06.18.20 Wine bottle (and any glass bottle or jar) decoupaging

If you’ve never decoupaged before you need to know the basics that go before the actual creation of a project.  Here’s a link to that information:  DECOUPAGING BASICS


I have to admit up front that this type of decoupaging is the one I’ve struggled the most to get it right. I’ve created several decoupaged bottles and glass vases. Most of them had to be scrapped and started over.

My sweet friend Cindy Vernon gave me all the wine bottles I have so far. Thanks, Cindy for giving me those bottles that got me started!

I am definitely still in the learning mode with this type of decoupaging but I will share what I have learned so far!

Every bottle and napkin presents its own challenges. Every bottle shape is a bit different. Each napkin has different sizes, designs, and quality of napkin. You choose if you want the napkin to be applied as a full or half napkin or as a design cut out of the napkin. That’s up to you.

The neck of the bottles is for me the awkward area. Some I’ve applied rhinestones to in various colors and shapes.

This was the first one I created and it was done over twice! I cut out the parts of the napkin I wanted to apply to the bottle. Like I did on this one I highly recommend painting the whole bottle a color (usually white or cream) that will blend well with the napkin background. I’ll show you the napkin that was used in making each of the bottles throughout this blog post.

After allowing one coat of mod podge to dry I applied two coats of cream-colored paint and allowed them to completely dry. I separated the layers of the napkin keeping the top layer. Then I cut out the two designs from the napkin that I wanted to use for this bottle. I used just the peacock on the back and the peacock next to flowers on the front. I applied mod podge to the area of the bottle where the napkin design would go. Then laid the napkin design over that area spreading it out and helping bubbles to escape by quickly and gently rubbing my finger over the design from the center to the outside edges of the design. The napkin becomes very fragile when it gets wet from the mod podge so you have to be very very careful with it I can’t tell you how often I’ve pulled holes in the napkins when they are damp or wet from mod podge..

Some people take a sheet of glad wrap, wrap it around the bottle and rubbing the bubbles and wrinkles out the same way I described doing it without the glad wrap.  A third method is to take some glad wrap, squinch it up and pat it over the napkin where bubbles remain. I do much better when I wrap the glad wrap around the bottle. You have to try them all yourself and see what works best.

This is the napkin I cut out the two designs for the front and back.

This is a decorative glass piece I made with this napkin. I’ll show how that was made in a future blog post.

On this one, I didn’t paint the bottle but instead put a couple of coats of mod podge on it and allowed it to dry before adding the napkin and all the cute things.

Like I do with flat objects being decoupaged after the mod podge is completely dry I put the napkins on the bottom and a sheet of parchment paper over it. Then I used my small iron to get the mod podge to active the glue attaching itself to the napkins. This method will be explained in full in a future blog but since I rarely use it on a bottle and you two will probably rarely use it we’ll have to wait on that part!

I used the back of the napkin shown below for the bottom part, twine wrapped around the neck with lots of hearts glued on the twine area.  Some cute stickers I had were applied over the napkin and in the middle.

The butterfly wings on the bottom part would not stay stuck to the napkin. I used a lot of glue to get it to stay put. Unfortunately, the glue left a dark area around the butterfly. It took a lot of effort to get the butterfly to stay put so I was very disappointed in how that turned out.

Finally, I applied glitter glue all around the bottom portion where the napkin and butterfly are located. When that dried it helped cover the dark area! After the glitter glue dried I put a couple of coats of Polycrylic over the whole bottle and added a twine bow at the top. A little mosquito hawk was added to the back before it was finished.

I used the stripped portion of two of these napkins to go all the way around the bottle. I’ve used all of the other graphics on this napkin for so many decoupaged rocks. This was my last one of these napkins.

