4:4

04.03.13 Family Easter and Computer Sale!

Easter is over and Spring is here!  We shared a wonderful family day at our empty house the Saturday before Easter with our son Chip’s family and my sister Harriett’s family.  They are all genuinely kind and caring people and I cherish each time we’re able to get together.  We had plenty of food to go with our traditional meat – Popeye’s Chicken!

madisynandeggsMadisyn spent last Friday with me decorating (with the things my coworkers gave me so the house wouldn’t be totally empty and have a somewhat festive spirit about it!) decoratedeggsand cooking.  We had a wonderful time together.  One of the things we did was decorate eggs.  They were yard eggs that our friend Elizabeth gave us and were naturally green, blue, pink and light brown.  So no need to dip them to get them colored.  We put little pastel rhinestones and smiley face rhinestones on them and not only did we have a great time doing it but they came out precious!  A first for me to have pretty Easter eggs!

hunting eggsThe youngest  children, Madisyn, John and Sally enjoyed the Easter egg hunt.  My sister came up with the idea of having 12 eggs per child (six of one color and six of another color).  Each child was assigned two colors and were instructed to hunt huntingfor their colors.  It was a wonderful way to cut down on the everyone for themselves that egg hunts turn into.  They were helping each other by telling the person with a blue egg that they found one instead of scooping up the egg and keeping it.  Everyone got the same number of eggs and they were all happy!

twohorsesI included some pictures of the hunt and of our visit to our next door neighbor’s house where her white miniature horse had just given birth two days before to a little horse.  The children enjoyed seeing that and the other miniature ponies in the coral.  Someone said the other day that we live in the country.  I don’t see it that way at all since we’re close to the big city of Hammond.  However when I think about the fact that we live next to property with ducks, chickens, a donkey and horses I guess we are in the country!

This Saturday is the long awaited Computer sale. Probably no one’s been long awaiting it but us though!  Tables in the garage are all laid out with computer parts, cables, keyboards, mice, 10 computers with monitors and keyboards, desks, bookcase and a table with chairs for sale.  There are even around 150 tire stem valves. Perhaps everyone has this many but since I seriously doubt that.  It’s just another one of Roy’s purchases where he couldn’t resist getting an over abundance just in case they are needed.  I’m thinking that if we didn’t sell them we would be passing down tire stem valves to our great, great grandchildren and still would never run out.  A few household items and tools round out what’s for sale and I can’t wait for this last sale to be behind us!  Not that we’re going anywhere yet, but we could at the drop of a hat when all the selling is over.

Ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!!

03.21.13 Spring has sprung, house for sale OR RENT, He is Risen!!

555136_169970859819963_1514941800_nWe are having such beautiful springtime weather and I’ve been enjoying sitting in my rocker outside under our RV’s awning reading in the evenings and weekends.  Even though we are parked in our driveway, the view is beautiful and very peaceful.  All of our azalea bushes are blooming in varying shades of pink and white.   I sometimes imagine what it will feel like when we’re at different RV locations, sitting out under the awning in our rockers.  I picture looking out over a body of water, or sitting in a forest and wonder how azaleasit will compare with our little driveway spot!  When we’re finally on the road, wherever Roy and I are together will be our home.

I didn’t realize how many books I owned until I started selling them.  A few years ago I thought I downsized my book collection but it seems to have multiplied while on the bookshelves and when transferred to boxes, one box became two and then three and then four.  Of course we cannot take all those with us so I sold them and am now increasing my Kindle library of books.  What a space saver and it fits in my purse and for many more reasons I love it!  Even my Bible is on my Kindle, in three translations!  Gotta love technology in cases like this.

I went to Sam’s Club after work today(Friday) and bought lots of fresh fruit.  Madisyn and I are feasting out on nectarines and plums. She’s never had them before and is loving their wonderful flavors.  Best way to describe her eating them is that she actually gobbled them! She’s spending the night tonight so all’s well in Grannie and Paw Paw’s world!!

We just had a visit from our nephew Greg and his precious daughter Sally.  They haven’t seen Dora before and Sally was quite curious about the little house where Rosie and Roy are living.  With the computer he dropped off for Roy to work on, Roy officially has a full week of computers to keep him busy and out of trouble.  There are computers all over this place!

Roy’s made great progress on clearing out the computer room.  Madisyn and I chipped in some help and it’s now completely empty!  His computer sale is set for April 6th.  Some of the things he’ll be selling are: 10 computers with monitors and keyboards, hard drives, CD drives, some Linksys wireless products, document scanners, a printer, some ink cartridges, computer fans, lots of little computer parts, cables, dozens of computer programs, PrintMaster software and lots more including desks, bookshelf and salt water fishing rods/reels.  My own personal computer is for sale with two 19″ monitors and super dupper UPS, keyboard and lots of great programs, video card and more!  It’s a Roy Chauvin built computer which only has the best!  At that point we’ll be 100 percent finished clearing out the entire house and selling everything we’re going to sell!  FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since the house’s computer room has been disassembled and Roy is 2013-03-18_17-18-29_695still repairing computers he seems to have expanded his allotted computer space in Dora.  In the middle of Dora’s kitchen floor is a folding table with computer “stuff” all over it.  Here’s a picture of him repairing someone’s computer in the middle of the kitchen.  What a weird life we now live!