This was a fun one to do where I tried several things. It was first painted with a layer of mod podge, then two coats of white. I have a sheet of little various colored dots that I got at Dollar Tree.  I added a few to this bottle and the next one.  I also used some tiny butterfly rhinestones around the neck. On the front of the bottle, I applied a cut out from one of the napkins. We love hummingbirds so I added one on the front of the bottle from the napkin I used on the back. I love how this one came out so I’m sharing photos of all sides below. The napkin used on the back is of beautiful wisteria cut out from that napkin.

Then I decided to try a splatter method using orange paint-splattered over the white portions of the bottle.  I got a bit carried away with the orange splatter and feel like I put too much on it. The video below explains the splatter method in a couple of ways.

The napkin used on the front of the bottle described above.

The hummingbird from this napkin was cut out and used on the front with the other napkin.  The back of the napkin included a portion of the napkin shown below.

I really love the little colored dots. Other bottles above were sprayed with clear spray even after covering with Polycrylic a couple of coats. Here are a couple of pictures of my wine bottles that were placed on top of vegetable poles in the garden and sprayed with a clear spray.

This one was a bottle that I did not paint under the napkin but did paint the neck of the bottle. In between the napkin and the neck I wrapped twine around it and made a twine bow to finish it off. The same napkin was used on the bottle in the pictures below these two pictures.

This is the napkin used on the bottle above and the one below.

This is the one that I’ve kept for decoration in our home. I like how it came out and it blends in well with the other blues in our living room.  I covered the bottle with mod podge once and painted the whole bottle twice with white paint. I cut out the design and after applying mod podge again to the area the napkin was going to cover I put the design on the bottle. After struggling with getting the napkin to go up the neck I finally came up with putting the napkin what you see as a cut design. I didn’t like the white bottle neck just like it was so I added some tiny butterflies, colored dots and a row of light blue beads at the top.

You can see the difference between the bottle above with no white paint beneath the napkin and the same napkin with two coats of paint under the napkin in the bottle picture today.,

As you can tell I have a lot to learn before I feel comfortable decoupaging wine bottles. I am still experimenting with each one. Every bottle and napkin presents its own challenges. When I’ve shown Roy each of the bottles as they were finished he liked them a lot. When I didn’t like one, he pointed out to me that my bottles in a photo look as good as the really nice ones I see online in photos.

The cute little dots, glass butterflies, butterfly stickers, twine, and other cute stickers came from Dollar Tree, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, or Dollar General. I will not pay but just a little for each of these things, I just won’t.  If you have any cute things you think would look nice on a bottle and want to give some to me I’d love you forever!

Somewhere in this blog, I said other glass items could be decoupaged like the wine bottles.  This little jar was painted white, watermelon designs were cut out from a napkin and decoupaged on it with twine used around the top to cover where the jar lid originally was screwed on to close it.

This is another non-wine bottle project. I used pictures of flowers, butterflies and birds that I and my sweet friend Cindy Leblanc gave me of these torn out pictures I painted a vase from Dollar Tree with cream-colored paint in case the magazine cut-outs didn’t cover everything.  In the future, I plan to not paint and just make sure there are no uncovered spaces. I used glue on the glass and applied the various pieces to that. You can use the glad wrap method to get everything to stay put without bubbles or wrinkles.  I sprayed clear spray over the dried magazine cut-outs a couple of times. I’ve moved from clear spray to polycrylic since I have to go outside for the clear spray and the polycrylic can be done inside with a lot less sticky mess.

Lastly these two bottles are works in progress. I love the one on the right and am not sure about the one on the left.

For the one on the right I did one layer of mod podge and then one layer of white paint applied to the bottle with a piece of sponge that you can see to the left in the back of the picture. I really love how the sponged look came out. I glued a bit of lace to the neck portion of that bottle.

I forgot to cut the napkin straight on the left one so I added some snowflake and green teardrop jewels to try to cover up the irregularly cut napkin.

Front side of both bottles

Back of both bottles

Here is the napkin I used on the left bottle. It is really a nice napkin and I used it in a different project which I’ll share at a later date.   I used this same napkin to do a glass trivet doing reverse decoupaging which I’ll share in a future blog.

And here are the napkins I used on the right bottle.

Earlier today I got to give our grandaughter and son all of these bottles including the two in process. He actually asked for all of them. While they were here I put an additional coat of polycrylic on them which pretty much made them finished bottles.  Chip is going to give me several wine bottles so I can make more. He thinks they are good enough to sell. We’ll have to see about that!

That wraps up all I know to share with you about decoupaging wine bottles. I’ll be writing about rock decoupaging next. That’s where I started decoupaging.   I have two additional areas of decoupaging that I want to share with you. One is flower pots and the other rock flowers.


06.12.19 Painted Rock Inspirational Sayings, by Rosalyn Chauvin – PART FOUR OF A FOUR PART SERIES

Below are some inspirational or silly sayings I’ve collected over the years. I’ve used most of them on one or many rocks, either the front or the back!

The saying I’ve used the most is “God Loves You”. That can be written on even the tiniest rock. If you want to spread God’s love or a Christian message this is the perfect way to do it!

The second most used phrase includes the word kind.  Such as “Be Kind Always”, “Be Kind”,  “Kindness Matters”, “Kind words are free”.  If our world had more kindness in it, it would be a better place!

Silly rocks are also some of the most popular. Get as creative as you want and sleep well in the knowledge that you may have added some sunshine to someone’s day!

The phrases below are kinda, sorta in length order to help you find the right size phrase for the size rock you have.

Did you make God smile today?

Go make a difference in the world

Orange you glad you found me

Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional

Life is short, smile while you still have teeth (my favorite funny one)

.May your week be filled with good thoughts, kind people and happy moments

Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their effects are truly endless.

It is nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice.

Every moment is a fresh beginning

Begin each day with a grateful heart

Make your dreams happen

Never, never, never give up

Turn your wounds into wisdom

Don’t regret the past, just learn from it.

Throw Kindness Around Like Glitter

Just be you no one else can

Be the reason someone smiles today

Kindness changes everything

Hope is the heartbeat of the soul.

Jesus loves me this I know! Do you know this?

Be the change you want to see in this world

God will carry you through every storm in your life.

Don’t ever let anyone dull your sparkle.

Do small things with great love

Be the light in a dark world.

Whatever you are, be a good one

You are precious to God.

Be silly. Be kind. Be honest.

Life is better when you laugh

Kindness changes everything

Slow down and smell the roses

Try and fail, but never fail to try.

Shine brighter than the stars.

I am a child of God! Are you?

You are amazing

Choose happy

Dream big and dare to fall.

Live what you love.

Practice kindness

Enjoy the little things

The best is yet to come

Kindness matters

You are special to God

You are precious to God

Kind words are free

Never stop believing

Miracles happen every day

Listen to your heart

Smile! God loves you!

Live Laugh Love

Be kind always

Keep the faith

Trust your instincts

Don’t just exist, live

All you need is love.

Live and let live.

Joy is contagious

Live beautifully

Dream passionately

Love completely

Be your best self

It’s cool to be kind

Help others

Live your dream

Keep going

Do your best

Aim high

Love more

Be true

Let love in

Never give up

Work hard

Have hope

Yes you can

Don’t quit

Laugh often’

Be Strong

Make today great

Let freedom ring

Choose joy

Life is sweet

Never give up

Dream big

Be kind


I keep this list on my phone so I can bring it up in my rock room when I need an inspirational saying. Print it out, keep it on your phone, whatever helps you!

This is finally the end of my rock painting series of four posts.  If you haven’t read the first threeparts, here are links to them.

The first part can be found here HOW TO PAINT ROCKS AND HIDE THEM

The second part can be found at PAINTED ROCK HIDING PLACES.

The third part can be found at ROCK PAINTING INSPIRATION

Ya’ll have a Blessed week.  I hope this series helps you get started with rock painting and spreading joy to all who find them!