The housing market in our area is about as down as it gets.  There are so many houses for sale and so very few buyers.  Of those few buyers only a few of them have the down payment and good credit to make it happen.  Of course we pick now to try to sell our house!  It’s believed that the market should be better in a year or two or three, just not now.  Having realized this and gotten some good advice from realtors we’ve decided to rent our house for the next year or two or three.  When and if the housing market gets better we’ll try again to sell the house and hopefully then not lose money on the sale.  Now, we just to find some really good renters! Otherwise we’ll have to start a blog about how to live in an RV in your driveway for FOREVER!

As always we sang some beautiful songs in church this morning.  And as always, they were about God, go figure yes in a church we do sing about God.  If you haven’t been lately you should try it!  Even though said jokingly, I’m quite serious about that. This Sunday was Palm Sunday which in the Christian faith is the observance of the day Christ rode into Jerusalem on a donkey.  The people, recognizing his significance, placed palm leaves in the streets ahead of him. This coming Friday is our day of observance of when Christ as killed on the cross to save Christians from our sins.  Those who have accepted Christ as their Savior and Lord have had our sins washed away by the very act of Christ dying in agony and pain.  He chose to do that for us and we, mostly me, are so unworthy of that.  My absolute favorite part of Easter is Resurrection Sunday when those at Calvary realized that “He is Risen”.   Jesus’ death, without his resurrection, would have meant nothing.  Yet, because of the Resurrection, it means everything!

This is not the time of year where you need to be inside on your computer, so now that you know what the Chauvin’s have been up to, get outside, enjoy the sunshine and beauty of God’s world! Have a blessed Easter and ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!

03.11.13 Wonderful food and saying goodbye to Roy’s computer toys…..

Philippians 4:6-7, “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.” (NL

Roy finished his work on the washer/dryer after recovering a hand full of change, a Saints earring and a necklace from the pump.  He’s totally familiar with the little washer/dryer that was a total mystery to him before.  I am now charged with searching all clothing before washing it to make sure nothing is left in them that could clog up the pump again.

My retired husband surprised me one day this week by vacuuming, taking out the trash, doing 3 loads of laundry, cooking dinner and several other wonderful things to chickenbrocollicome home from work to.  He cooked baked chicken and fresh broccoli and cauliflower with cheese.  He even served it to me!  What a nice thing to come home to after a long work day!

Another day he cooked real mashed potatoes to go with the roast and carrots that were cooking in the crock pot.  That’s an ongoing issue between us.  I make mashed potatoes from a box of potato buds and he’s always wanting real mashed potatoes so when it was his turn to cook he made the real ones.  One of the presents in his care package from his co workers when he left work was a bag of potatoes and a recipe from our boss, Donna, for real mashed potatoes.  He made good use of that and they were delicious!!  Here’s a picture of  that meal.  I promise I won’t post a picture of every meal we have but this was such a big deal I just had to!

We’ve begun the formidable task of going through all his computer accessories, programs, disks, parts and computers getting them ready for his computer sale.  Chip and his friend Stan helped us by moving the two desks and bookcase out to the garage this past week.  Yesterday at work I received a text message from Roy that said:  “I’m a hoarder.  I can’t do this by myself.  I need your help.”  I could just hear the desperation in his voice.  When I got home we spent Friday evening getting the garage ready with the tables, two desks and bookcase.  He placed 6 of the computers, monitors and keyboards in place.  Today we worked in the computer room for several hours dividing things into piles of things to keep, sell or trash.  The sale pile got priced and packed in storage bins to make out to the garage. Seeing him sitting in the middle of all his little toys with a dozen jump drives around his neck I had to take a picture of him.  He made comments like “This is a sad, sad day.” and I made comments like “You have more computer stuff than any 10 families should have.”

royincomputerroomHowever we look at it, we’re making progress and hopefully by tomorrow night the room will be mostly empty if not totally empty!!!  Hopefully we’ll have the computer sale the Saturday after Easter.  Here’s a picture of the garage with a few of the computers set up.  There are more to come! computers in garage

We’re having our family over to our empty house for Easter.  It will be totally different from any other holiday we’ve had but with everybody bringing their own chairs and a table and food, we’ll have fun just being together, hunting Easter eggs and playing games! My sister and her children’s families are very special to us and this might be our last holiday at our sticks  and bricks house with them.  Some parts of this taking off and traveling does make me sad and leaving our families is one of those.

I was especially thankful to our friend Rhonda who is buying our garden wagon but has allowed us to keep it until we’re finished with it.  We made very good use of it today hauling things out to the garage.  We stopped sifting through computer “stuff” long enough to cook dinner and eat and we’re going back up there to do some more.  Having a completely empty house is the goal and we can see the goal in sight!

Ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!