06.11.19 Rock Painting Inspiration – lots of pictures of painted rocks! by Rosalyn Chauvin – PART THREE OF A FOUR PART SERIES

I’ve painted well over 2000 rocks since I started rock painting. These below are just a few that I’ve painted and a few rocks others painted that inspired me. Sometimes I paint holiday related rocks, sometimes silly rocks, sometimes I use stickers on my rocks, sometimes it’s inspiration wording, most of the time there is somethingi about God somewhere on the rock, and sometimes it’s a picture (rarely those though!).  I will try to keep the rocks organized by type or holiday.  I hope these bring you some inspiration in your rock painting!

Here are links to the first two parts to my Rock Painting Series.




This year’s Santa rocks were my favorites.  I loved putting the messages on the back!

From time to time when I find cool stickers I use them occasionally on my rocks.  I like using stencils and on the Christmas tree rock below that’s what I did.



The candy corns are my primary Halloween rocks.  Because I don’t want kids to think the smaller ones are real candy corn I write either “Smile” or “God Loves You” on the front of them!



I do dozens of these easy little hatched eggs each Easter.  Kids love them and they don’t take a long time to put together.  I mostly find the rocks for the eggs in our driveway!

Easter is in the spring so there are usually a lot of pastel colored rocks.  The 1 Cross + 3 Nails= Forgiven are my favorites for Easter along with the Hatched Egg.  The pink and blue rocks with initials are my grandchildren in age order.  That is an idea I found elsewhere and loved doing it.  Very simple but it keeps them close without a picture, their names, just initials.   VALENTINES

I paint a lot of Love rocks all through the year.  These are some I did this year using stickers.

With summer comes enjoying eating watermelon and my mind always goes to making watermelon rocks! They are by no means perfect looking melon slices but everyone seems to really like them!

My favorite style of rock painting doesn’t have a name (I call them my colored closed letter rocks) but it’s the ones I can use to inspire someone, make them happy, make them realize that God loves them, and any number of things!  Here they are!

These were pictures of two rocks I saw that stuck with me and inspired me.  Mine are a bit different and have evolved over time to the last one in this group.  The saying on the first one is one of my favorites to put on bigger rocks. The number of words would not fit on a small rock.

These are them in various stages of completion.

The basic idea behind these is to write a message that hopefully includes several letters that are closed in like the e, d, a, the circle over the i, o, etc. After writing the words I fill in the closed letters with a different letter each (as much as that is possible.) Sometimes as you’ll see below I experiment putting art, stickers, crazy eyes or something else inside the black-rimmed space.  Sometimes the space where the words are written is white, sometimes its a color.  It depends on my mood that day!   You can see that being a kind person is a big deal to me on my rocks.  Recently I’ve started writing “Did you make God smile today?”  I want to get the finder thinking hopefully about God!  

These are the most recent version of the colored letter rocks.  I just bought Posca pens and experimented with their fine tip for writing and the pastel colors. I’ve also started adding similar colored glitter glue on top of the painted letters.  The reverse side of these is black with a red rim instead of the usual colored back and black rim.

I sometimes make a few rocks centered around a sticker, or a tiny pearl, or colored stone, or clover for St. Patrick’s Day.  Pretty much anything I can find for 97 cents a sheet at Walmart, sometimes Dollar General! You’ll see them in some of the photos above and below.

The first photo below has a couple of rocks with stickers on them.  It also includes my sun, sky, grass and flowers rock that comes in many forms depending on the rock and what I have available to decorate or paint on it! I love doing the sun, sky, grass, flowers ones!

Heres a silly one I did with some ladybug stickers going up and down a highway!

M&M rocks with a bite or two taken out are great, silly small and large rock creations! The right shaped rock is hard to find so I search specifically for those when I can. These are a batch I did not exactly look like M&Ms but they came out cute anyway!

Our vegetable garden has the cutest rocks at the end of each row designating what’s growing on the row.

We rented out our motor home to families for vacations last year.  I made each family a painted rock to remember their trip.  They all loved them.  I put a message to them on the back.

I made our pastor and church staff individual large rocks with scriptures or other things on them to let them know we appreciate them. Here are two of them.

I made a rock village of houses, recreation area, lots of shopping stores, etc. I had somehelp from the grandchildren on those! After enjoying it as a village for a while I decided to put my labels on the back and hide them like any other rocks.

I found a Facebook group that walks you through step by step drawing a picture on a rock.  I haven’t been able to duplicate very well anything but I like being able to at least paint something that looks like a flower, a rose, or an owl on a branch, or a penguin.  The Facebook group is How to Paint Rocks Step by Step Tutorials.  This link will take you directly to the pages where they do the step by step instructions.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/RockPaintingStepByStep/photos/?filter=albums        If you just go to the main page you’ll need to click on Photos on the left and then when the Photos page comes up click on Albums on the second line underneath the group’s picture.  A crazy way to get there, but that’s how you do it.

Some of my favorite rocks are the silliest, fall into no category and make me happy when I’m creating them.  I love putting dots on rocks in varous forms.  It kind of makes them cuter in my opinion!


New Orleans Saints Fleur de Lis rocks are made all of the time by this New Orleans born girl!    These puppy rocks are a favorite of my youngest granddaughter.  In fact, she has two!

There is a technique called paint pouring.  It can be done in several different ways.  Googling it will give you videos for several of the ways to do this.  I try it from time to time and really like the results.

.The rocks above with inspiration painted on them below!

The rest of the rocks here are some groups of rocks that I’ve made or others made that inspired me over the last couple of years.  Some of the inspirations caused me to push the limits of my ability to try something new and harder.  Maybe you’ll find something too!



Mandella dot rocks is a technique I’ve tried but wasn’t very good at.  I love it so here’s a couple of mandella dot rocks. If they inspire you and you want to try it Google it and you’ll be set!

I’ve searched for inspirational sayings that I can use on my rocks.  Since this blog post is sooooo long already I’m going to create a fourth part to the Rock Painting Series of Inspirational Sayings ya’ll can refer to!

This post went on and on way longer than I originally intended, so sorry!

Stay tuned for Part Four! Ya’ll have a Blessed Week!


06.09.19 Painted Rock Hiding Places, by Rosalyn Chauvin – PART TWO OF A FOUR PART SERIES

It’s taking a long time to go through all the photos I’ve taken of my rocks to pick out maybe 50 to share here.  It was quicker to go through the photos of places I’ve hidden rocks so they are below.  The inspiration for rock painting will come in the next blog post!

Click on the link if you didn’t read the first post about ALL THINGS TO KNOW AND TO BUY TO PAINT ROCKS.

Hiding rocks in plain sight takes a little bit of getting used to! At first, I was afraid that people who saw me hiding them would think I was hiding little bombs!  I’ve gotten over that and hide them wherever we go! I don’t leave my house without a basket of rocks to hide just in case we stop somewhere!  The lower to the ground you can put a rock the more chances a chlld will find it!

Just to give you some ideas, these are a few places I’ve hidden my rocks.
Poles in parking lots are great places to hide rocks.  They all usually have posts like this.

The big light posts are perfect for displaying your precious creations.

Leaning up against a pole.  Every doctor’s office or hospital has columns somewhere out front so one is always left on those too!

Leaning up against a wall near the entrance to a business.  This one happened to be a church front door.

Convenience stores always have an ice machine you can leave a rock on top of near the edge so it will be seen.

Convenience stores also usually have a ledge going around the front of the building where you can hide a rock.

This was in our travels but wherever you can find a rock wall is a good place to hide a rock!

In front of RaceTrak and other gas stations/convenience stores, they have poles where rocks can be hidden

A painted rock will stand out when placed on top of a bed of rocks. .On cement where it meets a flower bed.

Lowe’s and Home Depots vegetable and flower stands

Any object like this!

Up against a window on the ledge   On the ground up against a building.  Most of my rocks are hidden in these locations.

A seating place or ledge against a building 

A wooden railing 

.Concrete ledge near a water fountain

On top of a large rock in a garden, out of a garden!

Keep others’ safety in mind. I hope you see from these pictures that the rocks are placed where it will not cause someone to trip over them, they are out of the way and are not in the grass where they could be thrown at someone when the grass is cut.

Think about the person finding your rock. Don’t put them in a dangerous situation to retrieve your rock.  And don’t put them where someone could trip on them.  As you can see, against a wall, on top of a pole, up against a pole, in a garden, on a rock, on a ledge, etc. is recommended.

National Parks and National Forests prohibit rocks from being hidden on their premises. They will throw them away so don’t let that happen!!

Let meknow if you fin a new place to hide your rocks!  The hiding is part of the fun!!

Click on the link if you didn’t read the first post about ALL THINGS TO KNOW AND TO BUY TO PAINT ROCKS.

Part three can be found at  ROCK PAINTING INSPIRATION – Lots of painted rock pictures


Have fun hiding rocks, but be respectful!


06.03.19 How to Paint and Hide Rocks, by Rosalyn Chauvin – PART ONE OF A FOUR PART SERIES

I absolutely LOVE rock painting!  Sitting in my rock room painting rocks and listening to Christian gospel music puts me in my absolutely best happy place!

The front door mat our son Chip gave us!  It’s so perfect for us!

Rock painting awakens creativity in my brain.  It’s simple to do and I love that I can reach out to others about God’s love and saving grace, and put a smile on someone’s face, spreading joy, and possibly brightening their day.

I visited a dear friend recently whose mother has dementia.  I promised her I’d put together a simple guide to follow so she could do this with her mom.  I’m trying to keep this simple but have so much to share that it may get long! Rock painting is something that can mean in the life of someone with dementia.  When previous skills and abilities start fading away this can bring a way of being productive in an easy and fulfilling way. Children love rock painting so if you’ve got a child looking for something to do this summer this is a great idea!

Here is a summary of the main steps to help you along a bit.  There is much more information about each step below this list.

❤️ Get rocks from rivers, landscape centers, Home Depot, Lowes or even your driveway and road if they are gravel. At least half of my painted rocks come from my driveway and road!  My preference since river rocks are not always available is a Landscape Center like Smith’s Landscaping in Ponchatoula.

🧡 Collect supplies starting with acrylic paint, paint markers if your painting talent is rather limited like mine is, paint brushes, clear coat spray. 💛Add supplies as desired like glitter glue, glitter, stencils, glue for attaching information labels.

💚 Come up with your own art or writing ideas or copy one of the ones you’ll see below.  I have learned a lot from copying other peoples work. Over time you can add rocks for specific holidays. I’ll include below some of my often used inspirational or funny sayings.

💙 Experiment with your paints doing simple rocks with a coat of white, let it dry, coat of your choice of color (or a second coat of white if you want a white rock, let it dry, paint something nice or write inspiring words on the rock with either acrylic paints or paint markers, let it dry, if you want to paste a label to the back, let it dry.

💜 Put a coat of mod podge over all areas where you wrote on the rock with markers, sharpies, any other markers. This stops the writing or art from bleeding when you spray it.

🧡 Spray a light coat of clear spray from 12 inches away on the back, let it dry completely.  Spray a heavier coat from about 6 inches, let it completely dry.

💚 When completely dry all around, lay them wherever you want indoors for several hours, I prefer 24 hrs.

💙 Hide the rocks in plain sight in front of stores, gas stations.  Not where anyone could trip on them or in the grass where they could get caught in a lawnmower and most of all, not in National Parks or National Forests.

💜 If you did put a label on the back hopefully the finder will post a picture on the Facebook group page Rosie Rocks. About 1 picture out of 50 rocks hidden is posted.

More about all of the above can be found below!

For those doing rocks with small children or folks with dementia I recommend you do the painting of the white and colored coat and let it dry before having them add their creative touch in the form of art or inspirational writing.   If that way is too hard then let them do the simple paint coating of the rock with white and a color layer, then you do the art or inspirational writing.

❤️ For around $20 you can put together a basic rock painting set of acrylic paints, clear spray, paint brushes, and paint markers. 

❤️ The first thing to note is that artistic skill is absolutely NOT a requirement.  I ooh and aah at the really pretty painted ones I see, but whatever a child or adult wants to create is just as fantastic to the person that finds the rock!

❤️ I recommend buying rocks from a garden landscaping company or Home Depot, Hobby Lobby, or Walmart. I find a lot of mine in my driveway or the road in front of our house!  If you find rocks out in nature, clean them really good and let it completely dry. These are from Home Depot.
Smith’s Landscaping Company is my favorite source for buying 3 to 6 inch across, round, flat stones. I was just there and the current price is 30 cents a pound.  My sweet son Chip got around 30 medium size rocks for $9! If you are local, here is the info:
19355 Hwy 22 East
Ponchatoula, LA 70454
(985) 386-8862

The rocks we got from a river in Arkansas!

❤️ Buy acrylic paints. Walmart has 2 oz bottles of acrylic paints for 50 cents – one 2 oz. bottle can last you several months up to a year. Other, more expensive paints are in the same area of Walmart so if you don’t see the 50 cent bottles at first, keep looking, they are always there. There is a larger 8 oz bottle that I’ve previously purchased for red, green and white.  I don’t recommend you buy them in that size because they are $2.50 and since they last so long they get thick and unusable before using even half of the bottle.  So a couple of smaller 50 cents in those colors will do just fine. This picture is of some new 2 oz. bottles from awhile back. There is one of the 8 oz bottles in this picture but remember I recommend two small 2 oz instead of an 8 oz.

❤️ I do not know how to paint with a paint brush, other than to put paint on a rock to cover it with color.  Therefore I mostly paint art and words with paint markers.  If this is your case then buy paint markers – Walmart has paint markers called Painters for a little over $2 each. The first picture is of the Walmart Painters.  On the marker is a circle that shows whether it is a fine tip or a regular tip. This is the brand I’ve used for two years. Be sure to shake well and push down gently making small dots until the right amount will come out.  The first time you use them the tip is white and has no paint so you will need to prime them by doing what the video below the picture shows.  I’m trying to take out some of the learning curve for ya’ll.  I learned these things by trial and error at first.

These are a couple of sets of markers purchased from Dollar Tree and Dollar General.  Both were only $1 a set.  I recommend them. Both sets have lasted a while. 

Amazon and eBay sell Posca Pens for around $3 each but if you buy them in a larger quantity than one they are at or under $2 each. These are the 21 Posca Pens that Roy gave me for Mother’s Day that were a total of $34.  I am mostly using these now.  The ones I have are all fine tip which is great for writing words and outlining what I want to fill in with paint.  My next group purchase will be medium tip pens to use with the fine tip!

❤️ Paint your rock however you want to, being sure to add an inspiring message to either the front or the back, let it dry completely (like 24 hours). One Facebook group that has step by step tutorials is How To Paint Rocks Step By Step Tutorials at https://www.facebook.com/groups/RockPaintingStepByStep/  Click on Photos and when that comes up click Albums.  You will see dozens of step by step tutorials. Google How to Paint Rocks and you’ll find more inspiration and tutorials than you can imagine!

❤️ If you wish to buy glitter glue, glitter, stencils, paint brushes. They can all be purchased cheaply at Walmart on the same aisle as the markers and acrylic paints.  A pack of cheap brushes for 97 cents for a pack of around 20 paint brushes is available at Walmart.  I just moved up to a pack for $2 and they are easier to work with.  I find glitter glue in tubes at Dollar General and Dollar Tree for $1 a pack of four or five different colored glitter glue tubes.

❤️ After the rock’s paint is COMPLETELY dry, put a coat of mod podge over all areas where you wrote on the rock with markers, sharpies, any other markers. This stops the writing or art from bleeding when you spray it. I cannot emphasize how awful it is to have a rock you’ve spent time working on ruined because of paint bleeding because I didn’t use mod podge The size I prefer is the 2 oz size that can be purchased at the Dollar Tree always for $1 and sometimes at Walmart for $1.  The larger size of mod podge bottle does what larger sizes of paint bottles do.  They get thick and icky and you wind up losing a lot of it. I can cover around 100 if not more rocks with mod podge from one $1 bottle.

❤️ Clear spray paint must be sprayed on each rock, front and back for them to endure the elements if left outside.  The first coat should be sprayed lightly from about 12 inches.  After that dries completely spray a heavier coat from around 6 inches.  Not so heavy that it drips because it will get on the opposite side which will then stick and pull paint off that side.  Not a fun thing to have happen.  Having patience during the spray cycle is key! Allow it to dry thoroughly after each coat and allow that to cure for about 24 hours before hiding them. A clear spray can be found in the paint department at Walmart, Dollar General, Lowes, Home Depot. I prefer the brand and type shown in the photo below. Its $3.97 a can and last for lots of rocks if used correctly.

❤️ If you want to post a picture of the rocks you hide you can!  I started a group on facebook called Rosie Rocks where the finders of my rocks can post pictures. It’s gained 100 new members over the last year. You can glue a message typed on paper or on the back asking them to post a photo in that group of the rock when they find it. On occasion, I will post a picture of the rocks I’m going to hide or a picture of the actual rock in its hiding place.

❤️ The labels I glue on the back or side of every rock vary.  I created three or four different sizes to fit different size rocks.  Here are a few variations. Change the size of the font or make whatever change you want. You are welcome to use what I wrote changing my name at the end for your name. That way we’d know they are yours when people post on Rosie Rocks that they found the rock.

Please post a pic on Rosie
Rocks group on Facebook!

Please post a pic on Rosie Rocks group page on Facebook!
Keep the rock or rehide! Have a blessed day, Rosalyn

Please post a pic on RVing
Rocks group on Facebook!
Keep the rock or rehide.
Have a blessed day, Rosalyn

This is what one of my label printing pages in Word looks like. Please ignore the little circle!

❤️ Once your rock is completely finished and dried at least 24 hours, hide your rock in plain sight.  Be sure NOT to put it in grass that needs to be mowed or somewhere that it would be dangerous to get to. National Forest and Parks do not like you to hide there, they will throw them away so avoid those places!  Just use common sense in where you place them. Your journey into the world of painting rocks to share kindness, joy and the love of our Lord will change as time goes on and your painting gets better!

❤️ In the beginning, I saved photos of rocks that inspired me in a folder on my computer. I recommend doing that!  My rocks may not inspire you but since you know I’m all into sharing photos, I will share in the next post some of the rocks I’ve painted and photos of some of the places I’ve hidden them!

Please let me know if you get into doing this and share some of your rock photos with on the Facebook group Rosie Rocks.  You can go there and join now so you are ready to post some of your creations, you’re already approved.  They may show up on our blog for others to enjoy!!

Please contact me via email at rosalyn@selu.edu with any questions you may have.  Keep an eye out this week for the next post which will include lots of rock pictures for inspiration!

The second part to this rock painting and hiding series can be found at PAINTED ROCK HIDING PLACES. Check it out! The third part with lots of painted rocks for inspiration can be found at ROCK PAINTING INSPIRATION.  A collection of inspiring sayings I’ve gathered can be found in Part Four (the final part of the series) ROCK PAINTING INSPIRATIONAL SAYINGS

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!  I’m going outside to play with rocks!

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